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The day had flown by without a hitch. Not one single hitch and that is a big thing for me. I hadn’t embarrassed myself in front of Rose or given Al a reason to pick on me. I hadn’t squeaked or blushed and I hadn’t made Rose angry with me.



In fact it was quite the opposite really. We had actually spent the first half of the day in each others presence, not only acting civil but laughing together. Laughing. LAUGHING. That is a very big thing.



Now I’m not the type to overanalyze things but her sudden change in attitude towards me must mean something right? Right?



Well I think that it does! It must.



I was sitting in the last class of the day, potions, staring at the back of her head, while Al stared at me with an expression on his face that told me he was worried for my mental stability. I was of course fine. I am not some deranged stalker who sits there staring at the back of Rose’s head. I was just trying to work out whether or not I should start passing notes to her. I finally decided that I would and quickly, making sure that the professor wasn’t paying any attention ripped my parchment in half. When Al saw what I was doing he merely rolled his eyes and got back to his potion. I had to stop myself writing Weasley instead of her name.



So Rose how’s life treating you?



As soon as I sent it flying at her head I regretted it. How’s life treating you? I mean seriously, how’s life treating you! Someone please kill me now! But I couldn’t take the note back so I just waited in pained, expectant silence for the reply. It came flying with a wonderful chasers aim straight at my eye. The last time that had happened I had ended up with a rather odd looking bruise. I was prepared this time though and with my own quidditch reflexes I caught it just in time.



Actually Scorpius I was just thinking about you. Are you ever going to tell me who this girl you’re in love with is?



I smirked at this; slightly bewildered that she had remembered that day in class and that particular note. Even more shocked that she wanted to know. But cool as ever (well at least in notes) I did not give that away.



I’ll tell you but you must promise not to laugh.



The reply came back quickly and looking over at Rose I could tell that she was curious.



I promise!



I smirked as I wrote the reply.



Professor McGonagall



Professor McGonagall? Poor dear.



HEY! You’re just jealous because I am amazing.



Ha. You wish! But seriously who?



I could tell from this that Rose wasn’t going to give in, so I wrote the first name (after Rose’s) that came to my mind.



Trisha Jenkins



The reply was slow to come and I couldn’t help but feel extremely worried.



Trisha Jenkins?






After that there was no reply and I felt kind of relieved but still really upset. I could not believe that I had told the girl that I was really, secretly in love with that I was in love with someone else. I was such an idiot. Finally I had accidentally stumbled upon the hitch that would inevitably take place in my day.



And I repeat, yet again, my life sucks.



I let Al read the notes as we walked back to the common room. He rolled his eyes but didn’t say anything more. He didn’t need to. I already that I had majorly stuffed up. That was what I like about Al; he knew when to speak and when to leave things alone. I was the complete opposite of that. I never knew when to shut my mouth.



That is probably the reason behind my life’s suckiness (Yes I am pretty sure I just made up that word). It also may have something to do with my complete lack of courage.



I have always been just a little bit disappointed in my lack of what all Gryffindors-for lack of a better word- thrive off. Courage. I’ve always thought of it as mere idiocy, foolishness. But I have now realized that it is the type of foolishness that I would like to possess. To be able to leap into something without thinking about it. Without over calculating and letting your fears control you. It was not something that I had ever possessed or wished to possess. Until now.



Now there seems to be nothing I long for more.



Except for Rose. Except for Rose, who will never know because, me being the idiot, the coward I was couldn’t tell her.



And sitting in the common room, these thoughts whirring through my head I decided I wouldn’t be a coward anymore.



I stood up from my chair, my unfinished charms essay spilling out of my lap and onto the floor. Al looked up at me and immediately he knew. He didn’t say anything he just grinned and gave me the nod of approval.



As I walked out of the common room and into the dark dungeon corridors, I completely ignored the sickening flip flops taking place in my stomach. Well not completely ignored, it was kind of impossible to completely ignore. I swear I thought I was going to throw up.



But I digress. Back to the point.



I continued walking up the grand staircase until I reached the library. It was the first place that I had thought of; it seemed that my feet were leading me there. It sounds kind of nerdy, but I don’t really care, I love the library. It’s just the whole feel of the place. It’s all so peaceful and quiet, all you can hear is the rustling of paper and the scratching of quills, but it’s more then that. Just walking in you feel like you have just walked into a sacred temple. All the knowledge and wisdom of past and present witches and wizards just seem to be surrounding you. In the air. Everywhere.



It’s pretty amazing.



It was past curfew so no one was in there and although being the sensible person that she was Rose would most likely be in the common room, I just had the strongest feeling that she was there.



And she was.



She spotted me before I spotted her. She made no sound as she snuck up behind me. No sound at all. When she tapped me on the shoulder I jumped in fright and almost squealed. Almost. I thanked both God and Merlin that I didn’t when I turned around and saw who it was. She looked breath taking. Shadows seemed to cling to one half of her while the other was bathed in silvery moonlight. With her pale skin shimmering slightly in the silvery light and her hair like fire atop her head she looked like some sort of other worldly, faerie creature. I couldn’t speak but luckily I didn’t need to because she talked first.



“Listen, I’m sorry about not replying to your note earlier. Trisha Jenkins eh? You two would make a cute couple. Have you told her that you lo- like her yet?”



She had begun to nervously ramble and I couldn’t help but smile a little. Because I knew that she talked too much when she was nervous and she hadn’t ever told me. I knew that she loved night better then day and summer rains better then winter snows. I knew that she never wore makeup on rainy days so she could be free to dance in it if she felt like it. And I knew that she loved falling asleep to the sound of rain and waking up to the sun streaming through her window and for some reason at that moment I knew that she loved me. I was so happy, I felt like kissing her.



So I did.


A/N: I am so, so, so SORRY for the long wait.  I hope you can forgive me... PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!  If you are a little angry feel free to throw anything you like at my head.  teehee.  Please leave a review!!  I'll love you forever.  Oh and I almost forgot to mention this is the second last chapter of this story... YAY!  Thanks so much if you have stuck with it!  :)



Lots of love, emerald_princess.  xx

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