From (Chapter 5):

"I suddenly grew claustrophobic, and realizing I did not have much time left I froze.  Looking back, that was probably the worst thing to do, but before I knew it, a hand reached through the “wall” and I gripped it, in fear.  Before I knew it, I could see the light again, but still I had no time to think before I heard a chilling voice.

'Well…well…what do we have here?'"

I would have screamed, had I not realized that it was only Severus, looking for students to bust.  He looked at James with a loathing I hadn’t remembered in a long time, and looked down at me before he looked at something between James and me.  I blushed, realizing that I was still holding James’s hand.

Severus looked the same as always, his cold grey eyes, piercing through James as if staring at him would kill him.  Every muscle in his lanky body was tense, and he seemed paler than he normally was.  He glanced down at my hand again.

Before I could remember my reasons for holding James’s hand, I realized that Severus had his wand pointed straight at James’s chest, only a few inches away, and James had whipped his wand out too.

“Well…well…Head Boy and Head Girl, strutting through mysterious corridors, together…isn’t that adorable?  Was it not my understanding that you only had permission to peruse the castle when you had rounds?  I could have you reported for not reporting that secret passage.”  He glared straight at James, and my mention seemed only a pawn to get James more frustrated.  It seemed to be working as James’s jaw clenched.  He tenderly pushed me behind him, and I could only watch in horror as this possible duel ensued.

“Don’t make me hurt you Snivellus,” his voice was low and quiet, but you could hear his anger in every word.  I could sense something else…protectiveness?

“Why not…we are in an empty corridor, the professors will never know.  You of all people aren’t above us common people.”

“Snivellus…I don’t want to hurt you,” Severus just smirked, and I felt a familiar anger rush through my body, I could see the veins on James’s arms tightening.

“Oh yes…because when has James Potter ever followed the rules?”  I could see it in James face that he wanted to hurt Severus badly, but, because of me, he was restraining.

“C’mon Lily,” he grabbed my hand again, but I was much too preoccupied to fight it.

“Potter’s not a step up Evans,” I could hear the pain in Severus’s voice, for the first time that day, a weakness.  I thought maybe, he was giving up. 

I heard Severus muttering something, and before I could think, James had turned around and simultaneously he had blocked Severus’s jinx’s and retaliated, “Stupefy!”

“You’re making a mistake Evans…I don’t want to hurt you too.”

“You leave Evans out of this!”  James yelled with a passion I had not yet seen.  I felt weirdly like they were fighting over me.

“Rennervate!”  Severus replied, and I suddenly had the urge to get out of there, but my feet wouldn’t allow me to move. 

Snape muttered something else, “Impedimenta!”

“Protego!” James replied coolly, and then under his breath he muttered “Petrificus Totalus,” and grabbed my hand as he started to run.

I turned around to see Severus caught off guard and on the floor, unable to move.  Within a minute we were at the Great Hall, and out of breath, “I should have both of you reported for this.”

“It’s not like I wanted to fight him,” I could see through a small smile that he felt relieved that he let that anger out, “and in my defense he started the duel…not me.”

“I don’t believe you James,”  I didn’t want to  believe that James was the good guy, but I walked through the Great Hall, next to James, without a scowl on my face.

I ignored the occasional glance I got from James’s “fans” and I sat down with Mary, who was, thankfully, a couple people away from the Marauders.

“Wow Lils, you were within snogging distance,” she teased, and truthfully, I didn’t know how to react.

“Oh hush up.”

“Well I wouldn’t be saying as much, but you’re all flushed an’ breathless.  Come from a snogging session?”  I could see that Mary was enjoying this and I glared at her.

“Hardly…dealing with the likes of Sn-sn-Snivellus.”

“Snivellus?  That bad huh?”  I never used “Snivellus” unless I was truly mad at him.

“I…uh…we…we were organizing the dates for Hogsmeade, and then we got to homework and before we knew it, it was time for dinner.  So, we decided to walk together.  And we…ran into Severus.”

“Walked together?”  Mary raised an eyebrow, “I thought you loathed him with a passion.”

“Normally I do…but he hasn’t done anything wrong.  Merlin, I loathe him just for that.”

“So no flirting, no asking you out, you sure he still likes you Lils?”

“I’m positive, he told me so himself, and that’s what bother’s me…It’s almost like I miss the old James.”

“James?” She raised an eyebrow, noticing that I used his first name, but I ignored her, “But he’s finally proving my point.”

“No,” I pouted, “Merlin…it makes me uncomfortable that I can’t find it in me to loathe him anymore.”

“Why?  Can’t you just be friends with him…not a relationship of course, but couldn’t you try friends?”

“I…I don’t want to Mary.”  I glanced over to James, who was watching me with curiosity, he smiled at me, and for some strange reason I smiled back, then he just turned back to talk with the Marauders.

Mary caught the interaction, “What happened?”

“I…Severus and James got into a…disagreement, and James was protecting me whilst fighting…I guess we…bonded.”

“Aw, Lils,” She smiled, and I wanted to wipe the grin of her face.

“Don’t aw Lils, me…this is horrible!”

“So, what are you guys now?”

“I…”  I had to think for a moment, and for me considering where I stood with James, was shocking me, but for once, I couldn’t think a straight answer, “Merlin,” I breathed, “I think we’re friends.”

A/N: Sorry I don't a/n much, but I've been busy.  And really even though I don't get many comments on here, I do appreciate the few I have, and I appreciate the people who actually took the time to read this story, especially since it is my first ever fanfic, and I am attempting to go canon.  Thanxs for reading, and PLZ comment??

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