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It had been a month since we left. Harry snored loudly in the tent; I smiled and turned back to the fire I had started. I poked at it with a stick and sighed.


I was still torn over my last talk with Edmund.


He asked me to let him wait, but what was he really waiting for?


Another rejection, a yes that I’m going to put my heart out on the line and watch it be taken with him back to Birmingham?


A small sob escaped my throat and I buried my head into hands.


‘Hermione?’ Harry said, I turned to look at him and smiled, his hair was just as tousled as always and his eyes were still clouded with sleep as he rubbed them, trying to become awake.


‘Hi Harry, I was just—’ Damn, I couldn’t lie to him even if I wanted too, I sighed in defeat and looked at him with teary eyes, ‘I miss him.’


Harry gave a small smile and came to sit by me, ‘I miss Luna. I guess we’re both in the same boat, we know what he have to do and we know what we want to do – but they aren’t exactly the same thing.’ He wrapped his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder, ‘When you love someone you stand by them no matter what. That’s what Luna and Edmund are doing – their waiting for us and we need to focus on the task right now.’


I smiled, Harry said like he had said that last line to himself thousands of times before – dropping the Edmund part though of course.


I grabbed Harry’s hand and gave it a tight squeeze, ‘Luna will wait for you forever Harry, that’s why you two will probably get married at the end of this whole hell thing.’


Harry laughed but made no gesture or sound to confirm or deny it. I bit my lip, trying not to smile to much because I knew with the smile would come tears.


I knew I was young but I also knew my heart – and my heart was telling me Edmund was the one I would always love, the one and only. But sometimes the heart didn’t always get what it wanted – sometimes you had to use your brain.


‘Edmund will do the same for you. He’ll wait for you then ask for your hand.’ He said, finishing his spell of laughter only to start another. I was taken aback and surly my face showed it.


I shook my head, ‘I told him not too, that it’s too hard when he just has to leave again. My heartbreaks more every time I have to say goodbye.’


Harry sighed and pulled me closer, ‘Well, maybe after this hell you won’t ever have to say goodbye anymore.’


Tears spilled out so quickly that I didn’t know what was happening till Harry gently wrapped his other arm around me.


My dream would was to be with Edmund forever, but would that ever actually come true?




Edmund paced, he didn’t know what else to do and so he had taken to pacing for the last month.


Hermione be safe was a thought that ran through his head every hour of the day – even in his dreams.


He couldn’t tell anyone but Peter what was going on, Susan had come as engrossed by her school as Lucy had started to be and his parents – well they lived in the adult Muggle world, no Narnia or Wizarding World there.


And even if Peter would understand he was away at school and Edmund didn’t much care for telephone conversations


Anyway, he didn’t want a female’s perspective or his brothers for that matter; he just wanted his Hermione back.


Edmund flew onto his bed and looked up at the ceiling of his room.


‘Edmund?’ Mrs. Pevensie knocked on the door and quickly peered her head in.


Edmund sat up and combed his hair down with his fingers, ‘Yes?’


‘There’s someone here to see you.’ Mrs. Pevensie opened the door to reveal a short blood girl with a piece of thin wood stuck behind her ear and radishes swinging from her earlobes.


Edmund smiled, his Mum looked at the girl with displeasure but left them to talk.


Edmund stood up and was quickly by the girl’s side, ‘Luna is there any news from Harry and Hermione?’


Luna smiled and her big dreaming blue eyes came up to meet his but she shook her head sadly, ‘No, I just wanted to come and see how you were holding up.’


Edmund sighed and ran his hand back through his once sort of brushed hair, if you count a hand as a brush, ‘I miss her.’


‘I miss him.’ Luna said, giving a smile that seemed as if nothing was wrong, ‘They’ll come back.’


Edmund bit his lip and leaned against his drawer, trying to hold back a mean retort. How would she know if they were going to be alright? It was a damn bloody war! No one was going to be alright, no one.


Luna tilted her head and gently reached out her hand to rest on top of Edmunds, ‘This hurt is very terrible, but I know they will be alright, I just know it.’


Edmund sighed and looked up, searching for the right words, ‘I just feel so-so—’


‘Alone?’ Luna offered.


Edmund pulled his hand back from Luna and started to rub his neck, ‘Yeah, I feel alone.’


‘You’re not. I’m here just like Harry is there for Hermione. We’ll get through this all together and then we will have a double wedding.’ Luna said – a playful sparkle in her eyes.


Edmund look taken a back, he’d never really thought of marriage before, he only ever thought of the now. Married, to Hermione? It wasn’t bad, just a new thought to him.


Edmund gave a small smirking smile, well that would solve Hermione’s problems of not wanting to say goodbye again.


But on the other hand they were just seventeen, barley adults in England.


They were in love though, couldn’t that conquer everything? Edmund imagined Peter’s face if he was to tell him that he, Edmund, his younger brother was getting married before Peter.


Edmund laughed lightly, it would be a very amusing face.


‘What’s so funny?’ Luna asked, tilting her head.


Edmund smiled but waved the question away with his hand, ‘Nothing, nothing at all. Do you want to go out for a bit Luna? I feel like I’ve been trapped in here for so long.’


Luna smiled and grabbed my arm, ‘I know just where to go.’


She twisted and all Edmund felt was the sensation of being squeezed through a tub seven sizes too small.


He slowly opened his brown-eyes to look at Luna who was in a fit of hysterics.


‘Oh if only you could see your face!’ She laughed, starting to take deeper breaths to calm herself down.


Edmund nodded, not really amused, and stood up straighter to look at where he was, ‘Um…Luna?’


‘Yes?’ The young witch said, dusting herself off.


‘Where are we?’ Edmund asked turning this way and that, it was a sight he had never seen before.


Luna laughed, ‘You aren’t in Birmingham any more, welcome to Diagon Alley!’



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