The summer before my seventh year at Hogwarts had been quite the doozy. The ‘Dark Lord’ Voldemort had decided that he could wait no longer and decided to sneak into Hogwarts to wreak havoc and finally get Harry Potter. Though it only ended in Dumbledore being out of the picture, meaning no longer breathing. Dead, as in the only way to communicate with him further would be through his portraits. That kind of dead. His hostile take over lead to the Ministry falling under his control, as well as Hogwarts, in attempts to make it like the royal courts of old. This sent his enemies, most wizards with a pulse, including Potter, the Order of the Phoenix, and mudbloods into hiding for what seems to be the foreseeable future.

So as the next school year drew ever closer, Hogwarts was reopened to all who would still come, and also received a slight makeover. Professor Snape was named the new Headmaster, along with the replacement of any teachers that were found to be threatening or unwilling to abide by the new standards of the ‘Dark Lord’. To no surprise, one of my favorite classes Defense Against the Dark Arts, along with Muggle Studies, figures, were abolished.

Another shocker, with his takeover of the Ministry, Voldemort killed the Minister of Magic, and decided to give himself the title after all the righteous work he had been doing for so long. From that he has gone on to make his own high-class magical society, where purebloods and his Deatheater minions are revered, and anyone else is looked down upon. Merlin forbid that someone be muggle born. Voldemort has pretty much turned it into a royal society, he holds Galas, and parties, I’m fairly sure he gets his jollies from being able to turn away those who are ‘impure’ at the door.

Now where in this high society do I fit? Good question. Well, my father is Sebastian Astor, yes, related to the very rich Astors, who are actually of magical blood, but he is part of the English Parliament, House of Lords, whatever; basically the 'Dark Lord's mole in muggleland. He is also one of Voldemorts few right hand wizards, big surprise there since they only happen to be related. Which means we have money coming out our ears from both rights.  A fact that my older sister certainly takes advantage of almost always. Not only because she is the first born daughter, but because of the lavish world we now live in.

My name is Clark Mackenzie Astor, the second child. Obviously, my parents were not too kind in their naming of me, my father had been wanting a boy so bad after Charlotte, that he couldn't wait to actually have a boy. So the pompous Duke gave me a bloody boys name. Then what do you know two years later I get a little brother, they should have given him a girls name in fairness. Not surprisingly we are a family of Slytherins, and in being so my parents have always tried to make sure that we act like the perfect little purebloods that we are.  To my mother Charlotte can do no wrong, and I should look up to her. Boy, will she be angry when she finds that I'm leaving to have a real job and not be a proper little housewife. 

It is finally my sister and I last year at Hogwarts, for forever. Last year should have been Charlotte’s last, but truth be told it's because she is rather dull and was held back. Which has forced me to spend yet another year with her. It was also our little brother Angus’ fifth year here, and he couldn’t have been more excited with the change, since now he really can walk around like he owns the place. Being Slytherin now to our people meant we are treated as Gryffindor’s were, prized. But truthfully, even with all of the privileges, I would much rather have things the way they were, there was competition, now constant harping about how filthy muggles are, and putting up with the constant oppression.

Luckily, Charlotte and I only have one week remaining at school before we graduate. I can not even begin to express how happy I am with that. I’ve already applied for a job as a journalist for the magazine Witches Weekly, Witches Quarterly edition, and prospects look real good. Then I shall be able to move out and away from all of the pureblood society, as far as I possibly can with out my parents constant need to have me be exactly like my sister. She is also very content with her situation, another thing Voldemort began to do is arrange marriages between the children of his Deatheaters and Pureblood families, when they finally leave Hogwarts. Seeing as she was supposed to leave last year she was betrothed to Marcus Flint. Being our uncle, more like great uncle Voldemort made sure to pair her with who he thought would be the most worthy of her. This year is my year, but Merlin knows that I will make him pay if he tries to marry me off any time soon. I will follow his beliefs in public and attend his parties, but he will not decide something like that for me.

But I really can’t deal with that at the moment, it is kind of overwhelming to grow accustomed. I have exams all of this week and really need to finish reading this book for my Astronomy exam tonight, stupid crack pot class. 

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