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Chapter 7



                Rather dejected Leif wandered around the castle looking for her in every dark nook and cranny. He didn’t bother to ask people if they had seen her because he knew their response would be much like his “ Ava who?” so he just stomped around looking for her his mood quickly turning black.


Finally defeated he left the castle and walked over to the black lake. It glittered today making it even more magical than normal. As he approached his favorite leaning tree he discover someone had already claimed it. He frowned, well today was just not his day. But then he smiled. That someone happened to be the exact person he was searching for. He stalked over so pleased with himself. When he reached her he watched her for a moment as she read her book intently her elbows resting on her knees and her hands propping up her head. She looked so child like at the moment sitting cross legged under the tree a book in her lap.


 “Trying to lose me were you.” He finally said. Avalon about jumped out of her skin and whirled around her hand over her chest as if she was worried her heart would make a run for it. “Sorry” He chuckled plopping down beside her. “Didn’t mean to give you a fright.”


 She just panted lightly in response. He stretched out his legs and laid back propped up on an elbow he looked over at her. “Well slagging me off were you.” He said his voice light now she noticed. Whatever was bugging him before seemed to be gone now.


 “Sorry I didn’t know we were supposed to be meeting.” She said looking back at her book and flipping the page.


 “No but you were not in the library.”


 “Well you found that hiding spot so I had to find a new one. Much good it did me though cause here you are.” She flipped the page again. He smiled she obviously was not reading. He reached up and grabbed one of the hands that was under her chin. She watched him as he wove his fingers in hers.


 “I’ll always find you.” He told her with a smile.


 “Why do you do that.” She asked quietly.


 “Do what track you down?” he laughed.


“Well yes but why do you hold my hand.” She finally answered after a pause.


 “Cause I like it.” He told her kissing her hand softly. “And it fits perfect in mine see.” He said showing her their intertwined hands.


“I don’t think I like it.” She said trying to wiggle her hand free.


 He only laughed and tightened his grip pulling their hands to his chest. “You will.” He looked away from her then and out over the water. She took the opportunity to study the lines of his face. With a small smile she finally admitted that he lived up to the hype. His features were too hard to be angelic but soft enough not to be harsh. He looked over at her sensing her scrutiny.


 “I have to go back to the forest” she started tensely. “I really want to ask you not to follow me again.”


He looked back over the water as if drawing his answer from the lakes depths. He looked back to her and nodded finally. Avalon let out a huge breath and almost giggled with her excitement. “I can’t promise I won’t miss that body in the moon light though.” He told her with a smug look on his face looking her up and down. She turned about as red as a beet and he laughed. “Sorry I couldn’t resist.”


She gave him a look that said I think you could have but she didn’t comment further.


 “Why do you go out there anyway.” He asked finally his curiosity too great.


 “It’s for protection.” She told him.


 “You getting down to you birthday is for protection.” He laughed.


She glowered “No it is a spell. And it’s not for me it is for the centaurs so don’t look at me like that.”


 “Well how did this little fun job become available to you.” He asked smirking. “Did they see your work and decide to take you on, lord knows I would.”


“Enough of that.” She told him flicking his nose. He laughed and waited for her to go on. “They approached me about three years ago. I had been in the forest since I arrived here you see, and they had always kept an eye on me and when they realized, I like them, cared for the forest they asked me for my help.”


 “But why do they need a witch’s help they have their own magic.” He said pleased that he knew something about the topic.


 “Yes but our magic is much more advanced, much more complex, our effects more lasting.” She said trying to keep her brain focused. The little parasite was rubbing her thumb with his own in a very distracting way.


 “What I don’t get is why they let you adventure about in the forest to begin with.” He said smirking. “They don’t take kindly to threats.”


Avalon smiled down at him. “Do I look much like a threat?


 “Well that matters on what you mean by threat?” he said with a wicked smile. She chose to ignore the comment. “What are you protecting them from?” he asked serious now.


 “I told you already I don’t rightly know.” She sighed and looked over the waters of the black lake.


 “Wait a pinch is it that thing, that thing in the forest from yesterday.” He exclaimed. Just thinking back to that memory brought back chills.


 “Yes I think so. I have never come so close to it before.” She told him. “It was stupid for us to go in there alone.”


 “Why don’t you tell anyone about this? Dumbledore should know don’t you think?” he asked.


 “And get expelled in the process, the forest is forbidden as you well know hence the name forbidden forest.” She sighed deeply and looked over at him. “No I can’t tell anyone I can just keep doing what I’m doing.”


 “Which is exactly? A protection spell I gathered that but what kind of spell demands you get in your birthday.” He asked rubbing her palm now.


 “Well again if you read anything you would notice it is old magic. Magic in the old days was very intertwined with the earth and nature. Most spell demanded that you go to your basic most natural form example nudity.” She ground out the last word seeing his eyes laughing.


“I wish we still used that sort of magic more often.” he laughed.


 “No you don’t. it is very draining physically. It demands more from you then the simple incantations that we use today.”


 “Did you find out about this spell from your little centaurs?” he asked examining her mouth as she spoke.


 “No I found it.”


 “Where I need to look up this old magic add it to the vault.”


 “You wouldn’t be able to find it.” She told him mildly.


“Why is that?” he demanded.


 She stood then her hand slipping from his. She looked down at him her arms held her book to her chest crossed. “Because it is in the restricted section and there is no way madam Pince would allow you in there.”


 “Oh is that so” he said looking up at her.


“Yes.” She gave him what he imagined was her smug smile.


“Why is that?”


 “Because she hates you.” She turned and left him laying there a smile playing on her lips. She turned one last time to look at him “there are still some people you can’t charm.”


“We will see about that.” He called after her.





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