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Disclaimer: Still don't own anyone from Harry Potter but I can dream.

Hermione stepped off the train and strode through the crowd over to the carriages that would take them to Hogwarts. She saw one that said Heads on it and jumped into it and effectively landed in Blaise's lap.

"Wow Granger, I certainly wasn't expecting that. Not that I mind or anything." Blaise smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Hermione rolled her eyes and tried to get up and move to her own seat but Blaise wouldn't let go of her. "You know Blaise I am trying to get up but you holding me is making it very difficult."

Blaise laughed and let go of her. When she settled into the seat across from him, he noticed her uniform. His eyes widened. "Granger what the hell did you do to you clothes?"

Hermione raised an eyebrow at him and looked down at her outfit. "What's wrong with it? I think it looks better." She had shortened the skirt a little and fitted the top to her; she also omitted the brown loafers and settled on some black boots.

"No it looks fine, just….different." Blaise was trying his hardest not to stare at her body. Blaise smirked at her and moved to sit beside her. "I thin you look really good." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Hermione blinked at him and then proceeded to laugh like crazy. "Seriously Blaise? I already told you that I don't like you like that…However that opinion might change." She smiled coyly at him and leaned towards him and shook her chest at him, laughing when he went wide eyed and fell off his seat onto the floor.


"Come on Headboy, we're here!" Hermione opened the carriage door and stepped out followed by a disheveled Blaise. She grabbed him and pulled him close; startling him.

"What are you up to Granger?" He looked down at her trying not to blush. (A/N: I can't see him blushing but you can try.)

"Something," She began to fix Blaise's clothing. She started by straightening his shirt and finished by tightening his tie. "There! Now you don't look like you just got shagged." She smiled and began to pull by his tie towards the entrance ignoring the stares they were receiving.

"Um…Granger? Don't you think you should let go?" He had noticed all the stares they were receiving and not all of them were appreciative stares.

"No why would I?" She turned and smiled sweetly at him, before winking. "Would you like me to?"

Blaise wasn't sure how to respond, he was getting so confused by the way Hermione was acting. He only shook his head, and continued to let Hermione lead him into the castle; perplexed by her behavior.

Hermione dragged him into the castle and headed for the Great Hall, they went their separate ways. Hermione to the Gryffindor table and Blaise to the Slytherin table. Hermione saw the Weasley red hair and ran towards it. "GINNY!" The red hair turned towards her.

"Hermione!" Ginny stood up and ran to Hermione, stopping right in front of her; looking her up and down. "Girl, you look great! I love what you did to your uniform. You have to help me with mine!"

Hermione laughed and led Ginny to the table and sat down. "Of course I'll help you with that. Oh and guess what?" Hermione tried to hold back a grin.

"You're head girl."

"Aww…who told you?" Hermione pouted and played with the fork in front of her.

Ginny laughed and tugged Hermione's hair gently. "Hermione, you head girl badge is right there staring me in the face. How could I not know?" She laughed again when Hermione blushed and growled at her.

"It's not funny Ginny."

Ginny ignored her and took a sip of pumpkin juice. "So who is head boy?"

Hermione rolled her eyes at Ginny but responded anyway. "Oh it's Blaise Zambini." She covered her ears when Ginny screamed gleefully. "God, Gin can you not do that?"

"He is so hot, and you get to room with him?" Hermione nodded. "Ugh, I hate you…" Hermione rolled her eyes. "Oh come on Mione you can not say the he isn't hot."

Hermione blushed a little. "Okay so I admit that his is…good looking but come on Ginny I'm not hormonally crazy. I'm not gonna corner him and try and shag him." She laughed when Ginny's mouth just dropped all the way down to the floor.

"Hermione did you just say you are gonna corner and shag Blaise Zambini?" Hermione's eyes widened, and she turned to Ginny.

"Do you just hear what you want to hear? I said I'm NOT gonna corner him and try to shag him." Hermione covered her face and turned her attention to McGonagall, tuning out Ginny's huffs of protest.

Blaise sat down next to Draco who was trying to disentangle himself from Pansy. "Woman would you let go of me?"

"Aww but Drakey…" Pansy pouted and did as he requested.

Blaise shuddered when she spoke; her voice was squeaky and annoying. 'Why the hell is Draco still with this…thing?'He tuned Pansy out and addressed Draco. "So dude what's up?"

Draco smirked at Blaise. "Nothing, how was sharing a compartment with the mudblood?" Draco rolled his eyes and turned to look at said mudblood.

Blaise glared at Draco. "Sharing a compartment with Granger was fine. She certainly has changed. Honestly she is a babe now." Blaise looked at Hermione across the hall and saw her blushing madly at something Ginny Weasley said. He smirked, she was prettier when she blushed.

Draco turned back to Blaise to see him staring at Hermione with a dazed look. "You like the mudblo-I mean Granger don't you?"

Blaise looked at Draco in shock but didn't deny the accusation.

Professor McGonagall stood up and addressed everyone.

After the feast

Hermione and Blaise were following McGonagall threw the halls on their way to the Head's dorm. They stopped in front of a portrait of Professor Dumbledore; who was smiling at them.

"Ms. Granger."

"Professor Dumbledore." Tears sprang into Hermione's eyes as she looked upon the portrait of the late headmaster. She turned to the Headmistress smiling slightly. "The password Professor?"

"The password is Forgiveness."

The portrait swung open, Hermione and Blaise stepped through and examined the joint common room. It was a mix of Gryffindor and Slytherin colors. There was a silvery-gray couch and a champagne love seat, a black armchair and a white. They turned to the right and saw a fully stocked kitchen, Hermione wandered further into the dorm and saw a private library causing her to squeal with delight which made Blaise laugh. "Same old Granger." Hermione turned and stuck her tongue out at him. "Don't stick that tongue out unless you plan on using it." That statement made her quickly pull her tongue back into her mouth and she laughed nervously.

"Um…I'm just gonna go to bed now…um…bye!" Hermione sprinted up the stairs and entered the room with the initials HG on it. She didn't even look around, she just pulled off her shoes and jumped into bed. She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Blaise chuckled as Hermione ran to her room; he took a moment to relish in her response to his comment and headed to his room. He opened the door and looked around. There was a dark blue king size bed, he was glad it wasn't green. In fact nothing in the room was green, he turn and opened a door to his left and found a bathroom. He walked in and saw another door; his curiosity getting the better of him headed towards it and opened it slowly. He saw Hermione asleep on a dark purple bed and smirked before closing the door once again. 'Just wait until she finds out that we have to share a bathroom.'

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