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Chapter 9

After Leif had deposited Avalon at her correct class which took him a few tries, not that it was not his fault the stairs were moving more than usual today, he went off to find Mikko who was like always on his bed, but instead of sleeping he was reading. Reading, surprised? So was Leif till he took a closer look at the cover of the magazine.

“Filthy Farm Girls?” Leif asked out loud.

“Oh there you are mate. Where you been keepin yourself.” Mikko said his voice calm and normal.

“Where do you even get that graught?” Leif asked his nose crinkling.

“My cousin has a co-worker who is a mudblood. Gets him all sorts of magazines and I get his leftovers.”Mikko said flipping a page.

“I’d be careful touching those pages.” Leif said plopping down on his own bed. Then he sighed loudly and waited. Mikko did not respond as desired so he promptly sighed again and louder.

“Right what is it then?” Mikko asked closing his magazine and tossing it aside.

“Were bonding.” Leif told him his voice dreamy.

“Bonding? What kind of bonding?” Mikko asked turning on his side so he could look at Leif.

“Well we are talking to each other.” Leif said.

“Step in the right direction.” Mikko said optimistically.

“We have held hands.”

“Keep it coming this is good stuff mate.” Mikko encouraged. After a long pause he asked. “Well what else?”

“Well that’s all for now.” Leif said feeling less accomplished now that he had talked to Mikko.

“That’s all? Mate not to be rude but you normally have a girl in a broom closet with her shirt off in this amount of time.” Mikko told him seriously.





“Yeah well I thought we had decided she was not a normal bird. So, point and case, this may take a little longer than normal.”Leif said defensively.


“I’m just trying to put things in prospective.” He said laying back down and picking up where he left off in his magazine.

“We have got to get you a lady mate.” Leif told his friend as he stood to leave. “You spend all your time in here.”

“Well when you find one worth meeting do introduce me.” He said from behind the magazine fold out.

“It is a quest then.” Leif yelled as he left their dormitory.

A Quest was the very thing that Leif needed at this moment. He passed through the halls looking the Hogwarts female population, up and down trying to find a good girl that wouldn’t leave Mikko the moment he came around with his rugged good looks and amazing body. This was going to be impossible.

To fat, to skinny, to ugly, to skanky, dated, dated, snogged, snogged, shagged, snogged, shagged. Things were not looking good. After a good 5 minutes of searching he decided to give up and take a break in the library. He went to Avalon’s and his customary table, plopped down and sighed. I could read or something he told himself. So he pulled out his potions book and decided to look over the chapter they were going over in class. But books like always were like Ambien to him and soon his head was in the crack of the book and he was snoring.

He jerked awake some time later and whipped the drool from his face. He looked around the now more populated library and smiled. The ladies had come to him. As he turned around a book shelf he ran full into a small member of said female population. Her papers and books erupted out of her hands and fell all around them. “Oi sorry.” He said stooping down and helping her get back to her feet.

“Oh it’s alright my head is in the clouds today.” She said as she stooped down and started scooping up books and papers. Leif helped as well grabbing various papers and scrolls. After they had gathered all her things up they both stood. She looked up at him as he handed her what he had collected and her eyes darkened. “I know you.”

“I’m sure you do.” He laughed.

“You’re that tosser Haroldson.” She growled

“That’s not very nice.” He said. What was with the females of Hogwarts these days. How did he always seem to find the ones who hated him?

“Neither was breaking my sister’s heart.” She said grabbing the things he was still holding out to her. Then she turned on her heel and marched away. Not a bad bum he thought.

She was perfect. She hated him for obvious reasons and seemed smart enough, he even thought he saw a Ravenclaw badge which would make homework way easier for him and Mikko. Now that quest was completed he went off to find his own woman.



 Avalon sat at the foot of a tree on the edge of the forbidden forest and read her book in silence for the first time in a long time. It felt splendid, utterly amaz… Suddenly her book was gone. She looked down at her hands again as if somehow it had disappeared into them maybe shrunk in size for unknown reasons, you never can tell with magical texts.

“I need to put a beeper on you.” A voice boomed over her. She cringed and looked up at the tower that was her stalker. He stood above her looking over her book with a grim look on his face. “Having to find you is becoming rather annoying not to mention harder with each passing day.”

“Maybe that is because I don’t want to be found.” She said standing and jerking the book out of his hands, he was on her last nerve.

“No that can’t be it. You see it is a game this, like when we were little. You hide and I seek. But for some reason I always seem to be it.” He said shaking his head. “Not really fair.”

“You can go hide then.” She told him putting her book in her bag and heading back toward the castle at a quick pace.“Why do I have this feeling that if I were to go hide you would not come look for me?” He said as he ran and caught up with her. “I would die in hiding.”“Hmmm.. you are smarter then you look.” She told him.

“You are bloody hilarious you know that.” He said sarcastically. “What happened to that sweet girl I took to Hogsmeade who didn’t talk back.”

“You don’t even know her, know me.” She hissed at him picking up her pace to a walk/jog. Leif just lengthened his stride and kept up next to her.

“ Hmm.. I miss her.” He said as she picked up the pace again going into a full jog.



“Sorry to disappoint.” She said going into and all out run back to the castle. They raced like that till they ran into the main entrance slipping and skidding on the smooth stone floor. They continued the chase down various halls dodging suits of armor and staring classmates. Finally he trapped her in a dead end hall way and he backed her up into a door way. He put his hands on both sides of the doorjamb trapping her and grinning widely.

“I think you should start being nicer to me.” He told her panting the smug smile making her feel slightly homicidal.

But then to her delight she realized where she was and smiled up at him, a smile he didn’t like, a smile that seemed to say you really are thick aren’t you. “Oh that’s what you think is it.” She said as she pushed against the swinging door with her back. She walked into the room backwards and gave him a small wave with a sad puppy dog face. When he tried to step over the threshold to follow her he bounced off as if it were guarded by a force field. The door swung shut and he saw the sign on the door.

“Woman’s lavatory” he read aloud “Damn.” He cursed. “You can’t stay in there forever.” He yelled at the door.
“I won’t have to.” She yelled to him from inside the lavatory. “You will get bored in about 5 minutes and stomp off.”
She was only 1 minute off. At 6 minutes he stormed off pushing down a third year on his way. She was not only a freaky bird, she was a stubborn mean one at that.  





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