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      “Aphrodite. Aphrodite!” I heard my name being spoken as someone shook me. Piss off. “Aphrodite! Wake up!” The person said a little bit louder and continued shaking me. They honestly needed to get the fuck away from me if they didn’t want to get their hand ripped off. “APHRODITE!” Donny’s voice yelled. I’m going to kill the bastard. My eyes snapped open, and I bit his finger, causing him to yelp in pain. “MUM! APRODITE BIT ME!” Donny screamed after he pulled away his finger. Damn right I bit him. He should know better than to wake me up, and then stick his body parts dangerously close to my mouth. It’s really his fault if you think about it.


       “Stop bloody screaming, Fuckhead!” I groaned, and covered my head with my pillow. The kid screams louder than a fucking banshee on acid.


       “Aphrodite Venus Price! I never want to hear that word come out of your mouth again!” My mother scolded as she entered the room. And yes, my middle name is Venus. Apparently, that’s Aphrodite’s Roman name. It’s bad enough that my first name is a Greek goddess, and then she just had to take it to a whole another level.


       “What, screaming? You got it!” I grinned smartarse-idly? Is smartarese-idly even a word? Hmm. Well, I’m now making it one so deal with it!


       “You know what word I am referring to, Aphrodite, and anymore smart mouth comments like that then no more quidditch.” My mum threatened, and Donny snickered. Psh. Like she could really take away quidditch from me. James would probably murder her. “And are you going to be ready soon?”


       “Ready for what?” I asked her confused.


       “School, Aphrodite! You’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached.” My mum said exasperated.


       Shit. Shit. Shit! SHIT! SCHOOL! That was this morning?! I glanced at the clock on my nightstand. 9:15. Shit. The damn train leaves at 11:00. I have an hour and forty five minutes to shower, get dressed, make myself moderately attractive, eat breakfast, pack an entire trunk, and get to the fucking station. Shit. SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP, ALBERT! I DON’T CARE IF I SAID SHIT SIX TIMES! You went back to check didn’t you, to make sure I actually said it six times? Hehe I know you so well.


       Okay back to freaking out. Shit. “Right, um, school!” I said excitedly to make it seem like I didn’t forget that I was starting my sixth year of Hogwarts today. Shit. Shit. SHIT! I’m so repetitive. Shit. “I just have to pack!” I glanced around the room. Clean clothes that I was supposed to put away yesterday were still in a pile on the floor, my brand new cauldron, along with my brand new quills, books, and potions ingredients were in bags strewn across the carpet. Shit. I am so fucked.


       My mother, sensing my worry, sighed and flicked her wand lazily so that my bag was packed and ready to go. “Thanks, Mum!” I squeaked, gave her a hug, and pinched Donny’s cheeks as I ran out the door to take a shower. 






       “STOP BLOODY POKING ME!” Athena screeched at me. We are in the car on the way to King’s Cross, and my mother was stupid enough to let Athena and me sit next to each other. I was bored so I resulted to poking Athena in the arm repeatedly for entertainment. Don’t look at me like that; it’s a long car ride!


       “I’m boorrrreeeddd.” I whined, and continued to poke her arm again. She smacked my hand away. Bitch. Apollo chuckled, my father was trying to conceal a smile as he drove the car, my mother just shook her head in disapproval, and Donny was staring out the window, counting the amount of road kill we saw on the highway. That kid makes me wonder.


       “I don’t give a care that you are bored, Aphrodite! STOP BLOODY POKING ME!” She screamed. I covered my ears. That girl can fucking wail. And who even says ‘I don’t give a care’? Weird Claws like my sister, that’s who.


       “Nah, don’t think I will.” I said, grinning obnoxiously. I poked her cheek. Her jaw tightened. She was trying to ignore me, so then I would get bored of annoying her, and stop. Yeah, no freaking way. I poked her some more, and she clenched her fists in irritation. Apollo was biting on his knuckle to try and keep himself from bursting out laughing. Donny had his ears covered, ready for Athena to start flipping shit again. My father continued driving and my mother continued reading the Daily Prophet. My parents only ever stopped our arguments for two reasons.


1: Athena gets so mad that she starts throwing hexes at me. That girl is an extraordinary witch, and she’s extremely scary. So why do I keep pissing her off, you ask? It’s just too damn fun to stop.


2: Her screaming gets so loud and so annoying that they eventually can’t take it anymore, and they tell Athena to shut the hell up and me to stop being so bloody obnoxious. It’s rather rude if you ask me.


       My parents believe in letting us ‘solve our on problems’. I think they are just too lazy to deal with our arguments.


       Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke. “APRODITE!” Athena shrieked finally, and I grinned triumphantly. 








       “Will you hurry your arse up, Eggs!?” Dom yelled in frustration. We were walking down the Hogwarts Express corridor, and I was taking my good ol’ time making weird faces at passing compartment’s windows. Don’t judge me. It’s highly amusing.       


Ravenclaws scoff at my immaturity. Boring sons of bitches. Hufflepuffs just look confused. What else is new? Slytherins flick me off because normally that’s what I’m doing to them. And Gryffindors laugh because they know me and how totally awesome I am. I’m almost 7% sure they are laughing with me, and not at me.


“Sod off, Dom.” I responded. She was holding the door to the compartment we always sat in open for me. I ran to catch up, but I ended up tripping and falling on my face. Albert, laugh one more time, and I will kill you. Oh, go jump in a hole.


“Walk much, Pricey?” Scorpius Malfoy sneered, while Selina Zabini cackled behind him.


“Fuck you, Malfoy.” I snapped, standing up with the help of Dom who was scowling at Selina. They have a well-known hatred for each other. Selina stole Dom’s boyfriend two years ago, and slept with him. Dommy then charmed Selina’s forehead to say tramp, all of her clothing to read slag, dyed her hair green, and cut part of it so that it said whore. I am proud to call Dominique Anne Delacour Weasley my best friend. Headmistress McGonagall, of course, transfigured it all back, and gave Dom two months of detention, but it was still a good laugh.


“Pricey, are you okay?” Rose asked worriedly, popping her head out of the compartment door.


       “Yeah, I’m fine.” I grumbled, brushing the dirt off my elbows.


       “Looking good, Weasley. Go out with me?” Malfoy asked arrogantly, and smirked.


       Rose glared at the git with blonde hair standing before her. “I’d go out with my own cousin before you, Malfoy, and I am a huge disbeliever in incest.” Rose barked.


       Zabini’s muddy brown eyes narrowed at Rose. Malfoy just grinned. “You’ll say yes one day, Weasley. Mark my words.” He said confidently before returning to his own compartment with Zabini leaving Rose fuming.


       “Who the bloody hell does he think he is?!” Rose growled in frustration, and Dom and I followed her into the compartment grinning at her state of annoyance. It was already practically full. Dom took the seat in between Shane and Apollo, and Rose took the one in between Apollo and Al. That left me with the only other seat available, right in between a smirking Fred and Louis, on the same side as James.


-Being on the same side as James: Good.


-Being in between Fred and Louis: Bad.


       “Saved you a seat right here, Pricey.” Fred patted the bench, and Louis grinned. I sighed, and sat down.


       “What’s wrong, Rosie?” Al asked his cousin, and she glared at him. Rose hates when people call her Rosie because it makes her sound like a ‘bloody four-year old.’ I’m the only one who can get away with it because she calls me by a name I hate. Score.


       “Malfoy.” She snarled. Yes, snarled. Like a cat. Hiss. Don’t be jealous of the cat noises, Albert.


       “What did he do this time?” Al asked heatedly, suddenly getting in ‘overprotective cousin mode’.


       “He was being an arrogant arsehole as usual.” Rose huffed, and Dom rolled her eyes.


       “Please, the Slut was much worse.” She said picking at her manicured fingernail.


       “Zabini didn’t even say anything! Malfoy was the one that made fun of Pricey and asked me out again.”


       “He made fun of you, Ro?” Apollo questioned angrily.


       Way to go Rose. “I fell.” I responded sheepishly.


       “What a surprise.” Shane chuckled sarcastically. Tosser. 


       “Hey! I don’t fall down that often!” I retorted defensively. Everyone laughed. Turds.


       “Yeah, and I’m still a virgin.” Dom snorted.


       “WHAT?!” Fred, Louis, James, and Al yelled furiously. Apollo and Shane looked startled. Rosie and I were the only ones who remained looking unsurprised. Dom hasn’t been a virgin since forth year. No, Albert, she is not a slag! Dommy lost her virginity to the boyfriend that Zabini stole from her.


       “You’re not a virgin?!” Louis roared.


       “No, I’m not and neither are you Louie so you have no right to be mad.” Dom said hotly. Louis cringed at the childish nickname that only Dom and his mother still called him. Hehe Louie.


       “Yeah, but that’s different!” Louis growled. Umm? Yeah, not really bud. Louis lost his virginity when he was thirteen. I know this because he and Freddy wouldn’t shut up about it for three weeks. So I know all about his first time, in detail. I’ll spare you the disgusting facts that I had to endure.


       “How is that different!?” Dom shouted. Oh jeez. Family squabble. Tehe, squabble. That’s a fun word. SQUABBLE. Yo, Freddy, I suggest you get your hand off my knee if you don’t want it to get chopped off.


       I glanced to the prat sitting on my right, whose hand was inching up my leg. Personal space invader much? Oh Merlin, I sound like Malfoy. Remember!? When he said walk much?! When he was being a git?! Huh? Huh? Huh? Do you remember!? Yeah, just checking.


       James was glaring at Fred’s hand, as was Al. Everyone else was too engrossed in the fight brewing between Dom and Louis, including Apollo, who was taking bets with Shane as to who would win. Shane bet in favor of Louis. Twat.


       Fred’s hand was getting dangerously close to the hem of my skirt. James or Al were about to intervene at any moment, but I wanted to have my own fun. “Hey Freddy?” I whispered seductively in his ear. He shuddered. I’ll take that as a good sign. James looked shocked at what I was doing, and Al had turned his attention back to Dom and Louis who were taking turns calling each other hoe bags and slut faces. They are not the best name callers in the business.


       “Remove your hand from my thigh, unless you want to get punched in a place, that I know you don’t want to get punched, so hardly that your hopes of ever conceiving a child will fly out the window.” I said in a low voice, brushing my bottom lip against his earlobe. I don’t care if I’m being a tease, Albert! The horny little bastard shouldn’t be raping my leg!


       Fred whimpered, and withdrew his hand immediately. Success. James burst out laughing, and I grinned winningly, ruffling Freddy’s hair in a babying way. “Nice going, Biter!” James said to me and gave me a high five. Um, SQUEE x1032904829482094821048210?! Yes.


       “What’s so funny?” Dom asked, her brow furrowing, and all of the attention was turned to James, who was still cracking up, Fred, who had his arms folded across his chest with a very sour expression on his face, and me, probably looking like I pissed myself in happiness.


       “Biter just threatened to kill any chance of Freddy having a child, and then his manliness level dropped about fifty points when he whimpered.” James laughed, along with everyone else except for Fred, of course, and Louis, who looked ashamed in his best mate.


       “Shut the fuck up, James.” Freddy barked. Whoa there.


       “Gee sir, I didn’t know we had any haters in the compartment.” I said looking up at the ceiling with a fake puzzled expression on my face. Freddy chuckled. He’s like me in how he can’t stay mad at anyone for more than five seconds.


       “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell everyone that’s on the quidditch team in here that we have practice on Tuesday at 6:30.” James told us, and a chorus of groans erupted throughout the compartment.


       “The second bloody day of term!”


       “That’s mental!”


       “Quidditch season doesn’t even start until October!”


       “Fuck you. I’m not going.”


       I was the only one who remained silent during this little exchange. I wasn’t really looking forward to quidditch practice either, (James is bloody insane when it came to quidditch) but if James asked me to do something then I’d do it. What can I say? I’m in love with the kid.


       “I don’t give a flying fuck whether or not it’s the second day of term or that the actual season doesn’t start until October! If we want to beat Malfoy and Davis than we have to practice! So if you don’t show up on Tuesday then I hope you’re either dead or in a coma because if you’re not then you’re off my team.” James said completely serious.


       Malfoy is the captain for Slytherin and he’s their Seeker.


       Noah Davies is the captain for Ravenclaw and he’s a Chaser. He’s fucking gorgeous. Not as amazingly attractive as James, of course, but he has the whole quidditch body thing working for him and dirty blonde hair that always looked windswept with amber colored eyes. In short, he’s one of the most sought after guys in Hogwarts after the MWSPC. He’s also bloody fantastic at quidditch so everyone on my team hates him, except for me. What? He seems like an okay guy!



       “Yeah right! You know we’ll beat Slytherin!” Fred complained.


       “Yeah, Ro is way better than Malfoy! He’s terrible!” Apollo said. It’s true, I am, not even being cocky.


       “I know that, but while Malfoy might be a shit Seeker, how he even made it as captain I’ll never know-“ James started, but was interrupted.




       “Drugged McGonagall?”




       “BUT,” James yelled, cutting Shane, Fred, and Al off. “The rest of his team is incredible.” He said bitterly. “And you know their Beaters are going to be aiming for Biter the whole game, so we need constant protection around her the entire time, which leaves our Beaters unable to protect the rest of us. We definitely need to practice dodging Bludgers.” James finished with a stressed out sounding sigh.


       Everyone’s expressions softened when they realized how much James was freaking out about quidditch this year. “Okay fine, I’ll be at practice.” Al promised grudgingly, and there was a grumble of agreement in response.


       James’ face broke out in a huge grin. “Damn right you’re going to be at practice. You don’t really have a choice because if you’re not there I will drag your arse to the pitch.” He said punching his brother playfully on the arm. He wasn’t kidding, you know. Apollo still has the scars to prove it. Like I said, James is bloody insane when it comes to quidditch. 








       “Never will that girl every be in Slytherin!” Dom said to me, looking at me as if I was a moron. We have a game that we’ve been playing since we were second years where we try and guess what houses the first years will be in. Yeah, I’m not the best.


       “She just looks evil.” I stated, glaring at the little girl with blonde pigtails and wide blue eyes, as she stumbled nervously to the stool.


       “She looks evil?’’ Dom questioned incredulously, and I nodded. “Never! She’s definitely going to be a Puff.” She said shaking her head.


       “HUFFLEPUFF!” The damn hat yelled at the top of its lungs. Wait, does a hat even have lungs? Hmm. That doesn’t make sense. Well, either way, it screamed it loudly.


       “Dammit! How do you always know!?” I growled and stuck my tongue out at Dom.


       “It’s a gift.” She grinned. Rose shook her head in disapproval. Rosie doesn’t participate in our game because she says we shouldn’t be judging people on stereotypes. Yeah, well, she can go jump off the astronomy tower. Al just chuckled. He doesn’t participate either because he, like me, is awful at our sorting guessing game, but he, unlike me, is a baby, and doesn’t want to lose.


       If I were the sorting hat, it would be so much simpler. I’d put anyone the looked like a good guy in Gryffindor, anyone that looked like a bad guy into Slytherin, and the other two can go wherever the hell they want. I don’t really care.


       “CARSON, MATTEW!” Professor Longbottom, the Head of Gryffindor, called, and a brunette haired boy sat down on the stool. He’s going to be a Slytherin. Definitely a Slytherin. No doubt about it. Slytherin. Slytherin. Slytherin! SLYTHERIN!


       “Ravenclaw.” Dom whispered to me, and I shook my head. She is so dumb. For real though, there is no way this kid is not a slimy little snake.


       “RAVENCLAW!” The hat screamed. Damn. Athena and her best friend, Lucy Weasley started clapping for the newest addition to the nerd house. Lucy wasn’t insanely cool like her sister. She unfortunately inherited Stick and Mrs. Stick’s personalities. In short, she was a perfect friend for my sister.


       “EDWARDS, PENELOPE!” Longbottom called. A girl with light brown hair, and green eyes started walking up to the stool. She tripped on one of the steps, and fell flat on her face. The Slytherins bursted out laughing, surprise, surprise, along with a lot of the rest of the Great Hall.


Instead of blushing or crying though, the girl just picked herself up, dusted the dirt off her robes, and skipped to the stool. She didn’t even get embarrassed! Plus, she skipped! I am a big fan of skipping. It gets you to where you need to go faster, and it’s fun!  She didn’t seem to care what anybody else thought of her.


“Gryffindor.” I whispered to Dom. She studied the girl, and shook her head in disagreement.


“Nah. She’s a Puff.” Dommy said confidently. Git.


I glanced back up at the girl, who had just had the hat placed on her head. It took all of three seconds before the hat yelled, “GRYFFINDOR!”


       “Yes! I finally beat you, didn’t I, Weasley!? What do you think about that? Looks as if I’m the champion this time!” I squealed, and started clapping for myself. Don’t look at me like that; I’m excited.


       “Eggs, calm down, you little shit! It’s just a game!” Dom said irritated, and she punched me lightly on the arm. Well, someone was a little bitter.


       Penelope Edwards skipped to the table, and sat down right next to me. Dom, Al, Rosie, and I always sat close to the professors during the welcoming feast so we could see the firsties better.


       “Hi Penelope!” I greeted cheerfully. What can I say? I’m just a friendly person.


       “If you every call me Penelope again, I’ll bite your nose off. It’s Elle. I’m letting you off with a warning this time because you didn’t know any better.” She said brightly. Well, shit. A first year just told me off, a six year! No wonder she was put in Gryffindor! She bites people too. That’s makes a person pretty awesome in my book. “What are your names?” Penelope, sorry, Elle asked Dom, Rose, Al, and me who were all staring at her with surprised expressions on our faces. Well, their expressions were surprised. Mine was more admiring.


       “I’m Aphrodite Price. This is Dominique and Rosie Weasley, and Albus Potter.” I told her gesturing to my friends.


       “It’s Dom.” Dom corrected, glaring at me for using her full name.


       “And it’s Al.” Al said sticking his tongue out at me.


       “It’s Rose.” Rosie corrected also, smacking my shoulder.


       Elle started giggling. “You’re name is Albus? Seriously?” It was kind of weird. She acted as if she had never heard of Albus Potter. Everyone in the Wizarding World knows who Albus Potter is. He’s the son of ‘The Chosen One’ and ‘The Boy Who Lived.’ You’d have to be living under a rock to not know who the Potters were.


       “Wait. You don’t know who he is?” Dom asked incredulously.


       “Um, no. Should I?” Elle said taken aback, and genuinely confused.


       “Albus Potter. Harry Potter’s son?” Rose tried.


       “Oh! Harry Potter! Isn’t he the bloke that killed the weird dude with the snake nose? Voldemort? That guy was creepy. So you’re his kid?” Elle said nonchalantly, twirling a piece of hair around her finger.



       Al, Dom, and Rose all gaped at her. “How do you not know this?” I asked her.


       “My parents are muggles. I saw about the snake nose guy in some history book.” Elle told us.


       “MYERS, BRADLEY!” Longbottom called.


       “Definitely a Gryffindor.” Dom told us.


       “No way. He’s a Slytherin.” I said rolling my eyes at her stupidity. Yes, I realize that I pick nearly everyone to be a Slytherin.


       “You guys are both wrong. He’s going to be in Ravenclaw.” Elle said confidently.


       “RAVENCLAW!” The hat shouted. I think I’m going to like this girl.









       “I will kill you if you don’t get off my bed in three seconds, Aphrodite Venus Price!” Dom threatened, her wand pointing at me.


       I ate too much at the feast, so I crashed on the first bed I saw. Dommy could be little nicer, and just realize the fact that I ate a baby in food, and that I am going to die from eating overload.


       “Doooommmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy, please don’t make me move.” I pleaded, my voice slightly muffled because I was speaking into her pillow.


       “Threeeeeee. Twoooooo.” Dom sang. I fucking hate when she does the counting thing. My mum still does it to Apollo and me. It makes me feel like a child. “Two and a haaaalf.” It won’t work Dominique. “Two and a quarterrrrrrr.” Shit.


       “Fine! I’m getting up!” I growled, and crawled to my own bed.


       “Works every time.” Dom giggled. Why I picked her as my best friend, I will never understand.


       “Roooossssssssiiiiiiieeeeeeee! Your cousin is being mean to meeeeeee!” I whined. And Rose and Dom laughed at me. Bitches.


       “I’m dyyyinnggggggggg.” I cried melodramatically.


       “Fingers crossed.” A shrill voice said entering the room.


       “Fuck off, Wright.” Dom snapped, and Rose and I scowled at the bitch standing before us.


       Alex Wright. She’s our other roommate, along with her best friend, Lizzie Hughes. Alex is evil, and she hates me. The feeling is mutual. She and Voldemort were probably best friends in a past life. Honestly, she lives to make my life hell. I didn’t even do anything to her. Okay, okay, so in first year I may have accidentally made her bald. It wasn’t my fault, and she’s not bald anymore so she should just stop being a fucktard. Alex is also annoying as hell. She spends hours getting ready in the morning until she still looks like she belongs on a street corner.


       Oh, and did I mention that she’s James’ girlfriend. Yeah, fuck my life. 








A/N: Right so thank you so much for all of the incredible reviews! They are the shit, and they make my life complete. Literally. My life=Completed. Score.


Annyyywayyyy, I hope you enjoyed this chapter because I’ve been killing myself for days trying to get it done. I always find myself getting distracted by evil inventions like Facebook and YouTube. Those websites were made to kill me, I swear.


Once again I used quotes from AVPM/AVPS in here, and once again if you haven’t seen them yet then I highly recommend you watch it because you definitely won’t regret it. Well, I don’t know if you’ll regret it or not. I don’t know your life. Blah.


And I can’t take credit for the quote: “Gee sir, I didn’t know we had any haters in the compartment.” That is courtesy of my older brother. Well, not the compartment part, but he always says to me when I am not in the happiest of moods, gee sir, I didn’t know we had any haters in the building. He’s a weird guy, my brother. He asked if I was a yellow beaked columbian finch the other day. And then asked if my little brother was a four-year-old muskrat. Yeah, I don’t know either.


Okay now this thing is getting really long and I doubt anyone is even reading it anymore so yeahhh. Review, please, and you’ll be my best friend forever. :) 

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