It's been four year to the day since Ron left me. He didn't even have the guts to do it in person. He wrote me a letter, packed his bags, and left. When he did, I was broken and unstable. But I quickly got my act together when I realized I was carrying his child. That's right; Ron left me with his unborn child.

Oh, don't worry, Xavier's fine. In fact, he doesn't even look like Ron. He has my caramel curls and my honey eyes. He is by far the cutest little boy I have even seen in my whole life. I guess I can't really say that because I'm his mom, but his god-parents can't seem to stay away from them.

Here's a little recap over the last for years so you know what's been going on.

Ginny and Blaise got married, despite everyone claiming that Harry and her were in love. I guess they were just too much like brother and sister. Anyway, Ginny teaches at Hogwarts. Can you guess what class? Potions! Shocking, I know. Blaise says at home with their daughter Crystal, who's three.

Harry married Luna, can you believe it? But they are just so cute together! And she's really seemed to become a bit more normal over the years. In fact, Harry's teaching at Hogwarts too, as the DADA teacher. Luna stays at home with their twins Lily and James.

Me? Well, after I had Xavier, I didn't think anyone would want to be with a single mom, but I did end up find someone. We got married when Xavier was one and then we had the cutest little girls: Nigara, who's three, and Sapphire, who's two. Just a few months ago, we had a little boy named Scorpius. Can you guess who I married?

Draco Malfoy. He is so sweet and kind and adores Xavier as if he was his son. Draco's so protective of his little girls, and they’re not even five! You should have seen his face when Sapphire told him she was gonna marry James.

Anyway, Ron. Yeah, he's getting married today. To whom? Cho Chang. Shocking I know, but they are. I give them a month. Anyway, for some reason, I was given an invitation to his wedding, and the only reason I'm going, is because I want him to see how happy I am without him. Oh, and because I want Xavier to meet his real father at least once in his life. And because Draco wants to prove a point or something like that. Men.

I'm standing in front of the mirror, wearing my floor length peach dress. It looks stunning on me, and I don't even look like I had a baby a few months ago. I pin my curls on the top of my head and turn around to get a look at the back. Draco enters our room from our bathroom, and looks at me.

"Do we have to go?" he asks, wrapping his arms around my small waist. "Why don't we just stay at home all day?"

"Draco, we're going for Xavier. He should meet Ron, even though there's no telling how messed up Ron will act." Draco reaches up and pulls my hair back down.

"Leave your hair down, love. You look so pretty when you leave it down." He kisses my cheek as our bedroom door opens.

"Eww! Mummy and Daddy are kissing!" We turn around and see Sapphire holding her teddy bear, and holding Xavier’s hand, who is pointing at us in disgust. Draco and I react quickly, each picking up one of our kids and kissing them on their cheeks.

"Mummy! Stop it!" Xavier laughs as I tickle him, his chestnut eyes shining. Sapphire laughs in Draco's arms. Their matching silver eyes meet and they both start laughing. Nigara jumps into the room, her blonde hair a mess, and her caramel eyes bright.

"Mummy! Daddy! Scorpius woke up!"

"I'll get him Mione, You get the kid's ready." I stick my tongue out at him and set Xavier on the floor.

"Okay, who wants to play dress up?" I ask and all my children start jumping in the air shouting "me, me, me!” "Okay, okay, calm down!" They do, but their faces are still bright. I pull out my wand and tell them to close their eyes.

I wave my wand, and watch as their pajamas turn into the clothes they are going to wear for the wedding. Nigara and Sapphire are wearing flower girl dresses, the exact color as mine, and with another flick of my wand, their beautiful long hair, is curled just like mine. Xavier is wearing a peach shirt with black pants to match Draco and Scorpius. I leave his caramel hair curly and fluffy.

"Okay, now open your eyes." I watch as they run to my mirror and listen as they ooo and ahh. Sapphire turns around and laughs as her caramel hair flies in a circle.

"Mummy we look like you!" Nigara says smiling as she plays with her blonde hair. I hear Draco call from the nursery that he and Scorpius are ready.

"Come on kids, to the living room," I tell them as I grab my purse/ diaper bag. We walk to the living room and meet Draco there.

"Okay, which two are you taking?" he asks. The kids know what we're talking about. We are traveling by the Floo Network to Ginny and Blaise's house, and from there, we are going to pick up a porky to the church where the wedding will be.

"We wanna go with Mummy!" shout Nigara and Sapphire.

"Okay, I'll take the girls and you take the boys," I tell Draco as I throw the powder into the fire place. I grab my daughters' hands and tell them to hold on tight. "Ginny's house," I yell and we start to spin.

When we stop, we quickly run to get out of Draco's and the boys' ways. Dusting off our dresses, we say hello to everyone. I turn around just in time to take Scorpius from Draco so he can climb out of the fireplace. Ginny quickly counts heads, and then grabs the porky.

"Hang on everybody!" she calls. Draco and I each grab two kids just to be safe and for the second time to three minutes, we start to spin.

When we land, Xavier looks at me and says "Mummy, I don't like spinning." I laugh and take his hand. Sapphire and Nigara quickly grab Draco's hands. I hold Scorpius closer to me and we start walking.

"Hello Auntie Mione," James says, as he runs pass me so he can hold onto Sapphire's other hand.

"Hi Auntie," Crystal chirps as she grabs onto Xavier's free hand, and a slight blush appears on his face.

"Hi Auntie Hermione," Lily calls, from Harry's side.

"Hello," I reply to all of them and to their parents. Luna walks over and grabs Lily's other hand so she's walking in between her parents. Blaise hangs on to Ginny's hand, as Crystal grabs his other hand saying, "Daddy, walk with me."

We near the church door and find our seats. We're just in time, because the ceremony is going to start soon. Ginny, Harry, and Crystal walk off to get ready. Harry's the best man, Ginny's a bride's maid and Crystal in the flower girl.

I look around the room, and see a few people from Hogwarts, like Neville Longbottom and his wife, Seamus and his girlfriend, Lavender, Arthur and Molly and Bill and Fleur. I smile at them when they notice me.

We all become quiet as Crystal stands at the back of the aisle. We all turn to look at her, and she's too scared to move. The poor girl got so nervous. Then, before Draco or I could stop him, Xavier climbed down from his seat, and ran down the aisle toward Crystal. He smiled at her and offered her his arm.

Laughing, she takes in and they start walking down the aisle together. She starts throwing petals and begins to relax. Xavier walks her to the arch, hugs her, much to the crowd's enjoyment, and runs back to his seat.

"Xavier that was really sweet of you," I whisper as the bride's maids start walking past us.

"Good job, son," Draco says, ruffling his hair. We both pretend not to notice when he blushes.

We watch as Ron and Cho say their vows and become husband and wife. Before anyone else could stand up to coagulate them, Xavier and Crystal ran to each other. They hugged and ran back to us.

"Thank you Xavier," she said, as Blaise picked her up and put her on his shoulders. Draco looks at me, and then at Ron. I sigh and grab his hand.

"Ready?" I ask. He nods, I pull Scorpius closer to me and we start walking toward Ron. Noticing us leaving, Nigara, Sapphire, and Xavier follow us.

"Hello Ronald," I greet him. I hand Scorpius to Draco and give Ron an awkward hug. "It's good to see you."

"You too." It's then that Ron seems to notice Draco. His ears get read and he looks ready to kill someone. "What are you doing here Malfoy?"

"Ronald, if you are going to yell at my husband, I would prefer you do it, when my children aren't around." Ron looks at my children.

"Hello, I'm Nigara," my daughter says, smiling. Ronald nods at her.

"I'm Sapphire," Sapphire says, hiding behind Xavier. She peeks out behind his arm and then hide's again.

"My name is Xavier," Xavier says and points to his little brother. "And that's Scorpius." Ron nods at him.

"Kids," Draco says, "why don't you go dance?" The chairs had been magically removed and replaced with a dance floor. Xavier grabbed Sapphire's hand leads her over to James. Then he starts dancing with Crystal. Nigara is asked to dance by Neville's son, Alex. She smiles and nods.

"Ron, I need you to listen to me."

"Hermione, why'd you marry the ferret?" Ron asked bluntly. Draco pretended to ignore him by playing with Scorpius.

"Because he was the only one who would consider dating a single mom. Ron listen to me will you? When you left me, I was pregnant with Xavier. He's your son."

Ron didn't say anything for a while. But when he did, I wanted to slap him.

"I don't want anything to do with him. If you think I'm going to pay for child support, you're dead wrong."

"Ron!" Ginny yelled. Of course she had been listening. "You sick, twisted little-"

"Gin, calm down," Draco says. He hands me Scorpius and takes a step toward Ron.

"Draco..." I warn, but he shrugs me off.

"Listen to me Weasel, I don't care that Xavier isn't my son, but insult him again and I will kill you." He pushes past Ron and on to the dance floor. I look at Ron again, and then past him.

"One more thing Ron, Cho is kissing Dean," I turn around and walk to Molly and Arthur and ask them to hold Scorpius for me.

I find Draco on the dance floor as a slow song begins to play. He grabs me and we start to dance. I notice he's looking over my shoulder, and I turn. I see James teaching Sapphire how to slow dance. Next to them, Alex and Nigara are slow dancing, and so are Xavier and Crystal.

"I swear I do not like those two boys dancing with my little girls." Draco says, looking back at me. I laugh and lay my head on his chest.

"Oh, leave them alone Draco, they're having fun." He frowns but drops the subject.

"So, Hermione, when can we go home?" I start laughing and Draco twirls me.

"Draco, you know I love you, right?"

"I do know." he replies and chuckles, knowing what I want him to say. 

"I love you too."


I don't know why Ron doesn’t want to have anything to do with his son, but if it means I don't have to share him with Ron, then I don't care. Xavier doesn't need to know that his real dad is a jerk, he's only four. He can learn that later. Right now, he just needs to have fun, and know he's loved.

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