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Chapter Five: The Horrific House Hunt, Amoung Other Things


“Harry, Ginny, it’s time to get up!” Teddy called, much like a battle cry, as he jumped onto our bed and crawled up to where our faces were. I opened my eyes and saw him poking Harry in the face repeatedly.

“Teddy,” Harry groaned as he rolled over and pulled the pillow over his face. Teddy giggled and licked his hand.  I burst out laughing as Harry made a noise that was somewhere between disgust and amusement before tackling Teddy to the bed and tickling him.

I moved out of the bed and went to take my potions before anything could catch up to me. “Say Uncle!” Harry was talking over Teddy’s loud laughing.

“NO!” Teddy cried, squirming to get out of Harry’s grasp. I grinned as I walked into the bathroom.

Today was Saturday, August fourteenth which meant there were exactly two weeks until Harry and my wedding. Mum and I (along with Audrey because she lived to plan things), had been working our arses off to get everythind ready in time. Harry and I decided on something very small at the Burrow so as not to cause a fuss. As the day approached, the wedding wasn’t the only thing that Harry and I had been stressing over; we had also began the horrific hunt for a house.

Now, anyone who has gone through this horrific process knows exactly what I mean when I say that I would rather take on a nesting Hungrian Horntail than continue this search. So far we’d looked at what had to be at least twenty houses, but we hadn’t even come close to one that we both liked. Every house that I could see myself in, Harry didn’t like the yard… or the neighborhood… or the master bedroom, and every house that Harry showed interest in usually had a horrible layout or counters that would disgust even the dirtiest Slytherin.

It was a disaster. All we needed was a cute house with enough bedrooms to hold a nice-sized family. The whole reason we were moving in the first place was because we needed a bedroom for both Teddy and the new baby, so my goal was to find a house Harry and I both liked with at least four bedrooms. So far, that hadn’t happened.

After I had taken care of everything in the bathroom, I exited and found that Harry and Teddy had already gone downstairs to breakfast. I made my way down to the kitchen and helped myself to some cereal.

“How come you have to take so many potions, Ginny?” Teddy asked me with his mouth half-full.

“Swallow your food before you talk, Teddy, or you’ll end up just like Ron,” I told him.

“What’s wrong with being like Ron?”

“He has no table manners.”


“So people don’t like to have him over the dinner, which is sad,” I invented. Teddy had recently begun to question everything and, while I invited his curiosity, sometimes (like first thing in the morning) it got a bit annoying.

“Oh.” Teddy seemed happy with my answer.

“Yes, but the reason I have to take so many potions is because, like you know, I’m going to have a baby,” I told him. Again.

“But Harry, you said you’re having a baby too, though, so why don’t you take a lot of potions?”

Harry choked on his cereal and I thumped him on the back, trying not to laugh.

“My baby is the same baby as Ginny’s,” Harry explained when he was able.

“You will share the baby?” Teddy asked, confused.

“Yes, we’ll share the baby.”

“Like you and Grandma share me?”

“Kind of, but the baby will just live here with both us all the time.”

Teddy nodded and looked down at his cereal. He used his spoon to sink some of it below the milk and then let it back up again. Harry and I exchanged smiles from across the table.
I was about to ask Harry if he’d confirmed his and Ron’s dress robe fitting when Teddy spoke up again, “Will the baby call you mummy and daddy, like Vic does to Bill and Fluer?”

Harry and I exchanged worried glances, “Er – yes.” Harry answered.

Teddy was quiet for a minute as he seemed to think this over, “Were my mummy and daddy not good at sharing so you and Grandma took me instead?”

His question broke my heart, and I quickly got up from the table so Teddy wouldn’t see me cry and get scared. I hated these hormones; I was always so weepy whereas I never had been before I got pregnant.

“No, Ted,” Harry told him. “Your mum and dad loved you very, very much and they were very good at sharing you. We’ve talked about this, remember?”

I glanced over and saw that Harry leaned over to look Teddy in the eyes. I saw Teddy nod. “Are you still going to share me when the baby comes?” he asked in a very small voice, looking at the floor.

Harry grinned at him, “Of course!” he said. “Look at me Teddy,” Teddy looked up, “Ginny and I will always keep you around because we also love you very, very much; right, Gin?”

I wiped my eyes and turned, “Yup,” I grinned. “You’re never going to get rid of us, kid.” I told him as I walked over to stand by Harry and mussed up his hair.

He smiled at me. “Okay, then.” He said and went back to eating his cereal. I looked down at Harry and gave him a sad smile; Harry grinned and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into his lap. He kissed my cheek as Teddy looked up and wrinkled his nose, “I’m trying to eat here!” he said, exasperated.

“Sorry, mate,” Harry grinned at his godson. Teddy rolled his eyes.



“What’s wrong with this one?” I asked, exhasperated. I was holding Teddy’s hand in the kitchen of a house we were touring. It was truly a beautiful home, with five bedrooms, three and a half baths, and a dining room that could easily fit the family during holidays. It was in a purely wizarding neighborhood that was made up of mainly middle-aged couples with preteen children.

Harry scruched his nose up, “Our kids won’t have anyone to grow up with here.”

“They’ll have the whole family just a floo trip away!”

“Yeah,” Harry shrugged and walked over to the large window that overlooked a small yard. “No room to run around, really…”

“There’s a park right down the street –”

“And it’s not very homey…”

“That’s probably because it doesn’t have any furniture right now.”

Harry shrugged and I sighed. “So you don’t like it?”

Harry gave me a sad smile, “I’m sorry, I just… I want it to be perfect.”

“Harry, we don’t have long enough to worry about perfect! Any house with you and me and our family will be perfect,” I told him.

“And me!” Teddy interjected.
“You’re our family, silly,” I told him.


“What do you think of this house?” Harry asked him, bending down to his eye level.

“It’s okay,” he shrugged. “Is it like the house that you had when you were little, Harry?”

“No,” Harry shook his head, laughing. “I –” he paused and got that look on his face. I almost groaned. I didn’t know if I could handle this right now; my feet were aching, I was hungry, and Mum had told me to rest because my wedding was in four days.

He stood up, that look still in place, and grabbed my other hand, “I need you to humor me, okay?”


“Just trust me,” He said, grabbing Teddy’s other hand. I let the one I was holding go, knowing that Harry was about to apparate. Probably to somewhere ridiculous. Oh, Merlin.

“Ready?” He asked me and Teddy. I sighed and nodded and Teddy squeezed his eyes shut and nodded too. I kept his hand and turned on the spot with him to help ease the side-along. When the squeezing sensation lifted, I opened my eyes curious as to what awaited me. My heart flipped instantly and I looked over at my crazy soon-to-be husband.

“Harry,” I said gently.

“No, Gin, just wait. Listen,” He reached forward and at his touch, the gate swung open. Teddy let go of Harry’s hand and ran forward into the large front yard.

“Teddy, don’t go near the house!” I called after him, worried that the house that had been left in it’s destroyed state for nearly twenty-three years.

“I won’t!” he called back happily as he reached a tree with low branches and grabbed one to start climbing.

“He’s going to kill himself,” I groaned, turning to Harry for help.

“He’ll be fine.”

I watched Harry as he took in the house he only lived in for a year. It was still exactly as it was that terrible night, with a hole blown through the part of the house that was Harry’s room. The only difference, really, was that the wood had begun mold and decay, “Harry…”

“Look at all this land, Gin,” he said, turning to me and looking directly into my eyes with his beautiful green ones. 

“Harry, we can’t live there,” I told him gently.

“No, not there, we could knock it down and rebuild a house from scratch,” He said. “we could make it exactly how we wanted it, and we would have all this land that I already own…”

“Your parents were killed here,” I said softly, putting my hand on his arm. “Do you really want to live on the yard that your paretns died on?”

“That’s exactly why I want to build here, Gin. We don’t have to build right on top of the old house, but this is where my Mum and Dad wanted to raise me,” he pointed toTeddy, who was now a few feet up in the tree. “That’s what they wanted to watch me do. They wanted to watch me and my friends run around in this huge yard; play with the muggle and magical kids that both neighbor this plot of land. This is the perfect place to raise a family!”

“I don’t know,” I said, turning to look at Teddy again. He was sitting on a branch not too high up (Harry could still probably reach him), dangling his feet and waving at us.

“Ginny! Harry! Look how high I am!” he yelled down. “I’m taller than you, Harry!”

I saw Harry turn to look at him from the corner of my eye, “Wow, you’re so tall now!” he grinned.

“Watch this!” Teddy yelled and placed both hands on either side of his body and in one swift motion, before I even realized what he was going to do, he flipped backward to hang upside down and, instead of hanging on, slipped off the back of the branch.

“TEDDY!” Harry and I both yelled, running toward the tree. But, as I watched in horror, Teddy somewhow righted and landed on his back with a slight “oof.”

“Are you okay?” I gushed as I swept him into my arms, Harry knelt beside me.

“Gerrof Aunt Ginny,” Teddy muttered as I crushed him to my chest. “I’m fine.”

I pulled back to look at him and he scowled, “There was a cushioning charm, just like at Grandma’s house.” He told me, trying to wiggle free of my grasp.

“What?” I looked to Harry, who grinned. “Perfect place for a family, eh?”


“It does make sense,” Hermione said as she twirled around in her bridesmaid dress in front of a huge mirror in my old room in the Burrow. I’d asked her opinion on Harry’s idea. I told Harry that I would think about it and ever since then he’d been hinting towards it whenever possible (and, sometimes, when it seemed impossible). “He associates that place not necessarily with the horrible thing that happened there, but with the intentions his parents had to raise a family there. He probably feels very connected to them there; I remember when we visisted…” She trailed off, recalling a time during the war I had only heard of once. I didn’t press her on the subject.

“I just feel like there’s a bad vibe about the place,” I tell her. “I’m not being unreasonable, am I?”

Hermione shook her head, “No, not at all.” She tried to look at the back of her dress in the mirror, “I really like the design of this dress, Gin.”

“That’s because you picked it, Hermione,” I rolled my eyes.


“You’re ridiculous.”

“And you’re going to move in to a house on the land that started everything we’ve lived through,” she grinned.

“I haven’t decided yet!” I told her as I helped her unzip the dress.

She grinned at me in the mirror, “You can’t deny Harry that and we both know it,” I opened my mouth to interject, but she turned around, “But think of the bright side, if you give in Harry will have to let you make the decisions on the house. You can build your dream house and he won’t be able to shoot you down.”

I rolled my eyes, “We work as a team, Hermione; isn’t that what relationships are about?”

“Mhmm,” she said as she hung up her dress. “If that’s true then I assume I can let Ron be in charge of the rings for the wedding in three days? Since he and I are a team and all.”

“Don’t you dare let my brother touch those rings, Hermione,” I tell her sternly. “You know what happened when George put him in charge of his wedding rings.”

“We found them with a simple summoning charm,” Hermione laughed.

“How he managed to lose the rings in the wedding cake batter is a mystery I’ll never solve.”

“How they weren’t harmed when the cake was baked is even more mysterious.”

“I swear Mum dropped him on his head when he was small.”

“That would explain a lot.”

“Like how he’d fall for a bitch like you?” I asked, teasingly.

“Be nice to me or I’ll find an even more creative spot for your wedding rings, like up your little pregnant ars –”

“Everything fit well enough?” Mum opened the door, cutting Hermione off.

“Yes, Mrs. Weasley,” Hermione grinned and I detected a slight blush.

“Good, good,” Mum said, obviously distracted. “That’s one more thing we don’t have to worry about…” she trailed off and exited the room again.

“She’s mental,” I sighed, sitting down on my bed.

“Like mother like daughter,” Hermione grinned as she sat down next to me.

I shoved her over.



“Ow, ow, ow,” I heard Teddy whining from the bathroom as I passed by, carrying a clean load of his clothes to his bedroom.

“Oh, that doesn’t hurt,” Harry told him.

“You’re getting soap in my eyes!”

“I am not.”


“Nuh-uh,” my fiancé eloquently answered. “Now go under the water and wash the shampoo out."

I grinned and put the clothes up before returning to the bathroom and standing in the doorway and watching them through the crack in the door.
“All done – you’re nice and clean for tomorrow,” I watched Harry help his godson out of the tub. “Are you excited?”

Teddy let Harry drape a towel over him, shrugging and looking down.

“What’s wrong, buddy?” Harry asked, ruffling his hair.

“What if I mess up?” Teddy asked nervously. “What if I drop the rings?”

Harry chuckled and squatted so that he was eye-level with Teddy, “You’re not going to mess up, Ted. But even if you do, no one will care.”

Teddy didn’t look convinced.

“Here, if you mess up and drop the rings on accident, I’ll mess up too so that no one will notice that you did.”

Teddy laughed, “Really?”

Harry nodded. “All good then?”

Teddy nodded.

“Okay, let’s get you in bed and rested up for the big day tomorrow!”

Smiling, I snuck away from the door before I could be caught spying. I couldn’t believe that I was actually getting married the next day; it hadn’t really hit me yet. I felt like it should be more of a big deal to me than it was.

I changed into my pajamas in slipped into bed with a parenting magazine I’d stolen from Angelina, but my mind was still on the wedding. It was weird, Hermione was freaking out before her wedding, making sure everything was in place and that Ron had his robes on right… but I was pretty calm.

Maybe it was because I knew it wouldn’t change much. Yeah, Harry and I would be officially married, but we’d been commited to eachother so long that I didn’t think it would be any different. I’d been Harry’s since the day I saw him on the train station.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch.

But when I was fifteen and we started going out, I knew we’d be married. Hermione laughed at me when I told her, but there’s a feeling and I knew it what it meant.

And, of course, there was the baby. Harry and I were already bonded in the most intimate way possible – we had created a life. There was a baby with a heartbeat and a shape and toenails, I think, that was growing and was only mine and his. No one could take that away from me or from us and marriage wouldn’t make that any more official.

It may matter to my Mum and Dad that we get married, and it will be nice to get all dressed up and have my Dad give me away. I’m pretty excited about the wedding, but I know that nothing is really going to change. Harry and I have been married in every way but the official one for ages.

It will be weird to be Ginny Potter though. In a good way.

I smile at the thought.

Ginerva Molly Weasley Potter.

How many times did I write that on my scrap parchment?

“Teddy’s in bed,” Harry walks into the bedroom and pulls me from my thought. “What’re you grinning so goofily about?” he askes, smiling himself.

“Just thinking about tomorrow.”

“Yeah?” Harry strips down to his boxers and climbs into bed with me, pulling the magazine from my lap and dropping it on the floor. “What’s tomorrow again?” he says huskily as he pulls me to him so that he’s leaning over me and I can feel his warm skin press against my skin left exposed by my tank top.

“I’m changing my name, I think,” I manage to say, even if my mind has gone a bit hazy. Harry kisses my neck and I let out a soft moan.

“Is that right?”


Now he’s planting kisses in a line from my ear to my lips. He stops right before he kisses me full on the mouth and I open my eyes (when had I closed them?) and look into his green ones that I love so much. He smiles at me.

Unable to take it any longer, I crane my neck up and kiss him hard on the mouth, wrapping my arms around his bare neck and pulling him to me. I feel him smiling into my mouth and I run my tongue across his bottom lip, something I know drives him crazy. He moans and rolls over pulling me on top of him. I feel his hands under my tank top on my hips and I nearly rip off all of my clothes right then.

But then another option comes to mind.

I run my fingers through his hair and kiss him properly for another few seconds before pulling back and rolling off of him, “We can’t do that,” I say, smiling at his tortured expression. “We’re not married yet.”

He shakes his head at me and rolls over, putting on hand on my exposed stomach. He runs it up my side and a shiver runs through my body.

This is not fair.

“You’re not nice to me, Ginny Weasley.” He whispers.

“Maybe I’ll be nicer as Ginny Potter,” I raise my eyebrows, smiling.

“I guess we’ll have to wait and see then won’t we?” he leans down and kisses me so hard I forget what I was trying to do in the first place. When he pulls away I pout at him, but he just grins, grabs his wand off the nightstand and waves it to turn out the lights.

He pulls me close to go to sleep and all I can think about is how I want him naked right now.

I was supposed to be the one that won this teasing war.

Damn you, Harry Potter. Damn you.





A/N: I know, I'm horrible. I haven't given up on this story, guys, i swear. Nor on any of my other ones. I'm really trying to balance my college work with writing because I really love to write. I hope you guys still like me... just a little? Please? Haha.

Please tell me what you think!

Next is the wedding.

You guys and your reviews keep me going. Really. Like it's 12 and I've slept 4 hours in the last like 48 but I'm posting this for you. That counts for something, no?

You guys rock. I love you all.

Over and outt.


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