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Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Harry Potter. Please Read and Rerview, Thank You!

 The group watched with chuckles as the screen flickered to life once again and showed Harry trying to make a hyper Teddy go to sleep.

"Hey look!" Tonks said noticing as a window caught the screen, it was dark out and the full moon was high in the sky.

"I guess he's not a fuzzball, eh Remy?" Sirius said elbowing his friend who was sighing in relief.

Lily giggled,"But it sure looks like he gets hyper during the full moon!" She said, resting her head against her husband's shoulder and snuggling closer to him.

"That's true," James mused, chuckling slightly as Teddy passed a very pregnant Ginny on the stairway, causing her to loose her balance.

The group watched as Harry, caught her just in time before she fell, as they both sighed in relief.

"Nice catch, Harry!" Sirius cheered as Remus shook his head as his friend did a small victory dance.

"Poor Ginny." Lily said and Tonks nodded her head.

"Why poor Ginny? She didn't fall or anything, Sirius blinked confused.

"Because she's like due any second." Tonks said.

"So?!" Sirius asked, actually confused.

"So! You-You-Your such a freakin male!" Tonks fumed.

"Yeah.....Or else I have been going to the bathroom wrong all these years." Sirius stated seriously.
"Ugh-You are soooo gross, you know that?!" Tonks shrieked.

"No....Actually I didn't know that." Sirius said, serious once again.

"Your such a bonehead, clueless, Male.....You-You Idiot! You would have no idea what's it's like those days before your supposed to deliever! Your nervous, yet excited! Your worried and you hoped to God you won't screw-up! And you hope and pray the baby will be healthy! I mean you hope you'll be a great mother and not raising the next Voldermort!" Tonks shrieked in Sirius's ear.

"Well, Of course I wouldn't know that, I'm a Male, but I'm sure Harry is worrying, too." Sirius said.
"Yeah, but he also has experience caring for people and he's responsible, and yes Ginny is responsible and caring, too, but she probably see's Harry with Teddy and hopes she won't screw-up!" Tonks said.

"Heheheheh!" Sirius burst out laughing.

"What's so damn funny!" Tonks said, deathly calm. "The calm before the storm," Thought Remus, as he and James slowly inched towards Dumbledore and away from the women and Sirius.

"It'd be sooo ironicly funny, if Harry raised the next Voldermort!" Sirius snickered.

"Get it?!" Sirius asked still sniggering as Tonks opened her mouth to retort, Lily's hand came flying out of nowhere and punched Sirius's head, making him  smack down to the floor.

"Yeah, we get it. Now shut-up, Teddy just asked Harry something and I can't hear over this racket!" Lily said, calmly, as if she normal hit people on the head, every day.

Tonks smirked as she saw even Dumbledore start to back-away.

The group turned to the screen once more as Harry coached the hyper Teddy to get into bed, giving him a warm glass of milk.

Lily giggled as she saw he had struck a deal with the bouncing Teddy.....He goes to sleep after he gets a story from his GodFather.

The group listened as Harry told the story of how Hermione and Ron used to always fight until they finally kissed in the middle of the War.
Teddy laughed at some parts and snuggled deeper in the covers yawning as the story finished with a Happy Ending.

"Harry?" Teddy asked sleepily.

"Yeah Buddy?" Harry asked, pulling the covers over his GodSon.

"What happened to my Mum and Dad?" He asked.

"They-They.....They died in the War," Harry said quietly.

Lily looked over at Tonks in that moment watching her friend bite her lip and snuggle deeper into her Husband's arms.

"Oh.....When are they coming back, though?" Teddy asked confusedly, as Harry's eyes turned sad.

Tonks bit her lip harder, struggling to fight back the tears as Teddy waited for the answer.

"Teddy....." Harry began gently, as he smoothed the seven-year-old's hair out of his eyes.
"Yeah?" Teddy asked still waiting for an answer.

Harry raked his hand through his hair, the gesture reminding Lily of James as she watched her son try to explain something to Teddy.

"When you don't exactly come'll see them again, but there in Heaven right now with my parents, my GodFather, even your Grandfather....." Harry trailed off as he looked down at the little boy, who seemed to be nodding his head, understanding his parents were gone.

Tonks felt tears falling down her cheeks, as her lower lip trembled and she started to sob. Remus pulled her closer, as if to protect her from her pain, kissing the top of her head, in silent comfort and support.

"You'll always be here, though. Right Harry?" Teddy asked, his eyes wide with emotion.
"Always," Harry answered, kissing the top of his head sadly and then getting up and turning off the light.

They watched as he stepped outside the room, finding his wife leaning against the doorway. He asked how much she had heard. She said enough.

They watched the cute moment, Tonks and Lily giggling, until they saw Ginny gasp all of the sudden.

"It's Time." She said grabbing Harry's arm, who's eyes had gone wide.

"Oh-Oh Okay....All right, the bag is packed by the door, grab that, and we'll drive over in the car...Don't want to damage the baby.....Um...we'lll call people from there," Harry said, running his hand through his hair again and then kissing his wife, his eyes lit-up in happiness, as they headed to the stairway.

They watched as Harry's eyes grew wide for a moment and he told Ginny to keep going, he would be right there, as he turned back and dasheid towards Teddy's room.

Bolting the door open, and yelling for Teddy to wake-up......

The screen flashed to black as the people in the room widened their eyes, and their jaws dropped in disbelief.


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