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Sirius makes MY world go round by magicpuffle
Chapter 10 : Selling the soul to the devil
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"My dear, surely you do not want to go back to your friends?" he whispered, yet I heard each word as clear as anything. He was pure evil. Sick. No person could do what he does. There is no guilt in his narrow eyes. He has no shame for what he has become. The Dark Lord stared coldly down at me. I turned my sore face away from him. I hadn't seen what I looked like for weeks, yet I knew it wouldn't have been a pretty sight. Dried blood drenched my clothes and hung heavily in my greasy hair. My skin was sore and dirty and I had taken up the habit of biting my nails and chewing the edges of my fingers, to pass time. I was a wreck. Yet the only thing keeping me sane was memories and thoughts of my friends. My Sirius.

"They haven't come to look for you. No one misses or needs you." The dark lord continued. His cold breath brushed against my cheek and he tilted my face so as we were eye to eye.

"Stephanie" this was the first time he had said my name, "I do not like to see my guest like this." he murmured. What did he know. I wasn't his guest.  What sort of guest sleep in a cellar. What sort of guest is nearly starved to death. What sort of guest is BEATEN. I was no guest. I was a prisoner! I glared at him yet his emotionless face did not change.

"Stephanie, you have a choice... Live a long life here, beneath this manor or... have six months to live with your pathetic friends and family before you die." he concluded. I stared at him in shock. What was he on about- The freak. Was he offering my freedom?

"This is no freedom though. Once your 6 months are up, you will die. Your body will slowly shut down. You will be no more." He confirmed, smiling evilly at me. This was torcher itself. Live a sad painful life or die a short and happy one. I wanted my friend. I needed my friends, but it came as a cost. Like selling your soul to the devil.

"Six months?" I finally croaked. This was one of the first times I had spoken to the Dark Lord. He seemed to find pleasure in my response.

"Of course. Six months- outside these walls before you die." He smirked. I nodded and whispered.

"It's a deal". Delight spread across his face as he pulled his wand from his pocket. This was it. He was going to kill me now and then. AVRA KADAVARA. He was going to say it. I closed my eyes. Would I go to heaven. Or Hell. Was there such thing? I had never thought of death. Was this it- my life over in seconds. I had imagined myself as an old women with grandchildren. Not a child locked in a cellar. I could feel my body shaking and salty water poured from my eyes and down my face. It stung as my tears ran across my cuts and chapped lips but I let out no cry. My last minutes in this world, I would be strong!

"HEXMONATE" He yelled at me. A flash of blue light plunged into my chest, knocking all the air out of my. I fell to the ground. Darkness and unconsciousness engulfed me...





James's P.O.V

"Step?" I asked. The most stupid thing I could have questioned. Of course it was Steph. Even though her body was bony, her hair matted and her eyes heavy, nothing could stop the light pink flush in her cheeks and the deepness of her eyes. Our Steph was home. Where had she been? What had she been up to? Who had she been with? Why had she gone? There was so much I want to ask but I could see out of the corner of my eye, Sirius trembling. He had been a mess. He skipped classes. He checked the map every hour. He barely spoke to me. Or any of the other marauders. He wasn't the same when she went.

"Sirius" I comforted. Yet I got no response. Instead Sirius cautiously approached Steph. His eyes were wide and teary, but full of love. He smiled gently and reached out to her like you would with a stray cat. She smiled back at him and practically leaped into his arms. She giggled before bursting into tears. I grinned- Girls, so emotional. Lily came over to be and held my hand. Tears ran down her face so I whipped them gently away with my finger. Lily and I were in an on and off relationship. However she loved me and I would always love her- so it was bound to work out.

Sirius had hold of Steph tightly but I could see his legs shaking so I rested my arm on his shoulder for support.

"Nice to have you back,Steph" I whispered into her ear. She untangled herself from Sirius and pounced on me. Sirius was garbling about being sorry and about not going with her behind me but she simply placed her finger on his lips and continued on hugging all of us. I expected her to be an emotional wreck from the look of her. I would be. Instead she was bright as always. She lead us up to the common room but on the way we were stopped by Professor Dumbledore...

"Stephanie. Well this IS a surprise. Lovely to have you back. Would you care to join me in my office- the others can come to." He informed us. I had great respect for Dumbledore. He was old and wise but was kind and caring at the same time. He was really weird though. His office was warm and cozy while overcrowd and cramped. Books were piled high in every corner. A red Phoenix sat in the by his desk and rows of potions, memories and artifacts lined the shelves. We all sat down around his desk. Steph was so close to Sirius she was practically on his lap. Lily had a slender hand joined with Stephs while I wrapped my arm around Lilys' waist. Remus sat next to Sirius and i can't imagine the questions, ideas and "logic explanations" running through his mind as he stared at Steph. Peter was sitting right on the end- he seemed to be edging as far away from Steph as possible. Sure she smelled bad, though there is no reason for that. I shot his a look and Peter inched the tiniest bit closer. I felt like shouting at him however this was a happy time and I didn't want to spoil it.





Lilys P.O.V

I squeezed Stephs hand gently as she sobbed out her story. Voldemort. She couldn't even say his name. We had always called him Voldemort and now she was too scared to say it. James whipped away one of my stray tears and I smiled at him. He was so perfect. I couldn't think of him at the moment though, I needed to hear every detail Steph was giving us. I needed to help and support her. She needed me. She needed us!

Once Steph had cried all she wanted us to hear- how she was captured, where she thinks she was, what she had heard- Dumbledore asked us to leave the two of them for a while. Sirius wanted us to wait outside his office but I didn't think Steph wanted to be crowed and bombarded with questions. I would have wanted time to think and get back to reality. So we all headed back up to the our dorms in silence

The first thing I was going to do was plan a make over for Steph and organize a girly night, full of sweets to fatten her up.

N/A Hey readers. Sorry that adding a new chapter is taking so long, but its no suprise when I can spend 5 mins chasing a bug on my computer screen with the cursor. I have a few simple questions to ask..... Who is your favorite character? and are any of you readers boys? It would be really intersting to  get their opinion on the story. Any questions or ideas or just general comments will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Also- is there anyone out there that would fancy making me a banner, fo any of my other stories....PLEASE! I have cyber pringles. Munch munch

Love magicpuffle

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Sirius makes MY world go round: Selling the soul to the devil


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