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The days leading up to Harry’s date with Carrie flew by and he hadn’t glimpsed the mystery girl since. He was beginning to think that maybe he had imagined her and he started to think about her less and less. Harry rolled over in bed and opened his eyes.


“Today’s the day, huh?” he heard his best friend ask from the bed across from his.
“What day?” He tried to feign ignorance but knew what was coming.
“Your date with Carrie, it’s today isn’t it?”

If Harry had known it would be such a problem he would have told her he couldn’t go. But now it was too late. Harry had come back to the common room to find Ron going over some Quidditch scores from the night before. When Harry told him about Carrie asking him to Hogsmeade it wasn’t a pretty sight. Ron had jumped up and started rambling about how much he liked her and how every guy in Gryffindor wanted a date with her. He hadn’t stopped talking about it ever since.


“Yeah...I guess it is.” Harry answered while putting his glasses on and slowly sitting up in his bed.
“Hmmph,” was all Ron could muster as a response.
“Listen Ron, I can tell her I can’t go. That we have to study or something. I don’t even want to go, I only said yes because I didn’t know what else to say. You know I’m rubbish when it comes to girls.”


Ron sat up as well and dangled his feet over the side of his bed, hesitating before letting his feet meet the cold tile beneath. He sighed.

“No. She has all the same classes as us...she knows we have nothing to study for. She’ll know something is up,” he stretched and stood up. “But thanks.” He smiled slightly.


Harry got out of bed as well and the two started getting ready to go down for breakfast. Ron pulled a shirt over his head and started again.



“I mean ...I never actually said anything. I just figured it was common knowledge because every guy wants to be with her. I’m not even kidding either. I heard Seamus telling Lee about his plan to make the ceiling in the great hall rain flowers so he could ask her out. I hear even Draco is interested!” Ron explained.


Harry had already heard all of this so he just nodded and continued getting dressed. He pulled a sock onto his foot and his toe poked out of a hole. He needed to get new clothes.


“And she just walked right up to you,” Ron continued. “She purposely went out of her way to find you. And then she asked you to go to Hogsmeade with her. You’re lucky you know. Do you think maybe she’s a gold digger?”


Harry looked up at Ron exasperated.


“I don’t think so but if she is it doesn’t really matter. This is the first and last time we go on a date together,” Harry explained.


When Ron had finally gotten dressed they headed down to breakfast. Harry piled some eggs on to his plate but had no intention of eating them. He was afraid to ask Ron what his plans for the day case he went on another spiel about Carrie. He was spared the conversation by Hermione’s arrival. She busied Ron with naggings about their latest projects and readings that he hadn’t done.




After they had finished breakfast they sat and talked and read the weekend edition of the Daily Prophet. Sooner than he would have liked Carrie entered the dining hall. Harry had never noticed how many eyes followed her when she walked passed. How many gawking glares she got from boys and how many hateful stares she got from the girls. He then noticed the hateful stare he was getting from Ron.

“Hey guys.” Carrie said sitting down next to Harry. “Hi Ron.”
Ron smiled. “Hi.”


The table got awkwardly quiet until Carrie suggested that her and Harry get going. They said their goodbyes and left. Harry felt uncomfortable walking with her. He didn’t know what to say, they weren’t really friends and had never really spoken before. They exited the castle and headed towards the village.


“So you and Ron are close are you?” Carrie asked.
“Yeah. He’s my best friend.” Harry answered.
“He seems nice.”
“He is.”


There was another awkward silence.


“I don’t want to be rude,” Harry started. “But why did you ask me to come with you?”


“I....I’ve just been curious about you. That’s all. We have all the same classes and I felt like we might get on.” She answered.


“Oh. Fair enough.”


They walked in silence until they arrived at their destination and entered the three broomsticks. They ordered their butter beers and got a seat. They sat next to each other, looking out towards the rest of the crowd. They started chatting lightly again, making up stories for the couples and imaging the conversations happening at other tables.


“Those two over there!” Carrie pointed out two young first years sitting uncomfortably together. “What’s their story.”



Harry thought for a moment.

“It’s their first date. It’s not going very well. He probably spilled his butterbeer on her.” He answered.
“He probably isn’t funny either,” Carrie added. “A right bore he is!”


Harry laughed. He was starting to have fun but he still felt guilty about Ron and still wasn’t very interested in Carrie. He looked at her closely. She looked familiar. There was something in her face that reminded him of someone he knew but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.


 He looked around the room trying to spot another table to analyze when he saw a red haired girl with glasses reading alone at her table. Surely it couldn’t be. Could it be the mysterious Ravenclaw girl? It was hard to tell because he couldn’t see her face.


“Oh no.” Carrie groaned.
“Sorry what?” Harry asked snapping out of his daze.
“Malfoy is here.”


Harry’s eyes darted towards the door just in time to see the last of Draco’s cronies file in behind him. All the tables were packed and there was no room for him. Draco looked around and noticed the girl reading he approached her table.

“What do you think he’s going to do?” Harry asked Carrie. “Carrie?”


He looked at the seat next to him to see that she was up and walking towards Malfoy. Harry followed her.

“Who ARE you? I said I want this table and I want it now.!” Malfoy was threatening the girl.


When Harry got closer he saw that it was the girl. This was finally his chance.

“DRACO!!” Carried threw her arms around Malfoy’s neck and Harry stopped in his tracks.


Was she not just complaining about Malfoy’s presence? And was this how she acted on dates? He wasn’t very interested in the date but it was still rude to flirt with somebody else!


“Carrie. I didn’t realize you were here. Come to find me have you?” Draco sneered.
“Actually she’s here with me.” Harry answered for her.

Malfoy’s eyebrows rose.

“On a date with Potter? I thought you would have better taste.” Draco spat.


Carrie looked anxiously around the room.


“I can guarantee she does if she chose not come with you.” Harry threw back.


“Would you like to take this somewhere more private, Potter?” Draco started reaching for his wand.

Carrie grabbed Harry by the arm and started pulling him towards the door.

“Actually, we’re meeting friends. We have to go. Bye!” Carrie said in a hurried voice while trying to usher Harry to the door.


Harry looked back and saw that the Ravenclaw girl had gone. He didn’t even notice that she had gotten up.


He stepped out into the fresh air with Carrie. The sun was starting to set as they began their walk back to the castle.

“What was all that about?” Harry asked.
“What was what?”


“You seemed annoyed that Malfoy showed up and then you went and hugged him.”
“I...I just....”She stammered, looking for an answer.
“I mean. YOU are the one who asked me to come. “
“I know. I know. It was inappropriate. I’m sorry. I’m not really sure what came over me.”




Harry was quiet for a minute. He was upset. This wasn't how you were supposed to treat someone that YOU had asked out on a date and this is the second time that Carrie ruins his chances of talking to that girl. He was starting to see a pattern.


“Do you know the girl he was talking to?” He asked.

Carrie was silent for a moment.

“The girl at the table?” She asked. “Nope. I’ve never seen her before in my life.”


Harry wasn’t convinced but left the conversation at that. At least Ron would be pleased that the date had not gone well and that he wouldn't be accepting any more invitations from her anytime soon.

"Listen, Harry. I'm sorry," Carrie started. "I've made a huge mess of this. This whole afternoon has been awkward as arse and I've been the worst date."

Harry didn't say anything. It's not like he could dsagree with her. Carrie continued talking as they walked.

"I guess I'm just nervous. I wanted so badly to impress you and I've done the complete opposite. I'm don't deal well with nerves."

Harry still said nothing. He wanted to keep thinking that this horrible time was cause by her natural self but she made it hard to be mad. Something about the way she talked made her sound so sincere and Harry's grumpiness seemed to disappear.

"I completely understand if you don't want to but I would do anything if you would give me another chance." She looked up at him expectantly.

It was hard to stay mad even though she had nearly gotten him in a fight.


"Don't make me use my womanly charms on you Harry!" She threatened jokingly.


Harry thought about Ron. It wouldn't be fair to take her up on her offer. Ron would kill him. He had to tell her no.

"Sure. Okay." He said.

Carrie smiled.



They had reached the castle and Carrie waved while hurrying inside. Harry stood still. Why did he say yes? He had decided on no. Stupid brain. Stupid mouth. Stupid Carrie. He took a deep breath and started on his way to the common room to tell Ron the news.

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