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Lily Evans had just survived what had to be the most eventful summer of her life. She was forced to break up with her on again, off again boyfriend, work with a boy she hated, who it turned out she actually liked and started dating, was attacked by the ex boyfriend who turned out to be crazy, basically was put under a 24 hour protection program....and all the while had to keep working at her parents corner market.

Now as she sat in the Head's Compartment of the Hogwart's Express she turned to the boy hated and loved at the same time, James Potter, and was finally ready to say something that had been on her mind.

"James," Lily said making him turn to look at her. "I want to start this year right, and I just wanted to say," she paused and took a deep breath, "I love you."

James couldn't help but laugh. He had been sure that Lily was going to drive him crazy waiting for her to say those words. However, when he saw her eyes getting defensive about his laughter he stopped and with a large smile said, "I love you too."

He leaned towards her and planted a kiss on her lips. She responded shyly and quickly turned away making James frown at her.

"Prefects will be coming in any minute. I don't want our authority to be looked down on if they see us kissing," she explained.

"Merlin, I'm not allowed to kiss you anywhere! Not when my parents are in the house, at the Market, on the train...."

"I'm sorry!" Lily laughed, "I've been waiting for this position a long time! I don't want to mess it up."

"Fine," James said dejectedly, "I'll just wait for us to be in our dorm where only people who know the password can get in."

"Our dorm? James, just because we're the Heads doesn't mean it's only ours. We can't just kick everyone else out, or not give them the password!"

"Why not? The previous Heads never let other students in! Neither should we! It's called the Head Dorm for a reason, Lils."

Lily scrunched her eyebrows in confusion. "Didn't you get the note from McGonagall? They've gotten rid of the Head Dorm! Apparently Brooke and Chris, the Heads from last year, got frisky and were reported."

"What?" James gasped.

"I know! That's what I said! What respectable Head Girl or Boy would abuse their rights like that? I mean, I always figured some of them did, but Merlin! They were chosen for the position for a reason!"

"I was going to abuse those rights though!"

Lily cocked one eyebrow and said, "You and what girl, because I certainly wasn't."

"Maybe the note you received was a mistake! Because I never got one, and that's not really fair if I wasn't given an adequate notice."

Lily laughed that James was trying so hard to undo what was already done, and reached over to give him a kiss on the cheek, but instead only kissed air as he scooted down the seat.

"I'm not in the mood anymore," he said sourly.

Lily let out a burst of laughter and jumped over to James to sit on his lap. "A kiss on the cheek is all I want to give!"

James tried to evade her lips, but she held his face steady in her hands and moved in to plant a wet one. The pair froze in their positions as the compartment door handle started to jiggle, and without a second thought, James stood making Lily fall to the ground.

She let out a little 'Umph!', but looked up in time to see Remus enter with a Raveclaw Prefect named Naomi Russel. The girl had lush chestnut hair that fell gracefully down her shoulders. Her green eyes were more of a dark forest color instead of the bright emerald shade like Lily's. Not to mention her skin that had always been tan and completely flawless without freckles.

The two girls had been competitors since their first train ride on the Hogwarts Express. They had at first been drawn to each other because they were both muggle borns, but it was easy to see that they were both going to Hogwarts to make a name for themselves. Lily remembered Severus sitting beside her watching the two of them at first politely talk about their muggle lives and how it was so exciting to be doing something different, but then something switched. The two them instead of merely talking, started comparing things like their grades at their muggle school, the amount of friends they had had, and how they planned on outdoing all of the pureblood students. Severus's head had swiveled back and forth, knowing that a competitive Lily was a dangerous Lily. The moment they had been sorted into their opposite Houses, the real competition began not only with their intelligence, but with their looks too.

Lily had been jealous of Naomi their first three years of school because it was obvious who was better looking, despite that it was obvious Lily was smarter. In their fourth year though, Lily's body began to fill out and she came to realize that maybe she could be just as pretty as Naomi! Her confidence boosted and the girls could only wait for their fifth year to see if they both would become Prefects. When they did, the studying for O.W.L.S. began, and it turned out to be like a tie. Lily excelled in some subjects that Naomi scored lower in and vice versa.

The final test was who would become Head Girl, and as Lily stared up at Naomi's twisted face of anger and disappointment she felt the pure satisfaction of victory, minus the fact that she had just been dumped on the floor by her boyfriend.

"Is this a bad time?" Remus asked with humor in his eyes.

"No! We were just saying how Prefects would be coming at any minute," James said. He immediately reached down to lift Lily up into a standing position.

"Thanks," she softly laughed brushing herself off. "How are you, Naomi?"

"Fine," she said with a tight jaw, "I suppose a congratulations is in order."

"I suppose it is," Lily smiled brightly.

Naomi flashed her own fake smile and then took a seat in the corner of the compartment. Remus bounced his eyebrows up and down making Lily giggle before moving out of the doorway so that more Prefects could join the room.

As they filed in and took their seats Lily's chest bubbled with excitement and pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket that outlined the things that she planned to talk about. She quickly put it in James's lap and told him to look it over while she gave an introduction.

He shook his head that she had actually made something like this and saw that its bullet points emphasized on:
1. Responsibility
2. Fairness
4. Leadership
5. Enforcing Rules for Everyone (That means you, James)

"Hello, everyone! Thank you for being here so promptly! It's good to see those of you from our previous years, but to our new Prefects, I'm Lily Evans the Head Girl and this is James Potter the Head Boy!" James looked up from the paper and gave a wave hello. Lily went on to explain the duties of a Prefect and how she expected everyone to show the proper way to lead not only to the new Prefects, but to the rest of the student body too.

In fact, by the end of her speech James was pretty sure he wasn't needed! He sat back and relaxed while she took control of the meeting....or until she said, "Is there anything you'd like to add James?"

"Uh...yeah! If you guys want to give me a few pointers as well as the new Prefects, I'm sure Hogwarts would appreciate it. You all know how much I love rules!" He sent a wink to the snickering crowd, but earned a smack to the back of his head from Lily.

"Thank you for your time. Fifth years, you are to patrol the hallways first. Make sure that no one is dilly dallying in the hallway or picking on first years. Sixth years will take over patrol in one hour, and seventh years will patrol everyone getting to the carriages while James and I guide first years to the boats."

With a nod of heads, the Prefects filed out of the room and went back to their compartments. Naomi stuck her nose in the air as she as she passed Lily, entertaining Remus again who stopped to talk with his friends.

"You should've heard her on our way over, Lily," he laughed, "She's certain that Dumbledore meant to put her name on the badge."

"Yes, because Evans and Russel are so easy to mix up!" Lily said sarcastically.

James slid his arm around Lily's waist and kissed her on the cheek. "Sorry about shoving you to floor."

"Yeah, what was that?" Remus asked.

"A test of James's unknown strength apparently," Lily rolled her eyes.

"Oh no, it was known! Just accidentally used," James said. He squeezed Lily's side to lighten up her mood.

"By the way did you really have to say that?" she stepped out of James's arm. "Those students are supposed to take you seriously now!"

"I'll catch you guys later," Remus mumbled. He quickly left the room not wanting to be pulled into the fight.

"Who cares that I made a joke? And I believe that I said I could use some tips about rules, not that I wasn't going to break them."

"That's probably what they heard though! James, you're a Marauder and that means you're going to have to work just as hard as me to get respect from everyone!"

"You mean harder than you?"

"Nope. Just as hard. I'm muggle born. That means at least a quarter of the student population is against me. Who knows if the rest of the school has changed their mind since the end of last year?"

James wrapped his arm around Lily again, but this time she allowed him to keep it there.

"Who could not respect us? Lils, we are the smartest and obviously the best looking people of the entire school! If anyone shows the slightest bit of rebellion I will hex-" Lily cleared her throat making James sigh, "I will hand out detentions so fast that Filch won't know what to do with them."

"Much better," Lily sighed. With a final squeeze around his waist, Lily pulled away from James and grabbed the handle of her suit case. "I'm glad you have enough confidence for the both of us. I better go and find the girls though. See you at the boats?"

"Of course! Tell the them all hi." Lily gave him a quick peck on the lips, but he stopped her before she could step away. "Are you sure you read the note right?"

Lily rolled her eyes and unzipped a pocket on the front of her suit case. She grabbed a piece of folded parchment out of it and dangled it in front of his face. When he grabbed it from her grip she walked away still shaking her head at him.

James on the other hand, read the note with a pain struck look on his face.

Dear Miss Evans,
It has come to our attention that though the Head Dormitory has been of good use for Head Student privacy, the use of the privacy has been abused, and therefore it has been decided by the Head Master for the Head Students to live the duration of their final year in their House Dormitories as in the previous years-

James stopped reading right there and started sprinting to the compartment where he knew the rest of the Marauders would be; the last one of the left. He slammed open and shut the compartment door before throwing himself on the floor.

"Nice of you to join us, Prongs!" Peter laughed.

"Jeez, did Lily really tear you up that bad about the comment?" Remus asked.

"No," James mumbled into the floor, "It's worse than that." He pushed himself up off the floor and leaned against the seat. He saw that Sirius was intently staring at a game of Wizard's Chess between himself and Remus. "She just gave me this." He held the note into the air.

Remus grabbed it from him and scanned his eyes through the writing. "Wasn't the Head Dormitory the only reason you accepted the position?"

"More than less," James shrugged.

Sirius's head snapped up from the game with guilt written on his face. "Prongs," he said clearing his throat, "I wanted to tell you on the train ride so that you would hear it from me instead of the harsh words of the unfeeling Minnie."


Sirius reached overhead into his bag and pulled out a folded piece of parchment that had the same strict writing as on Lily's. "The owl came one day while you were out with Lily, and I opened it knowing you wouldn't care, but when I realized how hard this would hit you I thought it would be better for me to tell you!"

"Padfoot, you know how much worse I feel now? I've spent this whole day thinking me and Lily were going to get to be in practically the same bed tonight, and I had to find out by surprise instead!"

"i'm sorry, Prongs," Sirius said patting his shoulder.

James sighed, "It's were doing what you thought would be best."

"Oh for Merlin's sake! I'm sure Lily would have made sure you two would be sleeping in your respectable rooms," Remus said, "It's not going to be that big of a difference."

"You don't know that!" Sirius defended James's emotions," James would have broke down Evans' wall and had them sharing a bed within the week!"

"Her name is Lily, and I highly doubt that," Remus scoffed.

"Yeah, me too. Lily is pretty uptight," Peter said, "Especially when it comes to rules!"

"Fine, a month! It still would've happened eventually though!" Sirius said.

"No, Moony's right. She would've turned me down." James said pulling himself all the way onto the seat now.

"Look on the bright side! Now you get to be with us again!" Peter smiled.

James glared at Peter making the other two boys laugh. "Yeah, Pete. I'm sure he'd much rather sleep with us than Evans!" Sirius laughed.

"For the love of Dumbledore's beard, call her Lily!" Remus yelled.

Lily walked away from James still shaking her head. Sure, she might have allowed herself to fall asleep in James's arms every now and again, but he was acting like this change was the end of the world! She put the thoughts aside and instead focused her energy on the excitement of seeing her best friends; Marie, Lisa and Danielle.

They all four belonged to the Gryffindor House, though they weren't all best friends at first. During their first two years they were split in half; Lily and Marie were friends by themselves and Lisa and Danielle made a own twosome.

Lily and Marie were friends because they were so opposite from each other, and for some reason they seemed to click! Lily was obviously the brains, and though Marie wasn't dumb, she enjoyed using her intelligence for more gossip than school work. She reminded Lily of her muggle friend Paula, and she sometimes wondered if that was the reason she got along with Marie so well!

On the other hand, Lisa and Danielle got along because of how similar they were. They were both quick to defend not only themselves, but others too, which sometimes made them look like they meddled into others business, but they were honestly just trying to help.

During their third year they started to hang out more, but it wasn't until their fourth year that something happened that brought all of them together. In that year, Lisa and Danielle had both developed a crush on Sirius, but they both kept it a secret from each other not wanting their reputations of being independent to be tainted.

Sirius eventually realized what was going on, and being the Marauder he was, dated them both. He made plans to meet them at Hogsmeade in different places at different times, but when Lisa stopped by The Three Broomsticks to have a Butterbeer with Lily and Marie and saw Sirius there with Danielle across the room all hell broke loose.

Lily could still remember watching it all happen...

Lisa picked up a Butterbeer from Lily and Marie's table and calmly walked over to where Sirius was chatting up her best friend. Under the table she could see Sirius lightly playing with Danielle's fingers making her anger bubble even more.

"Oh, hey Lisa!" Danielle greeted.

"Hello," she narrowed her eyes at Sirius, "Danny, did Sirius tell you why he had to leave in say, twenty minutes?"

Danielle gave her friend a confused look. " he didn't." Danielle caught onto her friend's aggravated tone and drew her hand away from Sirius's. "Where will you be going?"

Lily and Marie were snickering at the giant hole Sirius had dug himself into when Lily noticed someone sit down at their table.

"Hello, ladies," James smirked.

"Merlin, you've got to be kidding me," Lily muttered, "I told you I didn't want to have anything to do with you on this trip, Potter."

"Yes, my love, I know, but I thought maybe we could reach some kind of agreement. Sirius came up with the idea that maybe if we start dating two girls at once, who also happen to be good friends, we'll all be more comfortable around each other," he winked.

"Oh, boy," Marie sighed.

"What is it with you boys?" she yelled, "No means NO!" She heard a shriek across the room and saw that Danielle had splashed her Butterbeer in Sirius's face. "You know, that's not a bad idea," she said with a tight jaw.

James's eyes widened not wanting the same fate, and started backtracking his words. "I was just kidding, you know. I mean, who takes Sirius seriously anyway?" he laughed nervously.

Lily had already picked up her drink though and dumped its contents on James's hair.

After that, their hatred for the Marauders united them, and they came to find that the four of them actually had lots in common that they never realized; they were inseparable ever since.

Lily smiled at the memory, especially with how things had turned out, and stopped at a compartment where she could hear her three noisy best friends. They had always tried to sit in one of the compartments near the back to be as close to the exit, so Lily knew the general direction of where to look for them.

When she finally arrived, she knocked on the door lightly for them to answer.

"We're full!" she heard Lisa call out.

Lily laughed at the stern tone of her voice and knocked again.

"Didn't you hear her? No room!" Danielle repeated.

And before she could lift her hand up to knock a third time, the door slid open to reveal their three annoyed faces. When they saw Lily's mischievous smirk though with her twinkling green eyes the three screamed and pulled her into the small room.

Hugs were passed all around with little screams that reminded them that this would be their last time traveling to Hogwarts together. Lily looked around the compartment trying to take in her friends presence. Marie had her light brown hair flowing down to her shoulders while her light green eyes glistened with excitement.

Lisa's blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail with bangs pinned up to the side, not knowing that she was probably making other girls jealous with her high cheek bones and sapphire blue eyes.

Danielle looked like all she had done was quickly run a brush through her hair, but she looked great all the same. Her baby blue eyes looked tired, but she had a trained eye on Lily.

"It took you long enough to get here!" she complained, "Seriously, I've been trying defend you from this delusion Marie has that you and Potter are dating."

"I saw them with my own two eyes! So did everyone else in Diagon Alley!" Marie exclaimed with exasperation in her voice. "This is why we need to at least attempt to stay in touch during the holidays. I know we all get busy, but this is important stuff! Tell them Lils!" Lily started to blush making Danielle and Lisa gasp. "I told you!" Marie said.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Danielle laughed.

"What happened to all of that stuff you kept going on about Marcus and this long hot summer you were going to have?" Lisa said.

"It's such a long story!" Lily complained.

"Oh, please! Just tell them so they have time to get used that we'll be sitting with the Marauders at dinner," Marie said.

" and Marcus never actually got any further this summer than a greeting kiss and hug. Some really bad things happened while I was at school so my parents made us break up and it was really weird because after all of this time together I actually saw how cold of a person he is! So I spent all of my working time up front with the new cashier...James."

"You mean he actually worked for once in his life?" Lisa scoffed.

"Yep, and I made him learn everything the muggle way inside and out. Even played a few tricks on him." The girls giggled appreciatively. "But then I had to tutor him with muggle money and one night we went out and I got kind of...." Lily cleared her throat as she said the word, "wasted-"

"Wasted?" Danielle gasped.

"Oh, Merlin! You didn't shack up, did you?" Lisa begged.

"Of course not!" Lily exclaimed, "But he took really good care of me that night and covered for me the next day when I wasn't fit to go into work. He even made my favorite breakfast foods!"

"I'll give him points for that," Danielle shrugged.

"And after that we started hanging out more and more until pop! We're holding hands and I'm meeting his family!"

"How did Marcus react?" Marie asked.

Lily's eyes cast downward not wanting to relive the the story, but she took a deep breath knowing it wouldn't be long before the story would come spilling out.

"He definitely didn't like it..." she mumbled, "He said we could try to be friends, but that was when he didn't know me and James were dating and when he did find out he had been drinking and...he attacked me." Lily stopped to take a breath so that her voice wouldn't shake, "James and Sirius showed up though and took care of him."

"You didn't tell me that when I saw you at Diagon Alley," Marie whispered.

Lily reached up to wipe her eyes, "It had only happened a few days before then and I wasn't ready to say anything about it."

"Understandable," Danielle nodded.

"When you say that they took care of him you better mean they kicked his ass," Lisa said.

Lily had to let out a laugh at that. "Don't worry, James did more than that." The compartment went silent while the three contemplated Lily's story. "How've your summers been?" she asked.

"My mum took me around Europe showing me the best of the best careers to get. Apparently, McGonnagall sent her an owl saying I still hadn't chosen a career to be taking classes for. She's getting worried I'll graduate and be on the streets of Knockturn Alley," Marie sighed. Lily smiled because it sounded exactly like the last conversation she had with her best muggle friend, Paula, whose mother was also worrying about her future.

"I was over in Scotland visiting family. One of them is an Auror and I got to spend a few days with him seeing what it's all about. I'm so pumped to go to training now!" Lisa exclaimed. "And you, Danielle?"

"I didn't go far, but stayed with my aunt over in Margate. She has a house on the beach. It's my new life goal to own a home on the beach. I've never had so many amazing days in the sun!" she said.

"Well that's no fair! Everyone got to go somewhere except for me!" Lily complained.

"Lils, trust me, I would've much rather had been with you. I was about to kill my mum if she dragged me to another country where I didn't know their language, but was still forced to talk to them like I could," Marie assured her.

The compartment went silent as if they were about to go on with their normal train activities, but everyone still had their eyes on Lily.

"Lily is this thing with James serious? All four of us have been very dedicated to the anti-Marauder society for years now. Then all of a sudden you decide he's a great guy in the span of three months. You spent six years hating him!" Danielle bursted.

"If he put some kind of spell on you we need to know now so we can remove it before we reach the castle, or else the entire student body is going to know and your reputation is going to be severely damaged!" Lisa said.

"You guys, stop it! Of course it's serious! You really think that I would let a prank go this far just to teach James a lesson? And I'm not under any kind of spell or love potion. I honestly love James Potter!

"You love him?" Marie squeaked.

"Yes, I do!"

"That's so sweet!"

"No, it's not!" Danielle said, "You can't fall in love that fast! Especially when it's with James Potter!"

Lily sighed putting her head in her hands. It was the honest truth that she forgotten how hard headed her friends were. It was going to take a lot to convince them that she and James were a real thing!

Once off of the train, James waited obediently as Lily had told him to and began to collect the first years around him. Minutes later he could hear Lily coming off of the train doing the same.

"Follow me first years! This way! No, not to the carriages! This way!" she yelled at one particular boy.

When she and James made eye contact she smiled warily as he shot her a wink. She made her way to stand next to him and called out again to get the young students attention.

"We're going to get into these boats and make our way across the lake where we'll meet with Professor McGonagall," Lily said.

"And please don't put anything in the water. It will only catch the interest of the Giant Squid, and that is something no one wants," James added.

Lily punched his arm at the first years horrified expressions. James merely shrugged muttering that he wished someone had warned him. Lily shook her head before turning back to the students.

"I'll be riding in the front boat leading the way, and James will be in the back boat." Lily waved her hand and the students began lining up to get onto a boat.

"We can't ride in the same boat?" James whined.

"If one of those kids falls out of a boat and we're too busy playing footsie to notice it, how do you think McGonagall will react?"

James again shrugged his shoulders, but started helping Lily load the boats with 2-3 children. Just from short glances James could make out which house some of them would be in. There were some that looked serious and focused on making this journey across the lake, who were Ravenclaws. Some were bouncy and in it for the fun making them look like Hufflepuffs. Then there were those who looked like they were above this childish part of the journey only wanting to get on with the night in a very Slytherin attitude. And of course there were those who proudly got on the boat and curiously looked around at their surroundings anxiously waiting for their journey to begin. James went easy on these ones since they were obviously Gryffindors.

As the boats took off towards the castle, James watched Lily in the front boat talking with the students, no doubt reassuring them after what he had said. Just from the moon's shine he could see the caring in her eyes and wished he was sitting right next to her instead of two first years whose gazes were fixed at the lit up castle ahead of them.

He shook the thoughts out of his head and also looked at the castle where could see a tall figure waiting at the lake's edge. He guessed from the tall hat that it was Professor McGonagall, though before the boats could reach her she silently turned and went back into the castle where James knew she would meet them right outside the Great Hall like she when he was a first year.

The boats docked and Lily helped each student get off until she reached James.

"Can you help me out of here?" James asked smiling up at her.

"I would, but I don't think my feminine muscles would be able to lift up such a heavy Quidditch chaser," she winked before turning away.

James quickly jumped out of the boat and grabbed her hand when he caught up to her. Lily rolled her eyes letting him have this small bit of affection until they stepped inside the castle and saw McGonagall's eyes glinting with satisfaction at the clasped hands. Lily quickly stole back her hand to hide it behind her back.

"Nicely done you two," McGonagall smiled, "You can run ahead and take your seats at your table while I explain the process to the new students."

Lily nodded and led the way through the giant oak doors of the Great Hall where students sat at their house tables filling the hall with loud chatter.

"Oi, Prongs! Down here, mate!" Sirius yelled from the middle of the Gryffindor table.

Lily sighed in relief that her friends were also there; Marie talking with the boys, Danielle and Lisa muttering amongst themselves. James pulled on Lily's hand to go over to them and then made Sirius scoot down more so that they could sit next to each other.

"Hello, ladies," James greeted her friends. Marie happily said hello, but it took a swift kick to the shins from Lily to make Danielle and Lisa cooperate.

"Hi," Lisa said tightly.

"Hello, Potter," Danielle gave a fake smile.

McGonagall marched the first years into the Great Hall and while the Sorting Hat sang its song, James started whispering to Lily.

"Are they not pleased about us?" he asked.

Lily bit her lip trying to find another explanation, but there was no avoiding the truth. "Only Marie approves," she shrugged.

"Maybe you can talk to them tonight and explain. Or should I go the same route as I did with you and have the house elves cook up their favorite foods in the morning?"

Lily giggled catching Danielle's attention who promptly let out a short shushing noise. Lily rolled her eyes, but turned away from James to watch the last of the first years be sorted. She tried her hardest to pay attention to the details in Dumbledore's speech, but again she got distracted.

James was smoothly running his hand up and down her thigh using the tips of his fingers to give her goosebumps. Lily swallowed realizing her throat had gone dry and reached out in front of her for a glass of water. She could see James smirking from the corner of her eye as she sipped from her water when his hand travelled to the top of her knee and squeezed really hard making her laugh and spew water across the table on Lisa and Danielle.

Lily covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes wide while the people around them muffled their own laughter. Dumbledore's words slowed down for a second looking over at the Gryffindor table, but continued when he saw it was only due to the Marauders.

"And remember that the man who would enjoy a god future wastes non of his present. May the feast begin!" Dumbledore finished.

The plates filled with food and all the students started grabbing for their food, except the Marauders and Lily and her friends.

"I am so sorry you guys!" Lily said.

"It's fine," Lisa dabbed her face with a napkin.

"Don't be sorry, Evans! Because of that little mishap Dumbly finished his speech faster," Sirius said before shoving a biscuit into his mouth.

"No one asked you, Black," Danielle hissed.

Sirius threw his hands up in surrender only wanting the chance to keep eating.

Lily let out a sigh, silently praying that somehow the two groups could at least be civil with each other. She felt James squeeze her leg again, but this time it was softer in a more apologetic way.

He leaned in towards her and whispered, "Don't worry, love. All things eventually turn out the way their supposed to,"

Lily nodded her head. "I sure hope so."
Author's Note: Welcome back readers!! :D yay i'm so excited that the sequel is finally up and going! i hope you guys can forgive me for the long wait!
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