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In a little cottage in Totnes, Devon, two teen girls were getting outfitted in winter clothes. The first girl had unruly, copper hair and big green eyes. She was putting on a puffy, hunter green coat on over her yellow turtle neck and a matching hunter green hat, scarf, and gloves sat on the table ready to be put on also. The second girl had straight, light blonde hair that was tied in pigtails and covered by a red hat with ear flaps; she was putting on the matching scarf and gloves over her beige coat. Molly and Lucy Weasley were getting ready to shield down the hill that was a very near their house.

“Are you ready Luce?” Molly asked, slipping on her black snow boots.

Lucy pulled on her brown boots and said, “Yep!” Lucy’s favorite thing to do when it snowed was to shield with her elder sister. Both girls were a little old for shielding since they were sixteen and fourteen respectively but it was a tradition that they loved.

Molly stood up and opened the door, allowing Lucy to go first, and yelling at their parents to tell them they had left. When Molly stepped outside Lucy had already pulled the pink and green shields from the shed.

“I call green!” Molly yelled, firing a snow ball at her sister.

“You always get green, Molls, it’s my turn!” Lucy whined.

Molly laughed and pulled the shield away from Lucy. “Don’t be a baby, you are fourteen,” she scolded, before walking towards the hill.

Lucy pouted as she pulled the pink shield, following her sister.

“Race you!” Lucy yelled running and jumping on her shield before Molly could register it.

“Not fair!” Molly cried, launching her shield.

“Don’t whine, M….” Lucy said, just as she went crashing into a tree.

Molly screamed, jumping off the shield and running to her sister. “LUCY!”

Lucy had blood running down her forehead, from where she cracked her head on the frozen trunk and she was clearly unconscious.

Molly started to cry, when a strong hand rested on her shoulder. She looked up to see a very cute boy with curly brown hair and blue eyes smiling at her sadly.

“What happened?” Mystery Boy asked, bending down and touching Lucy’s forehead.

“We were racing and she swerved wrong, I think, and collided with this tree,” Molly said, swallowing hard as she tried not to cry.

The boy looked concerned. “We should get her to a doctor.”

“Our mum’s a heal…doctor, we live just over the hill,” Molly said proudly.

“Ok, I will carry her and you support her head…um...”

“Molly…Molly Weasley,” she said, standing up and brushing off the snow.

“Jack Grover, nice to meet you.” He smiled, picking up Lucy and walking over the hill with Molly holding her head.

Once they reached the house, Molly opened the door and yelled for her mum.

“Molly what is the…oh...Lucy…what happened?” Audrey Weasley asked on the brink of tears.

“We were racing down the hill and she swerved the wrong way and was not watching where she was going and crashed, can you fix her,” Molly said crying.

“Percy, come take Lucy to her room,” Mum said as Dad ran in, took Lucy from Jack and headed up the stairs to her room. He was very calm about it but Molly knew Mum could heal Lucy all up.

“Young man, thank you for carrying our daughter here,” Mum said hugging him before running up to take care of Lucy.

“Molly, will she be alright?” Jack asked timidly.

“Of course, our Mum can heal everyone!” Molly smiled.

“Well, I better get going, I don’t want to intrude anymore in your home,” he said, turning around.

Before Molly knew what she was doing, she grabbed Jack’s arm, spun him around and kissed him right on the lips, before pulling back and saying, “Thanks Jack!”

Jack smiled, turned red, and said “You’re are welcome, Molly.” He then pulled her in for one more kiss before heading back out the door, looking regretful. Molly Weasley might have just fallen in love with her sister’s savior!

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