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Picking Up The Pieces by TheGoldenKneazle
Chapter 1 : My Eccentric Family Visits
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Chapter 1 – My Eccentric Family Visits


The first thing I knew when I came to consciousness was the splitting pain in the back of my head. It felt like my skull was about to crack open and let my brain flop out.


Ew. I really hoped that that wouldn’t happen.


The second thing I knew was the babble of voices around me. There sure were a lot of people around this bed, wherever it was. The last thing I remembered was sitting in Charms class next to Harriet Kettle. How did I end up here?


In spite of the splitting headache that I knew would come when I opened my eyes, I slit them open and tried to gauge who was nice enough to come visit me here. Aah!


Most of my cousins, it seemed, had arrived, although I was a bit confused by the differences in hairstyles, and house scarves. I mean, since when was James Potter in Slytherin? And when did he start to wear glasses?

And where were Fleur, and Molly? And FRED? He was my brother, but in my quick glance around, he couldn’t be seen anywhere. Still, I was impressed with the amount of love being shown, even if some visitors were barely recognisable.


“Hey, look! Roxanne’s awake!” somebody called WAY too loudly to be comfortable. I groaned loudly, because at the combination of Loud noise + bright light + injured head = MEGA PAIN.


Everybody started talking to me then, although slightly less loudly than the idiot who had shouted a minute ago. It was still pain-inducing though, until I could hear “Excuse me, let me through! She NEEDS this medicine! EXCUSE ME!”, which just had to be Madame Beauvoir, the hospital wing nurse. I braved cracking my eyes open again, just in time to see her bending right over me with a large spoonful of black and blue, gloopy medicine.


I almost spat the disgusting stuff out, except that I trusted her to be making me better. Hopefully, anyway – I couldn’t stand much more of this pain in my head. I really hoped that there wasn’t a Bertie Bott’s Bean with the flavour of medicine – it would be a crime against various food laws, for sure.


“RIGHT! I think that we will have family only around Roxanne, however many Weasleys there are! Everyone else, clear off until I say you can come back!”, the nurse screamed next to me. It would have felt like my head was falling off, I was sure, but the medicine was already working, and it was a heavy ache instead.


I opened my eyes slowly now, to find seven of my cousins gathered around my bed. It made my head spin at first, but when I got used to it, I could croak out their names – just about. It sounded like I had a frog sitting in my throat, and a buffalo on my head.


Actually, that’s exactly how I felt, so that’s pretty accurate.


“Ugh… who… what? I think you guys are… James, Molly… Rose, but you all look so different… and who are you other four?” I managed, just about. It was so confusing. Everybody looked like they had gone up about four years since I last saw them, and if I didn’t know better, I would have said that all the little ‘uns, who weren’t at Hogwarts yet, were sitting right beside me.


This was going to be a long meeting.


Once again, everyone started talking at once, until Madame Beauvoir hustled by, giving everyone dirty looks, which successfully silenced everyone except… Rose? Or Lily? She slowly said “Don’t you know who we are?”.

I frowned. This thing was so confusing. “Well, yeah… you’re all my Weasley cousins. But I think he,” - I pointed to the youngest guy, with brown curly hair – “is Hugo, and that’s impossible, because you’re coming to Hogwarts in two years’ time…”. I trailed off. Everyone was sharing worried looks, which isn’t half annoying when you know you’re the subject.


The bossy Rose/Lily person stood up again. “Well, I’m Lily. I’d have thought you’d have noticed, because straight hair,” she held up a strand of her own, “and curly hair. Although both ginger, which is presumably how you got confused”. Here, Lily pointed at a much taller girl, who looked like a stretched-out version of the Rose I knew. Huh.


How did they all grow up so fast?


“So does this mean that… James is actually Al? But then, where’s James…” I struggled to get the words out, but my cousins got the meaning, and James pushed to the front of the gaggle, dragging Albus with him. Ah, the ever-pleasant Potter brothers.


James grinned. “This is Louis. Ravenclaw. Personal slave of the Scamanders – ow!” Louis had hit him. “You know it’s true! Anyway, Lucy is Hufflepuff, like Molly… and Al here is a Slytherin. Besties with Scorpius.” At this, Albus shoved James so hard that he fell over the medicine trolley at the foot of the next bed, and caused it all to come crashing down. Even though he made a painfully loud clanging noise, I just couldn’t stop laughing, along with everyone else. James looked so funny.


As he set to work picking it up, scowling hard, I suddenly realised that a good five cousins of mine weren’t there. So much for family love. The others who were there were probably hoping I didn’t realise, though. Too late now, I was heading in.


“So, I take it that if everyone’s a lot older than I thought… Teddy has left?”. Much nodding at that, although I didn’t know how long ago. “And Victoire, the same?”. Even more nodding. I had accidentally acquired a troupe of nodding dogs.


“So, have Fred and Molly left too?!”. I was starting to panic now. I couldn’t remember my own brother graduating from here. What had happened to me? I was starting to contemplate this, but nobody was nodding, just whispering and looking upset or uncomfortable. Uh-oh.


“They haven’t… graduated yet, no.” Rose told me. There was a little frown between her eyebrows, and looked worried. “Oh, that’s… good, I suppose” I told them. “But, when you see Fred, can you tell him I refuse to speak to him until he’s shown the right amount of remorse for passing up seeing me on my deathbed?”.


Everyone looked relieved and nodded. Little Louis came to the front with concern, dragging Lucy with him. “How hard did that bludger hit you, Rox? You’ve forgotten so much! I mean… we’ve been here for years, now.” He was grinning, but his eyes were wide with worry. For me?


Why would I need to be worried over?


Wait… bludger? “But I don’t play Quidditch” I said out loud, seriously freaked out now. “I get ver-thingy every time I look down, you know, height sickness!” I was starting to panic. “And how was I injured by a bludger in charms? I mean, Harriet and I were practicing the Rictusempra charm, you know… tickling spell”, I added, to try to smooth the astonished looks off their faces. Everyone looked various degrees of shocked, and recovered.


Suddenly, Hugo shouted “Madame Beauvoir!” loudly, making everyone jump. She arrived quickly, bustling through everyone to get to him.


“Yes, Mr. Weasley?”


“Well… how much has Roxanne’s memory disappeared by?” he asked, more quietly this time. “I mean, she thinks she doesn’t play quidditch! This, coming from the fiercest beater Gryffindor ever saw…”


Madame Beauvoir frowned. “Why don’t you ask Miss Weasley how old she thought she was, until you lot came in and confused her?”


“Wait, what?” I sat up in disbelief, setting my head spinning. I was gonna have to get that seen to, ow.


“You’re talking about me as if I’m not here!” I complained, lying slowly back.


“And in answer to your question”, I glared at Hugo, “I thought I was in

Flitwick’s charm class, with Ravenclaw and Gryffindor Second Years. But, apparently… that is not so”.


Everyone stared. I was getting tired of this whole business. Lost memory, huh? It didn’t feel like it, but then again, why would I have been knocked out during charms? The whole bludger thing would certainly explain the splitting pain in the back of my head. Although it didn’t explain how I got used to flying – I had been sure I would never get over that one.


“I suggest, Weasleys, that you come back later. You cousin would do best to sleep now. Undisturbed”. She couldn’t have dropped a bigger hint than that, I thought.


“Wait… so which year am I in? What’s the date?” I sleepily asked. I HAD to know this now, or I would kick myself later. “Because it’s obviously not May, in my second year…”. I knew all eyes would be on me, but couldn’t lift my heavy lids further.


“It’s… January, in your Fifth year, and you’re taking your OWLs in four and a half months time…” someone, maybe Rose, said, sounding disturbed. I could barely register a jolt of shock going through me before black sleep opened up, to the sound of more whisperings from around the bed…



When I next managed to stir myself enough to open my eyes (I’m not much of a post-sleep person), it was night. All the windows were full of darkness, and only the occasional torch in a sconce up and down the ward provided a little, flickering light.


My head was a lot better than last time, but it still ached. I wondered if it would ever truly stop, or if I was just being stupid. Huh. I really hoped not. If I had learnt stuff in the last three years, then would it all be lost? Would I have to drop down to second year again?


God, I really hoped not. That would be awful!


I wondered what had woken me after all this time. Presumably not people coming and going, because I was sure they had been doing that all day. Then I heard it.


“Roxanne!” somebody whispered, just loud enough for me to hear, and catch on. “Yeah?” I quietly whispered back. “I’m awake, if that’s what you need to know”.


Someone came out of the shadows at the side of the room, and stole towards my bed. It wasn’t until Fred’s hood fell back that I saw it was him.


“Fred! It’s good to see you, bro, but why weren’t you here earlier? I wanted to talk to you. What is it in the past three years of your life that I need to know, because my memory has lost 31 months” I babbled. It felt nice to talk to him again; because of course I had no idea when I last did. This memory thing was very wearing, and I was a bit scared too, of what I had lost. If everyone was going to act like my cousins did today, it would make recovering my life that much harder.


“Shh! I’m not meant to be here. And I’ve gotta make this quick, before anyone sees me, or knows I’m here. If you truly cannot get the last three years of your life back, then don’t tell people I’m here. Ok?” I nodded, even more confused and scared now, and Fred ran his fingers through his hair.


“Listen… when you know, don’t hate me. Please” he pleaded. “And… I want you to know, that I’ll still be here for you, like a proper family is, whatever else they’re doing.” This was worrying now; what did he mean? Like a proper family?


“Why would you not be here, Fred?”


“Oh, you’ll know soon enough”, he said, with a rueful twist of the mouth.

“And, I have a couple more things I need to tell you, but I’ll write ‘em down so that you can refer back to it. You mustn’t forget this…” My brother proceeded to write down a few lines of information, hopefully to do with why he was acting so weirdly. It was so frustrating!


“There”, he shoved the paper into my hands. “Take care of that. Protect it with your life! I’m sorry I’m gonna have to leave you with this mess, but…”  he spread his hands. “You’re already in one, so go figure.”. He shrugged, and made to leave, cloak billowing, hood up.


“No, wait! Fred! What- no, come back!” He had disappeared, and left me with only a piece of paper, which I couldn’t even read in this crappy light. I felt like shoving it straight in the bin, but I figured that I would probably regret that later.


He had acted like he wouldn’t see me for ages now; like he was in hiding. I really hoped that I was supposing wrongly, and he wasn’t wanted for some reason or another.  Yet all my intuition was telling me was that I wouldn’t see Fred for a while now.


“I won’t think about this now” I whispered out loud, staring at the hospital wing’s high ceiling, and rolled over to attempt at more sleep.


After nearly an hour, though, none was coming. I reached under my pillow to pull out the piece of paper from my oh-so-original hiding place. I would have to think of a better one before I fell asleep again, because when you’re looking for something, then first place you search is under the pillow… and from somewhere my brain was telling me I had good experience with this.


How odd.


Reaching for my wand, I muttered “Lumos” and the wand-tip ignited dimly, just at the right amount for me to see, but not disturb. There were only two other people in the wing, but I didn’t want to risk them or Madame Beauvoir waking up. Especially as this was meant to be top secret, whatever it was.


I could see without the wand-light that there wasn’t much written on the page. And what little was written were cryptic clues. How the hell was I supposed to get around this?


Trust no-one.

It all runs in the family, skipping every other wave -

The waves ahead of us don’t know, but the swash does.

Good luck around Hagrid – be careful. Act dumb.

There isn’t much time left.

All incidents regarding Miss Strawberry must be covered up. There is a

spy close by; close to you esp.


I had a very bad feeling about this, especially as Fred’s clues could often only be deciphered once you had worked out the rest of the code, and already knew the answer; then you knew the relevance.


It looked like I had some serious detective work to do, about my life, and apparently anything relevant to this paper without being obvious. I had a feeling life was about to get very complicated.


Somebody stirred down the end. Quickly, I “Nox”-ed my wand, and settled down with the paper under the lining in my shoe. It was the fastest hiding place, although I marvelled at how I had come up with the idea. I seemed to have gained – and subsequently lost (at least partially) – quite some brilliance over the last three years.


Turning over in bed and feeling drowsy, I couldn’t actually remember much about ‘today’, other than charms class. Wondering why my brain had picked this day, out of all others, to land me in, I quickly fell fast asleep.

I slept deeply, but not peacefully. Many strange dreams kept cropping up; I got a strange sense of déjà vu, but I didn’t consciously recognise these things.


First, I seemed to be having a kind of hexing war with Dominique, for goodness’ sake. At first it was an accident of mine to send one at her, on the Hogwarts’ Express, but then she sent one back in anger, so I shot an Aguamenti charm at her, but a swimming pool dropped over head instead, and I was in there too…  Then Hagrid was the giant squid and he captured Dominique for me, but said we could swap as long as I had the Culprit by the next full moon…


Then the dream changed, and I was sleeping in bed, and a forest was being planted around me by all the students, so that when I tried to get up, I couldn’t get through. They handed me food and ran off, but Fred was trapped nearby, and they were only tormenting him, not giving him any food… I begged them to give him food and water too, but they wouldn’t, so I had to hatch a basilisk with a chocolate frog and a candy egg, and told it to cut through the jungle so we could get out. But then they cursed the basilisk so it was going to eat Fred instead, and everyone ran away so it would only eat me afterwards, slowly poisoning me to a horrifically painful death first…


And then I woke up screaming.





Roxanne’s Memory Book

This where all my acquired jottings go, on things I have remembered. It’ll be at the end, so that you can see what I’ve learnt, or notes that people have given me. Or just any relevant info. So, first up, this is my family tree, if you didn’t know , just to straighten out who is who:

BILL & FLEUR: Victoire, Dominique and Louis

PERCY & AUDREY: Molly and Lucy

GEORGE & ANGELINA (Mum and Dad): Fred and Me!

RON & HERMIONE: Rose and Hugo

GINNY & HARRY: James, Albus and Lily



*A/N: Hey guys!! So this is my first ever attempt at fanfic, and I was really nervous, but… here it is! I hope you like it!! :D :D :D

Also, please could you review? I really want to know whether this story is worth it!! Thanks :D*

PS: Everything is JKR's, except any new characters, and the plot is mine :)


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Picking Up The Pieces: My Eccentric Family Visits


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