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“Oh Katie, they are beautiful. Just gorgeous, and already showing talent,” Cissy exclaimed over her new Godchildren as she watched both children’s hair and eyes change color. The babies seemed to be playing a game with each other because every time little Airi would change something Dae would gurgle and copy her.

Katharine Snape had just returned that morning from St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies after giving birth to her twin children, Airibella Jadeline Snape and her older twin brother Daemian Aleksander Severus just two days before.

“Where’s Draco, Cissy,” Katie asked, still gazing proudly down at her two angels.

“I left him with Nicolette Zabini. I didn’t think you would want another newborn around so…” Narcissa Malfoy replied.

“That’s nonsense, Cissy. You go Floo over there right now and get Lette and the other babies- there is no sense in us all being separated while our husbands are out doing Merlin knows what for Him,” Katie replied irritated.

“You’re right as usual, Kat. I’ll go get them, and you set up some tea and cake or something,” Cissy replied.

An hour later, Katharine Snape, Narcissa Malfoy and Nicolette Zabini sat in overstuffed chairs sipping tea and anxiously awaiting the return of their husbands from another one of the Dark Lord’s errands, and each secretly hoping that their husband would be able to fulfill their promise and come home not only safely, but with a way of getting out of being a deatheater. The three women had, like their husbands, known and been friends pretty much all their lives, but not for the same reasons that their husbands had known each other. Katie, Cissy and Lette were all part Veela, and all from different clans.

They were so caught up in trying to not worry about their husbands that they didn’t notice till after their husbands had returned home that their children had moved around. So, about 11 o’clock that night when Lucius Malfoy, Rico Zabini and Severus Snape arrived back at Snape Manor, they found the their wives each curled up in a separate chair waiting for them to return, and all six parents were surprised at what they found. Little Baby Draco was 4 months old at the time and had just recently begun to crawl, and he apparently had decided at some point during the evening that he wanted to be next to Airi. Blaise and his younger sister Emily were the children of Nicolette and her husband Rico Zabini, and apparently both had decided, like Draco, that they wanted to be with Airi and Dae.

Although this wasn’t what surprised them the most, No, what surprised them the most was the order and appearance of their children. Draco was lying fast asleep to the right of an equally sleeping newborn Airi with one small hand and arm crossed over her back, and even more amazing was that Airi had changed her hair color to match Draco’s sun kissed bleached blond. To Airi’s left, lay her brother Dae, with one hand touching her and the other hand and arm crossed over Emily, who had changed her normally dirty blond hair jet black like Daemian’s, and on the other side of Emily lay her brother Blaise reaching out to his sister.
Several Months later…

Once again the Snape's, Malfoy's and Zabini’s found themselves gathered with their children in the family sitting room of Snape Manor, talking.

“Oh, Merlin, are you three serious? He’s gone? Really gone? Do you mean it, Sev,” Katie exclaimed stepping into her husband’s arms before nuzzling into his comforting chest.

“Yes my darling, it’s true. It’s really true. We’re free, at least for now, my darling,” Severus answered, as he wrapped Katie in his arms.

Lucius, Severus and Rico had just returned home from a mission with the Dark Lord, and had informed their wives that a baby no older than their own children had finally destroyed him–, by the name of Harry Potter.

“I do not think he is gone for good though,” Lucius said quietly.

“It doesn’t matter husband. What matters right now is that we are able to raise our children in relative safety, and when the time comes for us to live in the Shadow of the Dark Lord again, then we will do it together, and we will see him destroyed. I do think that Lucius and Rico should keep up with their contacts in the ministry as informants, and Sev should tell Dumbledore what we know,” Cissy said.

Lette and Rico nodded their agreement as they all turned to gaze at their children, playing together on carpet in front of them- Draco and Airi sat close together playing with a toy dragon that flew above their heads, and Airi had once again turned her hair the same color as Draco’s, Emily and Daemian were next to them playing with a set of levitating blocks and Blaise was chewing on a toy quaffle watching the other four intently.
5 years later

“What are we going to do? The Prophecy that the Parkinson’s heard is talking about Airi… What do we do? All five of them would be considered a Changeling to our world- an animagus, metamorphagus and part Veela, and protected by a Dragon…I mean who else could it be- Draco never lets her out of his sight. It's a fight to get any of them to even go home for the night! He is her Guardian, Always has been, but we have to protect her in ways that he is not yet capable- what do we do,” Katie stressed to her husband and friends.

Severus sat beside his wife rubbing his hands up and down her back. She was stressed, and she had been sick for a while now. He knew she needed to rest and relax, but she wouldn’t until they had a solution. The six of them had thrown ideas, but no one had suggested the one thing they knew would work- sending his Princess away and placing her under a glamour and memory charm, but he wasn’t doing anything drastic till it became necessary.

“We will make sure that they are safe, but for now no one knows how gifted our children are, so we are safe. Relax my darling, you need to rest,” Severus begged his wife.

Outside in the garden, Draco was steering his miniature broomstick around the garden with Airi holding tightly on to him giggling happily while the other three rode their own brooms chasing after them. Airi had a broom of her own, but she didn’t ride it anymore because she had fallen off of it two weeks prior. Their parents watched horrified as she went tumbling head over heels onto the grass in the garden and began to cry, more out of fear and upset than actually being in pain. Before they could get to her, Draco was already there next to her and could be heard saying quietly, because he never talked very loudly,

“Don’t cry RiRi, its otay. I make it better if you want me to?”

Airi had nodded her head in consent, and Draco had placed a hand on her scrapped up hand and knee, a slight glow coming from underneath his hands, and then he lifted up Airi’s hand and kissed her palm where the scratches had been and said happily,

“See RiRi, all better, no more bo bows! Wanna try your broom again,” Draco asked. She shook her head fiercely, and looked at Draco with her big brown eyes like he should have known better.

“You ride with me then,” he said. His parents didn’t fail to notice that it was a statement not a question, as he helped RiRi, as Draco and only Draco called her, to her feet, and led her by the hand back to his broom leaving hers where it had fallen after the crash.
Another 5 years later…

“NO!!!!,” Airibella and Draco both cried. Daemian cried out loud as he ran and stood on the opposite side of his sister from Draco, wrapping his arms around his sister the same as Draco,

“You can’t take her away! You can’t! She’s my sister, my twin. You can’t take her away!” Draco was in little better shape with tears surfacing in both his and Airibella’s eyes as Dae let go of her to stand just in front of them allowing his sister to turn into Draco’s chest- a move that was a habit every time she was hurt or needed to be comforted for any reason.

Draco held onto his RiRi as tight as he could, hoping it would be enough to keep them from taking her away but knowing it wasn’t. So he did the one thing he knew he could do- he held her as tight as he could somehow knowing that he wouldn’t be able to do it again for a while, but he had to try.

“Please, don’t take her away, Godfather, I need her, and she needs me- please, don’t…”

“We have no choice, and she won’t remember anything and neither will any of you other four. Your parents will be the only ones out of all of you that will remember her, but it will not be permanent. The glamour spells on Airibella and the memory charms on all of you children will begin to wear off 2 months before your 18th birthdays, and you will start to get your memories back, and when Airibella and Daemian turn 18, you will all get your memories back. You will also know who Airibella is, and what her new name is so you can find her,” Professor Dumbledore said.

“Can I say goodbye,” Airibella asked.

“Of course,” the old man replied. RiRi turned away from Draco and reached for her brother’s hand before walking over to her parents. She crawled into her mother’s lap with her brother and father next to them.

“Remember, no matter what, my darling, you are strong, beautiful and brilliant like the sun and I love you more than anything, yes,” Katharine Snape said trying to hold herself together for just a bit longer. Severus Snape his daughter in his arms, and kissed his Princess on her forehead before saying,

“Listen too me my darling Airibella, you are a Snape, and you are brave and very gifted magically. You can do anything you put your mind to my little caterpillar, and you will be a beautiful butterfly when we are together again as a family. I promise, Princess.”

“Am I going to be wrapped a cocoon now Daddy? And when I turn 18 I will be a beautiful Butterfly,” Airi asked her Father with tears in her eyes.

“Yes Caterpillar, you will be a butterfly-the prettiest in the world, my love,” he replied. Daemian reached for his sister and neither said a word, they didn’t have to.

“I Love you, Daemian.”

“I love you, too, Airibella.”

Airi turned to Emily and hugged her and whispered in her ear, “Take care of Dae. You’re the only one who can.” Emily nodded hugging Airi back as hard as she could. Airi grabbed Blaise by the hand and pulled him a bit away, hugged him and said,

“You have to take care of Draco, please Blaise. Play quidditch with him and make him smile, promise?”

“I’ll do my best RiRi,” he whispered.

Airibella took a step back and took a big breath, preparing to do the scariest thing ever in her 10 years of life- Say Good Bye to her Dragon. She told herself she would be brave and not cry, but when she turned around and looked him in the eyes, she panicked and ran to him, plowing into him they both almost fell over. They cried for each other, but it was Draco who pulled away first. He pulled a necklace out of his pocket that looked like a 12- point star with a Jade stone in the center shaped like a dragon, handed it to her and said,

“I got this for you for your birthday because it’s the real color of your eyes, like your mum’s. I want you to take it with you, and every time you look at it you’ll know that I’m here waiting for you. I know you won’t know who I am, and I won’t know who you are, but you will be able to know that I’m here and that I care about you, RiRi. I’ve got a Jade pendant just like it, see.” He showed her a pendant similar to her own that he had on a leather strip knotted and hanging around her neck.

“Now I can take care of you even when we won’t know each other. We won’t really be apart.” RiRi sniffled as she dropped the necklace around her neck and whispered,

“Dragon, I’m scared.” Draco pulled Airibella back into his arms and said simply,

“So am I, RiRi, so am I. I’ll see you when we’re 18, and I’m going to take you dancing since you’re going to miss our first ball this winter, ok?”



“Good Bye, Dragon.”

“ Good Bye, Princess.”

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