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Draco grabbed me by the collar as soon as we were out of earshot of the classroom, and shoved me against the wall.

“I told you to stay away from him!” he snarled.

“He doesn’t belong to you, and anyway he really didn’t put up much of a fight.”

His hand slipped up to my throat, tightening, “stay the fuck away from him! He’s mine.”


“Of course!”

“Of what? Harry? Or me, perhaps?”

“What?” I grinned at his befuddlement, slipping my hand up to the top of his robe, curling my fingers into the collar of his shirt. I felt his fingers relax on my throat and I attacked.

I pulled his shirt sharply and brought his face close to mine, “who are you jealous of, Dray? Harry? Or me?” I kissed him quickly, roughly. His hand was still on my neck as his other came to rest on the wall beside my head, I grinned.

It was just as I imagined, but all the more sweeter the knowledge that I was slowly but surely driving a wedge between two of the most tempting men I had ever met or wanted or possibly needed.

I had always been told, because I was a parselmouth, that I had a very talented tongue.

Suffice to say, almost instantly Draco had forgotten his anger, soon he was pressing himself up against me, his hand no longer on my throat, trying to kill me, but now falling down my chest, sliding around my waist and pulling me closer.

I was smiling, not entirely from enjoyment, but from satisfaction. I knew I owned him, it was like a game.

Austin was level one, not even a challenge, level one, like Austin; was easy.

Draco was about a level nine, difficult and infuriating, but there is always a way to beat the level.

And Harry, he was the infinite level, the hardest, no cheats or hacks, just me and the level with one way to beat it.

And it was hard.

Draco was only a part of the game.

I wanted the trophy, not the consolation prize.

“You’re jealous of me, Dray. But, don't worry, I’ll keep it a secret,” I slipped out from between the wall and him and hurried off, grinning. I heard him yell out my name but then the bell rang and the hall was flooded with people, swarming around me.

Draco was swallowed into the crowd and I continued on, smiling, triumphantly. It wouldn’t be long, soon I would have Harry.


Later that week, after an interesting encounter with Draco in the hall, which ended up with him blushing like a little girl and scurrying away, I found myself in detention with Harry after a small encounter of the physical kind on the Quidditch field.

I had also ascended in the social ladder, I had my own little band of minions now, I was about equal to Draco.

It was a good feeling.

I was reminiscing about this fact as some old, crabby teacher stalked in, dragging Harry by his tie, “you, Mr. Potter, have some nerve trying to weasel out of detention. Now you, sit.”

I snickered behind my hand, I noticed that Harry still had the hairline scrape along his cheekbone. Courtesy of me, of course.

A fight had erupted between Draco and I, we were arguing about Harry at the time, so I tackled Harry, really, so I could get my hands all over him.

It worked.

Draco was furious as I threw myself at Harry and we tumbled to the ground, I on top of him, I pinned one of his arms down and landed a soft, but loud punch to Harry’s gut, subtly yet firmly thrusting my groin against his, I saw him bite his lip as my movement provoked a reaction out of him.

It wasn’t too long before Harry figured out what I was doing and was ‘fighting’ back.
On the outside it looked like we were fighting, but between us we were a mess of

lust and hormones, it wasn’t long before teachers pulled us apart and we were panting loudly, seemingly quite angry, but really quite horny.

That's how we ended up here.

The teacher slammed Harry down in a chair, “now Mr. Potter, for trying to ditch detention you bought yourself another hour!”

Harry groaned and I laughed at him, “and you too, smart-alec.”

“Actually its Quince,” I corrected him, “but you can call me whatever you want.”

The teacher sniffed at me, “clean out the cauldrons boys. Then when you’re done, clean them again.” With that the teacher left, slamming the door and left us alone together. Harry bent over and peered into the dark pot, all the rim and inside was caked with burned remains of a potion of some sort, “what do you think it was?”

“Probably something nasty,” I shrugged, “the teachers wouldn’t give us a detention of cleaning flower petals put of cauldrons would they?”

Harry nodded, “I guess so,”

“I mean, where’s the fun in that?”

Harry blushed, then his face crumpled, “it smells like horse shit.”

“Because you know what that smells like, don't you, Harry?”

He rolled his eyes then pulled off his robe, pushed up the sleeves of his white school shirt and grabbed a cauldron, “are you going to help or what?” he demanded.

“Perhaps,” I said, looking down at the silver ring on my thumb, twisting it a few times,

“I’ve never been one for hard work, Harry.”

He snorted, “whatever you say, Q.”

“Strenuous activity is not my strong point,” I sniffed

“Says the Slytherin Keeper,” he responded quickly.

“Oh, shut up,” Harry was smart, smarter than I had anticipated.

He shrugged and moved over to a sink, “strenuous activity can be fun, you know.”

I snorted, “not really.”

He tossed me a look over his shoulder, and he was smirking, “whatever you say.”

I was such an idiot, how could I not have picked up that? Strenuous activities... fun. Duh, I had mistaken Harry for a shy little puppy, when actually, he was a ferocious Rottweiler. Touché, Harry Potter, touché.

I got to my feet and followed his example, shrugging out of my robe and rolling up my sleeves, I grabbed the least grotty looking cauldron and strolled over to Harry, who was scraping down the inside of a blackened pot.

“So, Harry, how are you and Draco going?” I asked casually, holing in a grin.

The cauldron clattered to the floor and I jumped, “what did you say?”

“I simply asked how you and your boyfriend are going, that's all.”

I noticed Harry’s hands ball into a fist, “he is not my boyfriend,” he ground out from between clenched teeth.

“Oh, really?” I raised an eyebrow, “then why, pray tell, are you sleeping with him?”

Harry took in a deep breath and retrieved his cauldron from the floor, glaring at me,

“just because we sleep together doesn’t mean we are together.”

These were the words I had been waiting to hear, I smiled, “interesting.”


I shrugged, “nothing, so who knows you're batting for the other team?”

Harry laughed, “I’m not.”

I snickered, “oh sure, Harry, sure you aren’t. I mean, you have a boyfriend and you fuck him... why would anyone think that you are gay?”

Harry shook his head, “I’m not gay, I’m bi-sexual, Q.”

I pursed my lips, “have you had a girlfriend?”

He nodded, eyes back on his work, “two, actually.”

“Did you have sex with them?” I knew I was getting into some private stuff, but I had to know. I was filled with a burning desire to know  Harry Potter, better than anyone else did.

He nodded again, “well, actually, only one of them.”

I paused, “and, did you enjoy it?”

“I did,” he turned to look at me, “but I enjoy men more.” He stared at me for a long while, and I found I couldn’t look away, I felt my chest tingle softly and I couldn’t help but want to touch him, but then he looked away.

“Maybe that's because I didn’t really love the girl,” he mused.

I reached for a ball of steel wool; “and you love Draco?”

There was a pause, in which all I could hear was the sound of water sloshing around in the cauldrons, “no, I don't think I do.”

My eyebrows raised, “then how do you know that it was the reason you didn’t enjoy the girl?”

He shrugged, “Ginny had been chasing me for years, I just gave in to what she wanted I suppose.”

“Ginny... Ginny Weasley? The little red-head girl who is always pining after you?”

He nodded, grinning, “that's the one.”

“She seems nice”

“She’s a skank.”

I choked, “what?!

He let out a little bubble of laughter, “she is,” he tipped the cauldron upside down on another work-bench and reached for another, “I mean, don't get me wrong, she’s a great girl; but she turned into a bit of a uppity, snooty, super-skank.”

“How nice for you.”

“You’d think.”

            We had cleaned almost thirty cauldrons between us, it was only 7:30pm, we had two hours left. Finally, Harry threw his sponge into the sink and collapsed onto a chair, “that's it, I’m over it. I’m taking a break.” He grabbed a hand-towel and dried off his soapy hands, “bloody Professor’s, think they can make us do whatever they want.”

“Well, they can.”

He snorted, “that's beside the point.”

I jumped up on the desk in front of him, “so Harry, what do you think you’ll do when you leave this crummy school?”

“Become an Aura, I suppose.”

I nodded, “a Dark-Wizard catcher, right?”

“That’s right,” he tossed me the towel and I proceeded to dry off my own dirty, soapy hands, “what about you, Q? Rumour has it your father works in the ministry.”

“He’s a twat, and yes, he does.”

“I take it you won’t be following in his footsteps then?”

I shook my head, “I’d rather give myself the Avada.”

“You’re a cheery bloke, aren’t you?”

“Most definitely,” I grinned, “so, Harry, what do we do now?” I decided that I would give him a chance, to see what he would do. Either he would suggest something juvenile, or he would take some action. Harry paused, and I could almost see the gears working in his head, a small smile spread across his face and he slid off the stool and walked towards me.

“I have an idea, Q,” he murmured, seeing as I was sitting on the table, I was a tad taller than him as he slipped in between my legs, “but I don't think you like strenuous activity. Maybe I could change your mind,” he slowly ran his hand up my chest and I could hear the blood pounding in my ears, shivers swam through my body, I was heady with anticipation.

Come on, Harry, show me why Draco wants to keep you so bad.

His hand reached the nape of my neck and a shudder rolled through me, Harry grinned, slowly moving his face closer and closer to mine, oh, come ON, Harry. Don’t be such a twat, just fucking kiss me!

I could feel his breath hitting my skin, I just stared at him, silently begging for him to hurry the hell up. His hand buried in my hair and the other rested on my upper thigh.

With a will of their own, my hands grabbed at his waist and pulled him flush against me, “antsy, are we, Q?” he whispered against my lips.

I raised an eyebrow, he laughed, “I can fix that.”

“What in the name of Merlin is going on in here!?!” both of us jumped and pulled back from each other.

It was Draco.

“Oh shit,” Harry muttered.

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