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Chapter 8

Leif decided to forgo his pestering of Avalon until after breakfast. His day was going bloody splendidly. He sat around the Slytherin table with his mates talking Quidditch and strategy and of course girls.

“Well did you see her?” Dario asked Leif who had zoned out for a moment.

“Hmm.. Who?”

“Umm only the hottest girl on the pitch you tosser! Madeline Jeffrey!” Dario was outraged.

 “Ravenclaw right?” Leif said.

 “Yes of course she is in Ravenclaw haven’t you been listening to anything we have been saying for the last 20 minutes.” Dario exclaimed.

 “Sorry mate my mind has been on other things.” Leif laughed good naturedly.

 “That’s right how did your little date go with our favorite Gryffindor.” Allen asked his voice sounding almost as greasy as Snape’s.

 A little smile crept to his lips before he could stop it. All the boys scooted a little closer and made ooooos and aaaahs.

 “Did you snog?!”

 “Did you get her shirt off?”

 “Is she good in the sack?”

 “I never kiss and tell ladies.” Leif said with a smirk. He was lying of course he in fact always kissed and told but since he had not yet kissed Avalon he thought it better to leave it a mystery for the lads.

 “I bet he did get with her.” Ciro grumbled. “You really are a master Leif.”

 “Well when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.” He said cockily.

 “Looks like someone else has got it as well. I’m surprised I would have never guessed your girl was a closet skank Leif.” Allen said with satisfied smirk.

 “What.” Leif exclaimed his back was to the entrance to the Great Hall so he whipped around to see who was entering. To his surprise he saw Avalon, that its self was not really a surprise, and another bloke. A handsome young bloke. They hurried to the Gryffindor table and sat down their eyes locked on each others. “Who the hell does he think he is.”

 “You’re losing your touch lad.” Allen laughed. “I mean by Merlin he is a Hufflepuff.”

 Leif looked back over to where she sat with the mystery Hufflepuff and saw him reach across the table and take her hands in his. “That lad is not diddling about Leif.” Dario teased. “Looks like you’ve got some competition.” They all laughed and Leif saw red. He started to stand when Mikko who was sitting beside him grabbed his arm and yanked him back down.

 “This is not the time or the place.” He said so quietly that only Leif could hear him. His blood was boiling as he watched the two talking quietly alone in their own little world. She never looked at him like that when they talked, in fact she barely looked at him when they talked and for the most part he did all the talking. Jealousy was a snaking its way through every part of his body.

 Then it took a turn for the crazy. The Hufflepuff leaned over and softly gave her a kiss on the cheek then quickly left the Great Hall. Yeah you better run Leif thought as the Hufflepuff made it safely to the exit. He turned his rage filled eyes on Avalon who sat slumped over a plate of food looking like a feral animal as always.


 Avalon was enjoying her quiet morning walk to the Great Hall when she ran into none other than her dear cousin Bryson who was headed down to breakfast as well.

 “Me and Cari have been worried about you Ava.” He told her in a hushed tone as he took her book bag and slung it over his free shoulder.

 “Worried, why?” she asked him her voice matching his low tone.

 “We saw you enter the Great Hall with that great monkey Haroldson.” He said as they made their way to the great hall. She smiled at his description of Leif and agreed with it. He was rather like a gorilla always walking about pounding his chest showing how great and strong he was. “Has he taken a fancy to you or what?”

 “I’m not sure what he wants. He has become a right nuisance though.” She told him.

 “I don’t like it. I don’t like him.” Bryson almost growled. Avalon looked over at her younger cousin and smiled. He was such a handsome boy but the frown he wore didn’t do him justice. He had thick dark brown hair much like Avalon’s that was loosely pushed back away from his face. But unlike Avalon he had sharp features his face was full of angles yet it was very becoming.

 “I know you don’t like him. I don’t really care for him myself.” Avalon said with a quiet laugh.

 “Why don’t you tell him to get lost then.” He asked her as they approached the big double doors that lead into the Great Hall.

 “He doesn’t take hints well.” She told him as they stepped over the threshold.

 All though breakfast Bryson gave her advice about how to send Leif packing. He even held her hands like he used to when they were younger to comfort her. Not that she really need comfort now but it was a good gesture. When he left he gave her his customary family kiss which she found a little awkward in the Great Hall but thought it would hurt his feelings to tell him nay especially after he just spent his morning giving her a peep talk.

 After she had shoveled all her food quickly into her mouth she made her quick exit as always. As she made her way to the double doors she felt eyes boring into her. She quickly did a sweep of the hall from under her bangs and caught sight of a red faced Leif who looked ready to leap after her. Realization donned on her then and a small smile jumped to her lips which she changed back to her normal blank expression. Was he jealous? Was that even possible? Though it was amusing she knew there would be fireworks coming soon. 





 He was a ticking time bomb as he stomped through the halls. Everyone seemed to take notice and parted before him like the red sea. He was making his way along angrily when, who did he see, none other than the Hufflepuff from the great hall. He was leaning up against a wall talking and smiling with some younger Ravenclaw and making the most disgusting puppy dog eyes at her. Not only was this little tosser trying to steal his girl but he was flirting with other girls! Leif had had enough.

 In one fluid motion Leif grabbed the boy by his neck and slammed him into the wall. At first the boy look startled but then when his eyes settled on the face of his attacker it grew stony.

 “You hanging about my girl and baiting this one along as well!” he bellowed into the smaller boys face.

 The boy did not recoil in fear as Leif had expected. Rather he pushed Leif off him and squared off with him. “Yeah I’m hanging around her and I would stay clear of Avalon if I were you. She deserves better then the likes of you!” he yelled back in Leif’s rather stunned face.

 Leif let out a dangerous laugh and looked into the Hufflepuff’s eyes. “You’re not telling me what to do are you Hufflepuff?” he asked his voice a scary calm.

 “Yeah I guess I am you pureblood trash.” He said shoving Leif again for good measure.

 “Trash!” people were gathering now all picking sides and placing quiet bets. “I’ll show you what real magic is little boy. Stupify!”

 The Hufflepuff blocked the spell easily a broad smile on his face. “You Slytherins are not the smartest pupils in the class are you?” he laughed so condescendingly that Leif stood looking rather in shock. Who the hell was this kid?

 “Locomotor tapestry.” The boy called bringing Leif out of his daze but a little late. The folds of the fabric wrapped around his body knocking him off balance and sending him to the floor. But before he hit the stone floor his enemy yelled again. “Levicorpus.” He was whipped up then by his feet and he hung awkwardly in the air the tapestry still wrapped around him.

 Laughs filled the hall as the most feared student hung by his feet wrapped in a tapestry all by the hand of a smaller unknown Hufflepuff. It seemed to all them there was such thing as Karma and it is really true to the saying, a bitch.

  “Levicorpus!” Leif yelled taking the smirking Hufflepuff by surprise. Soon they were face to face with each other 20 feet in the air. So they did the only thing they could do in that situation. They started slapping each other like angry children much to the gathered crowds pleasure.

 But the fun was ruined when Professor McGonagall came storming through the crowd yelling “What is going on here?” she bellowed at the two suspended students who were in the middle of a aerial slap battle. “Stop this moment!”

 Both turned to look at the beat read professor then turned back to each other their eyes seemed to still glow with hatred. Leif got in one final surprise slap before the professor brought them crashing down to the stone floor on their backs. “Get to class all of you.” She yelled to the crowd who were starting to disperse. “Mr. Price and Mr. Haroldson follow me. We need to have a chat about this.” Her voice filled with anger.


Leif sat with his chin resting on his fist as he listened to Professor McGonagall drone on about expected behavior and rules.

 “Dueling in the halls not to mention ripping a priceless tapestry in the process you two should be ashamed and embarrassed by your behavior.” Leif saw out of the corner of his eye the Hufflepuff or Mr. Price nodding stupidly. He looked at the professor like he was actually engaged in the conversation. Leif snorted and looked off into space again till the professors door creaked in and Snape snaked into the room. When Snape’s eyes fell upon Leif sitting across from Professor McGonagall’s desk his eyes darkened dangerously.

 “Oh, Severus thanks for coming so promptly.” McGonagall said as Snape made his way to her side on her side of the desk. Professor Sprout entered shortly after and glared daggers at the newly named Mr. Price. “Mr. Haroldson we expected so much more from you. You are head boy this year you are meant to be an example to the students.” She told him shaking her head as if to stunned to believe it had happened. “And Mr. Price, Head of your dueling team top marks in your classes what in the name of Merlin has gotten into the both of you?” she said looking the both of them over.

  When Leif dared a look at Snape his normally pale skin held a bit of a pink hue. A really bad sign. “Well I will release you to your responsible staff members and hope you two will learn from this unfortunate incident.” She told them looking to Sprout and Snape who both motioned for there respective students to follow them.

 Leif stood reluctantly and followed Snape a few paces behind the huffing man. “Haroldson my office now.” He bit out as he marched.

  Leif rolled his eyes but followed the enraged professor to his dark and dank office. When they entered Snape turned to Leif “Close that bloody door.” He growled. Yes growled like a like an animal.

  “This is you helping us crush Gryffindor is it.” He hissed. “You got 50 points taken not to mention I am going to have to crawl on my belly in front of McGonagall to get you out of a month of detention so you can still captain the team. My head boy dueling in the halls with some Hufflepuff and you lost from what I heard. It’s a bloody disgrace.” He growled again.

  Leif started to open his mouth to retort but Snape raised his hand to stop him. “Don’t you dare say a word.” He yelled. “You get the hell out of here before I get sacked for using and unforgivable on you.” He didn’t have to ask twice. Leif was out of there before Snape could blink.

 He quickly made his way out of the dungeons and back to the main floor where who should he run into then none other than Mr. Price. Leif felt his temper spike again when he saw who was talking gently to him and rubbing his red cheek, where Leif had gotten in that good surprise slap, softly. For a person who claimed to hate people she seemed to like this bloke just fine. Mr. Price looked over in that moment and saw Leif and gave him a smirk that seemed to say ha ha you lost.

 Leif turned and stormed away and ducked into an empty class room. He finally let out all the pent up rage that had been built up in him all day. He turned over desks, tossed chairs and books, and knocked over book shelves sending them to the floor in large crashes. One of his tossed chairs him a large mirror sending shards of glass all over the destroyed room. Finally exhausted he sat down among all the destruction and tried to catch his breath and catch hold of his temper.

He was so lost in the moment he didn’t even notice when a person came and sat down beside him. Finally he caught sight of a pair of sensible black shoes out of the corner of his eye. Avalon. He couldn’t help the smile that formed on his lips.

 “Well” she breathed looking around the room. “You can make a right mess.” She said her voice shaking. Leif looked over at her and saw her eyes filled with fear. He tried to give her a smile but his attempt was weak so he looked away again back at he destruction of the room. “Dueling what will you think of next.”

He let out a little laugh and looked at his shoes.

 “His name is Bryson by the way. Even though it shouldn’t matter, least of all to you.” She told him her voice quiet while she studied her own shoes.

 “Oh why is this Bryson Price so great?” He asked his voice dripping with anger, hurt and jealousy.

 “Well he was a first rate dueler as you already know, he can play an amazing game of chess, and he gets me really great holiday gifts.”Leif looked over at her and she gave him a smile. “Not to mention he is my cousin.”

 “Cousin?” Leif asked dumbly.

 “Yes my first cousin.” She told him.

 “So you don’t like him?” he asked dumbly.

 “I think they have laws against that sort of thing.” Avalon said a small smile playing on her lips.

 Leif barked out a laugh and looked over at her. “You are quite funny when you want to be.”

 “Don’t get used to it.” She told him her voice dry as always. He smiled and stood and put his hands out for her to take. She reached up and put her hands in his and he pulled her up in front of him.

 “I think I should clean this place up a bit don’t you.” He asked her his hands still wrapped in hers. She nodded and he let go of one of her hands to pull out his wand. He closed his eyes and silently cast a spell. The air in the room seemed to freeze giving the room an unearthly feel. Then the chairs and tables started to vibrate and like a flash they flew to their original locations. Every little shard of glass started to vibrate against the stone floor filling the room with a tinkling sound till like a shot they flew to the mirrors frame and reformed into the single pane once more.

 She looked around the room rather astonished. He laughed when he saw her face. “I do know some magic.” He told her putting his want back into his robes. “And you don’t think this is the first time I have destroyed a room do you?”

 “You do seem rather practiced.” She told him with a small laugh.

 “Come on I’ll walk you to your next class.” He told her, her hand still in his he lead her out back into the now deserted hall way. They walked up and down the hall ways not saying anything just holding hands till he finally laughed and looked down at her. “What class do you have anyway.”

 “Arithmacy” she told him with a smile.

 “Right come on then.” He said leading her now with purpose in his steps.






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