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Chapter 9


’Here we are,’ Malfoy said, having landed on a deserted, sandy beach. In the October wind waves crashed into the shore and seabirds screamed overhead.


They dismounted the broomstick, Hermione looked around with a disappointed face.


’Where? Where are we?’


’It’s Montrose Harbour. Let’s go up that hill.’


’Montrose… Rose… Roses everywhere… They are driving me crazy,’ Hermione frowned.


’Have you heard of Montrose Magpies? The most successful quidditch team in history.’


’Great,’ she rolled her eyes while climbing up the hill.


’Well, if roses make you nervous, you won’t like the name of the Parkinsons’ house, either.’ Malfoy sneered.




But Malfoy didn’t need to answer. The house and its name on it could be seen on the hilltop. Hermione sighed. Rose Cottage.




Hermione and Malfoy were sitting in Victorian armchairs, sipping tea from Victorian tea-cups (painted with roses, of course) in the living room of Rose Cottage. Mrs Parkinson, Pansy’s foster mother, was gazing at Malfoy smiling.


’Oh, how much my dear Pansy loved you, Draco,’ she remembered with tearful eyes.


Malfoy glanced at Hermione a bit embarrassed.


’So you have absolutely no idea where Pansy is,’ Hermione tried to switch back to the topic she was the most interested in.


’No, Professor. I wish I could help you in the investigation, but…’ She shook her head sadly. ’She left without saying goodbye.’


’When exactly?’


’In August. It happened in August.’ She sighed. ’She didn’t take anything… She left her clothes, all her personal belongings here.’


’Did she ever mention she was in some kind of danger?’


Mrs Parkinson looked surprised.


’Danger? No. She never talked about being in danger.’


’Do you have any idea why she left? She may be staying at her boyfriend…’ Hermione guessed.


’No idea, Professor. And she didn’t mention she had a boyfriend,’ Mrs Parkinson looked at Malfoy again. ’I was so sorry when you two broke up.’


Malfoy tried to make a sad face, too, though he considered splitting with Pansy one of the best decisions of his life.


’It may sound odd, but… Can we have a look at her room?’ Hermione asked meekly, breaking the awkward silence.


Mrs Parkinson raised her eyebrows.


’We might find a clue where she can be,’ Malfoy added.


Mrs Parkinson nodded sadly.


’We have hired a private detective to find her, but he hasn’t found anything… Go and look around, you might be luckier.’




The first thing to catch their eyes entering Pansy’s room was a huge dressing table with an over-sized mirror, the drawers full of combs, wigs, bottles of perfume and makeup kits in several colurs.


’I have never had so many shoes,’ Hermione said surprised when opening a wardrobe, crammed with shoes and matching bags and accessories.


Hairstyle and fashion magazines were scattered around on the bed and on the table.


’She attended a drama school after Hogwarts,’ Malfoy said while opening another wardrobe. ’She always wanted to be an actress.’


’Now I see,’ Hermione nodded and sat down at Pansy’s desk. There was only one book on it. A Potions textbook.


’She might have gone to Hollywood, then,’ she said and opened the well-known book.


Malfoy opened a jewelry box and examined the glittering neclaces, bracelets and rings.


’Each of them can be a Horcrux,’ he said scowling.


Hermione walked up to him curiously.


’These are cheap, valueless things,’ she said. ’Not likely one of them is a Horcrux.’


’What’s that in your hand?’ Malfoy asked suspiciously.


’Love letters from you,’ Hermione couldn’t help smiling. ’From the drawer of the desk.’


’Hope you haven’t read them,’ Malfoy looked nervous.


’Why?’ Hermione asked sneering.


’Childish, silly love letters.’ Malfoy muttered and put the rolls of parchment back into the drawer. He slightly blushed. Hermione enjoyed the situation now, she liked seeing an embarrassed Draco Malfoy. She tried to picture a lovestruck, 16 year-old Draco jotting down poems on a parchment by candlelight…


’Okay, let’s get serious,’ she said and climbed under the desk, to return with the waste paper basket. Malfoy knelt down next to her and they started rummaging through the content of the basket.


Articles about fashion and makeup tips. Some receipts and labels of new clothes. Wrapping paper of a chocolate frog. A broken eyebrow pencil. An empty bottle of nail polish. A postcard from Daphne Greengrass, Pansy’s good friend and ex-schoolmate, from Australia.


Hermione sighed. Nothing special. Apart from the fact that her hand touched Malfoy’s in the basket, making her shudder.


Malfoy glanced at a receipt and whistled.


’Pink underwear,’ he raised his eyebrows.


’Yeah, I’ve found its label,’ Hermione nodded. ’But I don’t think the lingerie could be a Horcrux, do you?’


Malfoy was grinning.


’Well, that would mean Voldy had a bizarre sense of humour…’


Hermione smiled, too, then her smile faded.


’So Pansy bought a new underwear not long before her disappearance. Did you see the pink lingerie in her wardrobe?’


’Nope,’ Malfoy shook his head but opened the wardrobe again. ’No pink underwear.’


’Mrs Parkinson says Pansy didn’t take her clothes with her.’ Hermione wondered.


’So she must be strolling somewhere with nothing on but pink underwear.’ Malfoy chuckled. ’But it supports the theory she might be with her boyfriend.’


’Okay. So Pansy is living with her secret boyfriend. She is not in danger, or, if she is, we can’t do anything about it.’ Hermione sighed. ’And the Horcrux?’


Malfoy looked around.


’A fragment of Voldy’s soul hidden in something…’ He was thinking loudly. ’Something that is connected to a murder…’


’A diary, a ring, a locket, a cup, a diadem… Harry and Nagini…’ Hermione listed the seven Horcruxes. ’What can be the eighth Horcrux? Something in this room? Which object could have belonged to Voldemort?’


They searched the room again but everything seemed new and modern, made in the past few years.


’Why did she buy PINK underwear?’ Malfoy wondered, heading towards the door.


’That’s trendy now. When we went shopping to London with Ginny, we also bought…’ She didn’t finish the sentence, realising how silly it was to provide Malfoy with information like this.


Malfoy had a curious glance at her.


’You have pink underwear, too? I can’t wait to see…’


Hermione was about to say something not too nice, but they saw Mrs Parkinson standing in the next room, expecting them to tell her the news.




Mrs Parkinson insisted on drinking one more cup of tea with the professors. She looked a bit disappointed, she expected Draco and Hermione would find something. She knew about the postcard from Daphne, Australia. The private detective had checked the place, Pansy was not there.


’Have you received a letter from Professor Trelawney, the Divination teacher of Hogwarts?’ Hermione asked.


’No. We haven’t got any letters from Hogwarts lately.’ Mrs Parkinson said surprised.


’May I ask you…’ Hermione felt embarrassed. ’May I ask you about your relationship with Pansy… Did you get on well with each other?’


’The private detective asked me about it, too,’ Mrs Parkinson replied calmly. ’Well… We got on quite well. Of course, she missed her mum very much, she often mentioned how much she would have liked to talk to her… To see her…’ Mrs Parkinson gulped painfully.


’Rosemary… Her mum’s name was Rosemary, right?’ Hermione said quietly.


Mrs Parkinson nodded.


’Shortly after the birth of Pansy Rose in St Mungo’s, her father, who hadn’t married Rosemary, visited the baby. He was furious because he had expected a baby boy. He was rude and said nasty things to the poor Rosemary… He said he never wanted to see them again… Then he stormed off. Rosemary was devastated, started to cry, the nurse tried to calm her… But some hours later Rosemary died. I was there, in St Mungo’s, visiting my auntie, and heard the nurse talking about this tragedy. That nurse… I don’t remember her name, it was a flower name… So the nurse, she told me the heart-rending story sobbing and I immediately decided to adopt the baby girl…’ Mrs Parkinson’s eyes were full of tears.


’My dear Pansy, I hope she’s alive and well…’


Malfoy and Hermione listened to her breathless.




Malfoy and Hermione landed on the quidditch field. The Nimbus 2010 was really quick, they got back by noon.


’Back at Hogwarts again… With no Pansy, no Horcrux…’ Malfoy looked at Hermione with a disappointed face. ’I guess you expected something else.’


Hermione’s heart melted. She was still under the effect of the tragic story of Pansy’s birth. And now, seeing Malfoy’s sad eyes… He looked so human now, with real human feelings Hermione had never thought he could have. He’d tried it so hard to help her… It was not his fault he couldn’t.


’You did your best. And I’m really grateful for your help. Thank you.’ She whispered and suddenly stood up on her tiptoes and kissed him lightly on the lips.


Almost the same way as she had kissed Jasper.


But Malfoy didn’t push her away. He returned the kiss. When she wanted to draw away a bit, after the light kiss, he leaned down and his soft and warm lips found hers. She closed her eyes and didn’t protest. He cupped her face in his hands, in his warm hands. His touch and kiss were tender… Tender and possessive.


Hermione didn’t expect the kiss would be so long and she forgot to breathe. She pulled away in the last moment to get some oxygen.


Only now did she realise she had been kissing with Draco Malfoy.


Her heart was beating wildly, she felt her cheeks burning. She looked in Malfoy’s sparkling eyes and she moistened her lips. He came nearer to close the gap again but Hermione took a step backwards.


’No… Please, don’t…’ She gasped. Her lips said no but Malfoy could see the longing and desire in her eyes.


’Why? Are you afraid you might enjoy it?’ He whispered huskily, drawing closer again. It was the old Malfoy again, confident, seductive, getting always what he wanted.


Hermione pulled herself together not to get lost completely in the magic of the moment, to fight off the power of the way Malfoy was gazing at her, to forget the softness and warmth of his kiss and touch and to ignore the fresh, masculine scent of his aftershave.


’Well, it wasn’t a lets-get-over-that-damned-kiss, was it?’ She asked finally.


’It definitely wasn’t,’ he shook his head. ’Not a bad first kiss,’ he added sneering.


’First kiss?! You think there’ll be a second one?’ Hermione pretended to be upset but actually the thought of kissing with Malfoy again was tempting.


’I KNOW there’ll be a second one.’ He had a meaningful look at her. ’By the way, what are you doing tonight? At 9 p.m.? Show me your pink underwear?’ He went on flirting.


Hermione rolled her eyes.


’Sorry, I can’t make it tonight. I’m dating with Jasper.’ And then, satisfied with this big lie and its effect on the blond guy, she made her way for the castle, leaving a fuming Malfoy behind.




When Hermione was about to open the door of her room, she noticed a parchment folded between the door and its frame. ’Jasper,’ she thought immediately and she was right. It was a short letter, the weirdest invitation Hermione had ever got.


Dear Hermione,

Will you come with me to Dracula’s Castle at Halloween? I’ve been longing to see the vampires’ headquarters and their Halloween Ball for so long. You will be safe, no need to worry.

Hope you say yes.



End of Chapter 9


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