The next few weeks went by to quickly for my liking, it was October, and before I knew it, both Quidditch had started and the first Hogsmeade trip was coming up in a few weeks.  I had now acknowledged that I was friends with James, though not very easily, and James was still on a short leash.

I was as busy as ever, what with finishing all my homework for NEWTS, I barely had any time on the weekdays.  I would get to the common room, do my homework, go to dinner, then go back for more homework until I fell asleep in the common room; usually someone would wake me by midnight.  It was worse when James and I had rounds, and there was two hours spent trying to find misbehaving students instead of sleeping.  On Sunday, I was riddled with homework that had been shoved down my throat by all of my teachers, but Saturday: Saturday was my day to do what I chose.

The second week of Quidditch was arriving, and it was Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff; everybody knew that Gryffindor would win, but the school was eager as ever to see the game.  Normally I would have spent my time doing something less remedial than going to the games, but I felt an undeniable tugging at my heart to go see the games.  Maybe it was my realizing that it was the last year I would be able to enjoy these games, maybe it was James.  Either way, my sudden reality had hit me like a brick.

I was going to have to step out of my comfort zone and enjoy life; because this was the last year I would be able to be careless.  I would have NEWTS this year, and then we would graduate, thrust into the adult world, where a war was raging.  But it wasn’t just an war, it was run by the infamous, more heard than seen, Lord Voldemort, though no one who wanted to live was brave enough to use that name and he had taken the title “He who shall not be named”.  I considered being an auror, and I would most likely be one, but the prospect of fighting death eater’s every other day was highly daunting.

Of course, there was the war inside the school too; Mulciber, Avery, and Snape were the self appointed leaders of the unofficial death eaters at Hogwarts, it was well known that they would go straight to their leader one school ended.  The biggest surprise though, was when the school heard of Sirius’s little brother, Regulus, joining their game, at the age of sixteen.  That was only two weeks ago, and everyone could tell that Sirus was heartbroken; he only stayed in his tight nit group with his brothers then. 

Today, however, I wasn’t going to worry about that, I was going to enjoy the match, and ignore the future I knew I would have to face someday.  As Mary and I dressed in our house colors, we met up with Alice Harrison, the short perky brunette that was this years Gryffindor 7th year prefect, after breakfast.  I may not have been best friends with her, but we were on good terms.  Alice had brought her friend, Bianca, too, and before more people could be added to our group we walked down to the quidditch pitch.

People were already settling into their seats, and if we didn’t hurry there wouldn’t be seats left.  Before I knew it, I saw the Gryffindor team and the Hufflepuff team at the center, brooms in the air, and ready to play.

It was my first Quidditch game, and though I did not understand all of it, I had fallen in love.  Gryffindor had defeated Hufflepuff 150 to 70.  Everybody was celebrating back in the common room, and even I started to enjoy the fun.  Though Sirius and James looked like they were having too much fun, Alice was over smiling enthusiastically at Frank Longbottom, they weren’t together, but they should have been.  Sirius was busy striking out with Bianca, and Remus was sitting with us as we busied ourselves enjoying other people’s miseries.

“Hey Lily…I was talking with the lot an’ well…”  He started; he seemed anxious, but distracted.

“What then?”

“They were talking about going to Hogsmeade together, the Marauders an’ you and Mary.”

“So why’d they send you?”

“Because you would have hexed Sirius or James.”

I nodded, then I noticed Remus’s pale expression, “How are you Remus, you look pale?”  The color that was left of Remus’s face has suddenly disappeared.

“I…I’m just worried about my mum’ is all,” He mumbled offhandedly, looking desperate that he wanted to change the subject  

“I can understand Remus…just know…you have Mary and me.”  That thought didn’t seem to relieve him, and he looked distantly at the window outside, it was just nearing sundown. 

“Excuse me…I…have something to do.”  He jumped out of his seat as he whispered in James’s ear, and James tried to relay the message to Sirius, when Sirius didn’t want to be bothered.  Remus had ended up leaving with Peter, and within the next ten minutes Sirius had went out of the common room, after James had gone up to his room for something, he too, had left.  I had a newfound curiosity, since this obviously was planned, and for lack of better judgment, I decided to follow James.

“Oi, James…wait up!”  I muttered to him, ruining the element of surprise I was planning.

“Sorry Lily…I can’t…I have to go,” he seemed distracted, and my curiosity started turning into frustration.

“Where are you going?” 

“I,” he thought about his answer, “I can’t tell you, I’m sorry.”

“Why ever not…I thought you trusted me?”

He thought again, “I’m sorry Lils, but it’s not my secret to tell.”  With that he left the corridor, with a weird piece of parchment in his hand.  I decided to follow him, to spite him, and before I knew it, James had snuck down some corridor, and was outside. 

James and Sirius were standing by the weeping willow, and they were watching some small moving object at the knot of the tree.  Before I knew it, the tree had ceased moving at they had walked into some small opening at the bottom of the tree. 

I set a disillusionment charm on myself so I wouldn’t be seen and I set off to follow them.  The tunnel seemed to be a mile long, and I was winded once I reached the end of it.  As soon as I reached the barrier, I heard an ear-piercing scream, like one they had talked about so often.  I suddenly realized that I was very close to the Shrieking Shack, and I was about to witness what was causing it.  The next thing I saw had shocked me.

As I looked through the large crack in front of me, I saw that there was a great, large, werewolf standing in the center of the room, staring hungrily at James and Sirius.  The werewolf’s cries masked my own as I stared in horror, realizing that their stupid curiosity, much like my own, was about to get them killed. 

I had the sudden urge to run away, and find help, but I took a last glance, and James and Sirius were no longer to be found.  Standing in their place was a scruffy, yet adorable, large black dog and a grand, beautiful stag.  They seemed to be glaring at the werewolf, and the werewolf was taking swings at them.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, James and Sirius were unregistered animagus, I was furious, but I was suddenly in a fright for my life.  I knew I could not be seen, but I knew the werewolf could smell me, and it was headed straight for the entrance.

Thankfully, the dog had swiped at its nose, and distracted the werewolf long enough for it to turn to the boys again.  The werewolf swiped at the dog’s hind legs and the stag picked up its legs while it bucked the werewolf in the side.  The werewolf turned at swiped at him too; he swiped at what looked like the stag’s clavicle as he bucked.  It did not look like a fatal blow, but it looked like it would scar.  This was enough, somebody would get killed, and I had to stop it.

The dog looked at the empty space that I was standing in and gave a small sad look before it nudged its nose forward, as if telling me to go.  I assumed the dog was Sirius, especially since it had uncanny gray eyes like him.  I’d have to thank him for saving my life after I killed him.  But it was as if he knew I was there, and James did not.

I ran for my life, wondering what I should have done.  I shouldn’t report it yet, because I did not know everything.  I knew one thing, I was going to kill James, he would have to answer to me, but I was going to kill him.  And it wasn’t going to Hogsmeade with any of them.

A/N:  Personally I kinda liked this chapter, and I don't mean to brag but I kinda liked my writing in this chapter, I'm pretty satisfied :).  PLZ PLZ PLZ comment if you read this, I'd appreciate it a lot :)

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