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AN/ Hey so I hope you like this one. More filler than anything.  Thanks for the reads and the Reviews! Sorry it's so dang short. But leave a comment for me! I love 'em! I'll have more for you durring the Holidays, Thanksgiving and such. Thanks so much!

Check your curtains for doxy nests, avoid being bitten!


Hermione Granger was currently lounging on a hospital bed. She had tried to convince herself that last night was a dream, a weird surreal dream. But his smell lingered on her clothes. Every time she took a deep breath his face would pop, however uninvited, into her head. Draco Malfoy had not been himself, she had concluded, possibly even had been on some sort of drugs last night.

The Matron had come to her at first light, her wand twitching in her hand like a metronome and a half amused smirk on her face. She had told Hermione her ankle was fractured in two places, one from the contact with the book and one from her fall. She had healed them quickly but didn’t like the look of the swelling and bruising. Promptly put some foul balm on it and told her to sit for an hour and a half. It had been ten minutes before Hermione remembered it was Christmas.

She asked the matron for some parchment and a quill. With precision and deliberation she wrote to her friends, her parents, and grandmother that one would be sent to the special branch of the post office to send to her through normal means.

When she finished Hermione fidgeted, fighting the heaviness of her eyes still tired from the early awakening. She slumped against her pillows, dizziness overtaking her, and closed her eyes taking a short nap her hand splattered with ink that smudged her neck as she cradled her face.

Hermione had been released from the hospital wing as soon as she woke. The matron said that she should take it easy and come back later if her pain returned or she tripped over something else. Hermione said something dismissive and then proceeded to hurry to every place she could think of, looking for Draco so she could thank him and ask him why he was in the library so late. But he was nowhere to be found. She even checked the library and got a ghost to check the Slytherin common room.

“I’m sorry miss Granger. There is nobody home.”

Hermione sighed. “Thanks anyways Nick.” Nearly Headless Nick gave a curt nod which caused his nearly severed neck to pop open slightly. She waved and watched the ghost drift off.

The halls were alight with mid-afternoon sunlight and a crisp chill to the air that gave her a sense of longing. Her family, her grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, would be sitting down to a nice light brunch of some sort as the oven and stove tops simmered with sauces and roasts. Her stomach growled and Hermione put a hand to it as if to quiet it. She continued to walk down the corridor ignoring her stomach’s protests and stopped when she heard familiar voices from a unused class room.

“…But Professor, it’s been months. Why hasn’t it gone away?”

“It will ebb. Give it more time Mr. Malfoy. I cannot make the potion for you myself, nor can you continue to buy it from that halfwit.” Hermione moved towards their voices the door was slightly ajar and she could vaguely make out Malfoy’s white blonde hair and Snape’s long black hair as well.

“But I need-” Malfoy tried to interject.

“What you need is a healer. A healer and some time.”

“I don’t have time. I have, it would seem, a bit of a snoop on my trail. Sooner or later she’ll know."

Was he talking about me? Why would Malfoy need a healer? Are they talking about the stuff he bought from Sheldon?

“Then I suggest you be extra cautious.” Snape said with biting finality.

Sensing the departure Hermione rushed from the door and towards the nearest corner. She waited there, catching her breath. Her breathing had lessened just as Malfoy rounded the corner and spotted her.

“Granger.” His expression was cold and uncaring, dismissive, almost.

Hermione took a deep breath and smiled weakly, “been looking for you actually.” She stated suddenly feeling nervous.

Draco smirked “Is that right?” Her eyes dropped to her feet, unable to meet his gaze.

“I just wanted to thank you. For last night. For helping me.” She looked up at him. His expression was the same cool mask of disinterest.


“Um, thanks Malfoy. I owe you one.” There was a pause, a beat, before Malfoy's face was smiling at her. Not smirking, smiling.

“I’ll hold you to that Granger.” Then he walked away from her slowly strolling towards the dungeons.

Why is he the only one who can execute the perfect exit? was the only thought Hermione had as he sauntered away.

At least now she could go to her second task having finished her first one. She mentally crossed off "Thank Malfoy" from her list of things to do. Hermione reched into the inside of her robes and made sure the letters were still there, neatly fold and crisp, ready to be sent. With one last glimpse of the receding back of Malfoy Hermione set off to the Owlery.

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