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Author Notes: AU, OOC, that's what this is, if you don't like that, then don't read this!
Chapter I ~Where'd Hermione Go?~
arry and Hermione had some free time, away from Hogwarts, and so they decided to go on a date. So they went to the movies. "Hermione?" said Harry as they sat in their movie theatre seats! "Yes?" replied Hermione. "I am getting kinda full, we got too many snacks!" said Harry. "No, Harry, you can never have too many snacks, especially when the movie is boring, and this movie is boring." said Hermione. "Well, this movie is boring, but why did we have to get the Extra, Extra Large $20 popcorn bucket? And my 8 sodas is too many, I drank 7 of them and I can't drink one more drop, do you want my last soda, Hermione?" said Harry. "Quit complaining! But, uhh, sure, I'll have your last soda, even though I'm stuffed, I got the Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra $50 popcorn bucket, and 11 sodas." said Hermione. "Oh my god, isn't your bladder fixin' to pop?" asked Harry. "No, I just went to the bathroom." said Hermione. "Oh, I guess I was too into the really good movie!" said Harry. "Oh, I thought you agreed with me and said it was dumb!" said Hermione. "Oh, yeah, oh well, I just wanted is to be more agreeable, and romantic." said Harry. "SHHHHH!!!" said a guy in the movie theatre. "I'm trying to watch the movie!!" "Sorry." said Harry as he looked at Hermione to say: "I REALLY got to pee!" "Okay, said Hermione." Then Harry went to the bathroom. When he got back, he looked around, but couldn't find Hermione. "Hermione? HERMIONE??!!??!!" "SHHHHH!!!!!" said almost everyone in the whole theatre. Harry waited 'til after the movie, and then for another hour or two. I need help finding Hermione, I gotta get help from someone, about, Snape!" So Harry went to go find Snape.

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