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Chapter 8


’I want your kiss.’ The sentence echoed in Hermione’s mind and she shuddered when recalled the way Malfoy had said it. It sounded like the title of a pop-song, yet it was so… What was it like? Exciting. Exciting and… flattering. It was flattering Malfoy wanted her kiss. The kiss of the girl he used to hate so much. Her heart was still hammering, she didn’t know how she’d been able to walk down the steps of the quidditch stadium without falling. Jasper had told her he felt Malfoy was attracted to her but she couldn’t believe it. Up to now.


She was walking towards the castle, gazing at the golden brown, yellow and red autumn leaves.


’Hermione,’ she heard and turned to see Jasper.


Damn, why did he have to be so handsome? So… irresistible?


’Sorry about last night,’ he said quietly. ’I…’


’It’s okay,’ Hermione interrupted him quickly. ’Let’s not talk about it… I… I behaved in a silly way…’


’No, no, no…’ Jasper shook his head. ’It was me… I was such a fool… to leave you there like that. I just… worry about you. I want to be gentle but I’m aggressive… I want to kiss you but I bite you… I want you to feel my warm touch but it’s cold…’


’I know,’ Hermione nodded sadly.


’Professor Malfoy stirred your emotions, didn’t he?’ Jasper changed the topic suddenly, trying hard to hide his jealousy.


’Pardon?’ Hermione was surprised by the direct question.


’He must have told you something very exciting, I guess. I could feel intense vibration between the two of you.’


Hermione hesitated for a moment.


’Do you know what he said?’


’I can’t read minds. Only feelings.’


’I don’t have feelings for him. Except for the negative ones,’ she added quickly, avoiding Jasper’s eyes. ’Sorry, I must be going now.’


The blond vampire watched her disappear among the trees. He sighed. He didn’t like lies.




When Malfoy answered the door, he saw Hermione standing there in a velour pink tracksuit, her hands in its kangaroo pockets.


’Can’t sleep, Professor Granger?’ He sneered.


’I don’t go to bed at 8 p.m. Do you?’ Hermione retorted.


’Only if there’s someone to go to bed with,’ He replied, enjoying the conversation. He was wearing a shirt with jeans.


Hermione decided not to go into details about Malfoy’s sleeping habits.


’I came to get over that damned kiss,’ she declared coldly.


’Ah! Come in!’ Malfoy enthusiastically opened the door wide and watched Hermione’s perfect figure enter his room.


’Not that you are so charming or…  good looking…’ She stammered and couldn’t help having a glance at his half-unbuttoned blue shirt. Unfortunately he was rather good looking. ’But… The investigation is worth a damned kiss.’


’So… Let’s do it.’ She said determined, taking a step closer to him.


She took a deep breath and looked into Malfoy’s eyes, trying hard to ignore their blue magic.


’No.’ Malfoy smirked.


’What do you mean by ’No’?’ She asked impatiently. She was getting nervous.


’This lets-get-over-that-damned-kiss attitude is not good enough for me. It won’t suffice for a good kiss.’ He leaned against the wall calmly.


’You are very optimistic if you think my attitude will ever change,’ Hermione frowned.


’We’ll see,’ Malfoy smiled mysteriously.


’Why do I get refused every time when I want to be kissed?’ Hermione thought fuming.


But Malfoy changed the topic.


’How can I help you? What should I do? You’d better tell me before someone else gets murdered again.’


Hermione gulped and tried to pull herself together.


’I’d like you to take me to Pansy’s home and… Help me talk to her. Ask her if she’d got a letter from Trelawney and if she’s in danger… And we should find… A Horcrux.’


The last word made him raise his eyebrows.


’So you want me to rescue the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy, save the world…’ Malfoy murmured.




’9 o’clock tomorrow, quidditch field.’


’Quidditch field?! I asked you to take me to Pansy’s house, not teach me to play quidditch!’


’Teaching you to play quidditch would cost you much more than a kiss,’ he grinned. ’We’ll go to Pansy’s home by broomstick.’


’Broomstick?!’ Hermione got more and more shocked.


’Good night, Professor Granger,’ Malfoy opened the door to let Hermione out.


’Wait, wait a minute. 9 a.m. or p.m.?’


’9 a.m., of course. At 9 p.m. we might do something else…’


’You wish, Malfoy!’


Professor Malfoy watched the furious girl storm out, with a smug smile on his face. He really enjoyed himself.




The next day was Saturday, a gloomy, cloudy Saturday. Most of the students and the professors were having breakfast but two of them had finished earlier and were examining a broomstick on the quidditch field.


’It’s a Nimbus 2010,’ Malfoy said proudly. ’No need to worry.’


He didn’t seem to convince Hermione.


’I hate flying,’ she said.


’Where’s your sense of adventure? Anyway, we’ll be there in twenty minutes. Where would you like to sit? Behind or in front of me?’


Hermione hesitated.


’Where it’s safer. And… where I don’t have to… touch you.’ She added, rather embarrassed.


’Okay, then you’ll be in front of me.’


Hermione tried to sit on the broomstick gracefully, Malfoy sat behind her and kicked off. While watching the quidditch field becoming smaller and smaller beneath, Hermione felt Malfoy’s arms holding her safe. She couldn’t help leaning back into his chest because of the speed. Heat was radiating from his body, his arms, and she felt it flowing through her body. Heat and warmth Jasper would never be able to give her…


She closed her eyes… whether because of her fear of flying or because of the pleasure, she couldn’t tell. She didn’t dare to.


End of Chapter 8




’Rescue the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy, save the world’ is a quote from the movie ’The Mummy’.


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