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 Author's Note - Hey guys!! Sorry it took so long! Validation was taking forever. Here's chapter three, i had to rewrite it once of twice, it just wasn't coming out like i wanted it to. I hope you guys like it!


Ahhh I love enchantress @TDA

Everything was dark. Hermione looked around at her surroundings. She knew the place looked familiar but she couldn’t remember exactly why. She heard Draco calling her name from far away. She knew she had to find him, knew she had to figure out where he was. Slowly, she moved around the room. Just then the moon came out of the clouds and an eerie light shown through the room. A crazy cackling came from the corner just then and Bellatrix Lestrange came forward with a crazed look in her eyes. She didn’t even hear the spell cast before she felt excruciating pain throughout her body. She couldn’t help but scream, scream until her throat was hoarse. Maybe then, she hoped, the pain would stop. When she finally could not take the pain any longer, it let up. She realized she was on the floor, writhing in agony. She turned her head towards her torturer, tears streaming down her face. Bellatrix raised her wand and Hermione knew what was coming, with no way to stop it. The blinding flash of green light overtook her.

            Hermione woke with a start. She was drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. It was just a dream, she thought with a relief. She had been having the same nightmare once a week since the war was over. The only difference between each nightmare was the person that was calling her name. Why had it been Malfoy calling my name, she thought. It disturbed her to think that he was in her dream. Usually it was someone she cared for, like Harry or Ron. She tried to shake the uneasy feeling and begin her day on a good note. She quickly put up her hair and walked down to the common room. Hopefully she’ll be able to relax a little before classes start. The thought of her classes significantly cheered her up and occupied her thoughts as she made her way to the shelves of books.

            She found Malfoy sitting in an armchair immersed in a thick book. The orange light from the sunrise coming though the window played off his platinum blonde hair. He looks like a completely different person right now, she thought as she continued to examine him. Just then he looked up and caught her staring at him.

            “You alright there Granger?”

“Of course I am Malfoy. I was just wondering what book you were reading. That’s all.” She said in a matter-of-fact voice, hoping it would be enough to play off her gazing at him.

“Nothing too fancy. Just Quidditch Through the Ages. Are you alright? I heard you whimpering in your sleep. I was going to come see if you were alright but I didn’t think you’d react positively waking up to me standing over you.”

“Oh. You’re right. Its better you didn’t, and thank you for the concern but I’m fine. It was just a nightmare. Why are you so full of concern anyway Malfoy? Shouldn’t you be making some snide comment of me being afraid of my pillow or something?”

“Well I could Granger if I really felt the need for it, but you’re lucky. I’ve taken to heart what McGonagall said to us last night and decided to become more civil with you. If you’d rather me not though I’ll gladly continue insulting you every chance I get.” He stated while closing his book. I knew Malfoy would never change. What did McGonagall think? Just because she said we should be civil does not mean that someone like Malfoy will change, Hermione wondered. An ‘oh’ was all she managed to say in reply to him and this seemed to amuse him.

“Do Potter and Weasley know you’re having nightmares about the war?”

“Firstly, how did you know what my nightmare was about? Secondly, it is none of your business what I choose to tell Ronald and Harry, Malfoy.” Hermione said, getting annoyed. Draco put out his hands as if to say stop.

“Relax, relax. I was just wondering.” Hermione turned on her heel and walked back to her room. She figured it was time to start getting ready for her first day back at Hogwarts, anyways. She changed into her uniform and sighed happily as she checked her hair. She had found a simple spell that would help her control her bushy hair and had grown quite fond of it. Her hair now always fell in perfect soft curls. She left her hair up and applied some mascara before heading back to the common room.

She saw Harry talking to Malfoy; he actually looked like he was interested in what Malfoy had to say. What is happening to everyone this morning? Just then Harry saw Hermione and walked over.

“Hermione! Good Morning! How are you?” he said with a huge smile on his face.

“Oh hello Harry! I’m pretty good. What were you and Malfoy discussing?”

“Oh nothing really. I had just asked him if he knew who the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw Quidditch captains were. McGonagall must have told them separate from us since they weren’t there last night when she told us.”

“Oh…and who are they?”

“Cho Chang and Ernie McMillan.”

“That’s nice. Listen, Harry. Are you friends with Malfoy?”

“What gave you that idea? Just because I don’t spend every second hating him doesn’t mean we’re friends. He thanked me for saving his life last year. I won’t insult him when I see him but I’m not going to be best friends with the guy. Anyway I better go and wake Ron up. I’ll meet you in the Great Hall.” And with that he took off to Ron’s room. As Hermione began to walk out of the portrait hole, Malfoy got up to follow her.                                                                                                             *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

            “Wait up Granger. Let’s walk down together. Blaise likes to take his time in the morning and I don’t feel like waiting for him.” He couldn’t believe he, Draco Malfoy, was running after Hermione Granger.

“Ugh Malfoy, I don’t understand you. You have decided to be civil, just like that? I don’t trust it.”

“I’m starting to second guess it too Granger. I mean, am I or am I not a Malfoy? Should I be walking down to breakfast with you? But, as I said, I’d rather not wait for Blaise. May I ask you a question?”

“After that whole thing you’re seriously going to ask me a question Malfoy?”        “Yes Granger. I do believe I said that. What about the war was your nightmare about?”

“The night at Malfoy Manor.” Hermione said surprising herself. Draco froze up. He had not expected that, though now he thought about it, it was pretty obvious. He remembered that night clearly, remembered every detail. It was the first night he had really started to notice Hermione as a person. What happened to her that night haunted his dreams as well, though he’d never admit it. He had desperately wanted Voldemort out of the manor, had wanted Harry to triumph. Of course he had recognized him as soon as the snatchers had brought him there, though he swore to everyone he wasn’t sure. He had watched as his aunt tortured Hermione. Her screams had pierced him and he had wanted more than anything to comfort her and stop her from hurting.

            “…Malfoy?” Hermione’s voice broke his train of thought.

            “I’m sorry Hermione. I was lost in thought. What was that?” She didn’t answer him though, just stared at him with a strange expression. “What?” he asked quizzically.           “You didn’t call me Granger…you used my name. You’ve never done that before.”

            “Did I? I think you’re mistaken. You must be hearing things Granger. Why on earth would I use your dirty name?”

            “My dirty name?! You foul, disgusting cockroach! You should have stayed and waited for Blaise. Just being in your presence disgusts me Malfoy. You’ve completely spoiled my appetite!” Hermione spat at him.

            “I disgust you? My trying to be civil and walk with you has resulted in me feeling filthy. I think I need to skip on breakfast and wash all this filth off.” They had reached the Great Hall and Draco walked over and took a seat at the Slytherin table. I can’t believe I called her Hermione. Draco how could you be so stupid? Why not just tell her you think about that night also? Yes, that would go over well. Hello Granger, I might think of you as more than just the dirt on my shoes. She would probably just slap me in the face. Ugh! I can’t stand that stupid know-it-all. Just then his thoughts were interrupted as Blaise came and took a seat next to him.

            “So I heard you and Hermione walked down together. Harry told me. I am glad you agreed to be civil Draco, but that doesn’t mean you have to start wooing Hermione.”

            “I’m not wooing anyone Blaise. If you must know, the walk ended with the usually bickering. I’m glad too. For a second I thought she actually might want to be friends with me!”


            Hermione’s thoughts were still on Malfoy when Ron and Harry sat down next to her. She glanced at Ron and immediately knew something was wrong but when she asked him he shrugged her off and before she could push the subject, McGonagall was handing out schedules. Hermione reviewed hers immediately. First off was Herbology with the Hufflepuffs. Transfiguration with Slytherin. Charms and Defense against the Dark Arts with just the Gryffindors, and then double Potions with Slytherin. She sighed. Today is going to be a long day.

            Hermione hurried off to Potions class. She knew she had more than enough time to get there but she wanted to claim a seat in the front. She wanted to be fully prepared to pass Potions this year with an ‘O’. While successfully grabbing a seat up front, she thought back to her day. Herbology and Charms were by far the easiest. They mostly reviewed in Transfiguration seeing as McGonagall was waiting for the new Professor to arrive. Defense against the Dark Arts, she could tell, was going to be more challenging.  They were already assigned a 5 foot essay on Inferi. The essay would be a piece of cake, she was just nervous of the topics they would be reviewing. The new instructor was Professor Mardinald. He was nice enough, she guessed, although he was more of a cynical being. She was jolted out of her thoughts when Harry and Ron sat on each side of her. Judging by their expressions, they had just had a row. Oh great. I’ll be dealing with this all night. Maybe if I ignore it it’ll sort itself out, but then again this is Harry and Ron we’re talking about. It’ll probably take those two months to see the others point.           Professor Slughorn walked to the front of the class and began instructing them that they would be brewing a potion of their choice and they would be graded on its difficulty and if they had properly brewed it. Hermione chose the Draught of Living Death because the last time she had made it, Harry had bested her. Now, without the help of that wretched book, she would once again be the best in the class. Smiling, she quickly busied herself with the potion.


            Draco didn’t really know what potion he could brew. He chose one at random out of his copy of Advanced Potion-Making. He quickly looked over the list of ingredients and made his way to the ingredients cupboard. On his way up he noticed Hermione. She looked so determined, her soft curls falling out of her ponytail. He chuckled at the sight of her and continued back to his cauldron.

            It was almost the end of class and Hermione wasn’t impressed with her potion. It still refused to turn the exact color described in the book. Slughorn was making his way around the students and before she had time to try to finish her potion he was already looking into her cauldron. He made a mark in his grade book and moved on to the next student. Hermione cleaned up her cauldron and put everything away. Class was dismissed and she turned around to find Ron and Harry hurrying away from the dungeons.

            Hermione couldn’t wait for dinner. She had skipped lunch to start her DADA essay and was famished. I should probably see what Ron and Harry’s problem is. They both practically ran from the dungeons. She hurried over to the Gryffindor table and sat across from the two of them. They both looked a little tense but were at least talking. She filled her plate with food and then decided to confront them.

            “Why were you two so upset earlier?”

            “Ron got upset when he realized I didn’t hate Malfoys’ guts.”

            “There’s no excuse to be best friends with him!” shouted Ron.

            “If you weren’t so daft Ronald, you’d realize that Harry isn’t best friends with Malfoy. He’s best friends with you! It’s been that way since you both sat in the same cart that first day on the Hogwarts Express.”

            “I’m daft Hermione? Do you ever go a day without shoving your knowledge into everyone else’s face? Oh look at me I’m Hermione. I’m super smart and Ron isn’t.”

            “So that’s what you think of me then? Fine! Don’t expect me to let you copy my homework and use my notes this year!” Hermione yelled as she stormed away from the Great Hall; tears streaming down her face. How could Ronald be such an arse! I don’t try to shove my knowledge down everyone’s throats! Sure I answer a lot of questions but that’s only to prove myself to the Professors.

            She wiped her tears as she approached the portrait to the Heads Room and choked out the password. She hurried over to the bookshelves and picked up a book at random; quickly sitting down to read it.


            Draco looked up to see Hermione rushing away, tears on her face, from the Great Hall. He looked to the Gryffindor table to see what had put her in that state. He saw Harry glare at Ron and say something, which seemed to make Ron regret whatever had just happened. Draco deliberated it for half a second and then chose to run after Hermione.

            When he reached the common room he saw her curled up in an arm chair reading. He made his way over to her, thinking of what he could possibly say to her. Turning a chair from the table around to face her, he sat down next to her.

            “You alright Granger? I saw you running up here so I came to see what had happened.” She looked up at him, her eyes puffy and red.

“It’s none of your business why I’m upset Malfoy. Like you actually care what bothers me; you probably only want to know what happened so you can congratulate them.” Hermione spat.

            “Granger I’m getting tired of your snotty attitude! Here I am, going out of my way to see what was wrong with you and all I get in return is attitude!”

            “Malfoy, you can’t really expect me to believe you skipped dinner to see why I was crying.”        

            “Obviously I can’t Granger if you don’t, can I?”

            “Ron and I are fighting.”

            “What? Is that why you’re sad, because you and the Weasel are fighting? That’s pathetic. You know you two will be back together in no time.”

            “His name is Ronald; and that’s exactly why I’m sad. I’m allowed to be sad if he and I are arguing.”

            “Well, like I said Granger. You two will be back together in no time.”

            “You don’t know that Malfoy. This time is different.”        

            “Sure it is. This time the argument was started over something that actually mattered and you two might actually break up. That’s what every girl thinks when her and her boyfriend are arguing Granger, hate to burst your bubble.”

            “Malfoy! You insensitive slug! That’s why I’m so upset! I don’t know if our relationship will last this time. I think this is one argument to many.” Hermione ended in almost a whisper.

            Just then Harry and Blaise walked through the portrait hole. Draco saw Hermione glance up hopefully for Ron, looking disappointed when he wasn’t with them. Blaise walked over to Draco with raised eyebrows. Draco just shrugged.


Author's Note - SO! What did you guys think about it!? You gotta REVIEW and let me know ;)

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