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Oh crap. My first thought of the day. Oh crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. I had detention tonight. With Malfoy; Who I just spied on. And was caught. I sat up and untangled myself from the thick linen sheets.





 “Finally up, I see.”I glanced to my left and saw Ginny sitting on Lavender’s bed. Ginny?




“Wait…why are you here?” My voice was still thick with sleep, so it sounded more like “Way...I ar ooo ear?” She laughed.





 “Well, Lavender sent me up here. Said it was my turn to wake you up today, she was positive that you wouldn’t wake up on your own. She’s got something right.” I nodded.





“So, what time is it, anyways?” I was fully awake now. “Am I going to be late for classes again?” I sighed. She smirked and pointed to the clock next to my bed. Duh. I checked the time and saw that breakfast was just now starting.




  “I’m not late?” Well, THAT’S an improvement. I sighed and heaved myself off my bed. I had already thrown my robes on and was at the bottom of the stairs when it hit me. He was going to be there. I froze; I hadn’t thought of that.




  “What’s wrong?” Ginny probed, but I ignored her. Well, he may not be there. Or he will. You’ve got to eat! I didn’t eat yesterday; I can go without it for today! You’re going to have to see him sometime! You can’t keep hiding from the inevitable! Well, I can pretend! REAL mature Hermione, real mature. Oh, shut it.





  “Hermione? Are you going to move, or just stand there all day?” Decision time.

“You know what? I think that a cup of pumpkin juice sounds real good right now.” Go me! My optimism lasted all of ten seconds. The second I stepped outside the common room, I felt nauseous. Get a grip! It’s not like you walked in on him killing someone! Go away! Look at this logically, Hermione. The most he can do to you is glare. I doubt that the teachers would allow him to Avada Kedavra you, right in front of everyone! Think! You’re worrying over nothing. You’re right. Wait, I’m right. I rolled my eyes. Talking to myself: yet another sign I'm going crazy.

 So I walked to the Great Hall with complete confidence. Well, not complete confidence… but you get the idea. But even with my newly founded courage, I still kept my eyes glued to the empty seat across from Harry and Ron, never once glancing up.




 “Hey, Hermione. Ginny.” Ron greeted us. Harry merely nodded. I sighed and sat down across from them.





  And as usual, whenever I worried, I zoned out. I was trying to keep myself from peeking over my shoulder. So I was sitting there and staring at my cup, occasionally sipping out of it, when Harry spoke.




  “Why’s Malfoy staring at you?”





  Those five words made me freeze. And choke. I dropped the glass of pumpkin juice all over myself (and Ginny, who wasn’t so happy about it). Coughing and covered in pumpkin juice, I was the center of everyone’s attention.




“WHAT!” I spluttered. I could feel my face growing red. Ginny glanced over her shoulder at Malfoy.




“I-I need to go.” And with that I got up from the Gryffindor table, and ran out of the Great Hall. Of course everyone was still staring. Great. Running away again. Way to go Hermione. Keep it up and you’ll be known as, Hermione Granger the Runaway. Yay for Gryffindor courage!




I sighed, and continued walking to the place I felt safest, the library.










Madame Pince was not usually surprised to see me, seeing as I come here daily, but however she was surprised when I came in with my robes wet and face red with embarrassment. But being the person she is, she just raised an eyebrow and got back to tending her books.





I wandered off to the back of the room and sat down at one of the tables hidden by the tall bookcases, my favorite spot for times like now (when I need to calm down). I come here a lot because of Ron. We have a...strange friendship to say the least. There are times when I think that I may like him more than just a friend, but then there are the times when he’s an insufferable git and I want nothing more to do with him. It’s complicated.





I groaned and rested my head against the sleek wooden tabletop. According to the information gathered at the Great Hall, Malfoy was obviously not letting this go. That means that this is either something important, or he just doesn’t like it (I wouldn’t either). In Borgin and Burkes he was looking at a cabinet just like the one in the Room of Requirements, so he must have bought it and somehow gotten it into Hogwarts. Well, at least it makes more sense than him becoming a Death Eater.





   I couldn’t even handle being in the Great Hall with him, so how was I supposed to handle detention with him? Maybe I could fake a sickness. That could work. But faking a sickness for the entire week? Never mind on that idea. I banged my head softly against the table. Uggghhh. That about summed up my mood. Very well in fact.





  And so that’s how I stayed for about ten minutes, until I noticed a shadow looming over me. Someone was behind me. I jumped up, startled, falling out of my chair and onto the ground. I quickly stood and righted my chair. But when I looked up, my blood froze.
















“U-uh, u-u-um.” I couldn’t get anything else out. My stomach churned and my cheeks burned a ferocious scarlet.





    “I-I’ll be leaving, t-then.” I mumbled, and brushed past him in a desperate escape attempt. But I didn’t get far because of Malfoy’s hand, which oh-so-conveniently blocked my path. He pushed me back, frightening me in the process. He wasn’t going to try anything was he? Not in the library, surely. But then again; he’s the son of a Death Eater.





                He didn’t say anything, just had a pained expression on his face, which scared me even more. But it was nothing compared to when he drew his wand. I scurried away from him, only to find that I had been cornered. I was about to shout for help when he spoke.




  “You know too much. For the second time.” That’s all he said, but it chilled me to the bone. He muttered something that sounded like “Sorry.” Oh no. Would he rea -









    My world faded into blackness as I fell to the floor.









                My eyelid’s fluttered open at the sound of shouted whispers. Where was I? I couldn’t see straight yet, so I could only make out two dark figures to my right.





                “How could you be this reckless?” The voice closest to me asked angrily.




                “She knew too much! What else was I supposed to do? Kill her?” The voice farthest from me laughed humorlessly.




               “No. But you should have come to me.”




                “Wel-“The voice was cut off by a sharp hush. There was a pregnant silence.




                “She’s awakening. We shall talk more of this later.” And with that I was left in silence.




                Their words confused me. Who was “she”? But more importantly, what’s going on? I sat up slowly, and saw that I was in the Hospital Wing. Why am I in the Hospital Wing? Why can’t I remember anything? I remember my name, my friends, Voldemort, Hogwarts, I can even remember going to the library, but nothing after that.




                A small movement to my left caught my eye. In the chair right next to my bed was Ron, who was peacefully asleep. Seeing him made me smile. Sometimes (when he’s not an insufferable git) he can actually be sweet. I frowned. If Ron was here, asleep, that probably meant he stayed overnight. If Madam Pomfrey let him stay that long, I must be in here for something serious.




                “MISS GRANGER! LAY BACK DOWN THIS INSTANT!” Madam Pomfrey came screeching out of her office. I gulped and quickly lay back down. Her screeching at me also adds to the fact that I must be in here for something serious. Ron woke with a jerk.




                “Arggh!” He yelled as he fell to the floor. Madam Pomfrey ignored him as she rushed over to my side.




                “Madam Pomfrey? What-Why am I here?” She smiled, but it did not reach her eyes.




                “Ah, a question we have been trying to answer ourselves. And with no luck I might add, but enough of this! Here, drink some of this potion and let me run a few quick tests on you.” She handed me a vial of thick material that did not look too appealing, but I chugged it down anyways.





                Ron was still attempting to wake up, and was failing miserably. It was quite obvious he got no sleep.




                “Ermione? HERMIONE!” He jumped up, pushing aside Madam Pomfrey to engulf me in an enormous hug.




                “Quiet down, boy.” She scolded him and pushed him aside, but I could see her trying to hide a grin as she shook her head and got back to work, waving about her wand and muttering incantations. Ron had a lopsided grin on his face as he took in every single parcel of my being, as if trying to believe it was really me.




                “We’ve been worried about you! Harry’s nearly gone mad! Ginny as well. They’re up talking with Dumbledore right now and I would be with them, but I didn’t want to leave.” He blushed. “At least not until we know for sure what’s up with you.” He added.




                I sighed, my brown locks spilling across the pillow as I lay my head back.




                “How come I don’t remember anything?” I muttered, feeling completely useless. Madam Pomfrey frowned.





                “You don’t remember anything, Granger? Anything at all?”





                “No. I can remember all the way up to leaving the Great Hall for the library. Then….nothing.” Her brow creased even more.





                “It is as I feared. Mister Weasley, please stay with Miss Granger for a moment.” He nodded as she ran out of the room. I groaned. How could I not know anything? I’m not used to being this useless. It kind of sucks.





                “Why don’t you try to get some sleep? You look like you need it.” Ron suggested.





                “Sounds good to me.” I whispered as I drifted off into a deep sleep.









                “You know too much, for the second time.” I heard a muffled voice say. I looked to be in a library, maybe the one at school. Everything was blurry and covered in fog, so I couldn’t be sure. I felt a sudden streak of fear pierce my heart. I had to get away, but I couldn’t move. I had to leave, but somehow I knew that I needed to hear what was going to happen next, that it was crucial.












                I woke up gasping for air. I clawed at the sides of the bed, looking for something to hold on to, something to prove to myself that I’m really awake. My brown hair was plastered to my face, sweat covering my body





                “She has all the symptoms! I can’t just let this go!” I didn’t even have to look up to know that the whispered screeching belonged to Madam Pomfrey. I looked up anyways, and saw her and Professor Dumbledore obviously discussing my condition. They didn’t even notice my grand awakening because they were so focused on their conversation.




“Madam Pomfrey, I understand your concern about Miss Granger, but I can assure you that she is smart enough to handle herself. And we will continue this conversation at a later time, when we are in private.” Dumbledore looked to me, and gave one of his infamous winks. Madam Pomfrey huffed, gave me another potion and stormed over to her office. Dumbledore strolled over and sat down in the chair where Ron used to be. He was probably kicked out for being here so long.




                "How are you, Miss Granger?" He asked, his smile still in place.




                "Good, thank you sir, but Professor, if you don't mind me asking, what were you talking about with Madam Pomfrey?" Their conversation had confused me. They were obviously talking about me, and Dumbledore had said something about me being smart enough to handle myself. It only added to my confusion as to what was going on.




                But he only smiled.




                "Ah, she was merely suggesting a possible cause to your illness. But enough of that. Miss Granger, I need to ask you something. Something vital. Do you remember anything? You said earlier that you didn't but this is crucial. Do you remember anything about what happened after you left the Grand Hall?"




                I frowned. I remember leaving the Grand Hall, but I didn't remember why I left. Was I done? Was there a test I needed to study for? Studying-the library! I went to the library, to my usual spot. Was I upset? Wait, what about my dream? Could that be real?





                "Well, I remember going to the library, to my usual spot. I think I was upset, I can't be sure. And-no. I can't remember anything else except that."




                "Good, good Miss Granger, but I will ask you something specific. Do you remember anything about Draco Malfoy?" His question confused me. What would Malfoy have to do with this? But even as I thought that, In couldn't help but feel a little that there was something to do with him; that he played a role in this.




                "I-I, maybe? Maybe he could have gotten me upset and that's what made me leave? I don't know Professor." I felt terrible about the fact that I couldn't give him any more information. I lowered my head in shame.




                "Miss Granger, do not feel bad about not knowing anything. I didn't expect the you to know so much, so do not feel as if you haven't helped; when indeed you have." I smiled. Leave it to Dumbledore to make everything better. Now, if only I coul-




                "And yes, you can be released in time for the quiz in Professor McGonagall's class." He gave me a knowing smile. "Which is in exactly ten minutes. And I do believe your friends are waiting for you." He winked and walked out of the Hospital Wing. The second he opened the door, Harry, Ginny, and Ron ran in.




                "Hermione!" They chorused. I smiled.




                "We were sooo worried about you!" Ginny said.




                "Ron about had a heart attack when he found you in the middle of the Transfiguration corridor!" Harry said, elbowing Ron; who's ear's were a bright pink. Wait, the Transfiguration corridor? I thought I went to the library!




                "I chased after you once you left the Grand Hall, but I couldn't find you. I checked the library, since you go there all the bloody time, but you weren't there. I even asked Madam Pomfrey if she'd seen you and she said you were sitting at one of the back tables. When I went back there, I found your wand, and you usually don't just leave your wand, so I searched everywhere for you. It took me over an hour, but I found you."




                I was speechless. Ron, the insufferable git who never cares about my feelings, well, I can't say anything. My mouth was open, so I shut it. This was another of the times where I think I might like him more than just a friend.




                "Thank you Ron." That's all I needed to say. He smiled.




                "Well, I don't want to break up all this sappy mush," Ron and I grew red in the face," But I figure Hermione will kill me if we don't get her to her quiz on time." Ginny smirked. The quiz! Darn. I shot out of the bed and started running down the hall.




                "She's not even going to change?" I heard Harry mutter, But I ignored him. It's quiz time!

My GOSH!!!! I am soooo sorry!! I've been soo busy! I am SOO sorry, I am SOO sorry! I can't believe how long it took me to get this out! Anyways, at least I have the next chapter already written! And sorry for the weird look, it did something strange when I tried to put it in, so I'll try to get that cleaned up.Please Review it takes a click and three words!

xoxo LittleRobinForever

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