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The next couple of days were some of Harry's best at the Dursleys. He would walk down the street and none of them could guess that this was Harry Potter, the insane boy who went to  St Brutus' Secure Center For Incurably Criminal Boys. No one ran from him or called him a freak.

He was dreading the day that his uncle Vernon came home from his buisness trip. He was starting to feel anxious at what his uncle would say to him.

He decided that he would just ignore it. He would not even listen to his uncle. He was afraid at the thought of losing control of his powers. He would just have to exercise a lot of self control when facing his uncle.

The day before his uncle was to arrive, everyone was in the living room watching t.v when his Aunt Petunia stood up.

"I was thinking that since Vernon will be coming home tomorow, maybe you two can go and get your drivers liscense and then maybe we can go to that place where Harry gets his school supplies. What do you two think?"

"Yeah that sounds good," Harry and Dudley said in unision.

They drove to the driving agency where they were to take the test.

Harry got a middle aged woman named Cheryl. He got behind the wheel and sat their waiting for instructions.

"Now start it up and pull out of the lot," Cheryl said.

It wasn't as nearly as bad as he thought it would be. He actually thought that he had done quite well.

When it was over Harry was back in the lot standing in front of the car that he had driven waiting for Cheryl to tell him whether he passed or failed.

After a few seconds of writing inside she said," Follow me inside please."

Harry followed her into the bulding where he had his picture taken to put on his liscense.

"You are a very good driver," Cheryl said," You have passed your driving exam. Here is your liscense."

"Thank you," Harry said as he took the liscense from her.

Harry walked back outside to where his aunt was waiting for him. Dudley was not there yet so they waited awhile until they spotted him walking towards the car.

"Got it,"Dudley said grinning holding up his liscense for Harry to see, "What about you?"

"Me as well," Harry replied, showing Dudley his.

"Well now that we are done, let's go," his aunt Petunia said.

Harry had to give his aunt Petunia directions to the Leaky Cauldron. She kept getting mixed up, but finally they arrived outside the bar.

Harry walked them in past Tom who said, "Hi," and to the stone courtyard which was the entrance to Diagon Alley.

Harry tapped the bricks, three up and two across, with his wand and the archway revealed itself. His aunt and cousin were staring in amazement and a little bit of fright at the now open doorway that used to be solid brick wall.
 He guessed some things would still always make them uncomfortable about his world no matter how much they had changed.

"That's cool," Dudley said, "I've never seen anything like it before."

"That's because it's magic Dud," Harry said, "Let's go shall we."

Harry gave them the tour, pointing out buildings and what goods they sold on the way to Gringotts.

They walked into the wizarding bank and he saw his aunt Petunia shudder.

Seeing magic for the first time awed her, now she was just freaked out.

Hundreds of goblins were scurrying across the floor weighing jewels and counting money. They seemed to take no notice that anyone had even entered.

They walked up to the front counter and Harry told them he would like to access his vault.

"I will have someone with you shortly," he said.

They got a goblin named Ulrich and they stepped  through a door to where all the carts were.

"I hope you like roller coasters," Harry said as he hopped in the nearest cart closely followed by Dudley and his aunt Petunia.

The whole ride was rather quite. Dudley seemed to enjoy it. His aunt Petunia looked as they she would lose her breakfast if she opened her mouth. Her knuckles were white from holding onto the side of the cart so hard.

They came to a halt outside Harry's vault and they barreled out.

"Key please," Ulrich said.

He inserted the key into the hole and the door slowly opened.

He heard Dudley gasp and say, "You're rich."

Harry never knew he had this much either, "This isn't my only bank account either," Harry said with a grin.

Harry scooped money into his money bag at his waist and then stood up.

Do you still do the exchange program," Harry said.

"Yes we do," Ulrich replied, "We have good rates too. Five dollars for every galleon."

"I would like $250,000 pounds in  muggle money withdrawn and exchanged."

"It will be done sir," Ulrich said," you will get the notes in the entrance hall."

Right as Harry was walking out the door a book in the corner caught his eye. He picked it up and pocketed it making a mental note to read it when he got home.

The ride back home was a little more calmer. At least Dudley wasn't pointing at things and by the time Harry would look, they would be out of sight.

Back in the entrance hall, Harry got his muggle money, and him amd his aunt and Dudley left.

When they were finally outside, his Aunt Petunia said, " So where should we go first."

Let's go to Quality Quiditch and Supplies," Harry said, "Thats the sport we play in the wizarding world."

They followed him to Quality Quiditch and Supplies where Harry was hoping to find a new Broomstick servicing kit. The one that Hermione had given him for his 13th birthday was now too worn out to work anymore.

They walked in and Harry heard the bell ring as the door opened and closed.

What immediately made Harry drawn towards it was  a sleek, black, and shiny broomstick setting on a stand surrounded by red rope.

He walked over to it and stared at it in awe. He read the sign and felt like he had to have this broom. The fastest one ever made and made of a weird wood that was black. It was beautiful. "The Phantom" was emblazoned on the handle in blood red.

An attendant walked up and said, " I see you eyeing the new Phantom," he said, " Are you interested in purchasing?"

"I might be," Harry replied, "How much does it cost?"

"Considering the fact that it has precision steering and made out of the best wood, a black magic tree, and also made with the newest and best technology it's no fair knut, but its well worth the price for the avid rider. It is 500 galleons."

"Wow that is expensive," said Harry, "I'll take it.

"Excellent sir, would you like anything else with that?"

"Yes I would like the best broomstick servicing kit gold can buy," Harry said.

"Ok I will be right back with your items," he said and then walked away.

He came back moments later with his broomstick servicing kit and his broomstick.

"The total is 650 galleons 3 sickles," the attendant said.

Harry pulled his money bag out and handed the coins over to him.

"I would also like to order a case for my broom," Harry said.

"That will be fine sir. We have many different cases but i'm guessing you want the best. It is sleek black and made of the same wood as the broom. It is personalized with your name on it in red and can only be opened by the owner's touch. No charm can open it."

"That sounds wonderful," Harry said

Harry filled it out and handed the man 200 more galleons.

It will be delivered to you withing 4 weeks," the man said

"Thank you very much," Harry said as he walked out closely followed by his aunt Petunia and Dudley.

"Wow I can't belive they came out with a new broom," Harry said.

"Well it looks cool," Dudley said, "Why do you need a cool looking broom to sweep the floor though?"

"I don't sweep the floor with it," Harry replied with a laugh, "I ride it. In the wizarding world we have a sport called Quiditch."

"Figures," Dudley said.

Harry then gave them the rest of the tour of Diagon Alley, taking them into all the shops.

After the left the owl emporium they went back to the Leaky Cauldron where they sat down and Harry got them butterbeers.

His aunt Petunia liked this so he bought a couple of crates for her to take back home with her.

After drinking their butterbeers, they got back in the car and drove towards home.

When they got home they helped his aunt carry in the crates and then Harry went ot his room.

"Another day gone," Harry said to himself as he fell onto his bed. "Me and Dudley need to get a car."

Harry took the book that he got in the bank vault out and stared at the cover. The cover was blank and faded as if the book was very old.

He opened it and began leafing through the pages. He soon found out that it was a book of nothing but dark magic and was puzzled as to why it would be in his bank account. He put it on the dresser planning on reading it more thoroughly later and before he knew it, he was asleep.

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