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Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with the Harry Potter World, I just like spending time in that Worlds! Thanks, and Please Review!!!!



 After the screen had turned blank once again, the group had sat around with each other discussing Teddy, memories and just catching up with each other.


 Eventually the group began to disperse as the hour grew late and the time for sleep drew near. Dumbledore taking his leave first, disapearing out the front door and into the night. Remus and Tonks left soon after, declining to stay there for the night, the couple walked home enjoying the cool breeze that drifted around them as they journeyed home.


Fred and Sirius, after playing chess eight times, decided to call it quick's and Fred left a half-hour after the Lupins. Sirius, though, headed for one of the Potter's guest bedrooms and promptly fell into a deep sleep, his dog-like-snores echoing throughout the room.


Turning off the screen room's light, Lily headed down to her and James' bedroom, shaking her head as she passed Sirius' room where the snores seemed to be causing vibrations throughout the house. Reaching the master bedroom, and performing a quick silencing charm not wanting to hear Sirius all night, she entered and quickly changed into her pajamas before being pulled into bed by her husband.


"She shouldn't have bothered with the pajamas," was her finale thought, before James kissed her throughout the night.


A few blocks away, a man with a shock of red hair was entering his house, smiling as a women with chocolate-brown curls opened the door.


Two blocks over, Albus Dumbledore knocked on a door, his eyes twinkled brighter than the stars as he was let inside by a girl with bouncing blonde curls.


In Remus and Tonks' house, the couple lay in bed in each other's arms. Tonks had fallen asleep an hour ago, and as Remus snuggled her closer to him, his last thought before sleep over-took him was about his son.



  The next day the group gathered once again, all looking like they had gotten enough sleep, except for James, Lily and Fred who looked tired but content.


Sitting at their usual seats, Remus and Tonks on one couch, Dumbledore with his feet propped up relaxed into the next couch as he chewed on his lemon drops candy, Sirius took the floor using a pillow as a cushion for his head as he layed down.


As the screen flickered to color once again, Lily sat down between the grinning Fred and James. All heads turned towards the screen as a picture formed.


That's when a smack was heard through out the room, four heads turned towards Lily, James and Fred where the boys were seen clutching their heads and Lily wore a satisfied smirk. Laughing the group turned back to the screen.


The group watched as once again The Burrow was seen again and the backyard came into view.  Together they watched as two blonde haired girls with bright dark blue eyes chased after each other. A very pregnant Fleur waddled after them as she tried to get her daughters to sit. Bill was seen rushing after his family trying to get his girls to calm down and his wife to sit down and rest.


Sirius let out a barking laugh as Bill tripped and his girls ran giggling away. Fleur smirked from her seat at one of the many tables set outside. Rubbing his head, Bill resumed to chase after his four year-old and two year-old who seemed to think it was a game and ran screaming away, shrieking as their other Uncles joined in on the chase.


Laughter was heard throughout the screen room as many Uncles pretended to fall and then grinning would resume their chase. James and Lily shared a found look as they remembered many days and nights with Harry before they died.


Tonks, though giggling at the adults that were falling to the ground, was scanning the scene for Teddy, not finding him she frowned only to be brought out of her thoughts by Remus who hugged her closer to him and kissed the top of her head. Smiling up at him, she reached to take his hand in hers, entwining them together.


The group continued to watch as Percy's wife Audrey sat down next to Fleur and started up a conversation with her. "Aw," Lily sighed and then turned towards Tonks. "Remember being pregnant?" She asked her as she looked at the two glowing faces on the screen. "Yeah," Tonks answered with a sigh as she was pulled back into the memories of the months before she died.


The group continued to watch Fleur who was carrying her third child converse with the younger women, Audrey who was carrying her first child, the women continued sighing occasionally as they remembered some more of their memories of their living life.


Remus and James' eyes connected over the tops of the women's head and they shared a small grin as their wives continued thinking of memories, obvious to what their husbands where doing.


Dumbledore observed the two couples in the room and then turned back to the screen where Bill and Percy had now joined their wives at the table. Bill, it seemed had decided to leave his brothers the job of containing his excited kids.


The men didn't seem to mind though as they started a game of muggle Football on the yard. Sirius laughed and cheered when little Victoire and her little sister scored, even going as far as mimicking their victory dances much to the amusement of James and Remus who roared with laughter as Sirius tried to attempt some ballet and fell flat on his face.


Sighing, Lily and Tonks shook their heads and shared a look that clearly was meant to mean, "Aren't our husbands such idiots sometimes...."


Tonks smacked her hand to her forehead as Sirius nodded along with the two women seemingly unaffected by his fall. Lily mean while was giving him a look that was clearly meant to be interpreted as, "This is an a and b conversation, c has nothing to do with it."  Sirius chose to ignore this however or he decided to give up on trying to understand the women's eye-talk and instead just continued his conversation.


Lily briefly wondered if he had a concussion and then wondered if the dead could get a concussion. Pondering this, she left Sirius to continue his head shaking, which Tonks thought made him look like a dog that just came out of the water and was now shaking himself off.


Snickering and ignoring her husband who was looking at her like she was nuts, Tonks turned her attention back to the screen still snickering at the mental image of Sirius' human head on a dog body, his tongue hanging out as drool landed on the ground.


Remus wondered briefly if insanity was hereditary and if Teddy would be insane as well. Tonks' whole family weren't all sane after all, only Tonks, Ted, and Andromeda seemed sane and Sirius. Well Sirius only seemed sane when he was asleep or quiet when he opened up his big mouth and talked, though, that was when his worrying continued.


"Then again,"Remus mused. "Maybe insanity is hereditary and parents gain it after they have children...."  Remus thought as he watched Bill rejoin his brothers out in the yard, wincing as Victoire and her younger sister, Dom, she had called her, a nick-name he guessed, jumped on their father shrieking and hugging him and pulling the poor man to the ground.


The group continued to watch the screen, noticing Ginny and Harry laughing, Hermione and Ron bickering and then kissing, George talking about the joke shop, during which Fred listened more intently and even pointed out a few things, making comments aloud. Lily watching the slightly sad look on his face joined in on his comments, asking questions on pranks and soon James and Sirius where making him laugh again with jokes about Snape and his ever present battle with Shampoo.


"....Then he said, I thought that was the Shampoo!!!!" Sirius said, laughing along with James, Remus and Fred. Dumbledore over on his couch cracked a smile and even the women hid their grins as they turned back towards the screen, only to wince when Tonks let out an ear-splitting shriek.


"Oh My God, Oh My God, there he is Remus! Awe! Do you see him? Do you? Do you? Isn't he so cuuuute, Lily?!" Tonks squealed as her son was seen hugging Harry and then moving on to e enveloped into a hug by Molly who lifted him a few feet off the ground as she hugged him.


"Ow, Tonks, I think you broke my eardrum," muttered Sirius as he rubbed his ears. "You think you have it bad, I was closer to her," Remus said as he rubbed his own aching ears as his wife sent a sheepish grin at him which he only rolled his eyes at, eventually smiling back into her eager face.


Together everyone watched Harry swung five-year-old, Teddy in the air as his Godson laughed, eventually settling him into his wife's arms who kissed him on the cheek.


Remus felt a slight twinge in his heart as he watched the way Teddy looked at Harry and Ginny, as if they were his parents. He wanted to be the one his son looked at like that but he was dead and for the first time he really began to realize what that meant. They may watch over Teddy from Heaven but they would never be a part of his life, never be able to hold onto to him, they would never be there for him. Looking at Harry and Ginny looking at Teddy like proud parents, he felt a twinge of jealousy that saddened his mood and left him frowning.


Tonks who had felt some sadness as well, now stared up at her husband who feeling her eyes on him stared down at her. Seeing the concern on her face he quickly masked his emotions and turned his frown into a smile.


Tonks, not fooled at all, grabbed his hand and kissed his cheek, snuggling even closer to him.


Together everyone watched as the kids played together and the adults talked and ate. Everything seemed peaceful, a perfect family outing, until a voice rang out across the yard and the people's jaws in the screen room seemed to drop as they took in the sight of the one and only The Auntie Muriel striding across the yard, with strides that seemed way too fast for someone of her age.


"Merlin," Sirius breathed in shock. "Shouldn't that Old Bat be I don't know...." He trailed off and Fred took up the thought.

"Buried," he offered.


"Not breathing," James suggested.


"Underground," Remus said.


"Dead," Lily and Tonks chimed together.


"Merlin, no!" Sirius shouted. "I mean I'm sorry they have to deal with her but I don't want to deal with her either!" He said, flapping his arms around like a bird.


James, sitting next to Sirius, ducked as one of his hands narrowly missed his glasses, laughed.


Together the group once again watched as Auntie Muriel conversed with a strained Molly and a stressed looking Arthur.


"How many years do you think until she'll kick the bucket?" Sirius whispered to James.


"I don't know, she seems kind of stubborn, like she'll outlive even Teddy," James answered, which made Sirius snort with laughter and then shudder at the thought of people dealing with that women for even more years.


Lily had meanwhile scooted over on her couch for Tonks who had joined her, and the two where now discussing how old Auntie Muriel must be.


"98," whispered Lily.


"Nah, your being too nice," Tonks whispered back.


"100, then," Lily said.


"More like 300," Tonks whispered back.


"Tonks!," Lily whispered, giggling as she hit Tonks lightly on the shoulder.


"Yeah, your right she can't be that old or else she would be dead and buried," Tonks mused to the women next to her.


"Tonks, if she even reached past the hundreds then she must have struck a Faust Deal," Lily said.


"Mhmm, and look she must have some good cream, because that Old Bag has looked the same for the last thirty-five-years," Tonks giggled to her friend.


"So, 120," Lily whispered.


"120, 140, give-or-take," Tonks whispered back.


Busy with their own conversations, no one had notice Auntie Muriel take a seat next to Teddy, while Andromeda had gone to get some tea inside.

The whole group in the screen room seemed to jump as Auntie Muriel said in a loud, clear voice, "So your the wolf's little boy, heh?"


Lily's jaw dropped, James's eyes popped wide-open, Sirius swore, Dumbledore's eyes lost their twinkle, Tonks clenched her hands in fists and Remus gritted his teeth and looked away from the screen thinking that this was the kind of talk he had doomed his son to.


Tonks seeing that look in his eyes, walked back to his couch, sat firmly in his lap and grabbed his head so that he was looking right at her.

"It's not your fault," she whispered in a low voice but with such firmness and sincerity that Remus met her blazing eyes and managed a small smile.


 Satisfied, Tonks turned back to the screen but stayed in Remus's lap, her hand firmly locked with his.


 On screen, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny had jumped up at the table next to Teddy's, looking outraged and ready to snatch Teddy away from Auntie Muriel's grasp.


 All eyes seemed to bug out as sweet, little Teddy looked up into Auntie Muriel's face and with a straight-back and unwavering gaze said clearly, "Yes, I am but I like to call him my Dad."


Tonks beamed from her perch on Remus's lap and turned to look at her husband whose eyes seemed to have gotten slightly red as he too smiled proudly at his son on the screen.




 Everyone else in the room seemed to beam as well, Dumbledore's eyes even had their twinkle back in full force.


 Seeing Teddy handling himself just find, The Golden Trio and Ginny slowly sat back down, but seemed to scoot closer to Teddy's table and kept their eyes glued on him and Auntie Muriel.


 Auntie Muriel, not one to be out-talked, narrowed her eyes and said," Well, still I hear it's a hard life being a Werewolf," she sweetly crooned to the little boy next to her who just smiled, "I don't change into a werewolf, though I do get a little more hyper when theirs a full moon," he said with a fake smile, now sensing that the women next to him was not exactly nice. 



Ginny and Harry looked on, proud of the way that Teddy was handling himself, as were Tonks and Remus in the screen room.  


 "Still that can change as you get older," Auntie Muriel continued. "No, it won't," teddy answered.



 "Yes, well you will be lonely of course when people hear that you have wolf's blood in you, like a disease it is and people will avoid you like the plague, even if you change or not during the full moon," Auntie Muriel said with a small laugh.


 This seemed to shake Teddy's confidence as he made no move to comment and once again Remus bowed his head in the screen room and James and Sirius both swore loudly, while Fred narrowed his eyes at his relatives comment. 


 Tonks tried, but Remus refused to move his head back up, so sighing she just held onto his hand.



 "A disease?" The voice of little Victoire shocked the people in the screen room and Auntie Muriel so much so that they all jumped.



 "Teddy, you didn't tell me you were sick, you should be inside then....I'll bring you some tea," Victoire continued her brow furrowed in concentration. Tonks smiled at the little girl's sweet words but Auntie Muriel just cackled loudly.



 "That ain't going to help him girl, he has a different kind of illness that will make no one want to go near him or even be his friend!" she said her eyes fixed on the little girl who stared back with confidence and resolve.


 Everyone at the burrow and in the screen room seemed to hold their breath as they waited for Victoire's response, even Remus had picked up his head and was staring at the screen once again.


 Finally Victoire looked into Auntie Muriel's eyes and spoke in a soft, calm voice that held every ounce of confidence in it.



 "I don't like you." She said with out taking her eyes off of Auntie Muriel's and with a sweet smile that could melt anyone's hearts, that would one day break many hearts, walked closer to Auntie Muriel and kicked her right in the shins and then walked over to where Teddy was sitting without looking back at the lady who was now yowling loudly and clutching her shins in pain.


 Everyone in the screen room and the burrow's jaws seemed to drop and stare between Auntie Muriel and Victoire. Fleur and Bill didn't even bother scowling their daughter for kicking someone in the shins.



If kicking Auntie Muriel in the shins was surprising, then what Victoire did next was down right shocking. 



 Grabbing Teddy's hand and standing on tip-toes, Victoire leaned closer to the sitting Teddy's face.


 Ignoring everyone's intrigued face, Victoire smacked her lips right onto Teddy's own lips and then waiting a beat pulled away.


 Everyone seemed to gap at the girl who had just kissed Teddy so calmly.



 Keeping calm and confident, Victoire said in a soft, quiet voice, "There now you've given me the disease so you won't ever be alone."


 Then still ignoring everyone's shocked faces, Teddy's included, the girl turned toward her parents and announced that she was ready to go home for her nap. Then she took her little sister's hand and put her own hand in her dad's and said, "I made a new friend today, mommy!"



 "I saw," Fleur said. "So did everyone else," said Bill.


 Waving goodbye and giving people hugs, Andromeda seemed to hug Victoire extra long, even longer than Molly and smiled at the young girl deciding that she definitely liked the spunky girl. The family walked away, calling goodbyes.


 "Bye Teddy!" "Remember to come visit soon, okay?!" Victoire called over to her new friend and Bill could be heard saying to his wife, "He can come over but he better not kiss her again."



 The people in the screen room, still slightly shocked, watched Teddy wave goodbye to his new, slightly-odd friend with a small smile on his face.

 Tonks thought he looked oddly like Remus at that moment after she had first kissed him.



 Remus new he would always owe this girl for helping out his son. Lily and Dumbledore were smiling as the people in the yard continued their gathering.



 "Wow, if that was how all our Family Gatherings had gone when I was alive, then I would have looked forward to them more. Of course George and I got rid of Auntie Muriel with Fireworks but I liked the way my little niece did too and the kick in the shins....a nice touch," Fred said thoughtfully as he laughed.



 James was too busy laughing to comment.



 And Sirius's barking laugh left no room for anyone to comment as everyone joined in on the laughter.











 A/N: HI People!!!! I am so so so so sorry that I have not written a chapter in sooo long, It was just with school starting and everything....Anyway, my readers and reviewers of this story, I wanted to thank you so very much for sticking with this story and I wanted to ask if you think I should put Snape in when Teddy's school years at Hogwarts start, or earlier, because actually the school chapters are coming soon!!!! Oh, and how do you all like the new banner??!! Comment, Read, Review, Tell Me What You Think, Thanks!!!! And Again, I am so so so so sorry about how long it took me to Update, I have sooo many story ideas but it would take a  long time to post everything, so for now I'm sticking with just writing this and have written down my other ideas, too bad the Validation takes a little time, but patience is key to writing a story....I think.....









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