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 Hogsmeade was beautiful in spring. Heck, it was pretty beautiful every season. Winter was probably the best but spring was definitely up there with it. The snow had pretty much melted by now apart from the odd patch here or there that had turned slushy. I realise that doesn’t sound terribly nice but I liked it. It wasn’t warm but it wasn’t freezing either. Just right. 


I was walking along the stony path to the village with Remus who had waited for me in the great hall with Peter while I got ready with a weirdly nervous Annabelle. I had no idea why she was nervous and I wasn’t. I had more of a reason to be nervous in my mind. I mean it was my first date with Remus, well proper one anyway. Annabelle had been going out with Peter for months. 


Anyway, I was very happy when I was walking to the village. It was peaceful and it was cosy. Remus had his arm wrapped around my shoulder, which was lovely but there was something a little bit off about it. I couldn’t really place what it was. I think it might have just seemed a little bit too forced and I didn’t want it to feel forced. That sort of feeling pretty much put the nail in the coffin for me and Spencer the year before.


I let it be because we were pretty much in the village it wasn’t as bad as I’m making out. I tended to over worry about things like that. But not anymore I decided. From now on, I would be as happy as possible without any worrying whatsoever. Good plan, right? 


Well it would have been.


When we got to the actual village part of the village, it was physically impossible to be happy. And I’m not over-reacting this time. It was physically and literally impossible to be happy.




Even though there was a dementor, there was still a small crowd watching what was going on. Said dementor who had obviously been making me feel chilly was accompanied by who I can only assume was one of the more human guards at Azkaban. He didn’t look too happy himself although I figured he’d be used to it by now. The wizard was talking to Mulciber, a slytherin in our year. It didn’t look good but I couldn’t quite hear what was being said.


“Let’s get closer,” I said, tugging on Remus’ sleeve.


“What?” He whispered, “Why on earth would you want to go closer to a dementor.”


“Because I’m a nosey bugger that’s why. You coming?”


“No, but I’ll wait here for you. I can’t stand those things. Good thing I can do a patronus though.”


“Really? That’s pretty advanced. I wouldn’t have a hope of doing that.”


“You can’t do a patronus?” He asked skeptically.


“No, of course not. I don’t take Defense do I?”

“Well then why on earth would you bother approaching a dementor.”


“Excitement I suppose.” I shrugged and started to edge my way over slowly so it didn’t look too obvious that I was being nosey. Remus followed on behind me. I guess he changed his mind about coming now that he knew I had absolutely no chance of defending myself if the dementor took a turn on me. 


Mulciber looked genuinely terrified for a split second. I mean for the size of the guy you wouldn’t think anything would scare him but then again, a dementor was trying to get it’s hands on him. I figured they’d only sent one ministry guy to get Mulciber because he was still technically a schoolboy. Even though I could tell he was scared he still had the same air of cockiness that most Slytherins had. 


“Mr Mulciber, I think it would be best if you came with us,” the ministry official stated although he didn’t sound very forceful or imposing which you would have hoped for in the guy that was arresting people. 


“On what charge?” Someone in the crowd yelled out. It made me happier knowing there were people who were just as curious as I was, if not more so.


“Mr Mulciber has been known to use two of the unforgivable curses several times and in accordance with the law he is to be arrested and sent to Azkaban prison where he will wait for his trial,” the ministry official answered dully like he didn’t really believe it himself. Or didn’t really care.


“Listen, Rookwood,” Mulciber began slowly, smiling, “I don’t really feel like going to Azkaban for doing what all wizards are meant to do and preforming magic. If some filthy mudblood got hurt, that’s not my fault is it? They could have fought back if they had the power to do so.”


Honestly, Mulciber seemed a bit too cocky for a guy who was cornered by a ministry official, half of Hogsmeade and a dementor. That’s all I’m saying. Then I again he was never exactly short of confidence.


My head was starting to hurt a little bit but I ignored it, what was happening was way too exciting to not have my full attention on. A real arrest, in Hogsmeade. That’s pretty uncommon. I did however fasten up my jacket a little more, it was starting to get colder too. 


Before I could even comprehend what was happening, Mulciber had easily disarmed the ministry official and had disapparated so quickly, no one in the crowd even had time to blink let alone stop him. Then, as expected. Pandemonium broke lose. 


The ministry official ran for his wand although we all knew he was too late to do anything. I was actually pretty surprised he didn’t just disarm him immediately considering he was actually arresting someone. Then again. Rookwood did seem to know Mulciber. Maybe… No, not maybe. Rookwood worked for the ministry I was just being to nosey for my own good. The crowd were yelling insults at him as he picked up his wand. The dementor didn’t look to happy to have lost a potential inmate that he, no wait it, no wait he? I don’t know anyway the dementor was not happy about losing some memories he could have felt. 


The dementor, turned on the crowd. Which you couldn’t really blame it for. As horrible as I felt because of it, it was in it’s nature to try and get the emotions that were out there and because of Mulciber’s escape, emotions were running high. Too much for it to resist really. When I say it turned on the crowd I mean it turned on the nearest human being which, at that moment, was Rookwood. I’m sure it wasn’t going to kiss him or anything but the guy couldn’t really defend himself. 


I sort of did something pretty stupid. Well, really stupid considering I’m so useless at defense against the darks arts it would probably be safer for me to be a death eater. But in my defense, I was trying to help out Rookwood. I’d only met him a couple of times before at one of my family’s parties but he seemed okay and he didn’t really deserve to get attacked by a dementor. All I really did was run to a point between him and the dementor which stopped the dementor from taking him by surprise. It’s not like I risked my life for him or anything. That would be insane. 


All that really happened was I got a whole lot colder and bit of a sore head and a teeny graze on me knee where I landed.. Okay, a really sore head but I didn’t feel miserable or anything so it’s not so bad. A couple of seconds after Rookwood had his wand out and managed to cast a patronus at the dementor which made it back off. They were still under ministry control and this one seemed to have realised it’s mistake. We both stood up and shook the dirt and grass from our robes. Problem over. 


“Thanks, Miss Warrender,” Rookwood said, holding out his hand for me to shake. He wasn’t really that much older than I was but he still called me Miss Warrender. 


“No problem, Rookwood.” I said, “maybe next time make sure the guy’s disarmed before you go setting dementors on him.”


“Yeah, I can’t believe I forgot that. Anyone would think I did it on purpose huh?”


“Just keep a tighter grip on your wand, eh? I figured they would have trained you at the ministry.”


Remus came over. He didn’t look very  happy but he didn’t look too upset either. He probably just thought I was stupid which admittedly, I kind of was if you looked at my actions. I shook Rookwood’s hand and he walked over to the dementor. They were probably going to have to go back to Azkaban now and nobody was going to be very happy to discover that Mulciber had got away. I guess Rookwood didn’t want to talk to Remus or something. 


“Hey,” I said sweetly as though I had just skipped along a flowery meadow rather than a dementor’s path.


“That was pretty stupid,” Remus said with a grin. “Although it was pretty brave too. Sure there’s not a Gryffindor hidden in there?”


“Pretty sure.. I might have to get that checked out.”


“So why did you do it.”


“Well, despite the Gryffindor-ness of my actions, I was actually being a Ravenclaw about it. See I weighed up some options and tried to look at a couple of consequences and then I chose the best course of action. It was pretty logical if you look at it.”


“Logical in what way exactly?” He asked, laughing. We started to walk to the Three Broomsticks. I think Remus figured I could use a butterbeer. 


“Well, either I left Rookwood to get drained and then feel really guilty about it after or help out an old friend and earn myself a favour.”


“That sounds pretty Slytherin to me, collecting favours.” It didn’t sound like an insult to me, even if it was meant to be be one. I wasn’t sure. It just sounded like an obvious statement of fact.


“I guess so, I’m from a family of them so I guess it’s just coming out now. Plus, I really did want to save Rookwood and it wasn’t just to earn a favour, he’s actually a pretty nice guy.”


“Where do you know him from he’s got to be at least four years older than us.”


“Five. And I know him through the family.”


“That’s pretty cool. I guess making connections are easier when you have more chances to socialise.” He didn’t sound jealous or anything, more just like he was wondering to himself. I know he wasn’t trying to make me feel guilty but it did make me feel kind of bad knowing that I’d had so many more chances than he had.


“Sorry,” I said, “I didn’t realise you’d never had that. It’s easy to forget.”


“No, no. Don’t be sorry. I’m glad you’re able to forget every once in a while.”


“Well I’m glad too.”


We walked into the Three Broomsticks after a slightly emotional moment. I was seriously glad we were distracted by our arrival at the pub. I wasn’t big on emotional displays or moments or even thoughts. Plus, I really was wanting a drink. 


We found a table that was near, but not to close too, the other guys who were in the pub. Annabelle and Peter had a table to themselves so did James and Lily. Sirius appeared to be sitting at a table with six other girls. All of whom were in our year. It was pretty impressive to say the least. It seemed to be filled with Hogwarts students who wanted out of the cold or away from the dementor. 


For the first time in a long while I seemed to be genuinely enjoying myself without thinking about animagi, werewolves or NEWTS. It was practically a miracle. Then again, I was on my first real date with Remus Lupin so if I wasn’t enjoying myself, I would have been seriously worried. Admittedly, we hadn’t really done much just had lunch but it was a fun lunch, it was just a really polite sort of fun. 


“And then Sirius  dropped his trousers right in front of Professor Merrythought to finish it all off,” Remus chortled.


Okay, so not totally polite. Remus was just telling me about a prank the four of them had pulled a couple of nights ago which had earned all of them, including James, two weekend detentions. I had to admit, even though it had caused them to lose their most valuable free time, it did sound pretty hilarious. Just as I was thinking this, the group of girls with Sirius all started giggling too. I guess Sirius was recounting his night-time adventures to them too. 


“You’re kidding!” I barely managed to say anything through my maniacal laughter but at least I was audible. 


The lunch lasted much longer than I had originally expected. Not because the time was going slowly or anything but because instead of staying there for a couple of hours for lunch, we ended up talking for five hours before we even realised the place was half empty. I don’t even know how Sirius and his entourage managed to leave without the pair of us noticing. I guess we were too involved in each other too notice. Which I think is pretty sad. 


We noticed about the time when the young barmaid Rosmerta started clearing her throat loudly. She was probably wanting her supper. We left a tip and exited the bar last. It was pretty chilly outside to say the least. I had forgotten that it got windy here in spring. My teeth were chattering as we made our way up to the castle in the cloudy dusk. 


“Do you want my jacket?” Remus offered, clearly I looked colder than I thought. I say he offered but to be honest I didn’t even have time to respond before he had whipped his jacket off and had it round my shoulders.


“Thanks,” I said, smiling into the warmth of his coat. 


“No problem.”


That was Remus. The gentleman. Remus the gentleman. Trouble is, Remus the gentleman wasn’t as much fun as mischievous Remus the marauder. I missed mischievous. I hadn’t seen mischievous since before the unplanned transformation. 


“You know,” I said, trying to bring out the mischievous-ness, “we still have about twenty minutes of Hogsmeade time left and the castle is only five minutes away.”


“Don’t you want to get to the feast?” He asked innocently. Maybe he was cold, he had just given up his jacket. 


“Of course I do, but we do still have fifteen minutes of alone time.” I raised my eyebrows at him to try and get my message across, without actually having to say I wanted him to give me a proper first kiss this time. That would just be insanely embarrassing. 


“We can be alone in the castle too,” he said, “is there something wrong?”


Right. There was me thinking Remus was a smart guy. Obviously not. 


“Holy crow, Remus. What is wrong with you?” I pretty much screeched it at him.


“What? What do you mean?” He genuinely seemed confused. If I hadn’t been so frustrated, it would have been really cute.


“Let’s see, we’ve been on our first date for hours now and you have yet to kiss me properly. I’m not even going to talk about the one on the lake because that was pathetic.”


“Right,” he said. That was it. 


“So, are you going to kiss me or not?” I asked, stopping dead on the track. Remus stopped too and seemed to ponder the thought for a moment. Not the best thing to do around me when I’m angry and impatient.


“Well, I don’t think I have any option now, do I?” He was smirking. That meant he was teasing me. What an ass. 


“No, no you don’t.” I pouted like a five year old. If he was turning this into a joke, I would too. Plus it was more fun this way anyway. 


“I suppose I’ll just have to kiss you then.”


Have too?” I asked, jokes were jokes but I think that was poor wording. 


“Yep,” he jabbed, “have to.”


“Fine then. If you don’t want to kiss me I’ll have to take my lips elsewhere.” I flashed him a grin.


“Well I simply cannot have that now, can I?”


“Can you?”


He answered my question by finally kissing me. Properly this time too. Properly as in the whole hands through the hair and soft lips and hand on the back and everything. Much better than the last attempt by far. Very far. It would have been absolutely perfect were it not for the cold and:


“Way to go Moony! I always knew you had it in you.”


“Shut up, James! They were enjoying themselves.” 


I looked up to see Lily slapping James in the arm with the hand that wasn’t holding his. Clearly they had been enjoying the dusky stroll back to the castle like we had. At first I though it was Sirius. It was such a Sirius thing to do, then again, James and Sirius were pretty similar so I shouldn’t have been surprised. 


“Sorry about him Nyx, he’s just being annoying because I told him that his hair looked stupid in the wind.” Lily and James approached us. 


“It doesn’t look stupid. I know it doesn’t look stupid. Moony, does it look stupid?”


“You hair looks the same as it always does.”


“By which he means stupid,” Lily said, smirking.


“You said you liked my hair!”


“I’m only teasing you. You’re a complete baby sometimes you know that?” Lily gave him a quick peck and laughed. They were really good together.


“Well now that that’s sorted out and we all know my hair looks amazing, Lily and I will leave the two of you up to your indecent business.”


They walked off towards the castle which was closer than I remembered. I could even see the light of the great hall from the path. James called back, “but don’t stay out too late or I’ll be forced to give you both detention.”


“Well that was interesting,” Remus was barely holding back laughter.


“I’ll say. But that was a very impressive kiss, Mr Lupin. Not at all pathetic.”


“That’s good to know. I don’t think my ego could have taken another ‘pathetic’ kiss.”


Remus took my hand again and we walked back to the castle like the couple of idiots we were, laughing and everything. At least I had managed to have a pretty perfect date with Remus even with everything that happened. To be honest the only thing I remembered was the kiss and that suited me just fine thank you very much. I didn’t really want a dementor in that memory so I completely ignored it and funnily enough, I had forgotten all about it by the time I was stuffing my face in the great hall and relinquishing every detail of the day with Maia and Isabelle.





A/N: Aha! First date (sort of :P ) Hope you all liked that chapter, I hit a writer's block around about here so it took me longer than expected to write it. I'm halfway through writing the next chapter so hopefully it'll be done by next week? Maybe, depending on how inspired I am I suppose. I'll try. Thanks to everyone that's reviewed and favourited this at some point or even if you've just been reading it! Alex. :D

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