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Chapter 6

Avalon smiled happily in the mirror. It was a new day and if she played her cards right she could avoid Leif and study in silence. She put on her robes and grabbed her bag off her bed and gave one final smile and headed down the stairs of the dormitory and through the common room. To her delight no one looked up when she walked past. Ah to be ignored you don’t know how much you miss it till it’s gone she thought a spring in her step. That spring vanished the moment she came out of the portrait hole. Smirking and in his signature lean was Leif. She tried to quickly dive back into the opening before he got to her but he was fast damn him. He snagged her elbow and pulled her out laughing ‘Where you off to then.”  

                “Don’t you have head boy things to do?”She asked her voice a hiss. This only made him chuckle.

                “It’s called delegation love. What do you think those prefects are for.” He told her. She glowered and shoved her hands in her robes pockets. He only smiled and fished for one and pulled it out weaving his fingers in hers. “Come on we don’t want to miss breakfast.” He said dragging her along. She scowled. Well her day was ruined.

                When they entered the great hall he was laughing at a joke he had just told and the whole school turned at the sound of his laugh going silent. The quiet was deafening to Avalon. She normally loved the quiet but this was different. She could feel all their eyes on her, looking her over, judging her. All those horrible memories flooded back making her go ridged and pale. Leif felt her demeanor change and looked down at her to find she was even paler than normal which was quite a feat.

                “Avalon?” he asked quietly. She looked up at him her eyes brimmed with tears and she tore her hand away from him and fled the great hall. She heard the laughter as she ran but she didn’t turn back she just kept running, yes running, running was safe.

                Leif glared at the howling Slytherin table and turned to follow after her. He found her in her normal hiding place with her face in her hands sniffling with her charms book open on the table. He had to smile at this even in tears she had a book open. He sat next to her and pulled her hands from her face and wove his fingers in them even though they were wet with her tears.

                “Why are you doing this.” She asked her voice strangely calm not matching her exterior.

                “Doing what?” he asked his voice innocent.

                She looked at him from under her eyelashes. “All of this I know you don’t like me I just don’t understand why you won’t leave me alone. Is it some kind of sick joke you have going with your friends?”  

                Leif was rather caught off guard and sat there silent for a second trying to think of a good response. He realized that the silence was not working in his favor so he quickly shook his head. “No Avalon it is not some sick joke.” It’s some sick bet he thought.

                She lifted her head and looked him square in the eyes. “Tell me, look me square in the eyes and tell me this is not some joke, some game you are playing.” She demanded.

                Leif about swallowed his Adams apple when his eyes came in contact with hers. They were like bottomless orbs that sucked all the life out of him. “It is not a joke or stupid game.” He heard his voice say. He was having a bloody out of body experience!  She looked at him her eyes trying to read his face trying to find the truth in his words and he just stared back rather like a fish unblinking. Finally after what seemed like hours she nodded and turned away whipping her eyes. He let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding. When she turned back to him he quickly put a smile back on.

                “If it is not some game or joke then how did you pick me. And don’t just tell me you noticed me my specialty was staying under the radar?” she asked him her eyes hard.

                He chuckled as the memory came flooding back to him. “Well if I remember right it was the moment that large boorish Gryffindor knocked you arse over kettle in the great hall. You went flying across the room and into some Ravenclaws.” She too cracked a smile. “I thought for a moment he had killed you on the spot and they would have to scrape you up off the ground.” Avalon looked up at him giggling. It was at that moment that he decided it was his mission in life to make her laugh more often hopefully at his clever jokes.

                He stood and pulled her up with him “Come on, let’s go piddle about before Charms.” He told her grabbing her bag off the table and throwing it over his shoulder. She smiled and grabbed her book of the table and let him lead her out of the library hand in hand. As they left Madame Pince gave Leif a disapproving look which he just returned with a winning smile.

                During class Leif received a note from Professor Snape asking him to join him in his office after his class was finished. Leif groaned and folded the note up and stored it safely in his text. The meeting with Snape went as well as expected.

                “We must destroy Gryffindor.” He boomed from behind his desk. Leif nodded in agreement from where he sat across the desk. Snape stood and went over to a book shelf and studied it for a moment. “McGonagall has won every year I have been here. House cup Quidditch cup everything.” He turned his serious eyes back to Leif who tried not to look bored. “We will win this year.”

                “Of course Professor.” Leif agreed

                “I mean it. If you don’t win this first game you will be stripped of your captains station and off the bloody team.” Snape growled.

                Leif stood in indignation. “Are you bloody mad? If you get rid of me you will destroy the team’s chance!”

                “You don’t want that on your conscious do you? The fact that you caused the whole teams down fall. Won’t be so bloody popular then would you Haroldson?” Snape said sitting. “Unlike the rest of the rabble out there I know all about you and the family you come from. Your little bits of acting don’t fool me.”

                Leif sat back down his blood boiling. “I’ll win Professor.”

                “That’s right. A little bit more seriousness out of you. When does practice start?” Snape asked his voice greasy.


                “Good.” Snape sat back in his chair relaxed. “You may go now. Don’t be late for your next class the last thing I need is more flack for your idiocy.” He said waving him off lazily. Leif stood on shaky legs and tried to calmly leave the office not wanting to give Snape the satisfaction of knowing how out of control he really was.

                He stewed all through Ancient Runes and History of Magic zoning out the droning of the teachers and focused on not exploding and yelling at the top of his lungs. He didn’t even notice Avalon sneaking looks at him from where she sat across the room.

                Avalon scolded herself. Why did she care if he was upset? Stop looking at him she told herself he will be just fine. In fact he looked rather like he could murder someone. She figured it had to do with the note he received in Charms. But why did she care she asked again blocking him from her mind. She didn’t care she didn’t care one bit. Well one final glance couldn’t hurt she decided. No, no she couldn’t trust him. What he said in the library was nice and pretty but she couldn’t trust him wont trust him.

                After classes Leif was almost too upset to remember he had other missions to complete. Namely conquering Avalon. So he cut through halls and traveled down stairs till he reached the library. He smiled almost excited by the prospect of spending time with her. Almost he told himself this is business.  But to his displeasure when he rounded the book shelves to their back table she was not there. Well damn that took the smile right off his face. As he skulked out of the library Madame Pince gave him a triumphant smile much like the one he had given her earlier today. He in return gave her a similar glare. So the tides had turned it seemed.   



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