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                I don’t know who was more upset about Sirius and I’s reunion, James or Ana.  I think both of them had just hoped we’d decide it was better to just be friends.  Lily reacted better this time, even going to great lengths to distract James from causing drama like last time.  Remus took the news rather well or rather he just went on with his life without really letting it affect him.

                In fact the only thing I was worried about with my relationship with Sirius starting back up was Fawn.  She just didn’t seem to really connect with the other first years and I didn’t want to desert her.  After all I had become responsible for her the moment I saved her from Livia and introduced her to my friends.

                Lily had taken to her, but I had a feeling that she intimidated Fawn a bit.  It wasn’t hard to believe.  After all Lily had a bit of a wicked temper and her intelligence and good looks weren’t exactly something that made most girls very comfortable.

                I began to devise a schedule that let me spend time with Fawn and the girls after classes and then with Sirius during after Fawn had been sent to bed.  I don’t think Sirius appreciated the late nights but he didn’t complain.  In fact he didn’t complain about much of anything.  I think I had intimidated him the last time we broke up and he was afraid it’d happen again.  To be honest though it was his fault we broke up because he picked James over me.  I know guys say “Bros before hoes” (though if I hear Sirius refer to me as a “hoe” we’re going to have some serious problems… no pun intended), but I was sticking around.  This wasn’t one of Sirius’ former relationships where it didn’t last longer than a few weeks.  No, he and I had been both very avid about being in it for the long run.  Hell, he might has well have proposed for as serious as we were.  Not that I wanted him to.  I mean, yes, I planned on spending the rest of my life with him but an engagement just seemed to rush things.  He and I were young, we had time for that sort of stuff.

                Fawn took a liking to Sirius too.  I saw her blushing when he gave her a playful wink more than once.  I, of course, wasn’t intimidated by a first year’s crush on my sixth year boyfriend.  Ana, however, was a different story…

                Ana was looking like she was interested in a romance with Remus for a while, but the moment Sirius was taken it was like she wanted him just because I wanted him.  Mind you I wanted him long before we got together for the second time, but she didn’t react well the first time she found out either (refer to “The Funeral Incident”).

                I knew she really wasn’t interested in Sirius.  She was more trying to fix her wounded ego and she always did like a bit of a challenge. That didn’t matter though because despite her nonexistent feelings towards my boyfriend he was something to target.

                Was I intimidated? Slightly.  After all she did have experience in things that I was rather new to.  But at the same time Sirius picked me.  He didn’t want her.  If he did then all he had to do was be with her.  I couldn’t stop him from being happy.  But obviously he didn’t want her or he’d switch camps.  After all I wasn’t exactly keeping him in chains or anything.  He was free to leave me if he wanted someone else.  Of course that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have bawled myself silly if he decided to leave but still.

                Ana was getting vicious with her attacks, flirting shamelessly with him and trying vainly to convince him how much better of a lover she’d make than me.  I had to step in with Lily several times and explain to her that though I appreciated her desire to kill Ana it was my problem and I’d fix it.  Or rather I’d wait until I could justify beating her to a bloody pulp.

                Remus was disgusted by Ana’s behavior and any chance that those two had a romance burnt out the moment she tried to be a boyfriend stealer.  He was too nice of a guy to date such a self obsessed whore.

                Was I bitter? Hell yes.  Was I borderline violent? Of course. Was I afraid Sirius was going to cheat on me with her? No.  I trusted him not to do that to me.  After all he had worked so hard to get me back and keep me that I doubted he’d ruin it for a one night stand that’d mean nothing to him.

                “Sophie!” I heard Fawn call to me as I was walking back alone from Potions lessons.  Sirius and James  had been kicked out for exploding Snape’s cauldron.  This caused Snape, Lily and several surrounding Ravenclaws to be covered in Snape’s potion and having to be wheeled to the Hospital Wing.  Remus was also blamed for the incident and Ana complained that she had gotten the potion in her eye so she could skive off the lesson.

                “Wotcher Fawn,” I greeted her with a smile.  “Where you off to, pet?”

                “Charms, but I seemed to have gotten a bit lost,” she admitted with a blush, though her eyes told a completely different story.

                “Livia Monroe has been hassling you in the corridors, hasn’t she?” I questioned knowingly.

                She nodded reluctantly, “Yeah.”

                I sighed, “Alright well I don’t have any more lessons so why don’t I walk you to Charms?”

                She beamed up at me, “Thanks Sophie.”

                I couldn’t help but contract her smile, it was so contagious. “Yeah, yeah, I know I’m amazing, let’s get you to class.”

                She chattered the way whole way to Charms about people in her classes, the professors she had and several tall tales older students had told her about the school.  I took it upon myself to correct several of her theories about teacher-student relationships (yes, Calla was a whore but she wasn’t sleeping with Slughorn, well at least I doubted it) before I managed to drop her off at her classroom just before the bell rang.

                “Hey gorgeous,” I heard the smooth voice of my boyfriend say to me from behind.

                I turned around with a smile, “Afternoon, love.”

                He grinned at me, pushing himself off the stone wall he had been leaning up against, “Fancy seeing you here.”

                “How’d you find me?” I questioned, wrapping my arms around his waist and sticking my hands in his back trouser pockets.

                “Well it wasn’t hard,” he told me nonchalantly. “I just found Fawn, suggested she make you escort her to class and waited here for you to show up.”

                “Couldn’t you just have caught me while I was leaving the dungeon?” I questioned though it didn’t really matter to me either way.

                “Well yes, but now we’re closer to the tower,” he pointed out.

                I gave a small laugh and nodded, he was right there. The Charms classroom was closer to the Gryffindor Tower than Potions was.  “Alright, fine, so maybe it’s a little closer but you didn’t have to drag Fawn into this.”

                He gave me his best puppy dog eyes, not that it was really hard considering he was a dog in more than one way, “Is it really a crime to want to spend some extra time with my girlfriend?”

                “Yes it is when it comes to using a first year girl who fancies you to do it,” I retorted.

                He pushed his lips into a pout in protest.

                “Besides,” I continued. “Where exactly did you plan to spend this ‘extra time with your girlfriend’? The broom cupboards are always full and if you and I spend any time together in the common room, I get attacked by your fan club and they try to shag you.”

                His face fell slightly, “Uh well-“

                “And any bloke with such a problem would find himself in great despair to know he doesn’t have anywhere to take his girlfriend for some alone time.  Alas most blokes don’t have a girlfriend as amazing as you do,” I winked at him.

                “You know a place?” his eyes widened like I had just announced that Christmas was coming back again.

                I nodded, “But it’s a secret so you’re going to have to have your eyes covered.”

                He smirked, “Kinky.”

                I rolled my eyes, “Just shut your eyes and take my hand.”  He made a big show of obediently shutting his eyes and taking my offered hand.

                I muttered to myself about what a drama queen my boyfriend was as I dragged him up the stairs and towards the seventh floor.

                “Sophie! Sirius! What are you two doing?” I heard James demand as Sirius and I walked up the stairs to the fifth floor.  Sirius’ eyes snapped open.

                “What do you mean what are we doing?” I replied, “What are you doing?”

                “Looking for Lily like everyone else is,” James retorted in a very “duh” kind of manner.

                “Lily? Why are you looking for her?” Sirius questioned, his arms instinctively wrapping around me from behind and his hands slid in my front pockets while his head rested on my shoulder.

                James looked mildly annoyed by Sirius’ affectionate stance, “Because she went missing from the Hospital Wing, you twit.  McGonagall has called an entire search of the castle.”

                “Oh well we’ll help look for her then,” I offered and I could feel Sirius nod in agreement.

                “Alright well you might want to split up to look,” James suggested.  “You two might not get too much looking done together.”

                Sirius nodded, “Alright, mate, well I guess I’ll go with you and we can check the grounds.  Soph, you want to check the top few floors?”

                I nodded, “Sure, love.”

                Sirius gave me a smile before unwrapping himself from me and following James back down the stairs.  As they reached the bottom of the staircase James looked up at me and gave me an ugly smirk that I didn’t even know he was capable of.  What the hell does that mean? I wondered to myself.  I shook it off, wondering if I were just seeing things.  After all James’ dirty looks really didn’t mean anything in comparison to Lily being missing.

                I checked the Gryffindor Tower, the whole seventh floor, the sixth floor, the fifth floor and even the fourth floor without any luck.  Lily most definitely wasn’t there.

                Sophie, you idiot, I thought to myself, shaking my head at my stupidity.  I still had the Marauder Map. I hadn’t returned it to the boys since I stole it to make sure they didn’t find my hiding spot.  I could just go back to the dormitory and find Lily that way.  Duh.

                I scurried back to the Gryffindor Tower, sprinting up the girls’ staircase.  I skipped a few stairs, practically bounding up towards the dormitory.  When I arrived there I threw open the door, surprised that it was completely empty.  I momentarily wondered where Ana would be since she got out of classes but couldn’t go to the Hospital Wing as Pomfrey wouldn’t know nothing was wrong with her.  I shook off the thought, tearing my trunk open, looking for the secret Marauder’s Map.

                I found it in the pocket of a pair of trousers.  I pulled it out and I tapped my wand against it, “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.”  The map began to bleed through as it always did when the right words were spoken.  I searched the map, dragging my finger along it, looking for Lily’s name.  Lily Evans, she had her very own dot in the… Hospital Wing? And whose dot was next to her? James Potter?!  I searched the Hospital Wing for Sirius’ name, but I couldn’t find.  I searched the grounds, wondering if they had perhaps separated and Sirius was not notified that Lily had been found.  Sirius’ name wasn’t on the grounds though.  Beginning to panic I started to search the rest of the castle for my boyfriend.

                Strangely enough when I found his name in the boys’ sixth year dormitory I found another but there was only one dot.  I scratched my head for a moment, wondering if the map possibly was making a mistake.  That was until I realized which other name was.  Remus’ words of why two people would only make one dot came flooding back to me as well as the images of Sirius performing the same transgressions behind my back.

                “FUCK!” I exclaimed as I went running down the stairs.  Hurt hadn’t even begun yet as fury had taken off.  I scared a few third years as I went flying down the girls’ stairs and up the boys’.  “MASTRIVA, BLACK, I SWEAR TO MERLIN I’M GOING TO-“ I began to threaten as I threw open the Gryffindor six year boys’ dormitory.  It turned out Remus was right and there was only one way for two people to become one dot and that just happened to be a very serious act of infidelity.

                I didn’t know if I wanted to look away or keep eye contact and make them sweat it out.  Either way I was horrifically livid and there wasn’t a good chance they’d stay alive throughout the night.

                “Sophie, do you mind? We’re kind of busy right now,” I heard Sirius tell me irritably.

                “What the hell are you two doing?” I demanded, my hands on my hips and I’m sure what was a very angry look plastered on my face.

                “I don’t know how to tell you this, Soph, but I found someone else,” he told me lamely, obviously very antsy to get back to what he was doing. “It’s not you, it’s just Ana is my soul mate.”

                I had to struggle to keep the logical side of my brain in control.  James was with Lily. He wouldn’t leave Ana with Sirius because he knew he’d have to kill Sirius if he cheated on me.  Sirius was disgusted by Ana’s advances so he wasn’t going to go with him willingly.  So that meant one thing, this wasn’t natural.  That smirk… That wasn’t a James smirk.  When James smirked it wasn’t at me and his hand was in his hair.  Ana Mastriva had to die… “Stealing from Slughorn’s stores, huh, Mastriva?” I questioned stonily for a moment and her smile faltered.  She hadn’t expected me to figure it out.  Though I couldn’t blame her, usually I would have just hex them both, thrown a few punches and gathered my pride enough to storm enough.

                “Don’t you dare accuse Ana of such things,” Sirius snapped.  That confirmed it, Sirius’ normally rather bright grey eyes were stormy and nearly black, the clear work of a love potion.

                “Sirius, we have to go,” I swallowed my urge to kill Ana long enough to get a full sentence out.

                “I don’t wanna go,” Sirius protested.  “You should go.”

                “We have to get you fixed, Sirius,” I threw a silent silencing charm on Ana.  “You have a large growth growing out of your face and you’re going to scare Ana away.”

                Sirius looked mortified at the thought.  He shakily got out of bed and I diverted my eyes.  Yes, I had seen Sirius naked before, but this was different.  He wasn’t mine anymore and therefore it felt filthy even being in the same room as him.  I heard him throw some clothes on.

                Ana wasn’t giving in so easily, she jumped from the bed, springing on me.  My reflexes were faster. My fist caught her jaw, sending her flying backwards.  WHAM! It felt like a sledgehammer had just been swung at my temple.  No, it wasn’t a sledgehammer, it was my boyfriend’s fist.  Of course the drugged bloke would defend the girl who had given him the bloody love potion in the first place.

                That was it. I wasn’t playing nice anymore.  I was hurt, betrayed and significantly on the verge of going mental.  “Stupefy,” I casted at my enraged boyfriend.  He hit the ground with a thud.  I took a deep breath before turning to Ana, “If you don’t want to be spending the rest of the year in the Hospital Wing I suggest you make yourself disappear before I get back.”

                With a wave of my wand Sirius was levitated off the floor and he and I were on our way to the Hospital Wing. Yes, generally I would take it to Slughorn considering it was a potions related problem but I didn’t know how angry Slughorn would still be about the whole cauldron incident in our lesson.  After all Pomfrey was brilliant and I’m sure could fix Sirius in no time at all.  I had more faith in than Slughorn despite her less years of experience.

                “What in Merlin’s name do we have here?” Madam Pomfrey questioned as Sirius and I came through the door.

                “He’s under the spell of a love potion,” I explained.  “Had to stun him, he was getting violent.”

                She nodded, “I see.  You’re getting quite a bruise, Miss Knight.”

                I nodded, having expected such after getting such a hard hit. “Can you fix him?”

                 “He’ll have to spend the night but I’ll give him a few potions and he should be fine.  He might just be a little groggy with the details.”

                “Where should I put him?” I questioned, wanting to go decapitate Ana as soon as I could.

                She ushered me to the corner bed, the one that was usually reserved for Remus after the full moon.  I gingerly lowered him to the bed and let her shoo me away, glad to get to leave.

                “Who got Sirius with a love potion?” I heard James question.  I turned around to see Lily in a hospital bed with James and Remus in chairs beside her.

                “Uh Ana did,” I replied almost hesitantly.  I didn’t know how Remus or Lily would react to the news as they were the closest to her.

                “Ana? As in Ana Mastriva?” Lily questioned, her emerald eyes half the size of her skull.

                I nodded, “Yeah, I’m not really sure how many other Anas would go after Sirius.”

                “Sit,” James offered me his lap as a seat.  Considering him as the closest thing I had left to my brother, I took him up on his offer, lounging on top of his lap.  “Now, why don’t you tell us what happened?”

                I took a deep breath before divulging my story to them, giving them the bare story, leaving out all emotions and just sticking to the story.  Lily looked like she was about to cry while Remus and James looked more like they were about to do something worthy of a one-way trip to Azkaban.

                “So do I get the Marauder seal of approval for my mission to disembowel Mastriva?” I ended the story, trying pathetically to add a little humor to the very tense air.

                “You realize Sirius would never do that to you right?” James was avid to confirm my faith in my boyfriend and his best friend.

                I nodded, “Hence why right now my hit list is only one person long.  Though if I’m going to Azkaban, what the hell?  Might as well take out Monroe too.”

                “Sophie, I am so sorry you had to go through that,” Lily told me sincerely.  “I knew she was jealous but I never thought she’d go to that extent.”

                “Wait, hold on a second.  I’m still trying to understand here. Ana used a polyjuice potion to make herself look like James and then took Sirius away where she slipped him a love potion and then took him up to the boys’ dormitory to shag him where you found them.  You tried to convince Sirius to come to the Hospital Wing and then Ana tried to attack you so you hit her and then Sirius hit you before you stunned him, threatened her and brought him here?” Remus questioned, reiterating the entire story I had just told them.

                I nodded, “Yep.”

                “And how did you know where to find them?”

                “The map.”

                “YOU HAVE THE MAP!?” James chimed in.

                “Yeah, I took it when I was hiding from you, err, I mean when I was saving your lives in the forest and forgot to give it back.”

                “What map are you talking about?” Lily asked in confusion.

                “Don’t worry about it,” I replied.

                “You know we want it back.”

                “Yeah well I’ll give it back later, that’s not the point.  Can we get back to the point at hand?”

                “Which is?”

                “Killing Mastriva of course.  Or at least making her suffer enough to make her wish she were dead.”

                “As Prefects, Remus and I cannot listen to such talk,” Lily pointed out.

                “Well then cover your ears,” I retorted, “Because I’m going to need as much Marauder mischief as I can get to bring Mastriva down.”

                “Sophie, is this really necessary?  I understand you’re upset, but perhaps if you and Ana talked about this you might come to realize that you’re both overreacting.”

                “Lily, have you ever walked in on your boyfriend shagging another woman who had been one of your best friends?  ‘Cause if you haven’t I don’t think you understand what I’m going through.”

                “I know and I’m sorry that you had to go through that, but I don’t think violence is the answer.”

                “You used to hex James every day until the beginning of this year,” I pointed out dully.

                “Yes but he was being an arrogant toerag.”

                “Yeah and Ana was being a backstabbing whore.  See? You can call it a ta-may-to but I’ll call it a ta-ma-to.”

                “Sophie, please just think about this-“

                “Lily, she drugged my boyfriend, shagged him and made me give me what I’m sure will be the biggest bruise I’ve ever had.  I don’t wanna think, I want to throttle her.”

                James supportively rubbed a hand across my back, “We’ll figure something out, pet, I promise.”

                I nodded in agreement.  When James promised something like that I knew he would come through on it. Loyalty was a very sensitive topic for him and I knew that this irked him as much as it did to me, or well as much as it could consider he wasn’t the one who had to watch his lover shag someone else.  I buried my head in his neck, glad that he was comfortable to sleep on even if it wasn’t my Sirius.

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