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Just Another Week

By the end of the first school week, the library was starting to fill up more and more with fifth year and above students. A few of the younger years had also wandered in on occasion, but it seemed that they were more relaxed in their studies since they weren't at O.W.L. or N.E.W.T. level yet.

At one table, Lily sat with Danielle, Remus and James so that the four of them could finish a Transfiguration paper that was due on the upcoming Monday. Lily measured her paper and sighed when she realized she still needed two inches of material to fulfill the requirement. She looked up to see how the others were doing, and realized Remus and Danielle had switched papers for peer editing and James was slowly falling asleep with his head in his palm.

She couldn't help but lean over and peek at his paper and gasped when she saw that he hadn't written more than two paragraphs.

"James!" she whispered, "Wake up, Potter!"

James's face started to slowly slip off of his hand, but he merely lifted it back up to its resting position not hearing Lily's orders. She let out a small huff and ripped off a piece of parchment from her essay's rough draft so that she could throw it at him. She hit him between the eyes making his eyebrows twitch slightly, and almost let out a giggle thinking of the many things she could have done to him if he had fallen asleep, say on a break, at the Corner Market.

She imagined getting ice from the ice machine and convincing Paula to help her put it down his shift without him realizing it. She also could have found saran wrap and carefully wound it around his body and the chair so he would wake up stuck to it. Since she was in the library though, she made a game of out of throwing pieces of parchment at him to see his various reactions.

Remus let out a small laugh when he realized what she was doing, but Danielle gave her a reproachful look that reminded Lily of Madam Pince. She ignored Danielle though continuing until one of her bigger pieces hit James on his lips and he awoke sputtering and waving his hands in front of his face.

Lily tried to look casual paying attention to her paper again, but when James muttered "What the?" at seeing the many scrunched up balls of parchment around him she had to clamp her hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter.

"Did you get bored, love?" James asked.

She was able to contain her laughter into a smile and tried to shrug casually while twirling her quill in her hand. James picked up one of the balls and with Chaser expertise hit her in the head. She looked up and smiled, but then looked back down. James, however, collected the rest of the small pieces and slowly threw them back at her.

Lily looked up again this time raising an eyebrow, making James say, "Oh, don't mind me. I'm just bored." She couldn't help but let her smile start growing again and picked up the few pieces that were now on her side. "I'd use those wisely if I were you," he warned her.

She didn't heed it though and instead threw them back at him all at once. James sighed, shaking one out of his hair, "I tried to help you, but now you asked for war!"

He threw the whole pile at her, and immediately pieces were flying back and forth. Lily had even taken to using her wand to help hit him in his face.

"You're acting like third years for Merlin's sake," Danielle muttered.

When they stopped only a few seconds later, Lily was on another dangerous verge of laughing loudly. When she opened her mouth only air came out making James let out a real laugh.

"What in the world is going on here?" a stricken voice demanded. Lily's face straightened seeing the disappointment in Madam Pince's face as she looked at the remains of their battle. "Who made this mess?" She didn't give them any time to answer though before saying, "Get out! Leave my library! I expect more from seventh year students, but you lot are as bad as the rest of them!"

Lily stood guiltily stood from her seat, though James didn't care, and they started to walk out when they heard the librarian start shouting at their friends too.

"You two leave, too!" she ordered.

"But we didn't make a mess!" Danielle complained.

"You were in association! Get on now, leave!"

Lily and James snickered watching Remus pack up his things wordlessly, and then Danielle who grumpily shoved her parchment into her bag.

"Great going," she muttered when she passed them.

Lily didn't dare speak until they were well outside of the library's doors. "It wasn't that bad, Danny," she light heartedly laughed.

"I wasn't done with my paper, thank you very much! Now I have to sit in the common room where everyone is noisy and intrusive," she complained.

"You only had some grammar mistakes to correct. It won't be that bad," Remus tried to reassure her.

"Yeah, relax Danny," James used Lily's nickname, "The paper isn't that bad anyway."

Lily snorted at this remembering the amount James had written. "If that's so true, why isn't your paper finished?"

"I already have it written out in my head! It'll take me fifteen minutes, tops, on Sunday night."

"Says the Marauder who wants to put in effort this year," Remus snickered.

"Fine, I'll do it Saturday night and edit it Sunday night," James said defiantly.

"You actually want to try this year, James?" Danielle laughed.

A small blush came to James's cheeks, but he wasn't ashamed of his new motives. "That's right. Nothing too overachieving, but enough to step it up."

"I think the teachers will find that very impressive," Lily squeezed his hand, "But you do need to spend more than fifteen minutes on your paper."

James gave her a wink and they continued their walk to the Gryffindor Tower. The sun was slowly going down behind the mountains outside the castle with a small breeze rustling through the Forbidden Forest's trees. James knew it had only been a week with classes, but already he couldn't wait to spend one on one time with Lily.

Nights after dinner were fine, but after that Lily was usually exhausted from her extensive note taking and homework and would end up falling asleep on his shoulder. It was always the worst part of his night when he would be forced to wake her up to go to her bed. There were some nights he still wished for the Head Dorm where he wouldn't have had to wake her up. Instead, he imagined they would fall asleep on the couch for the rest of the night, or he could at least carry her to her bed so he didn't have to wake her.

He had to take what he could get though, and if that meant hearing her soft snores in his ear while he tried to gain the approval of her friends, he was fine with it.

When they were allowed past the Fat Lady, Danielle and Remus found a place at a table and started working on her essay again. Lily began to follow, but James held onto her hand.

"What is it?" she asked, "I've still got more to write."

"Why don't you save it for when I do mine and that way we can edit each others."

Lily let out a thoughtful 'hmm...' weighing the options in her head of getting the paper over with, or doing it later.

"I see your point, but I only have a few inches left. I may as well get it done. I'll still proof read yours though!"

James was disappointed, but with a kiss on her forehead he left her to get back to work. She took an empty seat next to Danielle, while James dejectedly left to find Sirius. He walked up the dormitory steps and found him on his bed with a letter between his hands.

"From Jasmine?" James guessed.

"Yep. Said she's back into her apartment instead of the folks house," Sirius answered. James nodded and sat across from Sirius on Remus's bed. "Where's Evans?" he asked.

"Doing homework," James muttered.

"Really?" Sirius asked in disbelief. He shuddered when he realized James was being serious. "I'm sorry, mate. Lets do something to take your mind off things. Fancy a late treat?"


James walked over to his bed and reached under his bed for his suit case. He rummaged through it to the bottom and brought out a shimmering cloak that he stuffed into his pocket.

"Good thinking," Sirius laughed, "Course, if only you get caught maybe they'd take away your Head Boyship."

James laughed and gave Sirius a shove towards the dormitory stairs. They tried to get to the door quietly so that Lily couldn't disapprove of their late night activities, and only stopped to wave over Remus from the table. He was thankfully facing them while Lily faced towards the wall, and though it took a few silent jumps and ecstatic waving of arms to get him to look up from his paper, they finally caught his attention.

James pointed to the portrait and then pretended to be eating something to pass on the message, and Remus's eyebrows wiggled in delight at the thought of food. He politely excused himself from the table. The girls didn't pay him any attention too enthralled with their work, so they ran through the portrait and made their way towards the kitchens.

"Where's Peter?" Remus asked.

Sirius pulled a piece of parchment out of his pocket and mumbled a quick, "I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good and let out a chuckle saying, "He's already there. Probably went straight there after dinner!"

"That's just mean," Remus laughed along.

"It's the truth though! I mean, I love Pete, but the boy needs to at least attempt to keep up his physique! He's a Marauder for goodness sake!"

"Lets invite him to some Quidditch! If that doesn't get him in shape, I don't know what will," James suggested.

They reached the kitchens without running into any teachers and tickled the pear before being greeted by house elves and a Peter with a mouth full of food.

"Hey guys!" he spewed.

"Mr. Marauders! What can Pippy get for you?" a house elf ushered them in.

"I'll take a roast beef sandwich," Sirius said.

"Only pumpkin juice for me," Remus ordered.

"I'll take...chocolate pudding," James decided.

Pippy nodded her head and hurried away to retrieve their snacks. The boys took their seats around Peter and stared in shock at the three dirty dishes stacked up beside him.

"Merlin, Wormtail!" Remus gasped, "Dinner was only a few hours ago. How can you be so hungry?"

"I'm nervous," he sighed with a chicken leg in his hand, "It's only the first week and I'm already falling behind in school work."

Sirius bursted with laughter stealing a piece of chicken off of Peter's plate, "How are you planning to fix that problem if you're down here?"

"I-I don't know!" Peter stammered, "I started to do it, but then my head got too crammed and I had to do something else."

"How far are you on the Transfiguration paper?" Remus asked.

"There's a paper due in Transfiguration?!" Peter dropped his chicken.

Remus let out a huff and clapped his hand on Peter's shoulder, "Lets get a move on it then. Lily and Danielle might be able to help you if you're lucky." He and Peter stood form the table, but he didn't leave before saying, "Get my pumpkin juice to go for me, will you?"

James nodded and with that only he and Sirius were left in the kitchens.

"Even I've started writing that paper," Sirius chuckled.

"Did you really, mate?"

"That's right! Wrote a whole introduction paragraph."

James shook his head at his best friend, though he knew he wasn't one to speak since he had fallen asleep while writing his essay. It was definitely a start though!

Pippy and another house elf hurried over to their table with plates in their hands and stopped when they noticed that the table was missing two of the Marauders.

"Where are Mr. Lupin and Mr. Pettigrew? Did Pippy not bring everything out fast enough?"

"No, that's not it at all! They had other things to do."

Pippy's ears went bad in sadness as she looked down at the plates and drinks they had prepared for them.

"Pippy will be throw these away then," she murmured.

"Pippy, who do you think you're talking to? Put them all down, and James and I will eat them," Sirius said.

PIppy's ears went back up and gladly spread the plates around on the table. It looked as though Peter had ordered some spaghetti on top of James's pudding and Sirus's sandwich.

"And can we get the pumpkin juice in a container to take up to Remus?" James asked.

"Of course, Mr. Potter!" she hurried away again.

Sirius was rubbing his hands together in delight as he eyed the roast beef sandwich the house elves had so perfectly made. He could barely wrap his hands around it to keep it from falling apart as he took his first bite. James on the other hand grabbed a fork and began twirling spaghetti around it until it was almost too big to put in his mouth.

"Man, I've missed this cooking!" Sirius said trying to swallow the huge bite he had taken, "No offense to your mum or Scooter, but this is just so good!"

"No, it's okay I agree! I'm just happy Jasmine didn't go through another cooking phase."

"Oh, jeez! Me too! That summer was horrible. Especially since we were forced to 'like' it," he used his fingers to make quotations in the air.

"Maybe when you go over to her apartment you could take Scooter with you. Jasmine might be insulted at first, but at least you'll get a full stomach out of it."

Sirius nodded his head in serious consideration. "You know, I've been thinking lately with us starting our last year and what not that I should probably start looking for an apartment myself."

"Why?" James scrunched his face, "You know you've got that room all to yourself for however long you like. Just because you graduate doesn't mean you have to move out."

"I know, but I think it's time to be out on my own two feet. Experience the real world!"

James snorted at that remark. "You wouldn't know the real world if it smacked you in the head!"

"Sure I would! I could have people over whenever I wanted, never have to work thanks to my uncle's inheritance to me, and I wouldn't have to worry about staying out too late or being too noisy."

James had been twirling more spaghetti onto his fork when he realized that would mean they wouldn't be in the same house anymore.

"What about me?" he asked almost embarrassed that he cared so much.

"You'd come with me, of course! You really think I would have this experience by myself? Where's the fun if my best mate isn't there beside me?"

"Sweet! We'll start looking during the holidays." He took a quick pause to balance his food on his fork, and stopped himself from eating it so he could say, "Lets not tell mum though. Just until it's closer to summer, so she has more time to adjust to us not being home."

"Makes sense. I think she might have a heart attack if she even started thinking about us living without any parental supervision."

The boys happily scarfed down the rest of their food, and took a glass of pumpkin juice that Pippy had carefully put a spell on not to spill with the snap of her fingers before they were off for the Gryffindor Common Room. By this time they were out past curfew, and though it was only by a few minutes James wondered if Lily had noticed. If she did he knew they'd be in trouble, but hopefully only get a few snide remarks about already getting in trouble earlier (albeit it that it was her fault) and abusing his Head Boy rights.

Sirius commandeered the Marauders Map to make sure they had a clear path, but mentioned that there were Prefects patrolling the hallways.

"Naomi is coming our way," he warned James.

James simply shrugged since his position was above hers and didn't care if they had to nod a quick hello to her. However, the moment Naomi landed her eyes on the pair there was no way in making the meeting quick.

"Well, well, look who snuck out of the watchful eye of Head Evans," she smirked.

"No sneaking, just forgot something in the Great Hall earlier and had to retrieve it," James answered.

Her eyes looked down at what James was holding and raised an eyebrow when she saw Remus's drink. "You forgot your pumpkin juice?"

"It's mine," Sirius quickly grabbed the drink, "I like it better at room temperature so I had to let it sit for a few hours before I could drink it." Naomi's eyebrow was still raised to its full height in disbelief so Sirius drank the cup's contents not leaving a drop to spare. "I think it colder from you being around us," he shook his head as if disappointed.

That comment made her eyebrow finally come down and instead they crinkled. "Five points from Gryffindor for being disrespectful and in the hallways after curfew," she muttered. She quickly turned on her heel and left them there with Sirius's jaw hanging open.

"Prongs, are you really going to let her do that?"

James snickered unable to hold it in. "I have to! You were both of those things she docked you for."

"Well, give the points back to me!"

"For what?"

"Who cares? You're Head Boy you can do what you want!"

James started walking away making Sirius follow him, "Oh, alright I see how it is now. So you don't want me to be Head Boy because it makes me have more a school conscience, but now that you need help you want me to be Head Boy?"

"Of course! What other point would there be to you having that dictating badge on your chest?"

"Unfortunately my school conscience overrules your request. Maybe you can help someone with their paper or something in front of Lily. I'm sure that would shock her enough to make her look up from that blasted essay."

They reached the Fat Lady, who bitterly opened since it was after hours to the common room that had turned loud and bursting with laughter. James looked over at the table where Lily and Danielle had been working earlier, but now it was occupied by some fifth years.

"Over here, Prongs!" he heard a voice call. He turned and instead saw them warming up around the fireplace. Peter was frantically waving him and Sirius over, while Lily and her friends were laughing at something Remus had said.

"Remus, you're hilarious!" Danielle said bent over.

Lily, who was sitting next to Remus on the couch, had doubled over so that she was laying across Remus's legs. Marie helped pull her back up when she saw James's eyes tightening in on the scene.

"What's so funny?" James asked, "I thought you guys were doing the paper?"

"We were," Lily wiped her eyes. She grabbed James's hand and pulled him down onto the couch to squish him in the cushions, "But then we finished and I couldn't find you, but Remus said you had gone out."

"Speaking of which," Sirius said, "Here you are, Moony," he handed him the post-pumpkin juice cup.

Remus looked down at the empty thing his mind puzzled. "It's empty," he stated obviously.

"Yes, well, we ran into Naomi," Lily rolled her eyes at the name making James laugh, "And she apparently needed a reason as to why we were walking around so late and that was my scape goat!"

"Thanks a lot," Remus put the cup on the ground.

"You don't have to give her a reason, James. You have higher authority than her...not that I'm suggesting that you abuse that, but I don't know who she thinks she is questioning you," Lily said.

"It wasn't me she cared about, it was Sirius. Even then I doubt she would've cared, but he had to make a remark," James chuckled.

Lily didn't want to condone his behavior, but she couldn't find it in herself to chastise him for it either. Instead she smirked and turned her attention back to her friends who had decided that if they had to hang out with the Marauders they would spend most of it with Remus.

He was the most down to Earth of all of them, and maybe slowly, but surely they would also start to accept the others. James eyed the attention Remus was getting from all four of the girls and a small bit of jealously twitched in his stomach. Given, his and Lily's stunt earlier in the library probably didn't help Danielle like him any more than she already did, but he could tell from their Potions class the other day that Lisa was starting to come around.

If he could gain Lisa's confidence just a little more that would be two out of the three friends and then Danielle wouldn't have any choice but to accept him! He still had a little way to go though if he wanted them to like him the best out of all the Marauders. Remus was a hard act to follow!

"So, anyway the waitress comes up to me and asks, 'Do you want a cappuccino?' and I asked, 'Why would I want a monkey?'" Remus said shaking his head.

Lily and her friends snorted in laughter, but James scrunched his eyebrows confused. "What's a cappuccino, and why would it be a monkey?" he asked.

"A cappuccino is a muggle coffee drink, but it sounds a lot like the monkey called the capuchin," Lily giggled.

"Oh," James nodded, "Moony, what were you doing in a muggle coffee shop?"

"What were you doing working in a muggle market?" Remus laughed.

"Touche!" Peter said.

Lily leaned back towards James and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"I think we all know what they were doing in the market," Sirius snickered.

Lily gasped and threw a pillow at the now smirking Sirius.

"Gross," Danielle muttered.

"I wish I could say that was true, but the only thing Lily ever allowed us to do there was work," James winked at Lily. It was a small white lie, but they didn't need to know the specifics.

"Thank goodness. I'd never be able to visit her there again if I had the image of you two doing unmentionables there," Lisa shuddered.

James threw his jealousies of Remus aside and instead focused on spending what time he could with Lily. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him on the couch so that she was snug against his side. It was only Friday night, and he had the whole weekend to spend time with his girlfriend like they were back in the summer time and didn't have any school in their way to hang out. In fact, he thought this might even turn out to be better than their summer time; at no point would he have to hide under her bed if her dad walked in!
Author's Note: So nothing too exciting happening in this chapter, just another week at Hogwarts! Any suggestions? Any worries? Review and let me know!

Disclaimer: None :)

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