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  Author's Note - Here's the second chapter! once again I only own the plot :)


Another beautiful chapter image thanks to enchantress@TDA

            Hermione woke up to lots of commotion. The train finally arrived at Hogwarts and everyone was shuffling around grabbing their trunks. She quickly put on her robes and joined everyone in the bustle of getting off the train. It was just her, Harry and Ginny in the carriage up to the castle. Ron had gone ahead with Neville and Luna went off to say hello to the Thestrals. Hermione let Harry sit next to Ginny, knowing that it would make him happy.

            “Hermione? What’s up with you and Ron?” asked Ginny.

            “What? Oh nothing, Ginny. Why do you ask?”

            “Well, it’s just you two had barely said more than two words to each other the entire ride here.”

            “Oh. Yes. Well. Ever since the war ended things have been different.  Losing Fred and thinking Harry had died, the entire war, was just really traumatic.  I think we just got caught up in the heat of the moment.  Now that the war is over, our flame has been slowly burning out.”

            “Well, things happen that we can’t control. I always thought you and Ron would marry one day but I guess the war changed people.” Ginny concluded sadly.

With the carriage coming to a stop, they walked into the Great Hall to find McGonagall talking to Ron and Neville. She quickly hurried off. Probably to get the Sorting Hat, thought Hermione.

            “What did McGonagall want?” asked Harry.

            “She wants me, you and Hermione to go to her office after the feast. I don’t know why though. Oh well. Let’s go sit down now. I’m starving.” Ron replied. 

            “When are you not hungry?” Hermione joked, and they hurried over to the Gryffindor table to sit.


            Malfoy watched as Hermione hurried over to the table with Potter and Weasley. He couldn’t understand what she saw in Weasley. He wasn’t muscular, his hair was always a mess, and his clothes barely fit him properly.

            He thought for the longest time that it would be Harry and Hermione to go out but then he went after that Ravenclaw girl. Maybe she thinks that the Weasel is the best looking guy she can get…but that’s ridiculous. She must have noticed that she’s gotten prettier the last couple years. Her hair is no longer bushy, rather shiny with buoyant curls.

            “Draco. What’s on your mind? You haven’t said a word since we sat down. Why are you staring at the Gryffindor table?” Blaise questioned, following his gaze.

            “Sorry my mind was elsewhere.” Draco said, beginning to shake his head trying to clear his mind, when all of a sudden food appeared at the table. “Have I missed the sorting? I didn’t even hear McGonagall talk.”

            “Yeah, or me. Mind informing me what was so important you have been ignoring me for the last several minutes?”

            “I was just wondering why on earth she hangs around those two oafs.”

            “Who are you talking about? Please tell me it’s not Granger!”

            “What? Oh shut up Blaise. It was just a thought. It’s not like I’m pining over her.”

            “Yeah, whatever Draco. That’s how it starts.”


            She finished dinner quickly and before she knew it she was walking with Ron and Harry to McGonagall’s office. They came to the eagle statue and stopped.

            “Ron, did she tell you the password?” Harry asked.

            “Ummm… I think she said it was…Albus?” Just then the spiral staircase appeared and the three of them slowly climbed the steps. They entered the office and Hermione looked around. It looked exactly as it had when Dumbledore was Headmaster. The only difference now was that Dumbledore’s and Snape’s portraits now hung along with the rest of Hogwarts past Headmaster’s. She sat down across from McGonagall with Ron behind her and Harry seated next to her. 

            “What was it you wanted to speak to us about Professor?” inquired Harry.

            “Just one moment Mr. Potter. We’re just waiting for two more to join us.” She responded. They all sat quietly awaiting the two more mystery guests. After several minutes it seemed to Hermione that these guests were certainly taking their time. McGonagall didn’t seem worried at all though. Just when Hermione’s curiosity was about to get the best of her, the door to her office opened. She quickly turned around to see who it was. Malfoy and Zabini strutted in leisurely. Hermione had no idea what McGonagall wanted to talk to all five of them for. Unless she heard what had happened on the train, Hermione concluded. She watched Malfoy and Zabini standing off to the side waiting with their eyes on their Headmistress. Hermione also directed her attention to McGonagall.

            “You all are most likely wondering why I have called you here. Before I get into that though, I must hand out the badges for this year. I would have sent them out over the summer but, with the task of overseeing the reconstruction of Hogwarts, my time has been very much consumed. Head Boy this year will be given to you Mr. Zabini. As for Head Girl, it will obviously be you Ms. Granger. I cannot express how proud I am of you and I don’t think there is any other that deserves that badge more than you.” McGonagall said smiling. “Gryffindor Quidditch Captain will be you Mr. Potter and as for the Syltherin Captain, Mr. Malfoy. And as for you Mr. Weasley, I would like you to continue with your Prefect duties. Due to the fact that the entire school stayed back a year to ensure the proper magical education to each and every student, out first year class is twice the normal size. Therefore Mr. Weasley, I expect more rule breaking in the hallways and during the first week or so, the hallways to be exceptionally crowded as they try to find their way to their classes. I am placing my trust in you to rightly guide them and keep the rule breaking to a bare minimum.” McGonagall stated. Ron nodded at his position. I hope he doesn’t feel left out, what with everyone getting something except him, thought Hermione.

            “Now for the second task of business. As you very well know Ms. Granger and Mr. Zabini, you will now be staying in the Heads Common Room. I trust both of you to get along and act civilized towards each other. As for you three,” she said as she nodded to Malfoy, Harry, and Ron, “I’m giving you the option also, to stay in the Heads Common Room. You each played your own part in the war and whether the entire student body will accept it or not has yet to be seen. Especially you, Mr. Malfoy. I have a feeling that most of the student’s will not be so kind in welcoming you back among them. You are allowed to decline my offer; I’m only doing this in order to make your last year back as easy as I can. Does anyone here decline?” She asked. Nobody did. “Very well. Now, I trust that Mr. Potter will be able to lead the way due to that clever map of his. The password is ‘Unity’. Now hurry along. You have classes in the morning.”

            Everyone stood up and bade Professor McGonagall a good evening and quietly exited her office.


            Draco walked behind the other three with Blaise talking quietly, as to not be overheard.

            “I like the fact that we will be staying in the Heads room together Blaise, don’t get me wrong. I just can’t stand the fact that they will also be joining us.” Draco said as he motioned to the other three.

            “I understand how you feel Draco but I’ve been thinking. What McGonagall said was right. We’re going to be stuck with them all year. I’d rather not spend that time bickering and being uncivilized with everyone. I believe now is a good time as any to start getting along with those three.” Draco couldn’t even manage a reply. He knew Blaise was right. If they argued the entire time, Hogwarts would be miserable. Then again, he could not bring himself to become buddies with Potter. Especially not the Weasel. He didn’t have time to think any more of it because they had come to a halt. They were at the end of a hallway facing a portrait. It was of a witch, most likely from the early 1900’s from the way she was dressed, guessed Draco. She looked oddly like McGonagall in a way. Her hair was tied up in a tight bun and she had some of the same facial features.

            “Hello. I assume you are the five Minerva told me about, are you not?” Everyone just nodded their heads. “Very well. To enter your common room you must provide me with a password. Every once in a while I shall change it and go without telling you. You must answer a riddle and guess right to receive the new password. Do you have the current password?”

            “Yes ma’am. ‘Unity’.” Spoke Harry.

            “Very well. You may enter.” She said as she swung open.


            Hermione was shocked as she looked at the room. It was beautiful. The floors were made of a dark wood and the walls were a deep burgundy red. The room was absolutely huge. Against the right wall was a huge fireplace. Three dark brown leather couches surrounded a small glass coffee table which was placed in font of the fireplace. All of this rested on a circular green and silver rug. To the left was a huge glass, two story window with the most spectacular view of the Hogwarts grounds. Besides the window, along the rest of the wall, were multiple shelves filled with an enormous amount of books. It’s like my own small library Hermione thought with a smile. Next to the shelves were a few armchairs to match the couches and a nice big wooden table. All of this rested on an identical rug.

Hermione focused her attention now, towards the back of the room. There were two spiral staircases, one on the left and right, that led up to a second story landing. There stood a door next to each staircase. She also spotted three doors above too. She slowly made her way over and saw that each door had a name on it. The first one she walked to had the name Ron on it. As she walked to the right she read Malfoy. She then headed up the staircase to see Blaise, Harry and then finally hers all the way to the left.

            She opened her door to find a spacious room. The wall opposite the door was full of windows all covered by a big white curtain. She found a glass door in the middle of the windows and realized that she had the luxury of a small balcony. She looked to her right and saw she was given a big canopy bed. Across from the bed was a full length mirror which, when slid to the side, opened up to a walk in closet. She plopped down on her bed with a sigh. Oh I certainly love my room. I just wish everything wasn’t so white. It reminds me of a hospital. If only everything was maybe a pale pink. That would certainly be pretty. Just then, her room turned the exact shade of pink she had been thinking of. Oh how convenient! The room changes color at my will! And I was certainly right; this pale pink is a perfect color. She thought as she happily lay on her bed.


            Draco didn’t bother checking out his room just yet. After all, he had the rest of the night to go admire his new surroundings. For now, he felt content to just stare out the window and take in the spectacular view. The way the moon reflected on the lake was almost entrancing, he noticed. I’ve decided Blaise was right. I must be able to put up with the other three if I hope of enjoying my last year here at Hogwarts. I guess I’ll start with Potter. He thought as he turned around. He spotted him just as he was leaving his room. Draco caught a glance of what it looked like. He mostly noticed the burgundy and gold color scheme.

            “Hey Scarhe….Potter! I need to speak to you for a moment.”

            “What is it Malfoy?” Harry asked in an annoyed voice. Draco held back an insult.

            “I’d just like to say…Thanks. You know, for saving my life twice last year.” He said it quickly, like the words would burn him if he held them in for much longer. Harry looked as shocked as anybody could look.

            “Wow Malfoy. I must say, I never thought you’d ever be thanking me. I know this is probably a once in a lifetime thing for you so I really appreciate it. You’re welcome.”

            “Alright. Don’t expect us to be all buddy-buddy though! Seven years of hate doesn’t just disappear like that!” he finished, snapping his fingers in the process.

            “I never expected it to.” Harry chuckled as he walked away. Draco sighed. He had accomplished the first part. Now he had to find a way to befriend Weasley and Granger. Ah but thankfully, I can get to that another time, he thought. He shuffled to his room, his eyes heavy with the meal he had just consumed. He collapsed on his bed without paying attention to the detail of the room. The last thing he saw before he fall asleep was his room changing to green and silver.

Author's Note - So what did everyone think? This one is better than the first. I'm almost done with my third chapter. Don't forget to review !

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