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I woke up shivering; I thought I would be blue from all the cold air surrounding me.


It was odd; I had placed a heating charm on my room for winter.


Why was it freezing in here?


Slowly I opened my eyes one at a time. The window was open! I jumped out of bed and ran to close it.


Only, before I could even reach the window I slid on something and landed flat on my bum.


‘Bugger.’ I hissed to myself. Now I was freezing and in pain.


Then I saw what surrounded me. It wasn’t just cold air, it was snow. Snow? SNOW!


‘What is this?’ I pushed myself up, cringing at the pain in my lower leg, and hobbled over to my bed. Tightening the covers around me I grabbed my wand and started to whisper an un-melting charm.


Light blue shot from my wand and touched the snow, making it slowly start to dissipate.


This would take a while.


About an hour later the snow was gone.


I still sat freezing in my room, not knowing what to do. I could have sworn I locked my window last night.


I stood, taking my comforter with me, and walked over to the window. I enforced it with as many locking spells as I could think of and headed towards my door.


My feet were muffled from my overly long pajama pants.


I smiled, I loved early morning. It was always so quiet – a perfect time for hot cocoa.


Making my way to the kitchen, the house elves where more then happy to sneak me some and I headed back to my room.


Still, no one was up, so I tiptoed back to my room.


The door opened easily but I froze when I saw what was in side.


My room was coated in ice. ICE!


I shifted from foot to foot, clearly annoyed, ‘Are you kidding me? I just—’


‘Ruined my first master piece?’ The voice startled me and I dropped the hot cocoa, the cup went shooting across the room.


The boy leaned against the wall next to the window and laughed. It wasn’t to malicious but it wasn’t a nice laugh either.


‘Who are you?’ I gripped the blanket tighter around me. I didn’t recognize the boy.


He was dressed in jeans and a dark-blue button down with dark sneakers. Nothing to abnormal for a Saturday, except that I hadn’t seen him before and his hair was a shocking blue color.


‘Most people’s worst nightmare, some dream about me.’ The boy winked. He couldn’t have been to much older then me, but still I couldn’t but a name to his face.


His sharp features relaxed into a sort of smirking grin and his grey eyes sparkled as if someone had placed stars in them.


‘I’m like the iconic Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, but unlike them I’m very much a real character. My story has just been—distorted a bit.’ The boy said, walking over to my bed-side table and finger my paper.


‘Hey that’s mine!’ I stormed over to him and moved to grab my copy of The Quibbler but my hand froze just above it.


There on top of Da’s article was a glassy looking flower.


‘D-did you put it there?’ I asked, just staring down at the flower. It looked like the purest of magic had conjured it. It shone as light from the dawn started to come in from the now-open window.


The boy shrugged, ‘Yeah, just a silly little trick my Da had taught me. It’s made of ice.’


I forgot for a moment that a strange blue-haired boy had mysteriously found his way into my room and just gazed at the flower.


‘It…it’s beautiful.’ I said, gently touching it with my finger.


‘It was nothing. What I wanted to talk to you about was this article.’ The boy, looking as if the flower wasn’t delicate at all, picked it up and set it back down as he picked up the paper, and began to leaf through it.


Carefully, I picked up the flower and held it, just staring at it and turning it this way and that as the sun shone off of it.


‘Ok…for one, my hair is blue not a ‘dark’ color. Two, I have never been musically inclined – never could figure out how the bloody whistle, and three I should be labeled as a human not a creature. The only thing this got right—’ The boy said tapping the article with his knuckles, ‘—was my pointy ears.’


‘Well no one has seen Jack Frost so how would they know that you had pointy ears?’ I said it then it dawned on me what I had just said.


The boy was talking as if he was Jack Frost, the made up elf or something working for Ol’ Saint Nick.


‘You’re not—You can’t be—the, the…no one knows about…who ARE you really?’ I sputtered, grabbing my head with my hand. Letting my blanket slip a little by accident.


The boy smirked and crossed his arms, ‘Nice PJs.’


I looked down at my long-sleeve red shirt and red-snowflake matching bottoms, ‘There is nothing wrong with what I’m wearing. Its cold out, well actually it’s colder in here since it’s COMPLETELY COVERED IN ICE!’


I kept my face as straight as I could as I set the beautiful flower on back on the bed-side table.


‘Ohho, did someone not have their morning coffee?’ The boy said, falling back onto my bed and making a make-shift pillow with his arms.


I crossed my arms and tightened my blanket around me, ‘I almost got to finish my cocoa but someone scared me. Someone whose name I still don’t know.’


The boy smiled up at me, ‘Jankin Cadell Frost at your service. But everyone just calls me Jack, since Jankin changed to Jackin sometimes in the Middle Ages or whatnot.’


‘You are pulling my leg.’ I said, folding my arms, being careful not to let my blanket slip again.


‘No, actually I’m keeping my hands to myself now. I’ll sweep you off your feet later if you want.’ Jack said, shaking his hands at me – showing me he wasn’t physically pulling my leg.


I sighed and fell onto my vanity chair, letting my head fall into my cupped hands.


‘I thought you were the one to believe in Wrackspurts and all those things, why not me?’ Jack stood up and walked over to the window.


He looked so sad, but I couldn’t tell if he was trying to poke fun at me or not. I sat still and just watched him as he turned back around, his light russet-colored lips pursed slightly.


‘Fine I guess I’ll just have to—’ He sat on the window sill and looked at me with pretend sad eyes. And then he pushed himself off and fell.


I was so shocked I couldn’t scream, but in an instant I was by the window looking down. He was no where to be seen, where had he—


‘BOO!’ The scream I held in earlier came out now.


Jack fell back in the air laughing.


‘That’s not funny!’ I tried to reach him to hit him but I would have fallen if I went any farther.


‘What? Where you scared for me, that’s just so, so touching!’ He faked a sniff and a tear and then smirked at me.


I crossed my arms and shook my head from side to side, ‘I wasn’t scared, I could care less what happened to you. I just—I just didn’t want your death being blamed on me, for pushing you or whatever from the tower.’


Jack smiled, and let the breeze carry him closer to the window sill, ‘I think you should be more worried about being caught with a boy in your room then for my murder, since, as you can probably already tell, I can fly.’


‘There is no boy in my room.’ I said indignantly, ‘There is one floating outside my window acting like a complete arse.’


‘Ohh…such harsh words form a dreamer. I thought you were the sweet one. Every winter I see you, you have always been smiling and happily looking for Nargles, what changed this year?’ Jack said, coming to lean on the window sill.


‘The beginings of war.’ I said simple, slowly lowering my arms and my eyes as well. I was being pretty rude – but I had a right to be considering my room was completely iced over! And this was the second time this morning it had been!!


‘Oh, I remember that. The sprites where up in arms about it this last Summer. No one was taking notice of their beautiful handy work. Instead the mortals were more interested in the Dementor's fog and what not!’ Jack tsked and continued to look at me.


I finally looked back up to Jack, studying his face closely. His features were definitely sharp, and his wide grey-star eyes had that mischievous glint in them that all teenage boys seemed to have. And there appeared to be snowflakes lightly dusted on his eyelashes. Looks like Da actually got two things right instead of the one Jack mentioned.


His hair was what caught my attention fiercely though; it kept shifting shades of blue as he moved. I had to smile though, his pointy ears kept sticking out as the wind played with his tousled locks.


I pursed my lips though and tilted my head.


‘What?’ Jack asked, tilting his head to copy me.


‘Your hair, is’s—shifting colors?’ I said. It sounded weird in my head, even weirder aloud.


Jack shrugged it off, ‘It’s normal for me.’


‘Does…does it mean anything?’ I asked.


Jack looked over his shoulder, ‘I’ll…tell you later, I got to go. Snow is expected in Moscow by nine o’clock.’


Jack looked back to me and then back into my room, he slowly released his breath. The ice in my room was gone instantly.


He gave me one last playful smile and a wink and then disappeared.


‘Well, good bye to you too.’ I snipped, although I turned back to my room with a smile. I curled back up onto my bed, the blankets tight around me because I left my window open.


Jack said he would tell me later, so that must mean he would be coming back at some point.


I wasn’t taking any chances; the window was going to remain open.



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