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               Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. 



               When Victoire awoke the next morning she realized what day it was. The weekend had passed incredibly quickly and Victoire was relieved to be going into work. Thankfully, she had awoken at an early hour and would have the necessary amount of extra time to get ready. It took an extra twenty minutes to manoeuvre herself in the shower with her leg held out. Luckily, the Healer’s had been able to almost heal it with magic so she would only be wearing a cast for a week. A week seemed like enough to torture her out of having a shower. 




                After her shower, Victoire pulled a beige towel from the rack off, covered herself and hobbled over to sit on the closed toilet seat. She reached for her hair dryer and set to work from that position. After drying her hair, brushing through it and applying her makeup she was finally ready to try and go get dressed. 



                Victoire tried to reach her closet limping, but had to take a break when she reached her bed out of pure exhaustion. She heard a loud pop and standing in front of her was Teddy. At first Victoire was ecstatic. She had wondered if he would come over. But when he looked at her he blushed red and covered his eyes. That was when Victoire remembered she was sitting on her bed wrapped only in a small towel. The towel had rolled up slightly and she realized that there was not much room left for the imagination. 



                Victoire quickly went to cover up the bottom of her towel. That was her biggest mistake because just as Teddy looked up to mumble something, the top of the towel that Victoire had previously been holding in place parted to reveal a much desired picture that Teddy would always want to remember. 




       “Oh, bloody hell, Victoire! Why aren’t you wearing any clothing!” Teddy yelled, yet still ogling her chest. He gave her the once over and noticed more bruising on her upper thighs, “Vic!  Where the hell did those bruises come from? There is no way that’s from the fall!”



                “Teddy! Just turn around!” She screamed, and coming to his senses, Teddy finally did turn around. His hair was a bright shade of red. That was when Victoire realized that he was standing in front of the closet and would not be able to reach any clothing. Her house coat was on the end of her bed so she dropped her towel and reached for it. She pulled it tightly around her body and wrapped the chord in a loopy, but strong bow, “Okay, you can look now.”



                Teddy slowly turned around, “Where are the bruises from?” There was something in his voice that meant no nonsense.



                “I can’t tell you,” Victoire answered.



                “Bloody hell you can’t tell me! You are going to and you are going to now!” Teddy said, his voice getting angrier by the second, “Merlin’s pants Victoire! I love you and you can trust me!”



                “It isn’t about trust Teddy.”



                “If you don’t tell me, I’m leaving.”



                Victoire was silent for a moment and then said, “Not now. I have to go to work.”



                Teddy grimaced, “Victoire! Call in sick for God’s sake! You work your ass off at the Prophet! They will understand. You broke your bloody leg. This conversation cannot wait, because I won’t.”



                “But-“ Teddy cut her off.



                “I’m serious.”






                Half an hour later, Victoire sat hand in hand with Teddy with cups of hot cocoa beside her bed. An owl had been sent to the Prophet explaining Victoire’s absence and Teddy had sent a Wolf shaped patronus to his godfather, Harry, informing him that he would not be able to attend his Auror training for the day. 



                “Victoire, what happened?” He asked calmly.



                “I went out; it was the night I broke my leg. I don’t really remember anything Teddy,” Victoire answered.



                “What do you mean? How does that explain the bruises at all?” He questioned more fervently this time.



                “Well, that’s just it! Isn’t it Teddy!? I don’t remember so stop pestering me like I know all the answers!” Victoire yelled. Teddy looked hurt at the sound of anger boiling out. She was part-veela after all. She realized she probably looked as if she was about to rip his manliness from him, “I’m sorry, Ted. It’s just hard. I feel like you will hate me if I tell you what I do know. Promise me you won’t leave?”



                “Victoire, I’m sure, whatever it is, I will not leave you,” Teddy assured her.



                “I was waiting for you at the club. I thought for sure you would show up. I only had one drink. Just as I was about to leave, he grabbed my arm and—“



                “Who grabbed you!?” Teddy interjected angrily.



                “I’m not sure. All I can remember is lying in a cold alley that smelled like sweat,” Victoire said as Teddy fumed, “The worst part is, when I woke up I was so disoriented and it took me awhile to realize my knickers were lying ripped across the alley from me,” She finished.



                The two sat silently on Victoire’s bed separated by her shared secret. She wished that he would say something. Even a fool could figure out from her vague description that Victoire had been raped. Teddy looked absolutely furious but so confused about how he felt. She had been with someone, even if it was not her fault, it had still happened. 



                “Victoire?” Teddy asked tentatively.



                “Yes?” She answered hopefully.



                “I need to go think some things through. I know this is horrible timing, but I can’t look at you.” And with his brief and not consoling statement, Teddy swept out of the room leaving Victoire shocked and feeling sick to her stomach. With her broken leg, Victoire knew she would not be able to make it to the bathroom. She reached for the dust bin at her feet. When she finished she curled up in bed (as much as the cast would allow) and stared her favourite picture on her bedside table. It was of her and Teddy when they were younger.



 Even then she had known he was the one.








I am so sorry for the atrociously long wait! I've just started my first year at University so enough said.   Also, I know this chapter is fairly short but I figured I might as well update something on this story before I enter midterms.  Thank you so much for reading and I promise it will get better after this!  Please review because I don't get many and they are always a great help! Thanks so much.


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