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   I entered my dorm to a room full of glaring marauders. Right when I walked in they stopped talking just to glare at me. I slowly made my way to my bed and grabbed a book I was reading Advanced Defense Spells. I opened it but still couldn’t concentrate due to the fact that 4 pairs of eyes were still on me.


After a couple minutes of glaring they all left the room. I sighed, knowing I couldn’t concentrate on my book. As good as the first week of school had been, well that’s how bad the last two days have been. I felt super awkward around Amy and Lily after knowing what they said about me- I mean seriously, I’m a girl. I could barely talk to them with out telling them I over heard their conversation. Also James magically appeared every time I was with in a 10 foot radius of Lily. Then he proceeded to glare at me until I backed away. Also he seemed to be in a terrible mood too. James was put in detention for cursing a Slytherin’s head to grow twice its size.  Lily seemed really angry about this. She was twice as mean to James which only intensified his bad mood.


All the happiness I felt from the first week of school went away. My nightmares have gotten worse. After my parents die You Know Who turns in Lily. She discovers I am a girl and starts screaming at me that I betrayed her. Then the rest of the school comes and starts chasing me. I appear in the forbidden forest where a monster tries to eat me. Sirius Black saves me only to hand me to James Potter who wants to talk revenge on me for betraying Lily. Then James’ brown eyes turn into You Know Who’s red ones, and I wake up screaming.

I put a charm around my bed, so no one can hear my screams. It’s called muffilto. It’s very handy. I heard some Slytherin use it, and copied them. No one knows that I have been having nightmares, and I need to keep it that way.


I picked up my book again knowing that I had to finish one more chapter for DADA.

            The Blasting Curse-Confringo: to smash, to crush, to ruin, undo. This spell is an extremely useful curse that causes items to explode. One of the most noted time this curse has been used is in 1420 during the All-England Dueling Competition.


Hey” Frank said, walking into the dorm.

“Hey” I said, a little annoyed that he walked in on my reading. I had finally been able to concentrate.  I stared at my book again but knew it was futile to continue reading. I sighed and put it to the side.

“Ok, really what’s wrong?” Frank asked.

I stared at him, a little shocked that he bothered to ask.

Noticing my expression he explained. “Normally I wouldn’t butt into you’re business but you’ve been super mopey. So if you need any help…” He looked down at my book and said “Have you finished the homework yet?”


I realized the impact of his words. Frank was inviting me to tell him anything, but he wasn’t forcing me to. He was basically telling me I was his friend, so I can tell him my worries.  So I told him about the conversation I overheard and how all the Marauders are avoiding me. I never had someone who I could tell something like this to, so I was very grateful to Frank. I’m really happy that I even have someone who cares enough to ask.


            “Well you shouldn’t worry about James too much.” Frank said.

            “But he hates me.” I said, emphasizing the hate.

            “No, James doesn’t.” Frank said. Seeing the look on my face he added

“Well maybe right now, but in a couple days he’ll be fine. James always goes through phases when he hears Lily likes someone, or she gets a boyfriend. He tends to be really sulky for a couple of days and then he will be back to normal. In a couple of days he won’t hate you anymore.”

            “Merlin that guy is moodier than any girl I have known.” I said, “except for possibly Lily.”

            Frank laughed, “Nahh, I think Sirius is moodier.”  That’s weird, he doesn’t seem moody.

            “Is moodier a word?” I asked.

            “I don’t know, you said it first.” Frank said.  I laughed, then sighed.

            “I still don’t know what I’m going to do about Lily. She’s my friend but I don’t like her.” I said.

            “Haven’t dealt with girls before?” Frank asked.

            “Not really.”  I said. I haven’t really dealt with people my own age, girls and guys included.

            “Didn’t you have a girlfriend?” Frank asked.

            “Yeah, well… we both liked each other.” I said very proud of my lie, “It was easy to get into a relationship with her. Anyways aren’t you the one with the girlfriend? Shouldn’t you be giving me advice?” I retorted.

            “Well, Alice and Lily are two totally different people. So it’s hard to give you advice. Especially since the fact is I like Alice. You, on the other hand, don’t think of Lily as anything but a friend, so therefore what’s the point in getting my advice.”

            “Hey, you offered!” I said.

            “Ok, fine. I’ll give you advice.” Frank said, “But remember it might be bad advice.”

            “That makes me feel so much better.” I said sarcastically.

            “Do you want advice or not?” Frank asked.

            “Ok, fine!”

            “Well, first off, stop avoiding her. Lily would probably feel really terrible in the guy she likes is avoiding her for no reason.” Frank said.

            Frank was right. She would feel terrible. Wow, I am so dense. As a girl I should be able to know how it feels to be a girl with a crush. Of course it would hurt Lily that I am avoiding her.

            “I should probably stop avoiding Amy than too.” I said.

            “Why were you avoiding Amy?” Frank asked curious.

            “Didn’t I tell you? Amy was the one who got Lily to admit that she liked me.” 

            “I didn’t know they were friends.” Frank mused.

            “Well all the Gryffindor girls got together and had some sort of gossip circle.” I said.

            “Really?” Frank said, “A gossip circle?”

             “Yeah, they basically talked about who they liked, weird rumors they heard, things like that.”

            “All the girls have a gossip circle? No wonder news gets spread around so fast. I can’t believe that.” Frank said in wonder.

            I don’t really get what the big deal is. We had something of a gossip chain back in Beauxbatons but I was never really part of it. Except I did get talked about a lot, but I was never invited to talk with everyone.

            “So…” I asked

            “Well the girls all have some sort of secrete alliance with each other. I can’t believe they all talk to each other. I thought the lot of them hated each other.”

            “It’s not that weird. If you stick a bunch of teenage girls together they have to form an alliance or they’ll end up killing each other.” I said knowing from first hand experience how important being friends with the girls in your dorm is.

            “It’s just really odd. Do they talk about anything, even though they’re not really friends?”

            “Yeah, I suppose it’s the only way to keep the harmony.” I said, wondering why Frank was so amazed by this.

            “So you perfectly accept the fact that the girls have some secret alliance where they talk about merlin know’s who, but you freak when one of them like you? You’re an odd person.” Frank said.

            “Yeah, well I’m not the only odd person in this room.” I said back.

            “Whatever.” Frank said, “So did you finish the DADA homework?”

            “No I haven’t finished reading yet, and then we need to fill out those answers…”



I walked down to the common room, to find Lily.

            “Hey,” she said.

            “Hi” I said back trying to keep my cool. I’ve decided that I’ll act like I heard nothing. It was still really awkward to talk to her because I know she likes me, and I’m a girl, but I suppose I should get used to it.

            “Where have you been all weekend? I haven’t seen you at all.”  She asked trying to sound nonchalant.

            “Just exploring around, and doing homework.” I said, “Want to head down to dinner.” I said noticing the time.

            “Yeah, sure.” She said smiling. I noticed James staring at Lily. He’s got it bad. Poor guy.


So I walked down to dinner where I sat with the rest of my friends. Lily joined us today, so Amy kept smirking at her. Lily kept blushing and looking down at her food. I blatantly ignored this, deciding I’ll act super dense. Frank was trying not to laugh, and Jared had no idea what was going on. Alice, on the other hand, seemed to pick up what was happening. She kept looking at Lily, Amy, and me with a concentrated look on her face. After a while she seemed to figure out that Lily liked me.


I’m glad Frank gave me advice or else I might have ignored Lily and Amy for a lot longer. I know pretending to be dense and not notice Lily’s affection toward me is mean but it is better than ignoring her, or anyone finding out I’m a girl.


            I walked up to the dorm with Frank, which was filled with our other dorm mates. James came up to me and asked, very bluntly I might add,


“Do you like Lily?”

            Shocked by the question I replied with a hasty “No” then followed by saying, “I mean I like her as a friend but that’s all.”

            James looked really relived. Maybe my problem with him is over. “But you know she likes you. What if she asks you out?” James asked accusingly. “Are you going to reject her?”

            “I don’t know.” I said. Merlin, James is insecure.

            “Well if you hurt her I won’t forgive you.” He said, “Or if you go out with her.” He added.

            “I wouldn’t do that to you.” I replied, before realizing what I said. James stared shocked for a second. I added, “Well, I mean you like her, so I would feel really bad if I dated her. And I don’t even like her like that and…”

            I was horrified at what I said. Do guys say things like that to each other? James and I aren’t even good friends. (Though I know him better than I know the other Marauders.) Will he think I’m a freak now?

            James slapped me on the back and said “Thanks man.”  

            I smiled while masking the pain searing through my back. It hurt so much. James is very strong, or I’m just weak. It’s probably the latter. I don’t do much physical exercise.

            James’ face fell a little as he said, “If only I could find a way to make Lily like me.”

           “Why don’t you try being friends with her?” I said, knowing Lily hated how James asked her out all the time.

            “Friends.” James said like he had never heard the word before.

            “Yeah, try being friends.” I said.  “Well I’m off to bed, so night.”

            “Night.”  James said still in daze about the being friends thing.


I walked over to my bed, a little confused on what just happened. I pulled the curtain around me, and decided I should get some sleep.


The next day I woke up early-from a nightmare as usual and got ready before anyone else. My normal daily routine seemed to be reestablished, because Sirius and I walked to breakfast together. Before we went into the Great Hall Sirius pulled me aside and said, “Thanks.”

“What for?” I asked confused.

“For saying those things to James last night. I mean I know we’ve all been acting like jerks the last couple of days so it was…” Sirius seemed to struggle for words “nice of you to help James.”

“That was nothing.” I said sensing Sirius didn’t really thank people often. He didn’t really know what to say.

“Yeah well it was still nice. Also beware because James is going to enlist you in operation ‘Make Lily Evans fall in love with James Potter.’”  Sirius said smirking.


“Yeah, operation MLEFILWJP for short.” He replied.  Leave it to James to think of a plan to get Lily to fall in love with him.

“You guys couldn’t think of a more original name?” I asked, “I mean, seriously MLEFJPL.”

“It’s MLEFILWJP!” Sirius said.

“Same difference.” I said brushing it off.

“So what’s a better name?” Sirius asked.

“How about… operation shampoo.” I said.

“Shampoo?” Sirius asked incredulously.

“It was the first word that popped in my head.” I said. “Probably because I need to shampoo.”

“Fine, we’ll call it operation shampoo.” Sirius said.

“It’s a good name. No one will notice anything if you talk about shampoo, but if you say MLELP all the time people will wonder what you’re talking about.”

“It’s MLEFILWJP!” Sirius said smiling. “But I guess you’re right.”

I smiled too, Sirius looked slightly put off. Is operation shampoo such a weird name? I thought it was good. I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

My stomach growled, which seemed to alert us both to go into the Great Hall. I took my normal seat by Amy.

“Hi” I said. I started piling food onto my plate.

“Hey, I have a note for you.” She said handing me a piece of parchment.

“Thanks.” I said opening it.


Dear Mr. Reed,

            I would like to meet with you in my office tonight at 7-o-clock. If you can not make it at this time, please let Professor McGonagall know.

                                    Professor Albus Dumbledore

p.s. I enjoy mars bars.


            “Why would Dumbledore want to meet with you?” Amy asked, reading the note over my shoulder.

“Probably something to do with my transfer.” I said, “I don’t really know.”  I truly didn’t know why Professor Dumbledore wanted to speak with me but I guess it’s going to be about how well I fit here. He probably wants to know if anything has gone wrong.


The rest of my day passed normally. In transfiguration we learned to take a pinecone and turn it into a squirrel. In DADA we just took some notes. In Arithmancy we learned the formula to calculate the energy required for a spell.


I finished dinner early to head down to see Professor Dumbledore. I went to the stone gargoyles and said “Mars Bars.” The gargoyles leapt aside to reveal the entrance to Professor Dumbledore’s office.  I knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Professor Dumbledore said.

“Good evening, Professor.” I said sitting it a comfy orange arm chair, that stood out from the rest of the office.

“Good evening Naomi, or should I say Nathaniel?”

I smiled a little, “Which ever one you prefer Professor.”

“Well then Naomi, how is Hogwarts treating you?” Professor Dumbledore asked.

“It’s been fun. I really like the school, and the classes are interesting. Though I wish we did more practical in DADA.” I said.

“I think you will soon enough. I see you’ve made friends.” Professor Dumbledore said.

“Yes sir.” I replied. Was I not supposed to get close to people?

“Excellent. I was afraid that due to your disguise you would be hesitant to reach out to others. But I see that I was mistaken.” He said, his blue eyes sparkling.

“I really do like the people here.” I said honestly. “It is a lot different than Beauxbatons.”  

“Yes, I except so.”  Professor Dumbledore said. Then he waited, for me to say something. I asked the question I was dying to know the answer to.

“Does you know who know?” I asked afraid of the answer.

“I am glad to say that he does not.” Professor Dumbledore said smiling. “Our false trail worked. He seems to think you’re in America. His spies at Hogwarts haven’t any news to tell him except a male transfer student came here. Voldemort-” I flinched slightly, “would have not taken into consideration that you are the male transfer student.”

I smiled, relieved. “That’s good.”

“Yes, but I do not know how long Voldemort-” I flinched again, “will stay in the dark. He will eventually find out that you are here. But for the moment you are safe. And that’s what matters now.” Professor Dumbledore said.

            I nodded, a little less reassured.

            “Do not fret about Voldemort. Worry about your studies. I daresay you have a mountain load of homework you have to do.”

            “Yes sir.”

            “Well then, I wouldn’t want to keep you from it.” He said.

            “Good night sir.” I said getting up to leave.

            “Good night Naomi.” Professor Dumbledore said, “And remember my office is always open.”

            “Thank you sir.” I said smiling as I left the office.


            Professor Dumbledore was truly a great man. We had learned a little of him in Beauxbatons, but I do know that he found the 12 uses of dragons blood, and defeated the dark wizard Grindalwald. Many people think he will be the one to defeat you know who.  He’s also a very kind man. He has been doing everything he can to make sure I’m comfortable living here as a boy. I’m glad Professor Dumbledore is watching out for me.


As I walked to the common room I pondered how the fact that Lily likes me is a small nuisance compared to the fact that You Know Who is after me. I felt silly on how I had made such a big deal that Lily liked me, when I should be more worried that You Know Who might find me.  I was making a big deal out of something that shouldn’t matter too much. I suppose the reason was because I’ve never really had anyone who liked me back at Beauxbatons, so I had no idea how to deal with it. Now I know better, so I’ll know what to do.


When I got to the common room it was completely deserted. I suppose people are still eating. I went up to the dorm to take a shower. I did have to shampoo today.

It was weird that my hair was so short. Even though it’s been like this for over a week, it still feels odd. My hair always was so long, that cutting it short was hard. I do miss my long hair, but this is way easier to manage. I don’t need to comb it, but it still looks nice… for a guy.

Before I stepped into the shower I double checked that I locked the door. I always get paranoid that someone is going to barge in and since the shower has a glass door around it they would be able to tell I am a girl.

I keep telling myself it’s not going to happen, but I get really paranoid. The first time I showered in the bathroom, I kept my eyes glued to the door. Just in case someone does come barging through it I would have enough time to cover myself. Of course that resulted in getting shampoo in my eyes (It burned so badly). That forced me to close my eyes while showering.


I started putting shampoo in my hair when I heard the door handle turn. I opened my eyes slightly, and then realized I had shampoo all over my forehead and closed them again. It’s ok, no one can get in. The door is locked.


Wait, did I just hear the lock click!

No, it’s just my imagination. Stop being paranoid. No one is at the door. Don’t be paranoid. No one is there.


“Holy Merlin’s pants!!” a voice said.

I opened my eyes in panic, praying that the voice I heard was in my head. My eyes meet with Remus Lupin’s brown ones.

Crap! He can see me. He knows.


Holy Merlin’s pants!!!!

Epic Cliffhanger. 

I know, don't you hate me? i'm so evil!!! Now what will happen??? Yes, you'll have to wait until the next chapter. Remember, I'm evil! Though i am very glad i got this chapter out before the queue closed. My internet was down for a week-a whole WEEK!! I thought i was going to die! It was torture!!  Anyways, my internet was down for a week, and i was so afraid that the queue might close before i got my chapter in. I'm really glad it did.

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