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Thanks to Aderyn@TDA for chapter pic!


Chapter Ten:

Prongs-Ok I should be there on Wednesday afternoon. Maybe a little bit early, maybe a bit late…depends on how much trouble I get into before then. Get ready for some sirius cuddling. HA! Never gets old. Never. –Forever yours, Pads


Things were not going well. Sirius banged his head against the headboard and covered his face with his hands. This feels all to familiar, he thought irritatedly.

Things with Solene had just gone too far. They had crossed the line and now he couldn’t find a way back. The idea of Solene biting her lip and moaning across his lap had been hanging in the air for weeks, and now it had happened. Whether he had been fighting the image out of his head or lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and praying for it to come true, it had still been in his imagination. Nothing, absolutely nothing, would get this off his mind.


How had so much happened in just a few days? Witnessing Solene writhing beneath Regulus on the dining room table, convincing himself Solene was trying to get all his friends killed, watching her tongue wrestle with Nate on the beach, finding out she was going to marry his brother, and now this. Sirius felt like it was all spinning out of control.  

So, he may have been avoiding her. Finding out she was prepared to marry a worthless, bloodthirsty git like Regulus was inexcusable. He had to get away from her if he wanted to cling to his last shreds of dignity, and so he had opted out of the last two nights on the beach. And then, within the first minutes of seeing her again, he was all but pulling off her clothes. Whatever happened to honor? Or discipline? Or just a conscience? James would be astounded.


Sirius couldn’t even take credit for stopping the train-wreck before it was too late. He had seen her as a clever little manipulator. As if she snaked her legs across his thighs, ground her body against his crotch and felt up his bare chest while intending to stop all along. Sirius had thought she was only trying to prove to herself that he wanted her more than he wanted his self-respect, so he threw her off and snapped the quickest insult he could come up with. And instead of mocking him, instead of even answering, her eyes had filled up with tears and she’d left in silence. Sirius grappled with the idea that Solene was not trying to get him in trouble but that somewhere in this huge, empty house, she was lying in bed just as confused and hurt and scared. 

He had to make this right.



Sirius knocked gently on the door but there was no answer. He knocked again and pressed his forehead against the wood.

“Solene, open the door,” he said and tapped his fingers on the surface. She didn’t answer. He pleaded with her again and finally heard footsteps approaching. The door was yanked open sharply and Sirius nearly lost his balance.

“What do you want?” she glared at him. Solene’s eyes were red; it almost looked as if she had been crying. Is this really possible, Sirius thought, Solene crying over me?

Sirius bit his lip nervously, “I wanted to show you something.”

“Not interested,” Solene answered and tried to push the door shut. Sirius placed his foot in the door’s frame and held it open with his hand.

“I’m sorry,” he exhaled. Solene frowned.

“I’m very sorry, Solene,” he repeated, “What I said was unnecessarily mean. I…I don’t know what to say. I’m confused and I’m frustrated.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“Yes,” Sirius replied.

“And you certainly have some nerve calling me a whore after you spend every evening between the legs of a different muggle.”

“That’s just not true,” Sirius rolled his eyes and couldn’t resist teasing, “I’ve been with plenty of witches as well.”

“Go fuck yourself, Black,” Solene almost bared her teeth in anger as she attempted to shut the door once again.

“Sorry! It was a joke! A joke,” Sirius smiled, “but you’re right, I shouldn’t have called you a whore.”

“You’re the whore,” Solene crossed her arms over her chest.

“I’m the whore,” Sirius replied smiling and Solene seemed temporarily appeased. She averted her eyes to the floor and waited a few seconds before nodding.

“What’s that?” she asked, and Sirius held up the dark leather book in his grip. Solene recognized it as the album he had been sifting through in the den the day he had invited her out to town with him. Sirius cleared his throat and motioned in the direction of the bedroom. Solene opened the door wider and invited him in. He sat on the edge of her bed and she followed nervously. It was strange how normal it felt to have Sirius in her bed. Solene had been sleeping in the west wing of the house for weeks, this room held no memories of Regulus. In fact most nights she had laid in this bed, it was thoughts of Sirius that kept her awake. This night had been no different. Somewhere between tears and fury, Solene had still become fixed on the image of Sirius beneath her…his shoulders…his arms…his hands.

Sirius opened to the first page and Solene immediately smiled. Before her was a photo of her and Sirius, just infants, sleeping beside each other. A few more baby photos and then one of them at five years old, grinning toothlessly at the camera. They waved and giggled, Solene swinging the hem of her white, lace dress. Sirius turned the page.

There were photos of their parents and relatives and then another of Solene and Sirius. This time they looked closer to seven. Sirius was yanking on Solene’s hair and clothes annoyingly and she was pouting at the camera. And a few pages later was another photo of them, an eight year old Solene threw her arms around Sirius and nuzzled herself into his neck and Sirius batted his eyelashes at the camera innocently. There was even a photo of Solene, Sirius and Regulus. Regulus stood in the middle, his face pulled into a frown as they made faces behind him.

Solene laughed each time Sirius turned the page. Memories of their summers together pushed their way forward. Stealing biscuits from the kitchen and hiding behind plush velvet furniture as they spied on their parents. The album was mostly photos of children stuffed into ridiculously extravagant costumes and smiling up at the camera in the sitting room. Sirius could almost appreciate his youth when he viewed it through this lens.

Exhausted from crying and laughing all evening, Solene let her head fall onto Sirius’ shoulder as they came to the last images in the album. Sirius felt the hairs on his arms rise and he tried not to think of her on top of him…her lips…her neck…her waist.

“You seem tired,” Sirius said softly, looking down at her.

Solene whispered she was and let her fingertips touch Sirius’ forearm lightly. His arm was firm and warm and she wanted to feel it wrapped around her as she slept.

“I should let you sleep then,” Sirius answered. Solene’s finger traced a vein from the inside of Sirius’ elbow to his wrist and he felt the sensation as if it had been traced down his spine. He felt his self-control slipping away by the second, but he did not want to leave.

“I suppose you should,” Solene looked up to see Sirius, his jaw clenched, his eyes darkened in the same manner they had been hours ago as she straddled him in his bed. She felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her body.

Sirius swallowed loudly and Solene curled her toes. Just hours ago he had insulted her in a tone even harsher than the one usually reserved for Regulus. She would never dare make a move on him again, but she did not want him to leave.

Reluctantly, Solene pulled herself away from Sirius’ body as he rose and made his way to the door. He felt his hand clutch the handle and pull, but he could not accept that he was really walking away. He turned before he stepped into the hallway. Solene was watching him under heavy eyelashes. There was no denying it: she really wanted him. She wasn’t playing with him, she wasn’t being manipulative, and she wasn’t trying to draw him into a trap. Then why was Sirius too scared? Was it for her sake? To keep her out of trouble. Was it for Regulus’ sake? A twisted sense of loyalty to his brother. Was it for his own sake? As if he had any integrity left to salvage by not sleeping with his pledged enemy and future sister in law…as if it was better to shamelessly think of it night and day.

Solene lifted her legs from the floor and slid them across the bed. Sirius wanted nothing more to slam the door shut behind him as he strode to her bedside and crawled on top of her. He shook his head, as if trying to physically expel the thought from his mind and laughed to himself quietly.

“I am that desperate,” Sirius admitted finally, smirking. Solene could tell.

“Goodnight Sirius,” she said, and pulled the covers up to her chin. Sirius shut the door softly and leaned against the hallway wall. This could not get any more outrageous.



The grandfather clock in Charlotte’s living room showed it was a little past two in the morning. Sirius had drank too much tequila, this he knew. It was also freaking boiling and overcrowded, this too, he knew. But most importantly, Sirius knew that Solene was looking at him with thirsty eyes from across the party. Each smile she gave him underneath her secretive glances made him feel more intoxicated than any drink. She was dancing with Audrey and Claire, giggling with the two girls as they commented on their surroundings, and casually sneaking her eyes to Sirius’ fixed stare. Her skin was heating up.

Sirius felt his worries peeling off. He found himself finally submitting to the fact that Solene was just too much for him to resist. That what made her unpredictable and risky made him feel alive. She was dancing and laughing and glowed in the moonlight. Her hair swung against her back and her eyes sparkled and Sirius couldn’t look away. Everyone around him was dancing, but Sirius could do nothing but lean against the wall and stare at her.


He always had a problem setting his sights on what he couldn’t have. And Solene looked like she was genuinely happy, as if the muggles were her true best friends. Sirius was leaving for James’ house in two days, and suddenly, he couldn’t bring himself to care for consequences.


No, he just had to ignore that she was Regulus’ girlfriend, sometimes cold and a pinch evil. He had to ignore that she was refusing to stand for the principles he held so close to him. He just needed her for one moment—just to get the nag off his mind. He just needed to kiss her. Just once.


Solene had felt edgy when she met Sirius in the parlor. As they began to walk to Charlotte’s beach house together, she had almost wished they were back to the days of hating each other, where he could teasingly pull her up against him to make her uncomfortable or make cracks about getting naked. This had all become significantly less amusing once they realized he was not joking.


They walked to Charlotte’s house in relative silence. Neither daring to ask the other the questions bubbling in their minds. Solene felt as if a pressure was building on her shoulders. 


Charlotte was ecstatic to see Sirius again, they had only been apart for two days but she pounced on him and he spun as they hugged laughing. Solene felt her lips purse with jealousy and dared to wonder again if Sirius and Charlotte had ever been more than friends.


“Looks like it’s almost over,” Charlotte said sadly and hugged Solene on the porch. Solene felt her face relax and raised her arms to return the hug. She felt eerily sad. As if she was eight years old again, clutching the redhead and holding back tears at the end of another summer.


Solene couldn’t allow herself to think of this as Charlotte’s going away party. As much as she had convinced herself that she could not wait to get back to school and leave the miserable chateau, she suddenly felt her heart pull at the thought of leaving. Not yet, she thought sadly before scolding herself and shaking off the sentiment. There was still time. Time for what? She scolded herself again and blushed when she made eye contact with Sirius.


The night went from civil to sloppy at record speed. The house filled with people, many Solene had never seen before, and drunken couples were making out on nearly every flat surface. Solene rolled her eyes, but rather than the disgust she would have usually felt, she found the whole situation quite amusing. 


She felt as carefree as the first time she had gone to a beach club with Sirius. The rooms were stiflingly humid, sweaty bodies packed the living room, dining room and porch, but Solene did not mind. She was very drunk and the music was playing so loud it made her feel like she was floating on sound waves. Nate was pouring tequila down the throats of a group of girls Solene had never seen before and Elias and Julian were passing around a smoke. Solene couldn't tell if it was midnight or close to sunrise. She felt as if she would never tire. Instead, this party would go on forever and she would never again feel the cold or the dark or loneliness. She looked up at the clock; it was a little past two.


Sirius finished off his drink and placed it on the table, unshakably determined. He slinked his way over to Solene, past everyone dancing, past his self-respect, and stopped just behind her. He knew she could feel him there before he even spoke, and reached his fingertips to her back softly. He could just imagine her, her smile not faltering but her eyes wide trying to pretend he wasn’t doing anything. Sirius suddenly cared very little that they were supposed to be cousins. He only felt the urgency to get her alone, however indiscreetly. She backed closer to him subtly, and Audrey and Claire followed oblivious. They’re eyes were barely open as they danced; Sirius doubted the other girls would notice anything.

His fingers ran down Solene’s back slowly and Solene shuddered and stilled. Sirius leaned forward.

“I need you,” he whispered into her ear and she paused before exhaling slowly and noding softly.

He removed his hand from her back and then stepped away without saying more, knowing she couldn’t keep from following him through the crowded living room, through the empty hallway and into the dark guestroom. Solene couldn’t even remember if she had muttered some excuse to her friends before leaving, or if she had just began walking away as if caught on a fishing line. She could barely register what was happening or anchor herself in any context. The future felt like it was miles away, she just wanted to act without thinking of what lay beyond the morning.

She was spell bound and felt her heart begin to race as she heard Sirius close the door behind her; it felt like he was shutting out the whole world.

Solene swallowed and tried to keep her breath steady. Her fingers trembled slightly and all she could think about was Sirius’ whisper: I need you. His voice was playing over and over in her mind even though he was absolutely silent before her. They had reached a moment of perfect synchronization, as if they finally understood each other.

Sirius approached Solene unhurriedly, and her back pressed against the wall, her heart climbing its way up her throat.  She felt overwhelmed. She couldn’t look at him. Solene averted her eyes to the ground: it was dark waxed wood, and then to the wall: it was orange. Sirius was standing right in front of her, breathing steadily.

“Solene,” he said in a soft voice and took her hand gently. She had to make eye contact. The room was dim but she could see enough. His white shirt contrasted his tan skin and his grey eyes shone, even in the shadow.

“Say something, Sirius” she pleaded.

He exhaled and rested his forehead against hers; it felt hot. His fingers were brushing lightly against her legs, and he could all but keep from ripping off her clothing.

“I want you. I think I always have, even when I hated it,” he admitted immediately.

“Did you know this would happen?” she asked as Sirius fingertips traced up her back before he placed his hands on either side of her head, closing the gap between them completely. Solene felt her whole body tingling but she couldn’t stop talking, she needed to draw this out for as long as she could stand.

“No. Sometimes I hoped for it, sometimes I hoped it didn’t,” his continued and Solene felt as if she was melting to the floor as his lips trailed down her ear and neck.

“Do you think I want you?” her questions were shaky and broken by her unsteady breath.

“Yes,” Sirius lips remained against her skin as he spoke, now moving down her collarbone.

“So now what—” her breath caught as Sirius’ tongue moved up the path his lips had trailed down, “—you seduce me?”

Sirius’ tongue reached Solene’s ear and he bit down hard before replying, “You could say that.”

Solene was silenced as Sirius pressed his leg between her legs and his lips against her lips. She could barely breathe. Her hair matted to her forehead and Sirius’ breath blazed her already burning skin. She was going to faint. His fingers raced up her shirt and her body arched towards him. She had never felt so out of control, so much like she was drowning. She barely realized that Sirius mouth was searing the cotton and lace that separated it from her chest, that she was gasping for breath and pulling him as strong as she could against her. Not even attempting to hide her impatience, refusing to accept what she was doing was wrong.


Sirius’ lips scorched and sucked down her neck and her hands slipped hungrily up his chest, scrunched the thin fabric of his shirt in her hands and jerked it off his body. He didn’t falter for a moment and returned the gesture, her top discarded to their feet.

They were bare soon, hot skin pressed against hot skin, his heartbeat easily discernible, racing like her own. This had accelerated far faster than either of them had imagined it would. No one was pulling back this time. Sirius’ hands roughly pressed against her breasts and his mouth once again found hers. Solene moaned and Sirius pulled away, only to yank the shorts down her bronzed legs. Her calf circled around his thigh and she groaned as his fingers ran up and down the bends of her body; leaving no territory untouched, pressing everywhere.

Sirius inhaled sharply as Solene circled her hands around his bare hips when there was a pounding on the door and their two bodies jerked in shock. They felt their stomaches drop as they were abruptly brought back to reality.


“SOLENE? SIRIUS? Are you two in there? Is everything ok?” 




A/N: Hmmm that got a little racey.... Check out my new “meet the author” page on the forums if you ever have questions. Leave a review if you enjoyed or see something I should work on. Thanks!

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