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Author's Note - Hey guys. Here's the fourth chapter. It's super long, but i like it. Enjoy

  enchantress @TDA does the most amazing job :)

            Hermione looked at Harry as he came towards her. He was going to talk about how Ron didn’t mean it and he was just angry, but she didn’t care. Ron had been so rude to her. Ron was Hermione’s first real boyfriend.  She never counted Victor, most of the time she was with him he just talked about Quidditch or watched her study. She still kept in touch with him over the years, and he was always there for her when she needed to vent. She felt her relationship with Ron was more what one should be. They had a strong friendship and from there the relationship had formed. She was fond of him, though she was quite certain she didn’t love him. Love was such a strong word to be using and she felt eighteen was too young to be using it.

            “Hermione? You know he doesn’t mean it, right?” asked Harry.

            “I suppose I do, though an apology would certainly be nice.”

            “You know Ron, though. You know how long it takes him to admit he’s wrong.”

            “But Harry, we aren’t just friends anymore. He can’t wait two months and then expect everything to be fine.”

            “I’ll talk to him. He won’t wait that long. You know he’d hate to lose you.”

            “Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t. I’m going to try and see how things go but I’m only waiting so long. We’re already completely different than we were before. Things just aren’t the same anymore Harry,” Hermione finished, her eyes brimming with tears.

            “Don’t cry ‘Mione. Cheer up. Things have a way of working themselves out. Give it time.”

            “I guess so. We’ll see.”


            “I think you should post the sign-up sheet for Quidditch, mate. We’ll be the first team to do it, so we’d have a head start on the practices.” Blaise said as he and Draco trudged up to the changing rooms.

            “Then the cup will be ours. Yes, I agree Blaise, that’s a great idea. I’ll put that up tomorrow.” Draco replied.

            “So, how’s your mom holding up?”

            “She’s doing well. With father in Azkaban she’s spending most of her time redecorating the manor. I don’t expect father to be happy when he gets out, but I must admit the house does seem brighter now.”

            “That’s nice. Listen mate, I’ve been meaning to ask you about something.”

            “What’s up Blaise?”

            “Do you have any interest what-so-ever in Hermione?”

            “Why?” Draco asked.

            “Well, do you remember that week I stayed at the manor over the summer? Well one evening you were asleep and you were mumbling something. You were having this dream, more of a nightmare really, and you were tossing and turning and mumbling Hermione’s name. I debated waking you, but after a minute or so, you subsided. Now we’re back at school and I’ve caught you, a couple times, gazing at her and stealing glances when you thought no one was looking.” Draco didn’t know what to say. Blaise was spot on about everything. He thought it over for a moment and decided Blaise, being his best mate and all, deserved to know.

            “Well do you remember when I told you of the time my aunt tortured Hermione because the sword of Gryffindor was found with them?” Blaise nodded. “Well there was this moment when Hermione was being tortured and we locked eyes and it sort of hit me that she was a person. Not just some filthy mudblood that I could insult at school. After that, every scream of hers pierced me. I felt awful. It was one of the most difficult things to witness, especially knowing there was literally nothing I could do for her. I swore to myself in that moment I would treat her better, befriend her, and show her I’m not an awful person. She, without even meaning to, had helped me see past her insufferable know-it-all side and view a glimpse of who she truly was. I don’t know what will happen, though. I still can’t control my tongue when I am around her. I just can’t help but throw snide remarks and comments her way, in hopes that they hide my true feelings.”

            “Well, that certainly was a longer explanation than I expected. You’ll never get anywhere with her, Draco, if you can’t control yourself. Most likely you’ll have to make good with Harry, and especially her boyfriend Ron as well” Draco nodded, knowing everything Blaise had said was true.


            Hermione woke with a start. She had fallen asleep on the book she had been reading. She turned to see who had woken her and was almost pleased to see Malfoy standing over her. Wait, what? Me pleased? Have I forgotten so easily what he said to me this morning? It’s Malfoy, I can’t feel pleased.

            “Hey Granger; I thought it would be rude to not wake you, so I woke you…” He finished awkwardly.

            “Well, thank you, I guess. You should probably go shower now, you’re filthy.” She said with a hint of annoyance in her voice,

            “Here I am being nice and the first thing you do is go make a comment about this morning! Merlin, Granger! Next time I’ll leave you there!”

            “Malfoy; hush up! You smell like sweaty boy! I meant it in reference to your awful ‘after Quidditch’ smell. Harry and Ron smell the same afterwards also.” Malfoy stood staring at her.

            “Oh. I thought, well you know what I thought…uhm…sorry for snapping. Goodnight.” Hermione watched him turn and walk to his room. How odd. Am I hearing things or did Malfoy just apologize to me? She quickly gathered her books and went off to her room. Shortly after she closed her door, a knock sounded. Hermione opened her door, and to her surprise, she came face-to-face with Blaise.

            “Hey Hermione; I wanted to catch you before you fell asleep. I don’t know if you knew but there is a Head’s meeting tomorrow at noon. Usually we have it in that unused classroom on the third floor but McGonagall’s using it tomorrow. I figured we could have it here instead. I sent notices out to all the prefects to let them know. If you could just get everything ready tomorrow I’ll let them in. Sound good?”

            “Yeah Blaise; sounds great. Thanks for letting me know.” Hermione replied smiling. Blaise nodded and smiled back and headed off to his room. Hermione closed her door and sat on her bed with a sigh. She really wasn’t really tired anymore. She decided to write to one of her best friends. Her name was Elizabeth, though she preferred Lizzie. They had been best friends since the first grade. When Hermione received her letter from Hogwarts she had decided to tell Lizzie that her parents were sending her to a boarding school. It wasn’t until the summer before Hermione’s fourth year that Lizzie found out about Hogwarts. Hermione had accidentally left a copy of the daily prophet on her desk. She could have played it off if Hedwig hadn’t chosen that moment to swoop through her bedroom window to give her a letter from Harry.

            At first Lizzie was a bit skeptical, but after some time she came around and became closer because of it. They wrote to each other constantly and were almost inseparable when Hermione was home for during breaks. Don’t get her wrong, Harry and Ron were great best friends to have, but Hermione needed a girl best friend too, just to even everything out; and plus, her and Lizzie have been best friends since Hermione could remember. She hurried over to her desk to write to Lizzie.

            Dear Lizzie,


                        I miss you already. How’s school? I would have written sooner but I have already been assigned an essay and you know me, I had to get that out of the way before I could write you a decent length letter. You’ll never guess what has happened. I was made Head Girl! I’m so proud of myself. It’s one of the things I have been striving for since I first stepped into the castle. I get to share a common room with Harry, Ron and two other students. It’s quite nice and I have my own room and bathroom now too.

                        Any cute boys caught your eye yet, this year? Why do I even ask? You’ve probably already met several of them. You’ve never had a problem snagging them have you? Now you must only learn to work on not getting fed up with them so quickly.

                        Nothing exciting has happened to me yet; no daring adventures this year. Ronald and I argued earlier tonight. I don’t think we will last much longer, but I will try. I don’t think I can lose him as a friend; we were so close before this relationship came along. Oh well, what is a girl to do really?

                        Anyway, I must be off to bed. It is reasonably late and I must attend to matters in the morning. Writing to you has certainly helped clear my head and now it will be much easier for me to get a good rest this evening. I hope to hear from you soon.


                                                                                    With lots of love,



            Hermione sealed the letter and then flopped down on her bed, anxious for tomorrow to start.


            Hermione woke to the sun shining bright through her windows. She smiled as she lay there, thinking about the day ahead. After a few relaxing moments, she got up and quickly took a shower and then threw on a pair of fitting jeans and a Gryffindor t-shirt. She fixed her hair and grabbed the letter she had written; making her way to the Great Hall. Hermione had woken up earlier than usual, so most of the students were still sleeping. She decided to head to the Owlery while she waited for the rest of the school to awaken. It didn’t take her too long to reach the winding tower.

            She had purchased an owl for herself while shopping in Diagon Alley over the summer. She was almost done with Hogwarts and she’d definitely need one. She had bought a light brown one with large amber eyes that reminded Hermione of Hedwig. She had named the owl Theo. She called to him and held up an owl treat. He flew down and nibbled at it she stroked him. When he had finished she tied the letter to his leg and he took off into the sky.

            She made her way back to the Great Hall to find Ron sitting at the table. She hurried over and sat across from him.

            “Good morning Ron.”

            “Morning.” He replied, shoveling food on his plate.

            “We have a Head’s meeting today. Did you know?”

            “Yes.” He replied, still shoveling food, only now into his mouth.

            “Do you have anything to say to me?” She asked, getting slightly annoyed.

            “Not really, Hermione. Do you have anything to say to me?” he said, in a voice that practically dripped with boredom.

            “What do you think I need to say?” she asked still looking at him, though he didn’t even spare her a glance.

            “Maybe apologize. That’d be a start.”

            “What do you think I have to apologize for?” Hermione hissed.

            “Maybe the fact that you made fun of me and then stormed off last night.”

            “A-Are you serious? You insulted me and started the entire argument!”

            “Whatever Hermione.” Ron stated. Hermione just glared at him before grabbing an apple and walked away. She headed back to the common room. As she entered Malfoy walked out of his bedroom. For some reason, Hermione couldn’t tear her eyes away from him. He wore dark green sweats that hung low on his waist and bore no shirt. She noticed Quidditch had been very beneficial to his body, his stomach toned with the faint outline of a six pack. His blonde hair hung in his face. All of a sudden someone tackled her.

            “Good morning, Hermione!” Harry yelled into her ear.

            “Well good morning Harry.” She giggled. “What’s with the enthusiasm this morning?”

            “I woke up this morning in the most fantastic mood! I’m not quite sure why. I’m just glad we’re friends, Hermione.” Harry smiled.

            “Me too Harry; hey, do you know who I thought of yesterday? Winky. Do you think she still works in the kitchens?”

            “Hmm, I’m not sure. How ‘bout we go check?”

            “I’d like that.” smiled Hermione as Harry went to shower and change before they headed off. Hermione took a seat on the couch, her thoughts straying to the encounter she just had with Ron. Thankfully, going to the kitchens and the meeting will be enough of a distraction from it for the time being. She was so lost in thought she didn’t even notice when Malfoy took a seat next to her, so when he spoke to her she jumped.

            “Who are the new Prefects’ this year?” he asked her.

            “Uhm, well, Gryffindors are Ron and Ginny. Ravenclaws are Joseph B. and Melanie R. Hufflepuffs are Hannah Abbott and Justin Finch-Fletchley and Slytherins would be Rebecca Adams and Mark Steele.”

            “You’ll be having it at the table then?”


            “So may I sit on the couch to listen in?”

            “Sure I guess. Harry had planned on doing that also, I believe.”

            “Alright.” Harry walked over to Hermione and tapped her on the shoulder. Hermione said goodbye to Malfoy and hurried off with Harry. They were there in less than five minutes, thanks to Harry’s knowledge of the schools secret passages. They entered the kitchen and Hermione tried to see if she could spot her, but to her dismay she couldn’t.

            “Uhm, excuse me?” She said to a nearby elf. “Do you know if an elf named Winky still works here?”

            “Oh yes ma’am! She is over by the ovens! I shall go bring her to you!” the elf squeaked and ran off. Just a few seconds later the elf was dragging Winky through the crowd to a stop in front of Hermione and Harry.

            “Oh Winky; how are you!?” Hermione asked at the sight of the small elf.

            “I’m doing good misses. Winky is much better than the last time you saw me!” Indeed she did. The little elf was dressed in clean linins and was no longer hiccupping every few seconds.

            “You look so good, Winky.” Hermione beamed.

            “Yes Winky is liking working at Hogwarts now. Winky has made good friends.”

            “That’s great! Do you think you could do me a favor?”

            “Oh yes! Winky can do misses a favor!”

            “I’m holding a Head’s meeting in the common room at noon. Could you prepare food and drink for it?”

            “Yes, Winky will do that. Winky will bring pumpkin juice and butterbeer and treacle tart and lots of goodies!”

            “Gotta love the enthusiasm,” Chuckled Harry.

            “That would be perfect. I’ll see you at noon then.” And with that they said their goodbyes and headed back to the common room.

            “You know, when I see Winky all happy like that, I can’t help but to think how happy Dobby would’ve been if he was still here.” Harry said sadly.

            “I know how much you miss him, Harry.” Hermione sighed putting her arm around him. “I know he wouldn’t have wanted you to mope because of it though, he would’ve wanted you to enjoy every second of life and stay safe.”

            “You’re probably right Hermione. Hell, you’re right all of the time.” Harry said as he put his arm around Hermione’s shoulder.

            “Not all of the time.” She replied modestly.

            “Well a damn good portion of it.” After that they walked silently, arms around each other, lost in thought. Harry had become more than just a best friend to Hermione; he had become a brother to her. Most people thought her and Harry had a thing for each other and if Hermione was being honest, she had had the slightest crush on him in their first year. After that year though, she slowly started noticing Ron.

            When they had finally reached their common room, Harry gave the portrait the password, and they stepped inside.  Hermione became disappointed when she quickly realized Ron wasn’t there. She had figured that he would have come back after breakfast, unless he was avoiding her. Harry let go of Hermione and made his way to his bedroom, returning a few seconds later with his Firebolt and the broom servicing kit Hermione had bought him long ago. She smiled as she remembered the memory of it. Her parents and her spending the day in Diagon Alley, shopping, eating and just enjoying the day. Hermione loved her parents very much. It had broken her heart when she had sent them to Australia with no recollection of her. She was ecstatic when she reversed what she had done and was able to see them again.

            She glanced at Harry’s watch and noticed it was getting close to noon. It was incredible how quickly the time passed if one was lost in thought. She hurried to her room to get parchment and a quill and found a folder on her bed. She picked it up and noticed there was a note sticking to the front of it.


Ms. Granger,

In here are some papers to be passed out at today’s’ Heads meeting, along with a list of topics needing to be discussed. I trust everything will go smoothly.

                                                                        -Professor McGonagall


            Hermione quickly looked through the contents and then headed back to the common room. She noticed that the table was filled with lots of treats for everyone to munch on and next to the table stood Winky by a coffee cart. It looked like Winky had brought every kind of drink they could possibly be wanting. She smiled at the small house elf. Just as Hermione took a seat at the one end of the table, Blaise came through the portrait hole followed by all the Prefects. Ginny ran over to the table to get a seat next to Hermione.

            “Hey, Hermione,” smiled Ginny.

            “Good afternoon, Ginny,” Hermione smiled back. She spotted Ron come in but he didn’t spare her a passing glance and sat all the way by Blaise, who was at the other end of the table. Hermione noticed Blaise watching the Slytherin prefect as she made her way to the table. She had long blonde hair braided hanging over her shoulder and the most piercing ice blue eyes Hermione had ever seen. When everyone had taken their seats, Winky began passing out drinks and everyone took a share of the snacks on the table. Once everyone had settled down Hermione stood up.      

            “Ok, so now that everyone is settled I just wanted to say hello. I hope everyone’s first day of classes went smoothly. Now I’ll let the Head Boy discuss patrol duties and schedules have already been filled out. I’ll pass them around the table while Blaise is talking.” Hermione sat and withdrew the schedules out of the folder and began passing them around the table.

            “Well first off I’d just like to make it clear to everyone that if any of you have Quidditch practice on a night when you have your patrol duties, you will not be allowed to skive off your duties just because you have Quidditch; neither will you be allowed to change patrol duty with another prefect. There is a set schedule for a reason. Unless either I or Hermione receive a note from Madam Pomfrey saying your ill, you will report for your duties.” Blaise took a seat and looked at everyone expectantly. Hermione glanced over at the couch and noticed Harrys’ eyes on Ginny.

            “Right, well, with that said, there is a list of banned items that should be confiscated if one of you should spot another student with it,” she started as she passed the list around the table, “ The full list can be found in Filch’s office. If I’m not mistaken, the full list is comprised of a little over five hundred things. With that done with, I have a much more interesting matter to discuss. This year, Hogwarts will hold a Christmas Ball.” At this, everyone’s undivided attention was given to her. “It will be open to students of every year and students form Durmstrang and Beauxbatons have also been invited. The purpose of this ball is really to help unite all the students from each school. The ball will be held the Friday before Christmas break. To allow students the day to prepare, Professor McGonagall has allowed for classes to be cancelled that day. The ball will end at precisely midnight and students will be escorted to their dormitories by their Prefects. Any questions?” Hermione asked, looking around the table. The Slytherin girl raised her hand and Hermione nodded towards her.

            “Rebecca Adams,” she stated. “I was just wondering who was choosing the decorations for everything?” she asked, placing her hand back in her lap, staring at Hermione.

            “Well, I figured I’d have a sign up sheet for anyone to join and then we would get together and get everyone’s ideas out there and see what theme for the ball we come up with.” Hermione said as she picked up a piece of parchment and passed it to everyone that wanted to join. After a few more minor matters discussed, the meeting was over. Once everyone filed out, the only people left in the common room were sitting on the couches. Blaise and Malfoy were on one and Harry and Ron were on another, so Hermione took a seat next to Ginny on the love seat. For so many people being packed into the same room, it was oddly quiet.


             Draco glanced at Hermione as she sat down next to Ginny. He noticed her turn to stare at Ron, as though waiting for him to say something. Draco kept glancing back and forth between the two. Ron seemed to be doing his best to ignore Hermione, while Hermione was intently staring at him. All of a sudden Weasley turned to Hermione, looking angrier than Draco had seen him a while.

            “Hermione, stop staring at me!” yelled Ron. Hermione slightly jumped at his outburst.

            “No, Ron! Either apologize to me or we continue arguing.” Hermione responded, amazing Draco by keeping her voice at a normal volume, though Ron didn’t seem to notice.

            “Bloody hell, Hermione! I thought you were supposed to be smart! I don’t want to talk to you right now!”

            “Ronald Billius Weasley! Do not talk to Hermione like that!” yelled the Weasley girl, her face turning the same shade as her hair. Draco was shocked, he had never really paid any attention to her, but the way she had yelled commanded his attention.

            “Shut it, Ginny. This doesn’t concern you!” yelling Ron, steam almost visibly coming out of his ears.

            “Ron, are you really going to stay upset with me?” Hermione asked.

            “Merlin, Hermione. Why can’t you just leave me alone?”     

            “I’m not just a friend you can ignore, Ronald! I’m your girlfriend, in case you’ve forgotten.”

            “Maybe I’d like to forget!” Ginny stared at her brother in shock of what he had just said. Draco looked at Hermione, tears silently falling down her face. Right then and there Draco had never wanted to hurt the red head more. Blaise placed his hand on Draco’s shoulder, as if he knew what he was thinking.

            “Hey, Ron,” Harry started softly, “Come on, you know you didn’t mean that. Take it back mate.”

            “No, Harry. I meant it.” Ron said sternly.

            “Fine.” Hermione said, standing as she wiped the tears from her face. “I won’t be with you anymore. I never even knew what attracted me to you in the first place! Don’t you dare say two words to me for the rest of the year unless they are ‘I’m sorry’, because I swear to Merlin I’ll hex you into oblivion!” with that she ran to her room, slamming the door behind her. The small redhead was getting up to follow when Harry shook his head.

            “Just let her be for now, Ginny.” Draco watched as Harry and Ginny left the common room shaking their heads. Draco got up and walked to his room and just before closing the door, turned around and spoke to Ron.

            “You do know Weasley, that you are currently the biggest arse in all of Hogwarts right now.” And with that Malfoy shut his door.


Author's Note - How'd you guys like it? It's my favorite chapter so far :) You guys have been holding back on the reviews!! I'd really appreciate it if you just took the time and scrolled right on down, in that little box, and left me a comment on what you're thinking. Do you love it, hate it; is it a good story, or something you despise reading? Just leave me a reciews and let me know :)

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