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Disclaimer: Everything you recognise is from JKR.

A/N: I started this story many years ago and as I started to write, the concept grew ever grander. I had a three chapters up initially, but have recently added a prologue. This story is finished, and is 41 chapters in length. I will be updating fairly regularily (every 1 to 2 weeks), because after 4yrs of writing, its about time this story got some reading. I hope you enjoy.


I stood at the crossroads of the world and destiny had chosen me to decide its fate.


I was never just an ordinary witch, but shaped by societies rules and conventions, I believed that that was all I was. I accepted what I'd been told, never questioned common knowledge or delved deeper to understand the fundamentals that made me what I was. Lies, concealment, deception. It had permeated through time to render the past so long forgotten that it was not even part of myth or legend. The origins of magic occurred so long ago that none now lived who remembered it.


Or so we thought.


They waited, alone for centuries, but still they waited, waited for the one whose destiny was interwoven into the fabric of the world. And when the time came, two opposing forces stepped forth into the world of man once more. Their end goals were very different but their means of achieving it were the same. They had to find the one who was not wizard, nor witch, nor muggle, but a Guardian of all Earth.


For magic was not what it seemed.


It was like a river, in constant motion and ever changing. To be in the river was to see the energy that made up the world around you, and to be able to see it not just as the energy was in that moment, but to also read the tale of its life and know where it had come from. Connecting with the energies of the world meant that anything was possible. The Guardians, millenniums ago, oversaw the land and sea, their hearts and souls connecting to everything around them.


For thousands of years, man lived in harmony with the Guardians. But unlike the Guardians, they had no ability to connect with the world around them and were too blind to look beyond the physical laws that they had imposed upon themselves.


But then the world changed. The earth shook violently and fire fountains erupted from chasms that split the landscape apart. The skies turned red and poisonous fumes spread around the globe. Rivers of molten rock carved the earth and painted a picture of calamity. Mountains rose where none were before, seas dried up and new oceans formed. And the earth continued to shake.


The time of the Guardians had come to an end.


When the skies once again turned blue, there were seven Guardians left and before they too left to the next life, they tried to teach man how to connect with the Earths energy. But mans connection to the world was weak and they were too greedy. Of the few who could feel the rivers pull, many easily lost themselves within it, their minds trapped and pulled apart. They couldn't break free and bring themselves back into their physical bodies. Not wanting to lose themselves to the same fate yet not wanting to give up their magic, others devised a way to limit their connection to that of one plant and one animal, bound within a wand. But in so doing, they forgot about the deep connection they could share with the world, narrowing their full potential and vision.


Wizards flaunted their magic, creating a world full of power struggles and fear between those with magic and those without. The remaining Guardians, in an effort to bring back the peace and tranquility that once existed, bound wizards to their wands with an Enchantment and shielded non-magical people from the unease that magic caused. A wizards ability to connect with the world was broken and without their wand, magic was beyond a wizards grasp.


For thousands of years, the Enchantment continued to bind wizards to their wands. The possibilities of what could have been were lost and the existence of the Guardians was forgotten.


But it could not remain forgotten forever. In the deepest archives of the Ministry of Magic, the truth, hidden for centuries by the Ministry itself was uncovered, setting in motion a chain of events to overthrow the Ministry and bring and end to the Enchantment forever.


And I lay at the epicentre, I, the Minister of Magic's Daughter.

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