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Albus Potter

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Later that morning Rose had potions with the Slytherins.

Professor McKinley, a fierce looking but surprisingly good-natured witch, called everyone to attention.


Rose looked in the seat next to her, realising that it was empty, and then remembered that Laura had left the night before, because her muggle grandfather had died and she wanted to spend a week with her family before the funeral.

A wave of guilt rushed over her. Where had she been while poor Laura packed her clothes and left for a week?

Of course, in detention, with Malfoy, who ruined everything as usual.

And who was coming in right now and…what?

Taking the seat next to her!

Rose’s mouth opened incredulously,

“What are you doing?” she hissed at him.

“I’d rather have the giant squid for a potions partner than you Weasley, but all the other empty places have gone.”

Rose looked around. What she saw confirmed his words and she groaned and slumped onto the desk in despair.

“Weasley, wake up!” cried Professor McKinley shrilly. Rose looked up at her,

“Sorry Professor,” she muttered.

“Now,” began Professor McKinley addressing the class, “today we shall be making sleeping drafts.”

The class groaned in unison.

“Silence!” she cried raising her hands, “Who can tell me which are the three main ingredients in a sleeping draft?”

Rose’s hand was up before she had finished the sentence,

“Yes Miss Weasley?”

“Ox tail, winkleberries and unicorn hair professor,” she chimed.

“Excellent Miss Weasley, five points to Gryffindor.”

“Actually,” Rose recognized Malfoy’s infamous drawl speak up next to her, “I believe it’s dragon tongue, not unicorn hair.”

The class listened in eagerly. Professor McKinley also looked interested. Then she nodded,

“I’ve heard of that theory, though I’ve never tested it myself.”

“I’m pretty certain, professor,” said Malfoy.


Rose glared at him.

“According to Advanced Potion Making, the primary ingredient unicorn hair,” she snapped at him.

“Well, according to Magical Draughts and Potions, the primary ingredient is dragon tongue,” he retaliated.

“Silence!” barked Professor McKinley. Her face suddenly lightened, as though she had had an idea.

“I have an idea,” she said, “Why don’t you test it yourself Mr. Malfoy? You can both drink your own potions tonight and we shall see the results tomorrow.”

“But-,” began Rose, sounding puzzled.

“A perfect draught will not only make you fall asleep almost immediately, but when you awake you should feel more awake than you would had you not been under the influence of the draught. We’ll see which of you is more awake in tomorrow’s class, and then we shall see whether the unicorn hair or the dragon’s tongue is the most effective.”

“Are you sure that’s safe?” protested Malfoy.


Rose turned to him and raised her eyebrows.

“Well if you are admitting that Miss Weasley is correct then by all means, there will be no need,” said Professor McKinley, turning back to her cauldron.

“I never said that!” growled Malfoy, “I’ll do it with pressure professor. I was merely concerned at how sick Weasley will be when she drinks her draught of only two correct ingredients.”

The slytherins who had fallen completely silent so as to witness this competition, jeered.

“Thank you, Mr. Malfoy,” called Professor McKinley warningly.

“Oh that’s so sweet of you to be concerned Malfoy,” sneered Rose, cutting across her, “but I’m a big girl and I’ll be sure to bring the sick bucket tomorrow once you’ve had a sip of your potion.”

The Gryffindors snickered. Malfoy stood up angrily, glaring at Rose fiercely,

“Like I’d accept anything from you Weasley,” he said.

Rose bounced up too, her temper flaring.

“As if I’d offer anything in the first place,” she growled.

“That’s enough!” barked Professor McKinley.

“Now the rest of you get out your own scales and start measuring. The potion recipe is on page 156 of your textbook. Meanwhile, Miss Weasley and Mr. Malfoy you shall go ahead with your own experiments as you wish. We shall see the results tomorrow.”

The class began to move about at her instructions.

“Scared Weasley?” Malfoy glowered at her.

“Of you! You must be joking!”


She laughed lightly and then walked off to the cupboard to find her ingredients.




Over the next hour everyone was busy.


The class remained relatively silent, always glancing over at them to see if anything exciting happened.

Luckily for them it did not take long before something boiled to the surface.


Malfoy glanced over at Rose’s cauldron and sneered.

“Cripes Weasley, I though you were good at potions.”

A few Slytherins laughed. Rose ignored them.

“And I thought you were attractive Malfoy, so I guess we’re even,” she said calmly, slicing up her unicorn air into even lengths.

At this the Gryffindors hooted with laughter and a few smiles even flickered on the faces of some of the Slytheins.

“Touché” Malfoy murmured, stirring his cauldron around until he found the colour he was looking for.

“Be careful with the winkleberries, Miss Weasley,” commented Professor McKinley as she passed, “Too little could cause insomnia and too much might put you into a coma.”

She walked on, but Rose paid her hardly any attention.

“That’d be nice, wouldn’t it Weasley?” said Malfoy in a low voice, “You in a coma. Then I’d never have to see you or hear that voice of yours again for ages.”

“It would be nice, come to think of it,” Rose snapped, “I could take a break from seeing you every day. That would be such a relief.”

“Please, I know you secretly love it.”

“All the fumes from those winkleberries must have done something to your brain, Malfoy.”

“Probably, because I wouldn’t still be listening to that annoying voice of yours if my brain wasn’t intoxicated.”

“Hey, no one’s stopping you from leaving me the hell alone.”

“Good point. This is the first and last time I’ll actually take you up on any advice Weasley, so don’t get too hopeful.”

Rose put her hand on her heart and crossed her fingers,

“Wishing and praying Malfoy.”



In the next half hour both Rose and Scorpius had managed to finish their potions. The rest of the class had already finished and they were packed up and ready to go.


The bell rang and everyone rose as one to jostle slowly out of the dungeon. Rose and Scorpius put their cauldrons away and muttered

“Scorgio,” to their desks and the mess from the potion was wiped clean.

“You both have your viles, I trust,” asked Professor McKinley.

“Yes Professor,” they both answered monotonously, avoiding each other’s eye.

“Good,” continued Professor McKinley, “Take the whole thing before bed and…well…we’ll see won’t we?”


Rose left the classroom hurriedly to catch up with the others before going to charms with the Ravenclaws.


She was surprised to see Flint waiting outside, her long, lean physique leaning against the wall placidly.


She ignored Rose and Rose passed her quickly.



Scorpius POV



Scorpius followed Weasley out but he was ambushed by his girlfriend. She stood in front of him, hand on her hips.

“Hey,” he smiled. She didn’t return it, but stared at him angrily.

“Well that was pretty humiliating,” she said huffily, once she was sure that Weasley was out of earshot.

“Sorry?” Scorpius was confused.

“Don’t play dumb,” she glared, “it was so embarrassing, the way you were going off at Weasley.”

“But…me and Weasley have always fought,” Scorpius said, still baffled.

“You’re so obsessed with bickering with her that now everyone thinks you’re obsessed with her!”

“What?” Scorpius spluttered.

“Having Jacqueline Hopkirk go one about how ‘you both have such chemistry’ from the bench behind me is my idea of humiliation, Scorpius.”

She stormed off with these words, leaving Scorpius gobsmacked.


Rose POV


“When’s Laura coming back?” asked Rose, cutting up her roasted lamb later that evening at dinner.

“This Saturday,” said Al, “for the match. Poor Laura. I hear her and her granddad were really close.”

Rose smiled softly to herself.

Deep down she knew that Albus harboured a soft spot for Laura Thomas, but he would be the last one to admit it.

“What?” asked Al, looking huffily at her.

“Nothing,” she smirked, “Did she say anything before she left?” asked Rose, now feeling terrible that she didn’t know the answer to this question already. However she trusted Al to have answers.

“She basically wished us good luck for the match. That’s about it really.” He went back to his meal.

A few minutes later Rose asked him,

“How are the evening practices going?”

“Pretty well,” he said, “McLaggen’s still a prat, but nothing’s changed there.”


Rose smirked. Albus continued,

“He keeps saying: ‘You tell Rose from me…’ I mean bloody hell Rose, if you’re not interested please tell him that ‘cos his constant bragging is going to result in me getting a detention for head butting him.”

“OK,” said Rose, “I will, but if you do head butt him, please arrange for me to witness it.”

“I’ll make sure of it.”



Scorpius POV


Scorpius noticed that Natalie wasn’t there. He glanced up and down the packed Slytherin table, but she was nowhere in sight.


He realised that after she had berated him about showing her up in front of the entire potions class he hadn’t seen her for the rest of the day.


She was probably in their common room, avoiding him.


He needed to tell her that there was nothing there between him and Weasley.

Then yet another problem came to his mind.


He also had no idea how he was going to ask Weasley out, and get her to say yes, when he already had a girlfriend.

Cross that bride when you come to it, he thought, brushing thoughts of the dare out of his mind.

The meal had barely started, but Scorpius got up and made his way towards the exit.


He wondered down the stairs to the dungeons, the darkness of the halls swallowing everything.


The truth was the Slytherin common room depressed him.


Obviously Slytherin was all gloom and doom but did the location have to be so creepy?


He reached the entrance and looked up at the green gargoyle. He grimaced.


The gargoyle looked down at him expectantly.

“Password?” It croaked.

“Snakes rule,” Scorpius muttered.

It was a password invented by the Slytherin head boy who, Scorpius had to admit, was not the brightest bulb in the bunch.


The common room revealed itself, and Scorpius walked inside.

It was completely deserted, that much was obvious from the moment he had set foot inside.

He proceeded to climb the stairs at the far end that led to the girl’s dormitory.


She had probably gone to the library, but he just wanted to check.


The door was ajar and Scorpius stepped inside.

To see Ricardo Zambini on top of Natalie Flint in her bed, both staring up at him in shock.




A/N: Hi everyone! So...I hope you all enjoyed it!! And of course I'm dying to know what you all think so please leave a review, even if its just sentence or two! I love getting reviews :) Chapter 7 up soon! Its pretty much already written so updates should be pretty quick!


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