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 "You're not still going on about that are you?" Ron moaned as the three of them sat at a table in the library, "It's been a week and, to be honest it was harmless."

"You're right." she nodded, putting the quill away, "It's fine."

"Fine?" both Ron and Harry said at the same time. Their faces mimicked the same look of unbelief as Hermione stood up and wandered off between the library bookshelves.

"She's got to be up to something evil," Ron said after a moments more silence "Harry...go talk to her. I'll never sleep tonight knowing she's out there."

Harry nodded, slowly rising from the table then heading off in the direction Hermione had gone. She was busy thumbing through a large dusty book, easy to spot and approach. Although Harry wasn't sure what exactly to say.

"I'm fine Harry," she suddenly said, not looking up from the book.

"It's creepy when you do that," he replied.

"Creepy is what I do best... apparently." her words were emphasized by a small shrug.

"Hermione, are you sure everything is fine with Ron?" Harry lightly touched the book, causing Hermione to look at him, "You've never let go of anything that easily."

"I'm fine Harry. We're fine." she closed the book quickly, almost catching Harry's hand in it, "It'd be pointless to hold a grudge against something so accidental."

"Hermione," Harry paused slightly, "Are you sure that you're only upset about the lake. I mean...Ron did scoff when I said..."

Hermione put up her hand to stop him, "Harry, if I would even care about that. I think you're seeing into things that aren't there." a roll of her eyes followed as she attempted to move past him.

"No," he put his hand on the bookshelf to stop her, "Its about time we admit what is there. Hermione I'm not stupid nor as thick as Ron."

Her heart stopped, "I don't know..."

"Stop pretending Hermione. I've been through hell and back again. Do you think sensing that my best friend has a crush is going to be difficult?" he moved his hand off the bookshelf and out of her way, "But if you're confident there is nothing, then go."

Hermione looked past him not moving, she exhaled slowly, "Harry, whatever it is I can handle it."

"That's not the point," Harry took the book from her, "We live in a hectic time, we don't know if we're going to live through the year. Do you really want to face possible death with unfinished business?"

"That's being dramatic." Hermione laughed,"But..either way, it doesn't matter." she quickly reached for her book, "He's not interested and I can't change that."

"Try," Harry said, handing her the book and turning around, "You might be surprised."

Hermione practically ran to the Heads Dorm. She just wanted into her room where everything made sense. First Malfoy, now Harry. Both events had seriously tipped the scale on the amount of surprises she could handle within twenty four hours.

Harry had been right though, she'd forgiven Ron quicker this time than with any of his past incidences. Mostly because she'd not really thought much about the events of the lake due to Malfoy's kiss. How could she have spent almost two hours kissing someone she hated? It was just wrong!

The portrait swung open revealing the Head's common room. Hermione could hear the fire crackling and she quietly poked her head into the room, looking for Malfoy. Feeling it was safe, she walked through the portrait and moved towards the stairs.

"Granger," his voice stopped her motions instantly.

"Malfoy,"she said, looking up the stairs before climbing them, "Lurking as usual?"

"Waiting for you, as I'm bound to with this chair." he replied.

"It's not even evening yet." Hermione walked past him.

"Granger, " he wheeled after her, "We need to talk."

"No, we don't."she opened her door and would have shut it but he was in the way, "Go away Malfoy. I won't forget to tuck you in."

"Moody today Granger?" he grinned, "Lack of sleep? Dreaming of me?"

"Don't make me ill," she held fast onto the door, "I've had a long day. I just want to be alone if you don't mind."

"You haven't told anyone? Have you?"he ignored her previous comment and stayed in her doorway.

"No!" she visibly cringed, "Its going with me to my grave."

"Good." he pretended to wipe his brow, "I'd never be able to live it down." he wheeled back away from her door.

"You wouldn't?" Hermione suddenly half-grinned.

"Of course I..." he stopped, "Why are you smiling at me?"

"Because you're going to help me get Ronald Weasley." she crossed her arms, "Or else."


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