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Disclaimer: I don’t own Draco or Hermione or any other Harry Potter character. The character Rayne and the plot however are mine and mine alone.



King’s Cross was bustling with people as Hermione Granger happily headed for Platform 9 ¾.  She was so happy to finally be returning to her home away from home, Hogwarts. She was finally gonna see Ginny, she only heard from her once to tell Hermione that Harry and Ron weren’t coming back to school. It may have saddened her a bit but when she got her Hogwarts letter she forgot her sadness.




            Hermione just finished taking a shower when she heard a tapping noise coming from her window. She went over and opened it allowing a fluffy disgruntled looking owl swoop in; dropping an envelope on her bed before flying out again but not without clipping her head with it’s wing on it’s was out.  Hermione scowled and leaned out the window.

            “Well, sorry I don’t keep my window open all the bloody time. I was in the shower and I wasn’t too keen on everybody watching me. So bugger off!”She yelled after the owl, attracting the attention of some male muggles walking past her house. She looked down at them and blushed realizing she was still wearing only a towel, then slowly edged back into her room as the guys wolf whistled and cat called to her.

            “Well that was bloody embarrassing.” She mumbled still red in the face and made her way over to her bed, picking up the envelope that the owl so graciously delivered to her. She unsealed the envelope, pulled out the parchment and something small and metal fell out. Hermione picked up the small object and examined it with suppressed glee, the letters HG were underneath the Hogwarts insignia. She screamed in excitement and started running around her room until her bedroom door burst open. She then froze and screamed in surprise as her parents ran in looking frantic. Her mother looked worried while her father was carrying a bat looking for danger.

            “Minnie are you ok sweetie?! What’s going on?” her father asked while still looking around as if expecting someone to jump from out of nowhere. Her mother was holding Hermione close to her as if expecting her to disappear.

            “Daddy, I’m fine.” She sighed.

            “Then why were you screaming sweetie?” Her mother questioned.

Hermione tried and failed to suppress a smile. “I got head girl!” She exclaimed and grinned while her parents beamed at her then crushed her between them.

            “We’re so proud of you! Congratulations Minnie!”

            “Thanks! I’m so happy I can’t believe it!”     

End Flashback

            Hermione smiled softly at the memory of her parent’s happiness for her, she quickly passed through the barrier leading to Platform 9 ¾.  Hermione scanned the crowd for the tell tale flaming red hair of the Weasleys, she couldn’t see them so she assumed Ginny was already on the train and the rest of them had already left.  She made her way to the train dragging her trunk and Crookshanks in his basket behind her.  Hermione reached the train and was attempting to lift it on to the train; needless to say she wasn’t having much luck.  She lost her grip on her trunk and staggered under the weight of it before the weight suddenly disappeared.  Hermione’s gaze shift up and she saw Blaise Zambini lifting her trunk on to the train for her.

            “Hey Granger, can you fit anymore things into your trunk? This thing weighs a ton.” Blaise smiled at her which confused Hermione considering they never talked face to face before. He was always standing behind Malfoy acting like his shadow. 

            “It’s mostly books, but honestly it’s not as heavy as you make it seem.”  Hermione was nervous around him, he seemed to be so nice but she wasn’t so sure he actually was.  Hermione wasn’t sure what to make of him. “Thank you for helping me.” She smiled nervously.

            “No problem Headgirl.” Blaise grinned at her, when Hermione looked confused and started to open her mouth he cut her off. “Who else in our year could possibly be Headgirl?”  He chuckled when she blushed humbly. “I guess we’re going to be seeing a lot more of each other this year.”

            “How do you mean?” Hermione tilted her head a little.

            “Well the Heads do have their own common room to share.”  He waited for her to catch on.

Hermione gasped. “You’re Headboy?” She certainly wasn’t expecting that. Hermione contemplated asking him if they could get along. “Um…First off we should probably get on the train, and second do you think that we could possibly try to get along this year?  I don’t really need more drama this year.”  Hermione smile hopefully at him.

            Blaise tried to look like he was thinking about it, but honestly he didn’t have to.  He didn’t have a problem with Hermione he thought she was pretty awesome actually.  She wasn’t high maintenance or snobby, she was humble, modest and not bad to look at in fact she was really pretty.    He looked down at her hopeful face and nodded at her, when he did her face broke into a breathtaking grin. 

            “Ok this is great so come on.”  Hermione grabbed Blaise’s hand and proceeded to drag him onto the train, making her way to the Head’s compartment.  Blaise decided to just let her drag him; it wasn’t like he had anything better to do at the moment.  Hermione finally found the compartment and led him inside before going to one of the seats and lying down. “So how was your summer Blaise?” She looked over at him waiting for a response.

            Blaise looked at her being so comfortable around him. ‘She sure adjusts quickly’  “My summer was ok; I mostly hung out with Draco.” Blaise saw Hermione tense when he said Draco’s name, Blaise wasn’t surprised considering their past experiences with each other.

            Hermione sighed softly and closed her eyes.  “Is he coming back this year?”  Hermione was kind of afraid to know the answer.

            Before Blaise could answer the compartment door slammed open.

            “Oi! Blaise!  Where have you been?”

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