Chapter Five - Purple Goo & Tablecloths

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A/N: Hi all! Sorry i am so stupid, i accidently validated the same chapter :P anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter... I don't really have much to say... I suppose you are all rather happy about that. Anyway, good luck with reading this chapter, because it has the most cliché Dramione plot ever invented in it... The Makeover (note the capitals).

'Malfoy!' Hermione growled. She couldn't believe it. The stupid ball that they had to plan was in less than three weeks, and Malfoy was asleep in one of their precious planning sessions. She whacked him over the head with a brochure that they had to fill out. He stirred but didn't wake up. Hermione smiled mischievously as she got an idea. She quickly transfigured the brochure into a Great Dane and pushed it over to where Draco was sitting. The dog started licking at his face. Startled, Malfoy's eyes flew open.

'ARRGHH!' he shouted, and promptly fell off his chair. He then noticed Hermione on the ground killing herself laughing.

'What the hell!?' shouted Malfoy, standing up and brushing his hair out of his eyes.

'Your... face...' spluttered Hermione, clutching at her sides, 'Priceless!'

'Shutup Granger.' snarled Malfoy and with a wave of his wand returned the dog to it's original state.

Hermione smiled, and straightened herself in her seat. Time to get down to business.

'Now, Draco,' Hermione started off bossily, then stopped as she realised what she'd said.

Malfoy looked at her in surprise. 'Did you just called me Draco?'

'Um... No...' muttered Hermione, blushing.

'You did, didn't you! Ha, going soft on me Granger?'

'Oh, get over yourself Dra-Malfoy.' Hermione hurriedly rushed on to cover up her mistake. 'Now, were you thinking of the peach and grey colour scheme, or the blue and chocolate?'

Hermione looked up when Malfoy didn't answer. He was, yet again, asleep. God damn him.


Hermione stares resolutely at her reflection in the mirror. Whatever spells she threw at her hair, it had stubbornly refused to lie flat on her head, or in no frizz curls down her back.

'Maybe it has some sort of force field around it...' said Ginny idly as she flipped through and old Teen Witch Weekly.

'Or maybe it's... just... Alive!' shrieked Parvati, causing Hermione to glare at them in the mirror. Surprisingly, Parvati had become quite good friends with Ginny and Hermione after Lavender had gone into her latest 'Won-Won' phase. Hermione liked her not only because she was honest, but as she also had a killer sense of style.

'You're not helping guys.' said Hermione crossly, folding her arms. 'My hair just hates me!' 

'Sorry Hermione,' Ginny said, smiling widely.

'At least this is only practice for the ball...' added Parvati helpfully, twirling her (as Hermione noticed) frizz free, jet black hair around one finger.

'I guess...' Hermione sighed. 'I just want to look good for once!'

Her friends hurriedly reassured her that they would surely find something, and that she was really quite pretty, and remember the boys drooling over her at the Yule Ball?

'What about that Sleakeasy's stuff you used in fourth year?' said Ginny excitedly. 'Your hair looked fab then!'

'I would use that...' said Hermione, 'But Sleakeasy's was shut down during the war and I guess they never really started up again.'

'Hmm...' said Parvati, her forehead creased in thought. 'Well, I think we should just wait until the Hogsmeade trip this weekend, and then we can choose awesome dresses too!'

'Also, I'm pretty sure they opened a new spa place there, where Fortescue's was.' said Ginny.

'Pedicures people!' squealed Parvati excitedly.

Despite herself, Hermione felt a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. Parvarti was such a girl. Now she just needed to finish planning the ball, tame her mane of hair and find a killer dress. Easy peasy.


As Hermione signed off the last order form with a triumphant flick of her quill, she watched Malfoy sleeping across from her. He really was quite cute when he slept, she thought to herself. Oh, ew, stop thinking mushy thoughts! the more sensible side of her brain replied. To stop her internal argument before it landed her a spot in Mungo's, she kicked Malfoy under the table to wake him up. This was there usual routine in these planning sessions. Hermione would do everything that needed doing while Malfoy slept, then wake him up in a fashion she saw fit. Hermione usually wasn't the type of girl to let anyone not do their fair share of work, but she just thought it easier if Malfoy stated asleep. Also, she was a bit of a control freak and didn't want anyone messing with her colour schemes. As he jerked awake she pointed for where she wanted him to sign. After this, she could post this off to Dumbledore and focus on her hair. Unless...

'Granger,' said Malfoy, quill halfway to the paper. 'I don't agree with this.'

'What?' said Hermione, not listening and forgetting to add Ferret on the end of her question.

'This. I don't agree with it. I am not having purple and pink striped curtains at the ball. End of story.'

'You decide to have an opinion now?' said Hermione, rather crankily. 'I've been working on this for weeks and you decide to have an opinion now?'

Malfoy sighed. 'Only because this is an absolute monstrosity. Really, red and purple tablecloths? Are you colourblind Granger?'

Hermione narrowed her eyes. To all who knew her, this was a danger sign. Malfoy was happily oblivious, however.

'And I don't even want to mention the decorations. Don't you think rainbows and stars are only a teensy bit tacky? Honestly.'

'Well who made you chairman of design?' shouted Hermione angrily. 'I tried my best! Show me your ideas!'

Malfoy cocked an eyebrow at her. 'Look, Granger, I was thinking maybe a cream highlight here, and instead of that... garish... centerpiece you have, what about a phionex, like so...'

As Draco tailed off with his ideas, Hermione was both surprised and impressed that he had such an eye for design. You'd show most boys this and they'd just be like, 'Make everything... er... white.' But with Draco it was different. He had real excitement in his eyes as he sketched out his ideas, while changing the forms on the desk. Later on that night, they would both realise that this was their first actual civil conversation. One was rather scared by it, the other was shocked, to say the least. Predictably though, as soon as Draco had mailed the last of the plans  they resumed their constant bickering. But, believe it or not, the words Ferret or Mudblood never passed either of their lips for the remainder of the year.
The morning of the Hogsmeade trip dawned bright and cold. Predictably, Ginny's preferred way of waking her up was to somehow get into the head dormitories and jump on her squealing, 'Dress time!!'

As Hermione put on comfy clothes for the big day ahead, Ginny bustled around getting everything else ready.

'Parvati is meeting us in the Entrance Hall at 10:00.' she said brusquely, checking her watch.

Hermione nodded and in no time at all they had met up with Parvati and were making their way down into the small village. Ginny cleared her throat. This can't be good, Hermione thought.

'Our plan of action for today,' she announced, 'is to first get the full treatment at that new spa place, look at all available dress shops, look at all available jewellery shops, and finally look in all available shoe shops.'

Hermione stared at her. 'I thought we were just going in, grabbing a dress and getting out?'

Parvati looked scandalised. 'Really Hermione, you'd think you'd never been shopping before.'

Laughing, the three girls opened the door to Seashell's Spa and entered to hear the soft chime of a bell. An assistant bustled up to them almost immediately.

'How can I help you ladies?' she said, eyeing them up.

'We're here for the full spa treatment,' replied Ginny coolly.

As soon as the assistant heard these words, she bustled off to get two more people to assist with the making over. Before Hermione could blink, they were whisked off to changing rooms, forced into robes and sat down in cushy chairs. Hermione's assistant bustled up and gave her the once over, her eyes starting at her feet then moving upwards until they paused at her hairline. The assistant's mouth fell open almost comically, and she seemed at loss for words as she took in Hermione's mass of hair.

'Hi,' said Hermione brightly, as the silence stretched.

The assistant still seemed a bit shellshocked at the sight of Hermione's massive mane of hair, and she reached out to touch it with the caution you might show if you were poking a sleeping dragon.

'It's just so... big....' the assistant mumbled. Hermione tried to ignore Ginny and Parvati's barely contained giggles. The assistant seemed to recover from her shock, and went into Extreme-Warrior-Hair-Fighter mode, unceremoniously dumping a bottle of purple gloop on Hermione's head. Hermione spluttered in indignation but the assistant was already pushing her head down to rinse out the unidentified purple substance. This was followed by a whole collection of products that Hermione hoped she would never see, hear or smell ever again. The head assistant obviously decided that one assistant enough to beautify Hermione, so sent two more over to do her face and nails. After this whole process was completed, Hermione was immensely annoyed. But, as she looked in the mirror, this annoyance melted away. She was ok looking, she knew, but the one thing that had really made her ugly was her hair. And now, staring at her reflection, she could hardly believe it was her. Her hair lay in a shower of ringlets down her back, pinned expertly. And, get this, it was actually shining. Yes, that beautiful lustre that Hermione had always dreamed of was here, right on her head. Also, it was a frizz free zone. Smiling widely, she turned to the assistant, who was looking rather smug.

'Thankyou,' she said simply, and went back to looking at the stunning hair in the mirror.


A/N: Ooh, the plot thickens! I'm writing this at two o'clock in the morning, so sorry if I sound a bit insane. Anyway, carry on with your day to day lives and I hope your need for all things girly has been satiated!

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