Fleur de Lys

Bonne chance



            Fleur sighed heavily as she assessed herself in the hallway mirror clad in her plain black working jumper. Somehow she never pictured that her first real job would be working as a janitor. Despite the fact that she had put on her favourite cobalt blue suede heels for the walk to work, Fleur still felt horrible.


            “Eet eesn’t zat bad,” said Gabrielle unconvincingly.


            Fleur turned around to stare at her sister seriously. “Promise zat you won’t tell maman and papa.”


            Gabrielle smiled. “I promise. Now ’urry up or you’ll be late!”


            Fleur put on her coat and reached for her black tote. “Weesh me luck!”


            “Don’t forget zese,” said Gabrielle, handing Fleur her black rubber boots. Fleur stared at them miserably then finally took them from her sister’s hands.


            “Bonne chance!” was all Fleur heard before she disapparated. 




            It was seven o’clock and Fleur was standing in front of her assigned locker, puzzled. There was no one in the room besides her. She stepped daintily out of her cobalt blue suede heels and into the black rubber boots.


            Suddenly, Fleur heard a gasp. She jumped in fright and turned around quickly. There, in the doorway, stood a tall and lanky young man with perfectly coiffed ash blond hair and the tightest leather black pants she’d ever seen on a man. Underneath a white trench coat he wore emerald green silk robes. All his fingers were adorned with rings and on his feet were blindingly white velvet sneakers. “Are those the new YSLs?”


            “Y-yes,” stammered Fleur, still taken aback.


            “Ohmigod,” said the man, putting a hand on his chest. “They’re absolutely gorgeous!”


“James!” called Hildon, entering the room. “Leave the girl alone.”


 “I was just introducing myself,” said James defensively. He turned back to Fleur. “I’m James, by the way. I work in the filing department.”


 Fleur stared at him, wide-eyed. “Fleur. My name ees Fleur.”


Lovely. Are you new?” asked James, opening his locker to put his white trench coat inside.


            “Yes, today ees my first day,” said Fleur.


            “That’s so great!” said James.


            “Miss Delacour, you’ll start with the lavatories on the tenth floor,” interrupted Hildon. “You’ll find the broom closet at the end of the hall. Here’s the key.”


            Fleur nodded as her handed her a gold key which she dropped into her pocket.


            “Come on, I’ll show you how to get there,” said James.


            “Okay, zank you,” said Fleur, following after him.


            “You poor thing,” said James as soon as they reached the staircase. “I suggest you just use your wand for everything. But, I’m sure it won’t be that bad.”


Fleur nodded. “I ’ope zo.”


They had reached the tenth floor and had begun walking towards the closet when out of her peripheral vision, Fleur spotted Bill. His back was to them and he was talking seriously with a goblin. Fleur rushed to hide behind a pillar as James at her wide-eyed.


            “I’m sure it won’t be that scary, love,” he said.


            “Eet’s not zat,” said Fleur, grabbing James’s arm and pulling him behind the pillar with her. She gestured to where Bill was standing and James peeked out from behind the pillar.


            “Bill Weasley!” gasped James. Fleur covered his mouth with her hand.


            “Shh!” she whispered. “Don’t zay ’is name zo loud!”


            “Right, right,” said James, grinning at Fleur. “I was worried you were going to have horrible taste in men. But, Bill Weasley is gorgeous. Have you two met?”


            Fleur nodded silently and they both snuck another glance at Bill from behind the pillar. He was no longer talking to a goblin, but to a leggy brunette.


            “That’s Emmeline Law, she works in foreign affairs,” whispered James. “She’s a complete b-i-t-c-h.”


            “She doesn’t zeem to be doing much work,” replied Fleur.


            Both watched the scene unfold. Bill was laughing at something Emmeline was saying, their voices carrying down the corridor. Bill ran a hand through his hair as Emmeline rested a hand on his shoulder.


            “You don’t zink zat she’s prettier zan me, do you?” asked Fleur after a moment.


            “No, no, of course not. You have much better hair,” said James.


            “But look at ’er shoes!” whispered Fleur.


            Both observed the dark red leather platform pumps. Fleur looked miserably at her own rubber boots.


            “You’re right,” said James. “I hate her already… Well, not that I didn’t already… But more so now than ever.”


            Both leaned out from behind the pillar to get a better look at the scene when James’s sneaker slipped on Fleur’s rubber boot and both tumbled to the floor.


            “Merde,” hissed Fleur.


            “Sorry, sorry,” whispered James.


            “Eet’s okay,” Fleur whispered back, getting up off the floor. “At least—”


            “Are you two all right?”


            Fleur cringed as she heard Bill’s voice from behind her. She squeezed her eyes shut, opened them again and turned around, smiling nervously. “I – I,” stuttered Fleur. Merde. Why did stupid Beell Weezlee’s earnest blue eyes make her stutter like a complete idiote?


            “Yes, we’re fine,” said James.


            “I – I… eets… we were just…” Fleur trailed off. “Looking for my… necklace!” Fleur looked at James sharply and he nodded wildly.


            “But, you’re wearing it,” said Bill, frowning.


            Fleur pulled at her necklace. “Eet was another one,” she replied lamely.


            “All right, then,” said Bill, nodding awkwardly.


            “Aren’t you part of the janitorial staff?” asked Emmeline, looking Fleur up and down. “I think you’ll find what you need down the hall.”


            “Bloody bitch,” muttered James under his breath.


            “Right, zank you,” replied Fleur, smoothing down her jumper.


            “What was that?” asked Emmeline icily.


            “I said, ‘brilliant witch,’” said James, smiling brightly.


            Emmeline narrowed her brown eyes. “Don’t you work in filing on the second floor?”


             “And you’re in foreign affairs…” said James mockingly. “So wouldn’t that leave you on the seventh floor? This is the tenth, just in case you were lost.”


            Emmeline flushed angrily. “I was dealing with business.”
            “Really? How fun. Me too,” said James sarcastically.


            “Mine didn’t involve frolicking around with the new staff,” snapped Emmeline.


            James laughed. “Er… is your gay-dar non-existent or did you not see my pants? Besides, is throwing yourself at men considered business nowadays or…” James trailed off, flashing a smile at Emmeline.


            Emmeline glared at James. “Right, well whatever, I have to leave,” she said icily, turning on her heel and stalking off.


            “Well, I’ve got to go, too. Good luck,” said James, smiling. He began walking towards the staircases but turned around and winked at Fleur. Fleur cursed James for leaving her with Bill.


            “Do you want me to show you where that closet is?” asked Bill.


            “Sure,” answered Fleur. 


            Bill and Fleur began walking down the hall in silence. Fleur snuck a glance at Bill’s profile and nearly tripped over her rubber boots. Bill’s eyes met hers and she flushed, cursing herself for being so clumsy. The left side of his mouth quirked up into a crooked smile.


            They reached the broom closet at the end of the corridor and Fleur dug the key out of her pocket and unlocked the door, pulling it open to reveal shelves of cleaner, rags, brooms and mops.  She stared in wide-eyed horror at the closet.


            “I zink zat I ’ave eet from ’ere,” said Fleur awkwardly.


            Bill nodded, his blue eyes on Fleur, smiling slightly. “By the way, any luck with finding that necklace of yours?” His voice was teasing and Fleur blushed, averting her eyes.


            Merde, he knew she had been lying. “Uh… no, we couldn’t find eet.”


            “I’m sure it’ll turn up,” said Bill. Fleur didn’t have to look at him to tell that he was smirking.


            Fleur nodded, looking at anything to avoid his stare.


            “So… you work here now,” continued Bill. Fleur wished that he wouldn’t make awkward conversation.


            Fleur nodded again. “I’m a janitor, eet’s my first day.


            “That’s great,” said Bill. “Well, good luck.”


            “Zank you,” replied Fleur weakly.


            Fleur turned away and began busying herself with pulling bottles of cleaner off of the shelves.


            “Oh and Miss Delacour?” asked Bill, his voice still teasing.


            Fleur squeezed her eyes shut and then turned around to face Bill again. “Yes?”


            There were three things that Fleur realized when she turned around: One, that Bill Weasley’s face was entirely too close to hers. Two, that his fathomless blue eyes had flecks of gray. And three, that he made the blush rise in her cheeks and her knees go weak.


            “You’re really cute when you’re nervous,” he breathed, catching a strand of her hair between his fingers and tucking it behind her ear.


            “I – I ’ave to go,” stuttered Fleur, backing into the closet to create space between her and Bill.


 “Goodbye, Miss Delacour,” said Bill, running a hand through his dark red hair.


 “Goodbye, Mr Weezlee,” replied Fleur, finally meeting his gaze. The corner of Bill’s lip twitched in amusement at Fleur’s pronunciation. He glanced at Fleur a final time and began walking down the hallway.


Author's Note I'd love to know what you guys think of the new characters and the chapter. Thank you all for reading!



Bonne chance — Good luck; Merde — Shit

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