Baby of Mine

Plot: 'Malfoy, I'm pregnant.' 'Well then I feel sorry for the bloke that knocked you up.' 'You're the father.' The two ex-students get into a little bit of a mess after a Ministry party, and have to deal with the consequences.

Disclaimer: I don't own J.K. Rowling, or the characters.

Previously: They didn't say a word to him, just did as they were told. They had apparated to the Ministry in a matter of five minutes. He put his stuff quickly in his office, he didn't bother to change or even to wait for Potter and Weasley. He needed to know what had happened and he needed to know now.

by Lady Malfoy @ TDA!

Chapter Fifteen: Placenta Praevia

Ian had just finally sent word to both Harry and Ron, and of course Hermione's parents. Though he knew Malfoy was with them, he didn't feel the need to include him in the letter. They weren't stupid, he was sure they could figure it out.

"You, what did you do? Why is Hermione in the hospital?" He knew it was Malfoy as soon as he heard those footsteps.

"i didn't do anything to her, I'd say it was you considering you're the one who knocked her up in the first place."

"Guys, can we not fight right now? What's going on? What's happened to Hermione? Why is she here?" Harry asked calmly.

"Hermione and I had a little argument over at the Ministry a little while ago and suddenly she just fell, probably from exhaustion only…"

"Only what Ian?" Ron asked.

"When she fainted, there was blood, a lot of blood."

Ian saw Malfoy sit down in a nearby chair, putting his face in his hands. This may have been the only moment in which Ian thought that he was human, that he had actual feelings, he actually felt pity for him for what he was going through. It was his child after all. Though Ian couldn't help but think that if Hermione did loose the child which was becoming more of a possibility than she wouldn't feel the need to be with Malfoy anymore. He could have her all to himself.

"I'm going to see if I can find a healer." Harry announced and began to walk away.

There was at least 10 minutes of silence before they heard footsteps again.

"Ah, Mister Burns, i'm glad to see you have contacted Mister Malfoy, have you been able to reach Mr. and Mrs Granger at all?"

"No sir." He could all but confirm.

"Very well, Mister Malfoy, if you could just follow me please."


"Ms. Granger is stable as of right now, it's a good thing she came in when she did otherwise…."

"So, the baby is alright?"

"For now Mister Malfoy." The healer said gravely.

"What do you mean? What's going on?"

"Ms. Granger lost of a lot of blood, and she could have lost the baby, but luckily for her the baby is a lot stronger than that. Have you heard the term Placenta Previa?"

"Is that a muggle term? I'm afraid I'm not familiar."

"It's an obstetric complication in which the placenta is attached or covering the cervix. It can sometimes occur in the later part of the first trimester, but usually during the second or third."

"Sorry, english please." He was even more confused then he'd been before. He had no idea what the healer was saying.

"It basically means, Ms. Granger has suffered an amount of stress throughout her life and sometimes curses are also an affect gravely servere, am I right?"

Draco then recalled what he had heard about Hermione during the war. He hadn't always been present during their raids, trying to find all the Horcruxes. Though he did recall one event, where Hermione had been gravely injured, and he had never found out why before he was called away again.

He'd been sitting at the kitchen table for about twenty minutes going over further plans when an ambush of noise broke through the barriers of 12 Grimauld Place. He raised his wand just as swiftly, waiting for an attack.

"Put your wand down Malfoy, it's just us." Potter's voice broke out through the hallway. He could here Mrs. Black screaming her head off, though he just simply turned her out. "What's going on?"

The trio finally came into view, and it seemed Weasley was shaken up, and Potter looked worse for wear. Granger however was barely able to stand up. She looked as though she was about to collapse into unconsciousness. "What happened?" He asked again.

"We got caught, we managed to stun a few before we got away." Potter said.

He didn't ask anymore questions though he did notice Granger had fainted and Weasley was trying to hold her up. There seemed to be quite a lot of blood, more than usual it seemed though he wasn't sure what had happened.

Before he could question them further, he was summonsed. He had been under the Imperio curse while the Dark Lord had attempted to give him the mark, but he was much stronger than they gave him credit for and was unable to fight him off. Unfortunately for him, the Dark Lord was even more enraged with him and had cursed him with a spell he was still unsure of. The spell itself was connected somehow with the dark mark and he was able to feel the pain in his arm even if he didn't have the mark itself.

"I've got to go, no news yet. Did you find anymore Horcruxes?"

"No, but we know where there might be one." Potter said before Draco apparated to headquarters.

"I'm not sure sir, what does this have to do with Hermione?"

"From what I've detected, Ms. Granger has suffered under the Crutiatus curse numerous times throughout the war. She's lucky enough to even be alive from all the tram she endured. Although there was no brain damage of any kind, the curse sometimes leaves traces of its dark magic within the person, particularly for women."

"What exactly does that mean?"

"It means that it's harder for her to carry the baby full term."

"So you're saying the baby could die?" Draco asked the healer.

"Yes, if Ms. Granger considers her options, if she decides to keep the baby there's a chance that Ms. Granger may not make it either."


"Ms. Granger could die if she keeps the baby, they're too many risks. We healers will try our best to make sure nothing does happen to her but there are consequences."

"Does Hermione know about this?"

"Yes, she does. You can go see her now if you'd like, though she might be asleep still. We had her under a sedative earlier."

He couldn't wrap his mind around the situation, he had no idea what was going on. He felt so confused and unsure of himself. He figured if anything Hermione would tell him, make him understand what the healers had just told him.

The healer led him into her room silently. She was just laying there. Her eyes closed and her breathing was slow. He blinked twice trying to process all this information. He could loose his son or daughter if Hermione carried with the pregnancy but he could also loose her as well. He considered her a friend, though was tugging on his heart and he looked at her closely. She wasn't just the mother of his child, though they had begun to talk more, he had actually thought they had a lot in common and would sometimes able to enjoy pleasant conversation between them.

She could die, all because of this baby. He had no idea what she wanted to do, she had told him repeatedly that she had wanted to keep the baby, was that still true? She would be risking her life just for their child and as much as he'd grown close to the baby, it wasn't worth Hermione's life, not if it meant loosing her. And that scared him even more to think about.

"Is she going to be okay?" A voice said from the doorway.

Draco looked around to see Blaise standing there, with a concerned look on his face.

"No, she'll die if she keeps this baby, and if she doesn't, the baby doesn't survive. I loose either way Blaise."

"Are you going to be okay?"

"Probably not but I'm going to have to be for Hermione's sake. What am I suppose to do?"

"Do you want your baby or Hermione dead because when it comes down to it, you don't have a choice. Unless those so called healers can do actually do something for her condition."

"If I know Hermione, she's going to want to fight it, fight this and it's going to end up killing her."

"Then tell her that mate."

"It's not that simple Blaise, I'm going to loose my child and unimaginable as it is to believe that I'm going to be a father, I want too." He told him. "As an aurora, I don't get recognition for my work; as a person, I was apart of Voldemort's circle, claimed as a Death Eater even though I never took the mark. I know everyone still hates me, and at least with this child, I have a chance to make it right, prove to myself that I can be good and that I won't become my father."

"And you will be." Hermione suddenly said in a weak voice, have woken up a few minutes ago.

Blaise then left the room silently, knowing they both needed to talk. Draco was grateful for his friend, and that he gave him his space, advice when needed. Draco was thankful for the all the things he'd done, he had one friend who stood by him no matter what.


"Please don't say anything." She interrupted him. "I know what you're going to say, you want me to get rid of her, even if you don't want too. I know you want to protect me but I need to do this, I want to bring our baby into this world."

"Even if it means you die in the end, are you willing to risk that?" He asked her.

"Even in death, I know she'll be taken care of. She'll have two wonderful uncles, and an aunt who will adore probably way too much, and a father despite his past sins, will probably spoil her way too much but I think i'll be able to deal with that."

He looked at her closely, trying to see if she was joking, willing her to say something, despite her compliment towards him, he couldn't do this. He couldn't watch her die because of him. "I don't want you to do this."

"Why, not even five months ago, you hated me." She told him. "You wouldn't have cared had I died."

Her words caught him off guard. "That's not true. I never hated you, disliked you yes but that was in Hogwarts which was a long time ago. I do care about you Hermione probably more than I should and it isn't just because you're carrying my child."

"You c-care about me-e?" She stuttered.

"Yes, and as scary as it is to admit, I don't want to loose you, I don't think I could handle it."

He sat next to her on the bed, close enough to touch, yet keeping his distance. He was still wondering what had made him say that to her, that he actually cared for her, as if more than a friend. He couldn't be, they barely gotten close, let alone to see her as anything more. Had he been telling her the truth or was it a lie that he fabricated in his mind so he could hide his real feelings for the girl. He didn't know what was happening to him and he certainly didn't like it.

"I care about you too."

She had said it as if an instinct, did she really care about him? He knew without denying it any longer, he had meant what he said and with longing, he looked at her, closely this time, as if seeing her for the first time. Her hair was a complete mess, strands at odd angles and he wished he could put them back into place, her body was covered in a hospital gown, due to the amount of blood she lost, she couldn't wear her own clothes at this point. He had no idea why he did what he did, she was a wreck, emotionally and physically and yet it was like he was seeing her in a different light, and with that sudden impulse without even knowing it, he kissed her.


She'd been kissed by many people, Ron, Viktor Krum, Ian to name a few. But never had she felt so much passion, such longing in one kiss. She felt her knees go weak despite lying in a hospital bed. She hadn't expected this by a long shot but she couldn't help reciprocate the kiss by wrapping her arms around him, playing with a few strands of his hair.

When they did come up for air, it was quite some time later. She had no idea how long they'd been there. How long exactly had she been in the hospital? Were her friends going insane trying to figure out what was wrong with her? She looked at Draco then, wondering what was going through his head.

"Damnit!" She exclaimed. Now that their moment was gone, she had some time to process their kiss, she couldn't believe it had happened, five months ago she would have been repulsed by this, now she couldn't help but want more. Even though she knew at least twenty percent was her pregnancy hormones acting up.

"I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have done that."

"Are you actually sorry, do you regret kissing me?"

"No, not at all. I've been kind of wanting to do that for quite awhile now." He admitted. She looked at his face trying to find the lie in his statement, surprised that there was none.

"Ginny was right, she knew this would happen."

"I don't follow."

"When I first found out about the pregnancy and I told Ginny, she said that she wouldn't be surprised if we got together as a couple by the time we had the baby. Look at us, we were mortal enemies in Hogwarts and now five months along in the pregnancy we're snogging as if we've been starved without air!"

"Are you really complaining Hermione?"

"Do you realize how crazy this is? Us together. I don't regret kissing you but if we do this, I mean really commit to each other, we have to take it slow. We're gonna be parents together, we have all the time in the world to get to know each other."

"I know," He kissed her again and moved off the bed, " I know your friends want to see you so I'll go now, I'm going to visit Pansy, she was attacked by Greyback tonight."

"Is she going to be okay?"

"Yeah she'll be fine, just let Potter or Weasley come get me if you need me."

"Okay, and Draco?"

He was halfway out the door when she called him back. She knew he was giving her space, to figure things out between them, afraid she may have made a mistake and without saying anything, she was thinking about it.


"I don't regret this, us, it's going to take a lot of work but I think we can do this. And I'm glad it's you whose the father of our baby, she's going to love you I just know it."

"You are determined to think she's still a girl aren't you?"

"Yes and until she's born, you'll be proven otherwise."

"Get some sleep Hermione, I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight Draco." When he left the room, she couldn't help but lie back down, trying to get comfortable with a smile on her face. Even though she was scared of what was happening to her, to her baby, she knew that even though things were terrible now, they would be okay in the end.

Author's Notes: So there you have it! What was wrong with Hermione has been reveiled and i'm sure everyone must be happy now, they finally kissed! As it is, nor does it mean Ian is out of the picture, and the issue with Greyback will be addressed soon. I think I've changed the plot way too many times with this story so we'll see what happens next. I got the idea of Hermione's condition off of 'one tree hill' so I don't take credit for that! I hope you enjoy the chapter and sorry for making this chapter such a delay!

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