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The Truth About Lies by OneShotWonder
Chapter 18 : Girl Drama
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“JESS! GET DOWN HERE AND IDENTIFY OUR NEW PRISONER!!!!” I heard a voice yell at me from downstairs for the fourth time. I didn’t want to leave my room, though. I had been up there for a full 24 hours since the incident and I had no intention of going down, but after I heard my brothers call, I went.

Bounding down the stairs, I didn’t even think about the prisoner I was about to see, I just thought about how annoyed I was with Bellatrix, my brothers and Voldemort. When I turned the corner, though, I froze. The new prisoner was a girl, a girl who I knew very well.

“Emma?” I spoke quietly to the speechless girl in front of me. She didn’t look scared. Her green eyes sparkled with courage and she simply stared up at me. I instinctively turned my left arm away from her, that’s when she spoke as if we were the only two there.

“Jess, I thought you were dead.”

“Well, he’s not sweet face, he is our little prisoner, locked up in the headquarters, just like you.” I could see the plan easily, it was going to be my job to get information. “I told you boys Jess would know her, he knew all the pretty Hogwarts girls.” The death eaters laughed, but I kept my new act going.

“So how is everyone out there?” I asked ignoring the death eaters around us.

“Fine, mostly, we’ve lost a couple, of course but everyone really misses you. Padfoot the most probably, and I really...” Her voice drifted off for a moment, “Are you and that death eater girl really engaged?” I glanced over and saw Bellatrix standing in the corner.

“No, we were, but after they found out about the order thing, that ended. It was more a power thing, she wanted power and...” I stopped my lie, not because it was a bad one or anything, in fact, many of the death eaters standing in the back glanced at each other smiling because it was so flawless.

“Your family is powerful.” Emma finished for me, believing every word.

“You still owe me that date.” I said, speaking of that night in the common room, when she had turned me down.

“Yea, I do.” She smiled at me.

“That’s enough,” Peyton spoke up, then, “Take our little prisoner down to the cellar.” A death eater lunged forward grabbing her arms and began leading her down the stairs, but she still looked just as brave. This was going to be interesting, me, my fiancé, and the girl I had a crush on, all stuck in headquarters.


When Emma was securely locked in the basement cellar, the death eaters gathered around the kitchen table.

“Muffilato” Voldemort muttered “That’s going to get annoying, anyhow, this girl is loaded with information, as she has been living in the order headquarters for the past year, and on top of that, she will be assumed to be dead among the order because we don’t take prisoners very often. Not to mention the fact she is in love with Jess.” Many laughed at the last comment, Bellatrix did not.

“The obvious plan of action would be to torture the girl, but I think Jess’ tactics will be more effective. Jess you will lead her on and once she trusts you will start getting information.”

“I don’t think so.” Bellatrix spat her voice bitter as strong coffee. I rolled my eyes before replying,

“What’s the matter Bellatrix? Don’t you trust me?” She was angry and I was wrong to provoke her but I didn’t care.

“No, I do not! And the last thing I want is you and this love sick mudblood alone in the cellar together!” She stood up her fists balled in arger.

“I’m very sorry Bellatrix, but this is the way I want it to work.” Voldemort spoke and his word was law.

I sat back down with a sly smile plastered to my face, I was looking forward to making Bellatrix angry. She wasn’t finished though,

“You try anything, Clancy and I with hurt you so bad you won’t remember it was me!” She said before stalking away. I looked at Voldemort,

“I second that, Clancy and remember, this is a mudblood.” He turned to go and added, “You may start now, boy.” He left.

I got up and strode impassively to the basement door. Then I heard someone follow me and felt a hand on my shoulder that roughly turned me around. It was Rodolphus and I saw the frustration in his eyes, or was that sadness? His black hair spiked up in the front making him look oddly like Sirius. However, his inky blue eyes were full of intense hatred that I knew I would never see in Sirius’. A split second later, the rest of the occupants of the room stood up to back either me or Rodolphus.

“Look, Clancy, you hurt Bellatrix and you’re going to have me to deal with, got that little player?!” He looked fierce but that didn’t scare me and I offered my surely comment.

“Yea, whatever you say Lestrange.” With that I brushed his hand off my shoulder and turned back to the basement door letting myself in and slamming it behind me for good measure.

With the door closed, The stairwell was dark but I could still see the names glistening in the light coming in from a well window. At first I thought about what Emma must have thought when she had seen this, but then I came to terms with reality. Emma was just a girl and she was not going to come in between me and my life.

I sat down on the stairs halfway down, a rare occurrence for me because I normally spent as little time as possible in this area of headquarters. Somehow it didn’t scare me while I sat there because I was realizing that nothing could be as scary as my real life. I stood up knowing I had to do this. I pointed my wand at my part of the wall and engraved my mew mission, Interrogation of order member was what I wrote, not even able to write her name. Oh come on! Was I really that weak? I scratched out order member and wrote Emma.

I continued down the stairs resolving I would not let her get to me. I was doing this to annoy Bellatrix and to have one more good time before I was trapped forever in a marriage. Or was I?

I turned the door knob and entered the conference room, proceeding faster than I wanted to be towards the back door, the entrance to the cellar. Why was this bothering me so much? I needed to get over it and just do what I had to do. I had been doing this my whole life and it was just more of the same. I took the keys off the post and unlocked the grimy wooden door. When I opened the door I walked down five steps into complete darkness. I knew there would be five because I had been locked in that cellar quite a few times and believe me, it was no five star hotel.

“Em?” I called out to her. Then I muttered “Nox” and the tip of my wand ignited giving off a green light that brightened the whole room. She was sitting in the far corner and looked up at me when the room was lit. She was crying.

“Oh, Jess, I am so scared!” She exclaimed completely unexpected by me. She got up and hurried over to me, embracing me and crying on my shoulder. “How did you grow up in this place?”

“Em, it’s going to be okay, I will make sure nothing happens to you, okay?” I fake comforted her holding her.

“How can you do that, Jess?” She answered knowing I was lying which startled me a little bit.

“I still have my brothers and they will listen to me. I will tell them not to let anything happen to you, they owe me one.” I let go of her looking her in the eyes,

“Thank you, Jess.” She continued to cry. “Oh, Jess, I am so happy you are alive, I knew Eli didn’t kill you.”

“Yea, I know.” Was all I could respond.

“I really missed you.” She looked down, then as if she was almost embarrassed.

“Yea, I miss all of you guys too, and you.” I felt guilty sweet talking her like that but I did it anyway. “Well, I gotta go, they don’t know I’m here, but I will come and see you tonight.”

“Thanks, Jess.” She whispered giving me a hug and returning to her corner. I left her and walked back up stairs glancing over at the new mission I had engraved a few moments before. I could do this, I hoped.

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The Truth About Lies: Girl Drama


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