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Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Jk Rowling, Quoted material taken from the epilogue of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" By JK Rowling.





Rose stood there only for a moment, her lips frozen against his. Her whole body was paralyzed in shock.

But then, despite all of her better instincts, she began to respond.

Scorpius’ lips moved slightly over her own, as though he was testing how it felt.

Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and she pulled him towards her. Her lips pressed against his.

Suddenly the force of the kiss went from 0 to 100 and Scorpius wound his arms around her waist, wanting more.

Her lips opened and she kissed him back fervently, her hands running through his hair, dragging him closer and closer to her.

Her whole body was against the wall and Scorpius pushed his own body further towards her and kissed her even more deeply. She sighed and arched into him, and he broke away to kiss her jaw, pressing her flat against the wall.

Then, all of a sudden, she pushed him off roughly. She raced up the remaining stairs.

Once she reached the top she looked down at him.

Scorpius looked shocked, as though he had no idea what had just happened. He stared up at her.

Rose’s chest rose and fell, and her face was flushed.

“I still hate you,” she said, slightly out of breath.

Scorpius said nothing. He began to walk up the stairs, his usual cool expression in place. He reached the top and he looked her straight in the eye.

“Good to know we’re on the same page,” he said, his voice low and husky.

"Got your sleeping draft?" she snapped.

He pulled out the small vial from his pocket. He smirked at her.

"Sweet dreams, Weasley," he said.

All at once, they both turned on their heels and walked away to their separate common rooms without a backward glance.

“How was detention?” Sarah asked as Rose came into the dormitory and flopped onto the bed.

“The usual,” she answered vaguely, “Malfoy’s still a jerk.”

“He may be an jerk, but I never saw a jerk who's that fit,” Dom sighed, sitting down on her bed, a dreamy expression on her face.

“Get a grip Dom,” said Rose, “He’s a complete tosser.”

“Since when did god give the nice peronalities to the good-loking people?” asked Sarah, raising an eyebrow at Rose, "I mean, look at you."

Rose laughed.

“Are you saying I’m ugly?”

“No, I’m saying you’re a bitch,” grinned Sarah, “And we all hate you for not realising the way Scorpius Malfoy is madly in love with you.”

“Now you’re talking rubbish,” said Rose, turning away towards the window so Sarah wouldn’t see her cheeks flush.

“I would agree to a two week detention with Malfoy any day,” commented Jenny, their other roommate, a girl who usually kept to herself.

“Now there Jenny’s talking sense,” said Dom, grinning mischievously at her.

“Well you can swap with me any day,” said Rose, “Be my guest.”

“Don’t think it works that way Rosie Posey,” said Sarah, then she added, “sadly for all of us.”

“Oh, that’s it!” cried Rose, laughing, “I’m taking my sleeping draught now so I don’t have to listen to any more of this dribble. Next thing you’ll be discussing which part of his body’s the best.”

She drew out the small glass vial from her robes and looked at the sleeping draught.

“Sweet dreams,” said Laura, who sat on the next bed, smiling at her.

“Cheers,” nodded Rose and she lifted the vial to her lips.

She drank its contents in one go.

Immediately exhausted she curled into bed, her eyes closing as she heard the cries of:

“His hair! No! His face!”

“His bum!”

“His chest! By a mile!”

Steam from the Hogwarts Express billowed in clouds around the platform, and a gust of wind caught the hem of Rose’s robes and they fluttered softly around her ankles. 

'Dream Rose' (for she knew by now that she was in a dream) knew this scene only too well. Her first day at Hogwarts. It had arrived.

The steam died down and there stood Draco Malfoy, his long billowing black robes drifting in the air, a young Scorpius standing close beside him. Rose shivered slightly at Draco's cold stare in their direction.

“Don’t get too friendly with him, though, Rosie. Granddad Weasley would never forgive you if you married a pure-blood,” her father's voice echoed in her head, and the scene dissolved.

They were now on the train, pushing their way through the packed corridor.

Rose felt strange. It was a dream, she knew, but these were all events that had happened before. She knew what was about to happen, and she felt separate from her first year self. Almost like they were different people and she was watching a different girl's life.

James had gone off to find his friends, so Rose and Al decided to find an empty compartment. The loud chatter from every doorway told her they were all full. The last compartment was empty, or so she thought.

“Come on Al,” she called to the boy behind her, who looked about him with mild terror, “This one’s free.” He followed her eagerly in, but they both stopped when they saw Scorpius Malfoy sitting by the window.

Rose noticed that he shared his father's cold, greyish eyes and pale hair. 

She was tempted to go and squeeze into one of the already full compartments, and by the look on Al’s face so was he. But it would look rude if they left now. They sat down near the door, careful not to stare at Scorpius, who clearly wanted to be left to his own devices.

“Rose, what if I’m in Slytherin?” said Al again, quiet anxiousness obvious in his tone. Rose patted his knee.

“You won’t be, don’t worry. You can choose you know.”

Al nodded in an unconvinced way.

“Dad told me. I’d rather be in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff than in Slytherin.” A snort came from the other side.

Scorpius was smirking at them.

“Something funny?” asked Rose, raising an eyebrow at him.

“If I was in Hufflepuff, I’d probably leave,” Scorpius sneered.

“No one asked what you’re opinion.” Rose said with disdain. Scorpius eyed Rose up and down, his smirk growing with conviction.

“You must be a Weasley,” he said, his voice becoming even thicker with ridicule and conceit.

“You must be a Malfoy,” said Rose coolly, “I feel sorry for you too.” Scorpius’ pale face went slightly pink.

“I’m proud to be a Malfoy,” he growled angrily.

“Fine, then I’m proud to call myself a Weasley,” said Rose. She stood up and with her nose in the air, an habit that held an uncanny resemblance to Hermione Granger, she looked at Al poignantly.

“Come on Al, let’s find another compartment. Pleasure to meet you Malfoy,” she said sardonically.

Scorpius gave a mock cheery wave, and Rose stalked off, taking a startled Al by the hand and dragging him out into the corridor.

The scene dissolved.


“Malfoy, Scorpius,” called Professor McGonagall’s stern voice, holding the sorting hat in her hand.

Rose saw that they were all in the Great Hall, standing around anxiously as the other students watched the first years with amusement.

Scorpius walked up the stairs of the Great Hall. Rose scowled as he passed her, a graceful and arrogant swagger already in place. The hat took only a moment to decide.


Cheers from the Slytherin table echoed around the great hall. Scorpius smirked and walked down the stairs. On his way to the table he said in Rose’s ear,

“Wish you could join us Red, but we’ve got no more room when it comes to Weasleys.”

Before Rose could retort angrily that she would rather go home than end up in Slytherin, he had already passed her. Al looked at Rose with panic in his face,

“Rose!” he said, “What if...”

“Calm down Al,” she said, taking his hand and squeezing it reassuringly, “You won’t be in it. I promise.”

It was a risky promise she knew, but she needed to get rid of that look of fright on his face. A few more names were called until finally,

“Potter, Albus.”

Al was white in the face as he walked towards the stool.

A few whispers circled around the room, and Fred and James whistled and clapped loudly.

Rose frowned disapprovingly at them. She was sure they weren’t making it any easier.

The hat was placed upon his head. Al closed his eyes tight.

“GRYFFINDOR!” the hat cried. Al looked so shocked and so relived, it took several moments before Professor McGonagall prodded him to get off the stool.

Cheers erupted from the Gryffindor table and Rose clapped and smiled as Al rushed to the table, sitting next to Sarah Finnegan and Patrick McLaggen who had already been sorted. Lysander and Lorcan Scamander were sorted, then Laura and then Dom and then finally,

“Weasley, Rose.” Cheers came from the Gryffindor table. Rose suddenly felt very nervous herself.

Half the Gryffindors at that table were Weasleys. She sat on the stool and the hat came down.

“Another Weasley!” came the soft voice, sounding slightly exasperated, “Still…it makes my job easier, GRYFFINDOR!”

The Gryffindor table cheered enthusiastically and the bright candlelit hall dissolved before her eyes.      


“Watch where you’re going Weasley,” a cold sneer came to her voice and a bright daylight hallway.

Judging by the size of their classmates, they were only in their third year.

“Sorry Malfoy didn’t see you there,” said Rose, glaring up at him, “ what with your pea-sized brain and everything.”

“Clearly it’s you that’s got the pea brain Weasley,” sneered Scorpius, “Only 86% on the transfiguration test? Mummy will be disappointed. Course you know what I got, I mean it was so good McGonagall felt the need to make an example of my brilliance to the class.”

He smoothed down the front of his robes with arrogance.

Rose wanted to be sick all over them.

“I beat you in every other test Malfoy,” she glared.

“Not for much longer you won’t,” he strode past her and called out to the passing people, “Cos Malfoy’s on the way up, red. And there's nothing you can do to stop me.”

He glanced back at her, his taunting grin firmly in place. Rose fumed.

“This isn’t over Malfoy!” she yelled after him.

“Whatever Weasley,” he said walking into the crowd, “you sleep tight on that 86%. Get used to it.”

The scene dissolved again.

“Um… Higgs…there’s a Malfoy on your face.”

Fiona Higgs untangled herself from Scorpius’ arms and looked at Rose, her face unimpressed and bored at the sight of her.

“Never mind,” said Rose smiling falsely, “It’s gone now.” 

They were in the entrance hall and Scorpius and Higgs were intertwined on a bench outside the entrance to the great hall, which was now emptying from dinner.

‘Dream Rose’ remembered this scene as her fourth year.

“Buzz off Weasley,” said Higgs, turning back to Scorpius.

He didn’t seem quite ready to go back to undressing her with his eyes, and seemed in the mood to argue.

“Really Weasley, Fiona’s my girlfriend. Wait your turn.”

The tips of Roses ears went red,

“For real Malfoy?” she squealed with mock excitement,” I can wait in line for you!”

She dropped her sarcastic grin and glared at him.

“That’s right Weasley,” Malfoy smirked, “Right behind every other girl in our year. I mean, it’s only fair. They asked first.”

“Sure they did,” said Rose, “you really need to stop believing everything that happens in your dreams Malfoy. Sort of an unhealthy habit.”

“Jealous Weasley?” Scorpius sneered.

“Oh yes.” Rose's face was filled with disgust, ”I want you. I need you.”

“I know you do,” Scorpius said, “But stop being impatient red, and wait your turn.”

Rose stalked off angrily to join Laura.

Yet again the scene dissolved.


It was snowing.

‘Dream Rose’ saw they were in the middle of Hogsmede, on the main street.

Rose stood with her boyfriend, Jason Corner, talking animatedly to him.

Friends and classmates, who were all laughing and talking, all looking warmed up from butterbeer, surrounded them in tight group.

Rose looked up and saw Scorpius standing with his arm around Lila Davies's waist. At the sight of Rose, Scorpius pulled Lila closer to him and crushed his lips to hers. Rose ignored him and locked her arm with Jason’s.

“Listen Rose,” said Jason, turning to her, “I need to go up to the castle to deliver an owl. Sort of important. Mind if I go up now?”

“Yeah, of course” said Rose breathlessly,  “I want to go to Zonko’s quickly too.”

“Meet you at the castle?” She nodded vigorously and Jason gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and took off for the edge of the village.

‘Dream Rose’ sighed to herself and remembered how much she’d liked that Jason Corner.

But before he could walk much further away from her the scene seemed to rush forward.

Rose was in the three broomsticks. She sat alone with a bottle of butterbeer to keep her company. She paid Mme Rosmerta and left. Once she was outside she began taking the road up to Hogwarts, the snow falling even more heavily.

“Hey Weasley!” An all too familiar drawl came from behind her. Rose’s expression went from looking frostbitten and windblown to being annoyed.

She kept on walking. Malfoy caught up with her, apparently out of breath.

“You should stop when people call you, red, didn’t your parents teach you any manners?”

“Well your parents left out the part on how to be a decent human being, so don’t judge mine.”

“You left your gloves at the three broomsticks,” he held them out to her. That was why she had been cold.

“Thanks Malfoy,” she said tentatively,” you didn’t curse these did you?” Scorpius laughed,

“That would have been a little predictable.”

“Well anyway,” she took them and put them on her hands, “Thanks.” She walked on, but he walked with her.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend to get back to?” she muttered.

“Relax Weasley. Lila already went up. I’m going up there now. And there’s only one road. I’m entitled to it too.”

“Fine!” snapped Rose, walking ahead of him.

“Fine!” yelled Scorpius after her, “Ignore me!”

The path now broke into a woodland clearing.

The snow was getting thicker and thicker but Rose barely noticed this.

All she saw was Jason standing very close to Amanda Finch-Fletchley and she saw that they were kissing. Rose stood stock-still. ‘Dream Rose’ felt a gut wrenching pain to witness this again, and in her own dream as well.

Then, all of a sudden, Rose marched up to Jason

“What the hell is this!” she cried. Jason, having noticed her, broke away from Amanda with a look of horror and guilt on his face.

“Rose!” he stammered, “I thought you were in zonko’s!”

“They were closed.” She growled, “But you’re right. I am little early; I’ll just go and come back later. Sorry for interrupting.”

“It’s not what it look-“ Jason couldn’t finish his sentence because Scorpius had rushed forward and punched him.

Jason fell to the ground. Amanda screamed a high-pitched squeal.

“It’s not what it looks like,” Scorpius finished, glaring at Jason aggressively, “Trust me mate, that one never works.”

“What the hell is wrong with you!” cried Rose at Scorpius, her face the picture of horror and disbelief, “How could you just punch him like that?“

Jason seemed to have recovered from his fall and stood up.

“It’s none of your business, mate,” he lunged for Scorpius grabbing him around the middle and throwing him to the floor. Amanda screamed again.

“Shut up!” Rose yelled at her, and she subsided.

Rose ran to the two boys who were now punching and kicking each other with any force they had in them.

“STOP!” she cried, “Stop it!” She tried to get in between them but it was useless.

“What on earth is going on here!” came a shrill voice. They all looked up.

Professor Flitwick, accompanied by Professor McGonagall and Professor McKinley had just appeared at the opening to the path.

The scene dissolved.


Scorpius’ lips were suddenly on hers and she was kissing him back passionately.

His hands surrounded her back and he kissed her again, the heat smothering her.


 Rose jolted awake.


“Mother…Father, this is Rose,” Scorpius felt himself hold his breath, while he waited for their response.

Draco’s face was blurred and so was Astoria’s. He was in a dream. No, it felt more like a nightmare.

He only saw Rose’s face, looking up at him.

But Instead of eyes filled with hatred, they were eyes filled with love. Ocean-blue eyes.

“Rose…Weasley?” asked his father coldly.

Scorpius straightened up.

“Yes,” he said with as much backbone as he could manage.

“As in Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger's daughter?”


“Get out of my house!” Draco’s eyes were suddenly ablaze with fury.

“What?” Scorpius was shocked. He had expected his parents to be touchy, but this…

“Draco calm down,” pleaded Astoria.

“No!” Draco was angry now, “I will not have my son dating the daughter of a blood traitor and a mud-blood!”

Rose was looking furious, no…livid.

“Fine!” she cried, “lets go Scorpius.”

She beckoned to him as she prepared to storm out.

But Scorpius couldn’t move.

“Scorpius, don’t date her. She’s a Weasley. She’s not one of us,” said his mother pleadingly.

“I’ll disown you!” roared his father, “You will no longer be a part of the family! I never want to see you again!”

“SCORPIUS!” cried Rose, “COME! PLEASE!”

"SCORPIUS!" cried his parents in unison

“I…I” Scorpius stammered, “I don’t know what to do. I can't choose.”


Scorpius jolted awake.

Professor McKinley stood above him, looking extremely annoyed.

Her wand, raised in the air, appeared to have made the noise, and half the class had their hands over their ears in shock.

Scorpius wiped a few beads of sweat from his forehead.

It had been a dream. Just a dream.

“Miss Weasley, could you please tell me what potion I just told the class enabled Albus Dumbledore to uncover the twelfth use of dragons blood?”

“Um…” mumbled Rose, looking bleary eyed and confused, as though she had just woken up from a deep sleep, “I don’t know.”

“Of course you don’t,” said Professor McKinley sharply, “That’s why I asked you. You were to busy enjoying the aftermath of your sleeping draught, which clearly has not been made properly, as its effects have not worn off in the slightest.”

The Slytherins cheered, because to them this meant Scorpius had won. Professor McKinley glared in their direction and they fell silent.

“However, I cannot declare Mr. Malfoy the overall winner of this little competition, as his potion was also clearly a failure. He’s been mumbling ‘I can’t choose, I can’t choose, I don’t know what to do’ in his sleep for the past fifteen minutes. 30 points from both your houses.” 

There was an audible hiss of complaint around the dungeon. Professor McKinley silenced them all with an icy glare. This subdued them, as McKinley was never usually angry, and right now she looked furious.

“Your potions would have been successful had you listened to my instructions when I said not to use too many winkle berries, as that lengthens the time you are asleep for. You were both too busy bickering and continuing this ridiculous family feud to take note of what I told you during that class. So 10 points each for having too much pride to back down from this ridiculous challenge. Another 10 points for not listening to my instructions. And another 10 points for falling asleep in my class and wasting at least five minutes of my time. I sincerely hope never to have to hear of this ludicrous detest you seem to have for one another because of your parents again. Now, you’ve both wasted enough time in my lesson. So if you’ll excuse me…” She turned back to the board.

Rose glanced in Scorpius’s direction. He was looking at her, frowning slightly, a troubled expression on his face.

Their eyes met and they both quickly looked away.



A/N: Hey guys :), so what did you think?? Thoughts? Was McKinley too harsh? Surprised at their past? At all? please let me know :)

Just want to take a minute to thank everyone who's reviewed or favourited this story, thank you so much! I'm so pleased that some people are enjoying this!

So, as always, please review! They are, and will always be, my inspiration :) cheesy I know...
And if you see any typos please point them out, cos they drive me absolutely CRAZY!!

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