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Disclaimer: I don't own anyone from Harry Potter. So I forgot to put in the summary that Hermione was going to be OC in this story and I got a review saying that I 'destroyed' Hermione which made me laugh a lil. So to avoid any other misunderstanding's HERMIONE IS GOING TO BE OC IN THIS STORY!

Hermione headed up to Gryffindor tower in the hopes of finding Ginny. She approached the portrait of the Fat Lady and spoke the password before wandering inside, giggling to herself as she thought about what had happened that morning with Blaise. 'That was actually rather fun.' Hermione looked around the common room for the red head and didn't see her. She assumed she was in her room so she headed up the stairs to the girl's dormitory. She opened to door to Ginny's room silently and saw said girl lying on her stomach on her bed looking at a magazine. Hermione quietly stalked towards Ginny and pounced, causing Ginny to yelp.

"OH MERLIN!" She turned her head and saw Hermione on her back. "Hermione you scared me to death. Where have you been? It's already 3 in the afternoon. We were supposed to meet for breakfast." Ginny stared confusedly at Hermione who was giggling to herself. "What's so funny?" Hermione didn't answer she only continued giggling. "Will you answer me already?" Ginny was getting frustrated with her friend.

Hermione tried to stop giggling but she was having trouble, but when she saw the expression on Ginny's face she stopped. "Sorry Gin but you wouldn't believe what happened this morning." She smirked when Ginny immediately got curious.

"What happened?"

Hermione laughed and told what had occurred between her, Blaise and Draco. When she finished Ginny was rolling on the bed laughing and Hermione was shaking her head smiling.

"You have got to be kidding me…that did not happen Mione."

"No it did, it really did the look on their faces was priceless." Hermione giggled. "Hey do you want to go see my dorm?" She laughed when Ginny's face lit up.

"Of course I do. Lead the way lady!" Ginny proceeded to push Hermione out of the room and down the staircase.

"Calm down Ginny! It's not going anywhere." Hermione tried to dig her feet into the ground but failed.

"Your dorm might not be going anywhere but the two amazingly hot guys occupying it might. Now let's get going!" Ginny stopped pushing Hermione and grabbed her hand dragging out the portrait and through the halls. They finally reached Professor Dumbledore's portrait and Ginny turned to a pouting Hermione. "Are you gonna stop pouting and tell me the password or not?"

Hermione glared at her friend and told the smiling Dumbledore the password, once the portrait swung open Hermione found herself being dragged inside by Ginny.

Once Hermione had closed the portrait both boys had snapped out of their stupor and looked at each other incredulously. Draco was the first to speak. "What the hell is up with her? Did someone put a spell on her?" He glanced at Blaise who had yet to snap out of his daze; Draco smacked him upside the head and chuckled when Blaise fell of his chair to the ground.

"Dude, what the hell was that for?" He glared up at the Slytherin prince who grinned down at him.

"Well how else was I supposed to get your mind off of Granger?"

"You could've tapped me or something like that but knocking me out of my chair wasn't necessary."

"Maybe not but it was effective." Draco smirked and moved over to the couch.

Blaise scowled and stood up before moving to stand by the fireplace.  “What should I do about her?”   There was no response. Blaise turned and faced Draco who appeared to be thinking.  “Seriously mate what should I do?  I do like her but she knows that I’m a player. I don’t want her to think that all I want is a shag.” He sighed and rubbed his eyes with his hand.

Draco watched his best friend, and saw a side of his that he never really saw.  Blaise was always the lighthearted one and always flirted with all the girls.  To see him like this made Draco want to help.  “I’ll help you figure something out.  You might want to try talking to the Weaselette though.  They are pretty close to each other.”

Blaise took a moment to think it over, what did he have to lose?  Worst comes to worst they think he is a wimp… but he didn’t really care.  He nodded his head and smirked.  “Yea that seems like a good idea.”

The two boys grinned at each other just as the portrait swung open and Ginny Weasley entered dragging a struggling Hermione behind her.

“Gin would you just-! Stop it already! Let go!” Hermione tried to dig her feet in but she failed to stop the stubborn red head from dragging her in to the room. She blushed when she saw both Blaise and Draco staring at them with amusement; she groaned and allowed Ginny to drag her.

Ginny smirked at both boys before making Hermione sit on the couch next to Draco; noticing that Blaise glared at his friend who then stood up and moved over to an armchair.

Blaise moved to the couch to sit by Hermione who was grumbling to herself quietly.  “Granger, are you alright?” 

Hermione looked at Blaise who was sitting next to her looking at her with concern and her irritation dissipated.  She sighed and ran a hand through her hair.  “I’m fine Blaise just trying to dissuade a fiery annoyance who wants to embarrass me.”  She scowled at a smirking Ginny.

“Well someone needs to push you.  You know how you are Mione.”  She grinned at the scowling brunette. When Hermione just glared at her, she grinned even more. “You know you have been pouting quite a lot lately…why is that?”

Hermione avoided looking Ginny in the eye, she shifted her gaze over to Blaise who was watching her anxiously and she couldn’t help but smile slightly at his concern.  She reached out and patted his arm softly before turning to look at Ginny.  “I’m being more open now; I’m not just the bookworm anymore.”

Blaise barked a laugh.  “You’ve got that right!  Have you seen her partying pictures?”

Ginny’s excitement immediately appeared.  “You mean the one with the extremely cute guy at her 16th birthday party at the club?  He was breathtaking.”  Ginny’s gaze began to lose focus as she visualized about the guy.

Everyone else in the room sweat dropped while staring at Ginny.

Draco turned to Blaise and Hermione.  “Anyway, what is this picture everyone keeps talking about?” He watched Hermione and Blaise exchange a look before bursting out loud in laughter.  “What’s so funny?”

Both people laughing responded.  “Nothing.”  They both managed to stop and elbow each other. 

Ginny finally snapped out of her daze and looked at the two grinning couch occupants.  She cocked an eyebrow at them.  “What did I miss?”

Draco groaned and held his head in his hands.  ‘Why me?’



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