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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in Harry Potter. Only the wonderful J.K Rowling owns them!

Chapter 3: Try Too Hard

The next morning Danielle woke up feeling restless. She couldn't remember falling asleep and she knew that she hadn't gotten much of it. A million things had been running through her mind.

Anxiety for the first day of classes, and now Draco. Hermione was already up and getting ready for breakfast. She looked over and saw Danielle sitting up and rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"Sleep well?" Hermione asked as she applied a small amount of foundation to her face.

"Not exactly" Danielle replied.

"Nervous about classes?" she asked. Now she was doing a charm on her hair to try and keep it in a nice ponytail. Even with magic, a few stray curls escaped the hair style.

"I guess so. At least I have you there with me, right?" Danielle said.

She was not about to tell Hermione about Draco and the kiss. Being new was hard enough, but she couldn't afford to lose the friends she already had managed to make. And besides, she liked her new friends.

"Right! I hear we have double potions this morning." Hermione was still trying to charm her hair. This time even more hair had forced itself out of the ponytail. She was obviously struggling. Danielle got up and began her morning ritual. She charmed her robes on, and began on her own hair. She threw it effortlessly into a curly ponytail. Hermione turn and looked at her helplessly. Danielle laughed and used the same charm on Hermione's hair. Her hair began to twist itself into a neat ponytail, much like Danielle's.

"Better?" asked Danielle.

"Much, thank you." Hermione said. She laughed as she examined her hair in the mirror. "Where did you learn that?" she asked Danielle.

"I'm pretty good with charms." Danielle replied.

Hermione couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. She wasn't used to having someone being better than her at something, or anything for that matter. Ever since she began Hogwarts, she had been the best in her class, probably even in the school. She smiled and pretended not to care. The last thing she needed was to have an enemy in her 6th year at Hogwarts. She wanted to make it a memorable year.

"Well we have an excellent charms professor here at Hogwarts." She said

"What about potions, I'm pretty good in that class too. How's the professor in that class?" Danielle asked as she started on her makeup, which consisted of a light green eye shadow and a light pink blush.

Hermione again felt that twinge of jealousy. She couldn't help it; it was creepy up inside her stomach like a snake.

"Well Professor Snape is very tough. You'll never survive him." She said plainly. Danielle clearly looked surprised at the sudden change of attitude.

"Ready to go?" Hermione asked with a chilling but friendly smile. "Ron and Harry should be expecting us."

The Great Hall was already pretty crowded with students when Danielle and Hermione arrived. They quickly spotted Harry, Ron, and Ginny. Danielle sat down and desperately tried to remember everyone's names. She recognized Seamus and Dean. The blonde was Luna. Hard as she tried she could not remember the fat boy's name. The nerves she had seemed to melt away when she looked at Harry smiling.

Something about him made her feel calm and at ease. It did not go unnoticed to Hermione and Ron that whenever Danielle was around Harry was different. He was happy. Harry had become like a brother to Danielle.

In Harry's mind Danielle was much more. He wasn't sure what yet, but he felt something.

Across the Great Hall Draco Malfoy sat with his Slytherin friends. He could hear Crabbe talking about something completely irrelevant again. He wasn't listening to him at all though. His focus was on someone else. Danielle Golding was stuck in his mind. He had tried to forget her after she had turned him down in the corridor, but it was becoming increasingly difficult.

There she was laughing at something Potter had said. Her beautiful red hair swished with every giggle.

Draco felt like a complete fool. He had taken a huge risk, but he was almost sure that Danielle felt the same way. The more he thought about it the more he wondered what exactly it was he felt. It obviously was not love; Malfoy's don't fall in love. He wasn't even sure if his parents were ever in love. Crushes were for first years. He concluded that it must be lust. A few hormones were out of whack. As soon as Draco came to this conclusion he was interrupted out of his thoughts by a certain Pansy Parkinson.

"Draco, what are you staring at?" She asked in her annoying shrill voice.

"What's it to you Parkinson?" Draco asked as he broke out of his trance. Pansy didn't look hurt in the least bit. Instead she looked more intrigued.

"Oh I see. You like little miss America don't you? Well I can fix that Draky." Pansy said as she managed to slide her hand onto his thigh.

Inside Draco felt like vomiting. Pansy was disgustingly experienced. He knew that she slept around, and she had tried to hook up with him on several occasions, but Draco never gave in.

The truth with Draco was that he was a virgin. He would never admit this with anyone, especially his father. Malfoy's were supposed to be seducers, ready to seduce whoever they may have to. He on the other hand figured that the Dark Lord wouldn't need him to do his bidding for a few more years. It wasn't like he was waiting until marriage, he knew that was ludicrous. He just didn't want to do it with any of the other girls that had offered it to him.

As far as Hogwarts knew he was a ladies man.

Draco turned toward Pansy and closed in on her ear.

"Get over it Pansy. Your disgusting and I will never want to be with you." He whispered in her ear as he casually shoved her hand off of his leg.

Now Pansy looked pissed. She threw her black hair over her shoulder and got up. She began to walk away as she stopped and looked at Danielle who she now noticed was staring at Draco.

"I will not have her win." Pansy said silently as she stomped away out of the Great Hall.

Hermione and Danielle made their way into potions class. Professor Snape was not in the room yet, as he liked to make a dramatic entrance. Hermione insisted on sitting in the front, and Danielle reluctantly followed.

"So is there a specific reason why it is so cold down here?" asked Danielle as she rubbed her arms.

"Other than the fact that Professor Snape is a naturally cold and dark person, nope" Hermione said as she laughed.

Across the room Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson sat together. Draco was trying to not listen to Pansy squawk in his ear, but he found it hard to tune her out. Almost instantly his gaze fell on the back of a beautiful red haired girl.


he thought to himself. That is the last thing I need.
He knew that at least with Pansy as his partner he wouldn't get distracted.

Suddenly the room fell silent and it didn't take long to realize why. Professor Snape had paraded into the dungeon he called a classroom.

Class started instantly. They were to brew up a love potion. Hermione and Danielle began on theirs.

"So I couldn't help but notice a certain-hand me the mandrake extract-connection between you and a certain acquaintance." Hermione casually said

Danielle felt like a deer in the headlights. She froze up. She had been caught! She just knew it! Hermione had found out about Draco and Danielle's little escapade in the corridor the other day. She didn't know how to explain this to Hermione. Wait! She could say that she was cornered and the only way to get him to go away was to give in to him. Or better! She could say that he forced himself on her and then-

"Danielle!" Hermione interrupted her thoughts.

"Huh! What did you say?" she asked again, trying to play dumb.

"Mandrake extract please" Hermione repeated looking a bit worried.

"Oh right, here you go" she said as she quickly handed her a vile.

"Are you ok Danielle?" Hermione asked

"Yes of course, why?" Danielle asked. She was secretly hoping that Hermione had forgotten what she said.

"Because you handed me essence of hippogriff" Hermione said.

"Oh! Sorry" Danielle said as she fumbled for the correct ingredient.

"Thanks" she replied, "So you and Harry huh?" Hermione said with a smirk.

"Me and who?" asked Danielle completely baffled.

"You and Harry. I noticed a strong chemistry between you two."

"Oh me and Harry! Yeah I guess there is a slight connection." Danielle said. She was off the hook. Hermione thought that she and Harry would make a good couple. Now that she thought about it though. She and Harry would be a pretty good match. She thought he was more like a brother, but Harry and her shared a bond that she and Draco could never share. Harry would be the perfect distraction from Draco.

Danielle turned to look at Harry and Ron. They were goofing off of course, but something about Harry caught her eye. It was the sulkiness behind the smile. He was hiding pain that no one else in the world could possibly imagine. No one else but her.

Danielle turned back to Hermione. "You might be right."

"Of course I'm right, I'm-now I need the essence of hippogriff-always right" Hermione said as Danielle handed her the vile of essence of hippogriff.

Professor made his way across the room to start checking the student's potions. Danielle had taken over Hermione's work only to realize that there was another way to make the potion and instead of adding rose petals, she added orchid petals. Hermione looked horrified.

"What did you just do? You just added the wrong ingredient!" she screamed. Harry and Ron had turned and looked to the girl's station. Hermione's face was turning red and she looked like she was on the verge of a breakdown. Professor Snape had noticed the scuffle and glided over to the station. He took one glance into the cauldron and glanced at Danielle curiously.

"How did you know that orchid petals could be a substitute for rose petals miss…"

"Golding" Danielle said, "Danielle Golding."

"Miss Golding. I have never had a student make a potion stronger than it says to in the directions, but by adding orchid petals you have made a potion twice as strong as normal love potion," Snape said, his expression plain. "Congratulations." He said as she strode away.

Hermione looked like she might faint. Danielle had surpassed her in a class on her very first day of classes. The jealous feelings that were brewing about before were returning to her stomach. Ron was giving her thumbs up, while Harry simply smiled. A few other students gave Danielle a high five or a hand shake of congratulations.

Hermione on the other hand was still frozen into place. She noticed however that Draco Malfoy was not. He was clearly showing signs of satisfaction.

Things were changing at Hogwarts for Hermione Granger and she did not like it…not one bit.

Wow sorry about the lack of updates. I am so busy with classes. I should have time to update this week because of Thanksgiving Break and all. Well please review and such! Thank you for reading! BTW I combined a lot of the chapters because they all seemed to be a little on the short side, that is why there are only three chapters, but really there are six combined. Make sense? Probably not, anyways I want to thank you all for reading and an update is in the works.


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