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Melody by Marissa
Chapter 1 : Melody Milonas
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A/N Hello my wonderful readers. This little story just popped in my head and the idea wouldn't go away until I put it on paper so I decided, what the heck, might as well. I am in the midst of writing my other story, Wilting Lilies, and that is my main priority right now, but I can promise you, this story is finding it's way deep into my heart. I have always been a fan of James and Sirius :) I will not abandon any of my stories, however updates might take a little while. So go on and take a gander! I promise you it won't hurt ;) Cheers!   


                                   AMAZING chapter image by Magpie @ TDA :)

                                                       Melody Milonas

A young man, sat before the impressive hearth, looking to be in deep thought; so much so, that the older man sitting across from him wondered if he even remembered he had company. After a few minutes the young man sighed and raised a glass of Elvin Wine to his lips.

“What was her name?”

The older man studied him carefully through stormy grey eyes, and then proceeded to take a sip of his own glass, before answering.

“Melody. Melody Milonas.”

The younger of the two leaned back in his seat. He was a handsome man. Fine features, a strong nose- of course, his identity accounted for much of his appeal.



It was his eyes, however, that were truly striking. They were a startling emerald, a beauty that one could find themselves lost in, with weariness that was beyond his age, and depth which hinted that perhaps he had witnessed too much in too little time. 

“Why are you telling me this now?” His voice, although hushed, was heard clearly by his godfather.

He was graced with a simple answer. “You deserve to know.”

“And my mother?”

“She knew.”

Harry Potter closed his eyes. “Tell me about her.”

A smile played on the elder mans lips. Although he looked haggard and worn, with sunken cheeks and a thin frame, he had the air of someone who- in his younger years- had been exceptionally attractive. Sirius Black eyed his godson observantly and began his story. 


September 3rd, 1974

The platform for nine and three quarters was as usual, swarming with children and adults alike, either rushing to make their goodbyes or emphatically greeting their friends. One girl in particular was craning her neck around searchingly, while grasping the handle of her trunk in one hand and carrying a cage occupied by a beautiful dark black owl- with the bluest of eyes, much like her owners- in the other.

Her eyes lit up as she spotted a familiar mop of black hair. She pulled her trunk behind her, speedily manoeuvring her way around the many bodies seemingly appearing out of nowhere in the thick fog of smoke.   

She stopped abruptly, a few feet away from the boy, a smile playing on her lips as she observed a rather intimidating woman screeching in his ear. The boy seemed relatively bored, lazily eyeing his shoes, hands buried deep within his pockets, as the woman continued to berate him. She smirked at the realization that Sirius Black- had, if possible- become more attractive. He was fairly tall, towering over his mother, with broad shoulders and a lean, toned body. His hair was long and black and very silky, perfect to run ones hands through; or so she’d been told.  

As if sensing her gaze he suddenly raised his head and caught sight of her.  His face erupted into a grin and without bothering to look back at his mother, sped off towards her.

“Sirius!” The girl shrieked wrapping her arms around his neck as he lifted her of the ground and twirled her around.

“God I’ve missed you! How are you? How was Greece?!” His voice was deep and almost melodic.

The girl giggled merrily. “Oh Sirius, it was amazing. Everything was so beautiful; the weather, the scenery, the food...even the people!” She sighed nostalgically.  “I almost didn’t come back.”

He scowled and she laughed. “Oh don’t give me that look. You were one of the reasons why I did.” She nudged his shoulder playfully. His lips contorted into his trademark smirk.

“So, have you seen the girls? I’m so anxious to see them!”

He shook his head and before he could answer, something over her shoulder caught his eye. Sirius Black stiffened, though his expression remained unnoticed by the blue eyed girl.

“Well then, let us go look for them, shall we?” She made to turn but he was quick to stop her. She raised her manicured brows questioningly, with an air of amusement. “Sirius, what is wrong with you?” She turned around and her face fell instantly. 


That dark unruly hair and impeccably dressed body was unmistakeable. It was also currently attached to an unknown blonde as they snogged ferociously, unaware or perhaps not caring about the glances being thrown their way.

Sirius Black hastily moved in front of the girl, blocking the couple from sight. “I’m sorry Mel.” He said quietly. “I suppose I should be mad at you, but your expression tells me I don’t know the entire story.”

Melody bit her lip and looked away while Sirius flinched as he heard a familiar voice calling him suddenly.

“Oi Padfoot, there you are! I thought I’d lost you.” James Potter sauntered over to the duo, hands buried deep in his pockets and the only traces of his previous rendezvous were his flushed face and swollen lips. The only indication he gave at seeing his ex girlfriend speaking to his best mate was a slight narrowing of his eyes.

“Oh, wotcher Milonas.” He nodded to her stiffly.

“Hi, James.” She greeted softly.     

He flinched at the familiarity of her voice and Melody hastened to pull herself together. She straightened her shoulders and flipped her long, black mane behind her. “I should go find the girls; I’ll see the two of you later.” She smiled slightly and- gripping her trunk again- turned on her heel towards the large scarlet train. 

Sirius eyed his friend carefully as he ran a hand through his unruly hair. “Well then, let’s go find the others.” James grinned, but Sirius could tell it was forced. Without waiting for a response, James walked off in the same direction Melody had. Sirius sighed and warily followed his friend.


“Padfoot I found them!” James Potter hollered as he shoved his trunk inside the compartment. He grinned at the occupants. Remus Lupin rolled his eyes but returned the smile tenfold. “I don’t think the people in America heard you mate.”

Peter Pettigrew snickered. Sirius sprinted inside, red faced. “Oh thank god, I thought for sure that Ravenclaw bird was going to jump me.”  James snorted. “I would have liked to see that.” Sirius flipped him off and hauled his trunk on the luggage rack, then slumped on the seat opposite his sandy haired mate. “So Moony, full moon in two weeks.” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively and Remus scowled.

“Don’t remind me.” He drawled.

James took a seat beside Peter before nicking his chocolate frog. “Don’t worry old chap, we’ll be there as always.” He shot Remus a reassuring smile as Peter spluttered angrily beside him. Remus resumed his reading but a smile played at his lips.

“Any of you seen Snivelly yet?” Sirius smirked, twirling his wand menacingly around his fingers.

“Whatever you’re thinking, drop it.” Remus responded without looking up. Sirius pouted. “C’mon mate, this is our sixth year. We only have two more years to make their life a living hell before they go and join Lord whatshisface.”  

James stiffened and Peter looked up in intrigue. “Lord who?”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Com one Pete, get with the program! Haven’t you read the daily prophet?”

Remus came to his friends defence. “Half the things they write in there is bollocks, why read it!” Sirius pondered this. “I guess. Anyways, there are rumours that some loon is rounding up followers to protest muggles and muggleborns. It’s completely mental if you ask me and it sounds like the hogwash my parents sprout.” He glowered.

James smiled at his mate comfortingly. “Don’t worry Padfoot. One more year and we’ll be old enough to get our own place.” This cheered Sirius up immensely.

“By the way, who was the bird you were sucking face with on the platform?” Sirius asked, his face betrayed nothing.

James shrugged, focusing intently on his house of cards which he had started to build out of exploding snap cards. Peter looked on in amusement and Remus occasionally glanced away from his book to smirk.

“I think her name was Dalia... or something or other. Don’t quite know.” He answered distractedly, his brows were furrowed and his tongue rested against his lip in deep concentration as he carefully and strtegically placed another card. Remus snorted. “That’s rich.”

Finally looking up, James smirked victoriously before the cards promptly exploded in his face.


Peter and Remus roared with laughter as James wiped the soot off his face scowlingly.


“Not my fault. She came on to me without even bothering to introduce herself first...bloody good kisser though.” He mumbled.


Sirius sighed. He knew his best mate still had feelings for Melody and judging by her expression on the platform, she wasn’t over James completely either. So why then, had Melody ended things with him? Sirius shrugged and leaned back in his seat. He looked out the window pensively, hoping this wouldn’t ruin their sixth year.  




A/N What do you think? Good, not so good, horrible? Give me your feedback.

Disclaimer: I own Harry Potter. I am also the queen of Sheba, I own Neverland and I dance around stark naked in the Arctic :) Nuff said. 

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Melody: Melody Milonas


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